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I can not find them myself to even file a claim. Please do not buy warranty for vehicles unless it is directly with your car dealership or through the car manufacturers.


These guys have been calling me for about 2 years. I have asked, emailed, written to the Attorney General asking them to stop calling, but to no avail. After I wrote to the Attorney General, they stopped calling for about a month. Now they are calling again 4 times a day. With as many harassment complaints as I've read, we need to find a way to stop them. I've always found the best way to get results is to hit them in the wallet. Do I hear "Harassment Lawsuit"? I was living with my mom when these phone calls started. I have now moved out, but the calls won't stop. Mom is elderly and this is very stressful to her.


I tried to contact General Warranty Services Inc. to inquire about my warranty and they are no longer in service. Do I have any recourse regarding this matter? Please advise. I have been scammed out of $2,000.00 at least and now I need to have some repair work done to my truck and have no warranty. This will cost me more money besides what has been stolen from me already due to their fraudulent scam. I'm not happy with this situation!


On April 5, 2010, I took my Jeep into Fletcher and Dodge in Little Rock, Arkansas because the air condition was not getting cold. They found out that the evaporator core was linking the Freon out that it needed to be replace the price would be $1,238.98. I gave Randall R. the 1 800 number to my extended warranty that I have with General Warranty Services Woburn.

I gave him the number to the claims department where he spoke with Kerri or Sarah. They explain to me my claims was denied because when they asked Randall was the Jeep there and he said no, so MEPCO claims department denied my claim that is so unfair because this is why I took this claim out so when something like this come up my extended warranty could help me out.

I am a single divorce lady. This is a lot of money I have to pay to get my air condition fix in my Jeep. The weather is beginning to get hot so I need my air condition working in my Jeep. This is unfair treatment by this company, MIPCO Finance Corporation.


My wife and I had been harassed by this company for almost a year trying to get us to purchase there extended manufacturers warranty for our 2001 Honda Odyssey that we had just purchased shortly before the calls started. After much persistence on there behalf we decided to get the warranty. We were told it was the same as the manufactures original warranty and that it would cover all motor and transmission problems.

Two months of payments later our vans check engine light came on so we took it to a dealer to get it looked at as instructed by the warranty companys manual so the warranty wouldn't be voided. We then contacted the warranty company and filed a claim. We hadn't even made it into the door from the dealers shuttle when the warranty company was calling us on the phone to tell us our claim had been denied. When I asked why they informed me that we voided the warranty by driving the van home after taking it to the dealership. The problem with this was that we had never taken the van from the dealership, we had taken there shuttle. After about two hours of phone conferencing the claim was reopened. By now I was a little concerned at how fast they had tried to decline our claim.

Then after a couple of days and a lot of headache we were declined again because the part that was discovered to be broken in our transmission was not covered under the warranty. Come to find out only about 12 specific parts in our entire van were covered under this warranty. I'm not talking about major parts either but the little, individual parts in the motor and transmission together. After several complaints and many, many phone calls I was finally able to get a hold of someone. This person informed me that the broken part in my transmission was almost exactly the same as a part covered under the warranty. He also informed me that he was going to get the claim approved and would be getting back with me in a day or so. It's been 3 weeks and I still haven't heard from him.

When I called the company they told me they had never even heard of him. Long story short; we were denied, the company did not pay one dime for anything, and it cost us $1000 more with them than if we had just fixed it ourselves. Do not ever by anything from this company because they will never follow through with any claim. I've chatted with many other people who've gotten a raw deal from this company and are in the process of filing a suite.

My wife and I spent almost $1000 on a rental and for the warranty payments, towing,etc. and still had to pay almost $3000 for the repairs. The warranty company didn't pay for anything and refused to give us our money back even though it has a money back guarantee.

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We have been harrased by General Warranty Services for 14 months. I have pressed the option 2 to have our name removed from the list countless times, to no avail. I have tried several times to get a phone number from them so I could report them. When I start asking the name of the company and the phone number, giving them an excuse that I was interested...they hang up on me. I have gotten beligerent with them asking to be removed...but the calls keep comming in. These calls come in as early as 7:00 AM and as late as 9:00PM and as many as 3-4 per dayon the weekend.

Today I finally got a phone number and spoke to a man Benjamin. I made up a reason to have to end the call with the promise I would call him back....I did and I was transfered to his line and I unloaded on him and told him that we had been harrased from his company for over 14 months. I told him that I had pressed the option button to be removed from thier list countless times, but the call kept rolling in. I requested my number be immediatly be removed from General Warranty Services list. He stated that all I had to do was to tell him the first time I spoke with him and it would have been taken care of.

This last summer while visiting family in California I received several calls on my childrens phone line and it was the same company. My grandson even gets the calls on his cell phone. This is harrasment and these companies should be held accountable. If there is a class action lawsuit in place for this company...put me on the list! We were in the first million home that registered for the Do Not Call' list, little good that has done for us. I have even told General Warrenty Services that we were on the Do Not Call list...but thier harrasment continues. It will be a wait and see if their call continue after being told that we would be removed from their list within 24-48 hours. Thank you for being there to vent my frustration.

mental stress, wasted time trying to get rid of these annoying callers, harrasment.

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