Motor Warranty Services of North America

Chicago, IL

Out of Business

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This extended auto warranty service is reluctant to pay for any claims at all. Once, they denied a claim just because they had a different name listed for the damaged part, different from what the dealership calls it. Another time, a private mechanic clearly found a problem and showed it to Motor Warranty Services' incompetent inspector and the inspector denied the claim even after seeing the damaged part. Then, there was one time that I had a pulley go bad, which was clearly covered per contract but they rejected it too.

However, my dealer was tired of dealing with them so I paid for it out of pocket (all $1,000+). The last straw was when the inspector tried to blame me for not performing maintenance on a certain part of my car, to which my mechanic responded by telling him that part has no recommended maintenance per manufacturer. Needless to say, Mr. incompetent inspector shut up. Stay far away from them. Motor Warranty Services of North America is the biggest mistake anyone can make and the return on investment is zero.


I purchased an extended warranty for my BMW X5. This company is horrible. Do not buy a warranty from this company. They only pay up to $80 in labor per hour. I cannot find any shop in California that charges $80 per hour or less. Also, the company will only pay for the cheapest available part, so if you want your car repaired with BMW parts, you must make up the price difference that the warranty company will not cover. Do not buy from this company. The BMW repair shop that I go to said that this warranty company is the worst one they have worked with as far as not approving repairs and not paying in full for repair work. The repair shop stated that most other warranty companies that they work with pay their customer's bills in full.


They refused to honor the repair of my Lexus 430.

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Motor Warranty Services of North America