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In March 2009, I bought a used car (2004-Volvo S40) for my son who was about to graduate from college. Since the car was used, I also purchased a 36 month-36000 mile Eagle Warranty which covered many type of car repairs. The cost of the warranty was $999.00. I found out later that the warranty was worthless when I tried to use it for a "covered" car repair.

I reported the issue to the Office of Attorney General (Pennsylvania)- Bureau of Consumer Protection. Since that time, I have received some correspondence from the Attorney General office (J.P. McGowan-Senior Deputy Attorney General for Linda Kelly-Attorney General) indicating that legal action was taken against the owners of Eagle Warranty (Charles and Edmund Yaskulski). The last letter I received was dated July 12, 2011, indicating that a resolution on the issue was still months away and thanking me for my patience.

As of this date, I have not received any restitution for this issue. It seems at this point that the Consumer Protection Bureau has either dropped the ball or does not really protect the consumer. I understand that there were many complaints (few thousand) about this issue with Eagle Warranty. I am not sure who to be more upset with (Eagle Warranty or the Attorney General of PA).

I purchased a service warranty on my car (2005 Saab) at the time of purchase at Auto Exotica, Atlantic Highlands, NJ in May, 2009. I never used it till I tried today, 2/29/12, and I found out the phone number is disconnected and the company closed their doors. I paid approximately $1,800.00, which was included in my purchase price, and have never made a claim to date. Now, I find out this is useless and I want to join in on any claims against this company. Please let me know what else I need to do. I can be reached at ** or my cell **.

I think your company is a big ripoff. You take advantage of people and do not pay for nothing.

We purchased this warranty for 36 months on Aug 16th 2009. It expires on August 16th 2012. We went to use it and found out the company is out of business. We paid $800.00 for this warranty that we never got to use and when we needed it, the company was gone. We purchased the warranty with a used car from Mike B Cars Ltd., 4124 S White Horse Pike, Hammonton, NJ 08037 **, dealer no. **.

I purchased my vehicle and purchased this extended warranty through the life of my loan, which isn’t until Feb 2012. I make a small payment each month for my warranty and went to use the service due to my vehicle having covered problems to find out the company is out of business and bankrupt. I make payments each month and was told by my lien holder that I don't get my money back. What happened to all the money I been paying since February 2009? And I can't even get my car repaired? Now my vehicle has a number of repairs that would have been covered and an unpaid balance on a previous claim that they never sent the money for. Now the shop, which happens to be the dealer, is threatening me for the money.

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I purchased a 4-year full coverage warranty for my 2001 Ford Ranger with an effective date of November 27, 2006, at a price of $1,500.00. I began experiencing transmission problems in late 2009 and began trying to contact Eagle Warranty. No one returned my calls and then soon thereafter, their phone was disconnected. My transmission problems have become worse over time and I have been unable to contact anyone to cover the work needed. I am a single mother and live check to check. I am unable to fix the transmission immediately due to the cost. I paid for the warranty, but have received no satisfaction to date. I feel that I have been totally ripped off by Eagle Warranty and I want my money back or my truck to be fixed at their expense, as stated in my warranty that cost me $1500.00.

I had bought an extended warranty 3 year unlimited milage should have another year and a half on it and was informed 3 weeks ago that they filed bankruptcy. Why I was not informed about it by this co. it cost me $650.00 and I find out I have nothing from the car lot I bought it from, why was I not informed?

I have to get my car fixed and now I find out I payed money for nothing. I am very upset, cause here I thought I was covered for my van and now I have to pork out more money to fix something that this fake warranty was supposed to pay. Someone please let me know if there is something I can do to get my money back from these guys who ripped a bunch of people off.

I purchased a 2001 Ford Escape in May 2009, with the condition I would have an extended warranty for 2 years. It was between this company and another, but because Eagle had been around so much longer, I chose them. I recently found out I need repairs and went to call them to confirm it was covered. I was greeted with a disconnected phone message. I then went online and googled and saw the Attorney General of PA has a lawsuit against them. I called and found out there are at least 2200 people who have already contacted them regarding the lawsuit. Here I am with repairs that need to be done!

For my teenage daughter's 16th birthday, I cashed in my retirement money and we purchased her a used car to use for work. My child worked very hard to become a lifeguard at 15 years old. We do not have a lot of money and a condition of owning the car was that we would buy it and she would devote a portion of her pay check for repairs. When we purchased the car to help her, we also spent a great deal of money to purchase a two-year extended warranty from The Eagle Warranty Corporation. The accept date was 8/10/2009 and does not expire until 8/09/2011.

