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I purchased an extended warranty, $2,000 for a 3-year plan on my 1995 Dodge Stealth. The only modifications to the vehicle were a new exhaust system and a K&N air filter.

After losing a water pump, I had my car towed to Carlin Dodge in Colorado Springs. The terms of the warranty were that if no claim was made within three years, then the entire purchase price would be refunded. As it turned out, I had a blown head gasket. An adjuster from Platinum Warranty came out and determined that the car was modified and therefore the blown head gasket was not covered.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but exhaust and an air cleaner do not constitute a modified car. The claim was denied, as was the rental car. When my three years was up I requested my refund. I was told that since I had “tried” to file a claim, it was still a claim and therefore I was not eligible for the refund on the warranty purchase.

Carlin Dodge claimed that they had broken down the motor and decided that the head gasket was blown. I popped a surprise visit and found the car untouched to the point that I don't believe that they could have had any insight into what was wrong.

I had it towed to Intermountain Coachworks, who performed the service in 4 days and had me back driving my vehicle.


I had an electronic check written and withdrawn from my bank account on 8/2/2010. I noticed that my bank account was charged $99.00. I filed a dispute with my bank on 8/05/2010. I called the phone number put on hold, told I was called outside their business hours which were 8:00am to 5:00pm PST, the time was during these hours and spoke to a message center. I explained my problem and was hung up on. I called back 3 more times, hung up on again. Finally, I had a return phone call saying that I OK'd this via a phone call, which I informed them I told the person no when given the offer and wanted my money refunded back into my account. Then I told them that if a refund was granted they would mail a check to me. I also told them this is unacceptable and wanted my bank refunded the money.

I filled out some of those payday loan applications on line and made sure that I read all the Legal stuff and checked all the offers no but I guess this was not enough. Even speaking directly to someone who called me and told them no they still charged me for something I said I didn't want. I will keep on calling them to get my money back, and email every hour if necessary. I am on Social Security Disability and cannot afford to have money taken from bank account which I need to have so I can pay for my medical treatment.


I was in an accident on Dec 8, 2009. A car slid into me from the mountains. The man who hit me had no insurance. I took my truck to Delillo Chevy. It took two months to get it back, due to slow body shop, and slow adjuster. The only noticeable body damage was that the tow hooks in front were completely bent out of shape. the adjuster called and asked me what was wrong. I told her there was some interior damage with my back seat cup holder, passenger chair, and driver chair. The body shop said they were waiting on the adjuster to approve a fuel pump. I was told, when asked why it was taking so long, that my adjuster was out of town. Her family member was sick or died (she was out 3 weeks).

Meanwhile, I am having to pay out of pocket for my rental car. After the fuel pump is fixed, I'm told that they are waiting on her to give an adjustment for the tow hooks, and then I should have my truck back. When I finally got it back, none of the things I told her were fixed. I'm at a loss, as to why the tow hooks (the only noticeable damage), were the last things we were waiting on, when that should've been seen in the first adjustment. I got my truck back, and the wheels are not aligned, and none of the interior work was even talked about, and my breaks were sliding.

I call Bob **, and told him he says to set up a date, and take it back to get adjusted. The adjuster lady wouldn't return my calls. I had to call Bob to get him to have her call me. I asked to talk to Bob's supervisor. I explained my problem to him, and I told him I think they should cover part of my rental car cost, seeing as though it is their fault it took 3 weeks for her to get back to them. He said he will investigate, and call me in a week. This was late February. I still haven't gotten a call back. It's now April! I called Bob several times, and finally got my truck back into Chevy on 3/22/10. They fixed what they can, and are trying to figure out what is wrong with my brakes. I called Bob to see if I can take it to a different shop, and I never got a call back. it's now been a week. I heard from the body shop, and they are saying the brakes acting up, are not from the head on collision I was in, so they aren't going to pay for it.


I bought two warranties for a 1999 and 2000 Ford Taurus - $686.00 each. When the transmission went out on the 1999, they gave the go ahead signal for me to have it fixed. However, I was never paid because they went bankrupt. They told me they were insured in case they went bankrupt so not to worry about being a stable company - they also said that they were A-plus rated. What a joke on me!


i have extended warranty through platinum. i call and that number too was disconnected. i have i am out of $931.00. today i heard that they file chapter 11 bankruptcy. i need to be reimburged for this madness. times or very, very hard.

i purchased this warranty online for a 1999 ford expendition with 35,000 miles on this truck, now my truck need work.

