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I bought an extended warranty on a 2000 Lincoln Navigator. I paid $1970.00. I brought it back to the dealer several times to have the door locks fixed. The dealer states the warranty company will not authorize them to take the door apart and diagnose the problem unless they "witness" the problem with the door locks. My door locks repeatedly click into the lock position over and over again until it decides to stop or the battery dies.

This does not happen anytime I want it to. It is totally random. I have been locked out of my car with my infant at noon on a 97 degree day and also in the rain. I called the warranty company. They told me Navigators are notorious for this problem and it is usually the gem module. They advised me to bring it to another mechanic of my choice and they will authorize and pay for hte repair over the telephone with a corporate credit card so there is no reason that any mechanic should have a problem accepting their warranty terms.

MEANWHILE... I'm driving in a parking lot luckily at 10 MPH and a tie rod snapped. I lost control of the truck but no one was hurt becuae it occurred at a slow speed. I had it towed to the dealer, who assured me when I bought it that the truck passed a 141-point certification check. The dealer them replaced the tie rod and assured me that the others were perfectly safe. The warranty company would not pay for the alignment that I needed as result of the blown tie rod. This happened in July.

On August 10th, I brought my truck to this new mechanic to fix the door locks and look at the tie rods and entire front end because there is a snapping and clicking noise when I turn the wheel and a humming when I drive. he found that the tie rods, hub bearing and ball joints were worn and dangerous. He said it should be fixed right away. I called First Assured and they said again, "These trucks are notorious for front end safety problems. Of course we will fix it."

So I made an appointment with the mechanic when he had time and my husband is on vacation so I could be without my truck for a while. On October 2, 2003 I brought the truck into the mechanic. He called the warranty co on Friday October 3rd and they said at this time we authorize you to take apart what you need to diagnose the problems covered under the warranty, then fax us an estimate of the necessary repairs. As for the door locks, we see this all the time and we are aware of the problem. After we review, upon approval we will give you an authorization number to go ahead with the repairs."

At that point, the mechanic called me to inform me of the status and he went ahead and broke down the front end as necessary. He faxed over the estimates and didn't hear from the company. Monday Oct 6th was a holiday so they were closed. He contacted them Tuesday Oct. 7th and they said, Don't do anything to the truck. We are sending oevr an adjuster to look at the condition of the parts. All of these things can't be wrong at one time. (At this point the truck has 55K miles on it and it handles so badly and makes so much noise that I haven't driven it since August, under this mechanic's advice)

The adjuster comes Wednesday Oct 8th and agrees with the mechanic that the parts are in need of replacement, writes down his findings, takes photographs and submits his report to First Assured. On this day I called First Assured to find out what the problem is and spoke to Paul at ext 120 who politely refused his last name as unnecessary. He assured me that the adjuster is just a step in the proces and this is all going to go smoothly and apologized for any inconvenience and denied ever saying that "All of these things can't be wrong at one time." Again, verified that these are well known problems with Navigators.

Thursday, October 9th, the mechanic calls and said Paul at First Assured informed him that as per the adjusters report, the work has already been started on the truck and this has voided my warranty and they are not paying. Again I called the warranty company myself and spoke to Paul and he said he had no such conversation with the mechanic, he just said nothing is offically denied, he just has to speak to the adjuster and clarify if the work has been started yet and he needs to view the photographs.

On Friday October 10th, the mechanic called me to tell me that First Assured said they will not pay for the tie rods or the ball joints, which are expensive, but they will pay for the hub bearing and axle seal (an additional item found to be leaking while at the shop). Which only amounts to about $500 and they even refused that, they said they will pay $325.) They also said they will not pay sales tax, the customer will have to pay for that in addition to the $100 deductible and of course, the two denied items.

Regarding the gem module for the door locks, they need a read-out from a Lincoln dealer, which requires that the mechanic put the truck back together and drive it over there and ask a dealer to perform AS A COURTESY because they will not pay for any charges incurred for this purpose either. This mechanic is extremely patient and professional. He has not even once suggested I pick up my truck and take it to someone else because of this hassle. He has spent more time on the phone then diagnosing the truck.

I know he is competent because he has training certificates of completion awarded to him by Ford and he is a major subcontractor for the car dealer repair shops in our area. I got his name from a car dealer that refused to deal with First Assured because of past problems getting paid under the same exact circumstances -- verbal authorization to diagnose and them denied based on "work" begun without authorization. The independent adjuster that viewed my truck for the warranty company said, "Good luck getting paid. This is the company's M.O. They authorize a diagnosis and then deny the claim with some lame reason like the mechanic didn't follow procedure. No one wants to deal with them."

When the mechanic last spoke to Paul the claims representative at First Assured, he told him, the customer will have to pursue this with her attorney. she can't possibly pay for all of this out of her pocket and I'm not letting her leave here with those parts on her car. They are unsafe, she has a baby AND I will be responsible as well as you." Paul's answer was, "Whatever, she's in NY, I'm in Colorado." I read my warranty. I am positive these items are covered, and I am positive htat I am not responsible for sales tax.

The economic consequences are this: I paid $1970.00 for a warranty that I am getting very little benefit from. I now have to may that mechanic about $1500.00 for repairs that are covered under my warranty. The mechanic has incurred his own expenses by sitting on the phone with the warranty company, adjuster and other professionals in his trade trying to gain some insight on this absurd situation. He is not making money while he is performing these tasks and I can't possibly reimburse him for that time spent.

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