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So this guy calls and says he's with National Dealers Warranty and they sent me letters about my warranty expiring. I told him that the car was totaled and I no longer live at the address they have. I asked how they got my number and he said "Well if you want to waste some time and play a game then let's just play a game." Uh...NOT INTERESTED! Just hang up on these douche bags, or if you have some spare time to waste, I guess you could play a game.

I called claims and told them of my valve problem. I was instructed by Roger to have my mechanic call in. My mechanic called in spoke George. They reviewed the terms and conditions in the policy book. My mechanic showed me that the valves were covered in the policy but George still denied the claim.

National Dealers Warranty are liars, I gave them the receipt they asked for, only to be told I was still denied because one of the receipt didn't have a bar code. I then call the California State office and they directed me to code, which basically state that if a business is only changing oil, fluids and tires, they are excluded from having a bar code. Once I informed the National Dealers Warranty, they then informed me that they are not accepting the receipt because it didn't include the miles. I was already informed that the other receipts covered the required miles, so I didn't need to include them with the other receipts. They are only out to get your money and then they find ways not to pay. I am not satisfied with their decision, so I will wait for my denial letter and I might even take them to arbitration. In addition, how did they get our information? I talked to the dealer, we brought our car from them and they have their own extend company, so how did we end up with this company?

This company has lied over two years about crediting my account. This company has charged me well over $1400 and I want it back. I called them several times requesting a refund for unauthorized charging to my account. They said that I should have it ASAP but still no money credited. Contacted the bank and they were able to credit a provisional credit of 4 payments, which is a total of $229 and said that they can't go further than 4 payments. Now that’s not fair at all because they should be able to do something out of all people. I need help because I'm about to take it to the courts and switch banks.

I purchased an extended warranty on 9/1/09 from for my 2005 Nissan Maxima SE. The sales representative at that time told me he was selling me a Powertrain Warranty that would cover my vehicle for 60 months to 215,438 miles. The warranty would cover my air condition, engine, transmission, water pump, etc. A regular Powertrain Warranty, so I thought. He told me that I would have to wait 30 days to use the warranty because the company did not want to be covering mechanical breakdowns for vehicles that already had a problem. He also told me I had 30 days to cancel the policy for a full refund and the first debit to my account would be 10/1/09. When asked about any other warranty options, he told me this was the only my car qualified for.

On 9/22/09, I called inquiring when I would receive a copy of the policy I purchased so I could review it and to also place it in my car in the event of a breakdown. Representative told me that to look out for a policy in the mail and that I was not eligible to use the policy for 90 days which was not what I was told at the time of purchase. Representative stated that Adam was new and did not know all of the policy information. Representative also gave me his phone number and told me to call him directly if I did not receive my policy in the mail by 9/25/09.

In the meantime, I received some Prolong Plus products in the mail. I called and their representative told me that I needed to the radiator and engine additive in my car as well as place the battery protectors on my battery for my warranty to be valid or it would be void. Ask the representative when I would receive a copy of my policy, he told me that it had been mailed out and to expect it any day This was not shared with me at the time of purchase of my policy.

On 9/28/09, I called the representative that I spoke to a couple of days prior to and could not reach him. I called again and spoke to Ashley to see where the copy of my policy was at because I had not received it to review and if I did not receive it I would have to cancel the policy, because I did not have it in my possession to review. She told me that she had requested a copy of my policy to be mailed out to me, but would fax me over a copy. I received a copy of my policy on 9/29/09.

After reviewing my policy, I called on two separate occasions going coverage details, because I told the representative that this did not appear to be a Powertrain Warranty that was explained to me when I purchased the warranty. Representative told me that it was and that any problems with the engine, transmission, etc. would be covered like any other Powertrain Warranty. That day, 9/30/09, I received a debit to my bank account for the warranty. Warranty was not to be debited from my account until the first of each month.

Fast forward, my Maxima started experiencing problems with the transmission on 1/7/10, which left me stranded in Ontario, California. I had the vehicle towed to my mechanic, Doctor J Automotive in Huntington Beach. My mechanic stated that the diagnostic codes came up indicating that torque converter was the issue. Thus, my mechanic contacted's claims department to submit the claim. They in turn sent my mechanic a form me to sign to have vehicle torn down before they would come out and inspect the vehicle for approval.

I called's claims department and spoke to their claims representative and asked what the need for the form was. He told me if I wanted my car repaired that I needed to sign the form to have them send out an inspector to see the car. I then told him I was not comfortable with that, but my mechanic told me the diagnostic code was for the torque converter. The claims representative reviewed my policy and said that the part was covered, so I should go ahead and have the shop tear down the car to get repairs going. He also stated that a rental was covered for a $100 on either a reimbursement basis or billed directly through the shop if they had rentals there as well as towing being covered.