On June 3, 2010, I received a call from the dealership where I took my daughter's car for a covered breakdown. They tried many times unsuccessfully to reach Eagle at their 1-800-735-2529 number. I then called the car lot where I purchased the warranty and was told that Eagle was out of business. Now my child's car is sitting at the dealership the "covered" repair will cost her or myself $415 and will have to be fixed. By the way, this is two weeks wages for me. It is terrible when you put your faith in a company not just once but this is the second time we have chosen Eagle. I think it is terrible to take advantage of those just barely making it. If we had money for possible breakdowns then we would not need an extended warranty, would we?

I bought a 1997 Ford F150 Pickup. At the time of purchase, I also got a warranty from my bank for an additional $900.00. I am having a problem now with my truck and tried to call The Eagle Warranty Corporation to find out if the repair would be covered. I found out the company is being sued by the State of Pennsylvania and is no longer in business. So now I have no warranty coverage on my vehicle and cannot really afford to pay out-of-pocket for this repair, as it is going to be a major repair. I have lost the money I have invested in the warranty and will not receive any services from them. They deserve to be sued for ripping off all of these consumers.

I bought an auto warranty from the Eagle Warranty Company on 11/30/2007 which shouldn't expire until 11/29/2011. After trying to contact the company about a needed repair I found that they had closed their doors. I paid almost $2000 for the 4-year warranty. I cannot afford to get my car repaired now. That is the reason I bought the policy in the first place.

I bought my car a little over a year ago and bought Eagle warranty with it. It was supposed to cover me for 3 years. I recently went to get a new fuel pump and a few other things worked on when I received a bill. I asked, "Doesn't my warranty cover this?” Then the auto body that is located where I bought my car said, “Didn't you get the letter?” I then replied with, "No, what letter?" The guy who sold me the car and warranty then told me that Eagle Warranty went bankrupt. I then had to pay the bill for all the work I just had done. I am now having another problem with my transmission and I can't afford to get it fixed. Meanwhile, I still have a car payment of $300 a month! This is unfair that I paid for this warranty and have no coverage! I never even received a letter from them!

I purchased a warranty from Eagle. I needed repairs on my 99 Mercedes truck. After repairs were made, we (the repair company) were unable to get in contact with Eagle leaving me to pay out of pocket for the repairs made.

I have had this warranty for over two years without ever having to use it until now. And when I do need them, they are no longer in business. Contact numbers do not work. I will contact the dealer on the next business day considering it's memorial day weekend. The problem I have is I will have to pay for something that is covered under warranty and I included the full price of the warranty in my vehicle contract so that means until my car is paid off, I will be continuing to pay for something that I cannot even use--and I am not willing to do that. If Eagle Warranty Corp. is no longer, I want that remainder money that has been included in my auto loan off.

I paid for an extended warranty of 4 years / 36000 miles, and my rear diff went bad in my truck. They would not return my calls or pay to have it fixed. It cost me over $1700 to get fixed. So then 6 months later, the 4-wheel drive transfer case went bad; and now, no one picks up the phone. It's going to cost around $2200 to get it repaired.

I have lost several days of work due to not having a car, and experience the stress of losing my job and out of work with no unemployment compensation. These people should be put in jail and have to repay every one with their so-called warranty.

Showcase Auto Sales Pasadena Texas sold us an extended warranty policy from a company that isn't in business anymore. Their number is disconnect. We paid the dealership $800.00 for nothing. My son's vehicle is having problems so I called but no luck. I looked up on the internet and saw that the company has been having problems in the 2008. I bought my policy on October 6, 2009, that never was a policy.

I bought a used car 10 months ago from Bourbon Motors in Alexandria Ky. I paid 1,000 dollars for an extended warranty 2 years from Eagle Warranty Co. I went to use the warranty a couple months ago and the company was out of business, as well as the dealer. I had to cover the repairs if 500 dollars out of pocket. I lost the 1000 dollars I already had paid for the warranty, and now I have a car. I can hardly drive because I can't afford the cost for the repairs it now needs.

I brought a contract from The Eagle Warranty Corporation. I just find out that the company was a fraud. My truck is in the shop right now on March 16, 2010. I need a transmission which would now cost me $3,800 which I do not have it.