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Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a warranty for my 2002 f150 truck in June 2004. 100,000 miles. July 2006 I had an a/c claim for $798 and found out rather quickly that they were out of business. Last month (12/08) I spent out of pocket $2489.00 to replace my transmission with truck having 92,433 miles. This is a total of $4600 I have been cheated out of. $1300 warranty fee, $798 a/c repair fee and $2489 transmission repair fee.

I have filed a complanint with the Illinios Attorney general about 3 years ago but have not heard any updates since. approximately $4600 thus far.


I got into a car accident almost one year ago. The accident happened July 17, 2007. It was a three car collision and I was in the front. It wasn't my fault and I have police reports to proove that. It has been almost a year up to date. I had two appraiser from the above insurence company come out to see the damage on my car. After numerous attempts of calling them, they never return my calls. She returned my call once.

I have tried contacting them about 50 times on the phone. I have left about 10 messages, only to be dissapointed to receive a letter in the mail couple weeks later telling me the investigation is continuing. The police were there at the accident and there are police reports to proove that. I do not understand how irresponsible an insurence company can be to not figure out which part is in charge for the damages( out of the other two parties behind me ).

It has been a year. I need to get my car fixed. I commute to U.C. Davis from sacramento everyday. I finally had enough because my car is having a oil leak that it never had before. It makes so much noise that it is not in driveable condition. It should not take an insurence company a whole year to figure out who needs to pay for my car. I am extremely frustrated that they are not willing to help and will occasionally send me letters which state the same thing. I need resolvement and need to get my car fized. Please help me solve this matter.

The consequences are I am fighting with my sister everyday because she thinks I am not doing enough to solve the problem. I wasn't able to go to school a couple times because my car was extremely shaking and making too much noise. Today I had to pull over to the side of the freeway due to the extreme shaking of my car. I am mentally tired and warn out because they are not helping me. The economic loss is great because I have to get rides to go to places because my car hasn't been fixed. My back has been injured from the accident and I am already dealing with an attorney for my injury. Please help me resolve this matter. I just want my car fixed. Thank you


I Purchased a policy with this compny for a car warrenty for 84 months or 75,000 miles when I went to make a claim there number and anyway to contact them was gone. Then I found out on the internet that they were being sued by the state of Ohio. I spent $941.00 on a car warrenty that was never upheld.

They took money out of my familys mouths for food and shelter so we can have solid worry free transportation.


I purchased an extended warranty for my porsche boxster and less than 6 months after my purchase, when i needed them, they were nowhere to be found. all numbers were disconnected and i could not find any information for them. my repairs cost me over $3000, which would have been covered under my warranty. about 45 days after the first repairs were made, more were needed. these repairs, too, would have been covered under my extended warranty.

i could not afford to make more costly repairs and ended up trading my car in. since i had only had my car for a short while and had barley paid off more than finance charges, i found myself $10,000 upsidedown in the new car i had to purchase. it has been 2 yrs since this incident and i am still $10,000 upsidedown and am paying about out the nose because of what platinum warranty/warranty wizard did to me. such a scam!

i had to trade my car in and dump over $10,000 on top of my new purchase. i am screwed and will pay close to $50,000 for a $30,000 car. where is the justice?


I bought an extended warranty through Platinum Warranty, and they did not honor claims.

I have several claims totaling over $1000.00.


I purchased an extended warranty through them 1/25/2005 and paid $999.00 Last month i thought that i was going to have some work needed on my vehicle and i tried to reach the company. All their phone numbers are disconnected and i have not been able to reach anyone.


I bought a car warranty from them and now i can not get in contact with them.


I have an extended warranty through Platinum. I brought my car in for repair, but when the mechanic tried to call them for authorization, he found the number was disconnected. I tried calling but to no avail. I have a refund agreement with the Signet group so I called them to get some information. They told me that Platinum is out of business and gave me the number of a lawyer handling Platinum business. I called and that number too was disconnected. I have 22,000 miles and 2 yrs left on a useless warranty!

I am out $831.00 for the original investment in the warranty, as well, as having to pay more than a $1000.00 in repair costs for a steering and air conditioning problem.


I made a claim for their extended warranty coverage and $2548.87 was approved for this claim. I had to pay the above amount out of pocket to get my van out of the service department. This was in February, 2005. I called them numerous times and received nothing from them. Then they declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and I have received letters from the court, but I have not been reimbursed one cent for what I thought I had paid for in buying this aftermarket extended warranty coverage. I have been told they are still in business in Ohio. If so, where is my money?

I had to take money from my savings and investment account at work to pay the $2548.87 myself!

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