The inspector came out and denied the claim. My mechanic contacted me and told of the denied claim stating that their inspector denied the claim based on no diagnostic codes present nor any damage caused by lubricated parts in the transmission. My mechanic also informed me that he spoke to Gus, the claims manager/supervisor, and informed him that the inspector did not check the codes in the car and that the inspector's diagnosis was wrong and that they needed to send someone out to check the codes. The codes would indicated that the failure of the torque converter in fact the cause of the car failure due to failed covered components.

I contacted's claims department and spoke to a woman. She told me that my claim was denied due to car failure not due to any covered parts. I told her of the situation of their inspector and she said that it appeared that the inspector had come out there twice, because a second report was made. I told her that the inspector did not come out twice and never did check the codes. She said she was unable to send the inspector out again and that I needed to speak to her boss, Gus.

I requested Gus to have the inspector to come out again to properly inspect my vehicle and he refused to send the inspector out again. I told of the codes situation and his response was that the inspector placed in his report that there were no codes. I told him that was because he never checked them. Gus continued to refuse to send another inspector out to properly diagnose my car. He commented that my claim was being denied due to the fact there were no codes and due to my vehicle having larger tires than stock tires, which he concluded damaged the components of the transmission. He went on to state that everyone knows that Nissan Maximas from 2004 to 2006 have transmission issues. He also told me to read my policy sections #5 for Exclusions and #9 for Arbitration.

I told him that I purchased my vehicle from the dealership with the larger tires and he told me it sounded like an issue between me and the dealership, because the tires were the cause for the transmission failure and reiterated that he would not be sending an inspector out to see my auto again. I told him that if my tires were an Exclusion on my policy then I was never eligible to purchase the warranty in the first place. He told me to take to Arbitration. My car is still sitting at the shop waiting for repairs. I cannot get back and forth to work since I have no transportation to work without renting a vehicle. The shop will be putting a lien on it soon if I cannot come up $2500 to get the car repaired or at least put back together to get the car off their lot.

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After several phone calls from telemarketers, on December 13, 2007, I purchased an extended warranty from National Dealers Warranty Inc. The deposit over the phone was $195 and then there were monthly payments of $149.89 for 18 months. Then, on August 23rd, I brought my car to the local Firestone Auto Care Center for an oil change. At that time, they told me that my two front CV joints were going bad and needed to be replaced. I went home to retrieve the warranty paperwork and returned to Firestone. Firestone contacted the Claims phone number for the authorization to do the repairs and National Dealers Warranty Inc refused to authorize or pay for the repairs.

I called them many times after this and they continually refused to pay for the "covered" repairs. Many times when I called, no one would even answer the phone. Other times when I called, they would say that their department couldn't help me and they gave me other phone numbers to call. Then, when I would call the next phone number, either no one would answer or they would continue to deny that they could help me or simply refused to pay for the needed and "covered" repairs.

In October, I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges and the credit card company was able to reverse the four last charges by that company, but they couldn't go back further.

On October 27, 2009, National Dealers Warranty Inc then sent me a "past due" statement for $157.38 that was originally due on 3/13/09, but was now due on 11/21/09. When they realized that I was successfully able to retrieve four payments, they sent me a combination "Cancellation Notification/payment due" statement, with a due amount of $629.52, with a payment due date of 3/13/09.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They were given until December 17th to respond, but they responded today, December 9th. Their response to the complaint is as follows:

"According to the Administrator of this contract, Gold Key, Ms. (Surname Hidden) had her vehicle at Firestone for repairs on 10-1-2009 and needed a right front axle, timing belt and the service engine light was on. The service advisor at the shop told their adjuster that the customer was in their shop in August and the shop had advised Ms. (Surname Hidden) that the axle boot was cracked and losing grease. Ms. (Surname Hidden) was told by her shop that this needed to be replaced. Ms. (Surname Hidden) continued to drive the vehicle until all the grease that surrounded the constant velocity joint was lost through the split boot. This is what caused the damage to the c/v joint. This is why the claim was denied - due to continued use after Ms. (Surname Hidden) repair facility had let her know there was damage and she did not have it repaired.

The shop had also advised Ms. (Surname Hidden) to replace the timing belt. The contract does not cover routine maintenance items like the timing belt. The shop was not able to give Gold Key a diagnosis for why the service engine light was on. Ms. (Surname Hidden) has already received a refund of her last for payments totaling $599.56. I would be happy to send Ms. (Surname Hidden) an additional pro-rated refund of $821.82. This contract has been in effect for 2 years. Ms. (Surname Hidden) should be receiving the $821.82 in approximately 10 business days."