We bought a 2001 Volkswagen / Beetle from them 9/26/2008. We paid $1350 for extended warranty. We didn't need to use it till a couple of weeks ago. We still had 7 months to go on the warranty. Eagle Warranty of 940 Scranton-Carbondale Hwy / Eynon, PA 18403 Phone 1/800/735/2529 was closed in Dec. 2009 There are also Rip Off reports on them. I have my Warranty Paper & purchase paper if you need copies. We had the car towed to Gezon Motors on Plainfield, Grand Rapids, Mi. The oil line under the car broke and cost us $900.

My son bought me a 2001 Volvo on Feb 1st 2009 and purchased a four-year warranty. I have had nothing but problems with the car and for the first few month, they paid a little towards the repairs. But since May of 2009, when I called there is a recording saying this business is closed at this time. My son paid $1,500 for this warranty. I just don't know what to do. I called the dealership where my son purchased the warranty (Tourch Light Inc, xxx *** Parlin, New Jersey) and got no help. Please help me. Thank you.

On 11-7-07, I purchased an extended warranty from Eagle Corp. at a cost of $1220 for 4 years. This was to protect a 2000 SAAB 9-5. As of that date, they turn down 3 claims by saying that the part is not covered. Now I need a timing belt, which cost at the dealer is $1800. They will not answer their phones. At this time I am out $1220 cost of policy. Approximately $200 in window channel and now a timing belt to be replaced at $1800.00. As of this date, I have not had any results from the Parker Auto Sells that sold me the car and the policy.

I have a warranty with this company and no one answers the phone. I have a transmission problem that is under warranty and can not get in contact with them. I need transmission work done. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

The motor went out in truck that I had covered under the warranty. I had it fixed and it was over $5000.00 that I did not have to get fixed. Also, I had to pay the towing out of my pocket. I had to go to loan comp to get the money and now, I have to pay $6500.00 back that I don't know how I am going to pay. That's another bill that I would not have to make if they would have covered the truck. Like the warranty that I purchased, they should have paid for the motor and labor work done.

I am out of $450.00. I bought a car on 10-23-2009. I bought warranty the same day for a year. My car needs to be fixed. The problem is supposed to be covered, and I cannot get hold of the company to submit coverage.

I purchased a $2000.00 warranty from Eagle Warranty Corp for my vehicle in March 2009 to expire in March 2011. The vehicle is in current need of repair and I have discovered this company has closed its doors and I have no warranty coverage on the vehicle. I have $700.00 in repair bills I cannot afford. I have $700.00 in repair bills I cannot afford.

I own an auto repair shop and we had a customer come in for repairs October 2009. I called Eagle Warranty, spoke with Sean and received authorization for $852.05 worth of repairs on this truck. The repairs were completed, customer paid the deductible, Eagle was faxed a copy of signed RO and no money has ever been paid to my shop. I have no choice but to turn this amount back to the customer, which is not fair to them, however, I can't absorb this amount of repair. I'm out $852.05 and the truck is fixed and on the road.

I purchased this warranty when I first bought my car. It didn't go into effect until 6 months later. "They couldn't find me in the system". After a few complaints and calling and arguing, I magically appeared in their system in September 2009. After I paid $800 for 24 months of warranty, my car started giving me problems but I was covered right? Wrong! Every time I tried to file a claim, nothing was covered not to mention it took them days to tell me what was covered. When they found what repairs were going to be covered, I took it to a mechanic and he told me the warranty info I gave him was incorrect.

The number was **. I was like you can't be serious? I gave him copies of my contract and sign up info, even letters the warranty itself had sent. So I do my research and jump online. When I decided to pick up the phone it was true! In Dec 2009 they filed for bankruptcy and closed down in the blink of an eye with no letter, no warning no nothing! I called the finance co. They said there is nothing they can do; they advised me to file a complaint.

I bought a 2005 Dodge Ram truck and purchased the extended warranty from Eagle Warranty through Nunzi Auto. My truck recently had to go into the shop for repairs, which was covered under the bumper-to-bumper warranty with Eagle Warranty. Eagle Warranty has now gone out of business, leaving me with a car repair bill that should have been covered through the warranty.

I bought my car in Dayton, OH. I purchased the warranty two weeks later through the dealer of where I bought my car. I have tried to use it twice, but to no avail, parts were not covered. Now I read that the company has gone out of business! What am I supposed to do? I purchased a 3-year "bumper to bumper" warranty and I am out of 1500 dollars? My car is in need of some very serious repairs and I don't have the money to pay them. I am a single mother who only works part time and I need my car running properly. I worked hard to get the money up for this warranty and I could have used it for car repairs.

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