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I recently bought a used car from a dealer a few hours from my home and I wasn't able to have my own mechanic look at it before I bought it. I decided to take the risk since the used car dealer included a Pro-Guard 2 warranty. It covers major problems with the motor and transmission. When my mechanic put the car on the lift he discovered that the head gasket was leaking. It is one of the things that the policy covers, so my mechanic called Pro-Guard with an estimate for repairs. He quickly received an authorization and payment for about 90% of the cost for repairs with a couple of days. It was an expensive repair so I was grateful that Pro-Guard handled it quickly and efficiently.

I purchased a 2000 BMW from a local car dealer in Rock Hill SC for my son. Not even a month after purchasing the car the engine ran hot and we took it to a local dealer to determine the issue. The garage contacted the warranty company and they sent out an independent adjuster to review. Not even a day later, we were notified the almost $7,000 worth of repairs were not covered although the garage clearly indicated it was the engine. When I inquired with regards to written denial of the claim, I was advised this was not something that their company did. When I inquired with regards to appeal, three people gave me the run around. I am disappointed and frustrated. I would like to appeal the decision but this business will not even provide an address for which to mitigate.

My 1993 Cadillac Eldorado was in the service department of Cadillac West of Las Vegas for a blown engine head gasket which was a listed item on the warranty. Pro-Guard authorized the gasket replacements and the dealer replaced the parts. After re-surfacing the engine heads they discovered that the egine block was also damaged, as the heads could not be tightened. Pro-Guard says that their contract does not cover over-heated motors and the dealer says that the bad gasket caused caused the overheating.

A replacement motor will cost $8,000. I am stuck in the middle of all this, retired and on a fixed income and without a car. I am retired and on a fixed income and a new resident of Las Vegas, NV. I still have business and doctor appointments in Berkeley California. I am driving a rental car at the present and it seems that without the engine I won't even be able to trade in the car on a used vehicle.

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