They have lied and the facts are:

Firestone Auto Care Work Order # **, 08/23/09 10:33AM

Half Shaft (Front-Both):
60-3265 L Remn CV Compl Assy $140.90; 60-3266 R Remn CV Compl Assy $140.90;

Remove & inspect F Axle shaft assembly - both $170.00; Replace Axle shaft each side $25.50 x 2; Total this section: $502.80

Engine Diagnostic Service:
Symptom: Eng:Dash Light On-

Computerized Engine analysis $79.99

Timing Belt: 95284 TIMING BELT $46.99; Remove and replace timing belt- $226.20; 7027871 Fan Belt $21.99; 335K4 Poly Rib Belt $21.99; 345K4 Poly Rib Belt $18.99; Total this section $416.15.

Total: $918.95

This work order, dated August 23, 2009, disputes their claim that Firestone Auto Care told National Dealers Warranty Inc. that the "axle boot was cracked and was losing grease" and also National Dealers Warranty Inc.'s statement that the car was first brought in to repair the axles on 10/1/09. It clearly shows that on August 23rd, National Dealers Warranty Inc. was told that the needed repairs were for both front axles and also for the timing belt. National Dealers Warranty also states that, "The contract does not cover routine maintenance items like the timing belt. "

Per page 3 of the Gold Key contract:

"The following is a list of Covered Parts under this Contract (Taxes and fluids needed for authorized repairs are also included): (1) Engine - Engine head(s); engine block; cylinder barrels; timing cover; valve covers(s); oil pain (SIC); dip stick & tube, only if damaged by the failure of an internal, lubricated part. The following internal, lubricated parts: pistons, pins & rings; connecting rods & bearings; crankshaft & main bearings; camshaft, followers & cam bearing; push rods, valves, springs, replaceable guides, seats & lifts; rocker arms, shafts & bushings; Timing Gear, chain, tensioners & retainers; eccentric shaft; oil pump. Also covered are the following: Timing Belt; water pump; intake & exhaust manifolds; turbo charger; engine mounts & cushions; engine torque strut; harmonic balancer; flexplate; idler pulley bearings."

National Dealers Warranty Inc. has lied about what parts it does or does not cover. It has lied about what they were told by the Firestone repair shop, and it also lied when it stated that they refunded the last four payments for a total of $599.56. I expect that they are also lying when they state that a refund of $821.82 will be mailed to me.

On December 2nd, I met with an attorney. I brought the contract, all of my phone records, credit card statements, and the Firestone repair paperwork. He is in the process of contacting them for a full refund. I also met with John Matarese of Channel 9 (Cincinnati) and he does the "Don't Waste Your Money" segment and today I met with Howard Ain of Channel 12 who airs his "Trouble Shooter" segment. I did an interview with both gentlemen, gave them both copies of pertinent documents, and both channels will be airing the interviews within the next few days. They will also contact National Dealers Warranty Inc. for a response to my complaint.

I found the second to last paragraph particularly interesting. "In addition, he charged National Dealers Warranty with violation of a prior Consent Judgment and Permanent Injunction issued by the Circuit Court of St. Charles County in 2008." In other words, they have no respect for the law whatsoever or even court orders!

So, after all this, I have attracted negative attention to this company through the BBB, my attorney, and two TV stations, and everywhere I can publish my personal dealings with this company. And, in the end, I won't stop, even after I receive all of my money back from National Dealers Warranty Inc. I will continue to speak evil about this scam company and their evil practices.

My husband checked his credit report the end of October and found a deliquent account in the amount of 174.00 for a CD National Credit Solutions says he did not pay BMG for. The original balance was $45.00 in 2005. He has purchased CDs from BMG in the past, but never left an unpaid balance. Today he contacted national credit solutions and talked to Sue, she stated National Credit solutions are the third collections agency to receive the debt and that is why it is just now getting put on his credit report. He also asked why he never received a bill or letter stating there was an outstanding balance. Her response was, that is not our policy. I have tried contacting BMG, used 10 different numbers and no one answers. He was told if we do not pay the full balance it will remain on his credit report as a settlement.

I received auto-dial call on my cell phone. The company offered a five-year warranty on my '94 Toyota for $569 per year, but only if I committed to it today while on the phone. While talking, I looked up National Dealer Warranty. I saw alerts and told them no. They called back, twice.

I own a 2002 Chevy Suburban,Its been under a warranty since ownership.I have purchased an additional warranty once my original warranty expired.I have maintain this truck since ownership.I have records to prove these facts.on 03feb09,I recently found out that the water pumps needs to be replaced.I have all my maintance records,except one.the one record belongs to Bill H of Sugar Land texas.It has since went out of business around the fall of 08.I was told by brenden.without the service order that the National Dealer Warranty will not cover the cost of the repair.This warranty cost me 1993.00 and was purchased in june of 06.I am the orignal owner.I purchase it brand new..I do have a old check for the cost of the work done at Bill Heard.What can be done to help me.

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