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CARCHEX helps you purchase and maintain your car by offering various vehicle products, including extended auto warranties. Rather than offering its own plans, CARCHEX works with multiple third-party warranty providers. These vehicle service contracts cover repairs due to mechanical failures or malfunctions but not collisions. Plans also come with additional benefits like roadside assistance and towing.

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    • Available in California
    • Partners with charities
    • Accepts high-mileage cars
    • Lower-cost plans available


    • Doesn't cover exotic vehicles
    • Some contracts aren't renewable

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    Consider CARCHEX if you’re looking for an extended auto warranty, especially if you have a high-mileage vehicle. Although its contracts can be confusing, company representatives can help you understand what you're signing.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 20, 2015

    After having a previous BMW which I purchased an extended warranty on and never used (I only had one problem on that vehicle which was not covered by the warranty) I was debating whether or not I really needed an extended warranty on my 2008 BMW 335i after the factory warranty expired. After reading other owners experiences I decided it was best to purchase the extended warranty and after a lot of research online and comparing price/coverage/reviews, I decided to go with CARCHEX.

    The warranty was not cheap but I purchased the 5 year/up to 100,000 mile warranty and was extremely thankful that I did. As much as I loved the car and as fun as it was to drive, the car ended up being a nightmare when it came to repairs. I had a number of high expense repairs (AC compressor unit, leaking fuel injectors, cracking/worn strut mounts etc) that were all covered by CARCHEX. I took my car to the local BMW dealer for every repair and they dealt directly with CARCHEX without me having to do any leg work. The amount of money I saved by having the warranty more than covered 3-4 times the cost of the warranty. I would certainly purchase a warranty again from them as long as the coverage is the same, especially if I were to own another German or high repair cost vehicle.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: April 24, 2015

    Spencer from CARCHEX helped me for claim I was refunded for $218. I hope in future i don't go into so much hassles as the reason I bought CARCHEX was hassle free and peace of mind.

    Original review: March 24, 2015

    When I bought Carchex 2 yrs back they said they cover my Honda Odyssey automatic doors. ** said whatever part is not mentioned in exclusionary coverage is covered. Yesterday Mar 23 2015 I went to dealer for my automatic door not closing. They diagnosed central roller is worn out . They called Assurant. They asked, cost dealer said 70.16$. They said they will give 53.97$ then later they put on hold and said they don’t cover saying body part, and section 13 of contract. As matter of fact its not mentioned in section 13. Then today Mar 24 2015 I called Assurant. They said repair facility mentioned roller is plastic part, hence not covered.

    This is ridiculous can automatic door or power windows work without roller? And all vehicles have roller made of plastic. This guys are fraud. I paid around 2100$ for this warranty. I repent over it as I listened to ** and cancelled Honda warranty and bought this crap. As matter of fact Honda cover this roller as part of warranty. I feel very cheated and nowhere to go as I have lost my money.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 17, 2015

    I usually do not write reviews or complaints. I believe that Karma is the best solution in bad business situations that will correct itself out in get bad in - get bad out sort of matter. Nevertheless, this is one of those instances where one has to stand up and say something. I have purchased the extended car warranty from Carchex. Before my current warranty expired I did some research and it sounded like I found a good deal. I am the kind of customer that would rather pay a bit more to get exceptional service than pay less and receive average. In this case the price wasn’t cheap but wasn’t expensive compared to the other companies when it came to package deals - 3 years, 4800 miles covered, and just over $6000.

    I have to mention that I have an Audi S5 2009, which is a German sport oriented coupe that I take to certified dealer for the repairs. There I have a certified car advisor that knows the history of my vehicle repairs and takes a great care of me as a valued customer. Granted, this costs pretty penny, but, that’s why I have purchased an extended warranty with the cost of just over $6000. Furthermore I have been customizing cars for over 10 years now. Therefore one could say that I am not a typical customer that knows nothing of mechanical works.

    Right, as I was, before purchasing the warranty I have contacted the Carchex and spoke to their rep. Then let my car advisor speak to them describing the car history and what we would need from the car warranty. The other words we were thorough when it came to coverage and what’s being covered. After the phone call all was determined and compared to the in house dealer warranty by me and my advisor, which turned out to have the same attributes in the package yet was $2000 higher in the price. Making our selection simple - Carchex and they’re the second from the top package, that Carchex rep just described to us on the phone. In the description of the package Carchex rep assured us that all mentioned by my car advisor mechanical issues will be taken care off. All sounded dandy and I gave my credit number for purchase.

    Two months later I have taken my car for service and engine check light. I got more then I expected in the repair estimate, but not to worry - I have a brand new save proof Carchex warranty! I was wrong. What I did have, in fact, was a bill that wasn’t going to be covered by Carchex. As we found out after my advisor called in the repair to Carchex. Among few things that were wrong and needed fixing was fuel injectors, that previously were malfunctioning and were replaced a year in a half ago. Granted, all eight of them were malfunctioning now. And were costing a lot to repair. Among other repairs was an oil leek with replacement of valve cover and oil pan gasket as well as damaged bottom car cover with exposed positive cable that needed to be replaced: SUB TOTAL $6,073.75.

    None, not even an oil leak was covered by this warranty. This didn’t make any sense, since we went over the details of the arrangement and my advisor was on the phone describing all the possible details needed of coverage as I was standing right next to him listening to the conversation before purchasing this warranty. Among which were fuel injectors, specifically! I phoned in the company and, as I now know from other screwed customers, I was given a run around of transfer calls, office hour closings early and so on. Finally, as my car has been in the shop for close to one week, I have reached the right person in customer department. She assured me, that it was impossible that their rep would promise us the repairs that now are not covered by the warranty. Granted, of course, I insisted that they should double check.

    Since I wasn’t the one inquiring but rather my certified car advisor, as I was standing next to him listening, who made sure he went over all the possible fixes that we might need before selecting and purchasing the package. Then, to clarify, I made a conference call between the customer service rep and my car advisor, who backed up my story and advocated on his behalf that he did, in fact, went over the fixes that were now are not covered somehow. To that we got a series of disagreements from Carchex and promises that they will listen to their recordings of the phone conversations between their rep and my car advisor and will get back to us.

    Final chapter. After few days I got in touch with a customer rep who wasn’t sounding very sure for some reason. As it was, she brought bad news - the Carchex would not cover the repairs, however, they were willing to issue me a full refund which after two months of services was not much. When I asked why my claim wasn’t covered, the very same story was given - the package does not cover these repairs.

    When I asked if they listened to the recording of their rep promising us the repairs that are not covered by the package - “Yes, we did”, I heard in reply. “And, what did the recording said? Can my car advisor and I listen to it?” I asked. Your advisor, “No, you as a customer can. Please hold.” Moments later, after being on hold “We can not release that information.” I was in disbelief. “What do you mean?” I almost raised my voice. “Moments ago you said I can listen to the recording and now you saying I can’t?” “Yes, the best we can do is to refund your money. We will only release the recording if there is a subpoena to court.”

    Second instant happened as my car was still at the shop and mechanics discovered that my intake manifold needed to be replaced. It was spelled out clearly that this part was covered under my contract in their pamphlet that I received in the mail. So finally I got their rep to come over to dealership evaluate the repair. This time I got denied due to having after market springs on my car. So you understand - I GOT DENIED IN WARRANTY ON MY ENGINE BECAUSE MY SUSPENSION WAS LOWERED! I’ve different cars that have been modified with dealer warranties, but even they have been reasonable and never denied me of coverage that are not related to modified part of the car. Long story short - I paid close to $10.000.00 in repairs. This company doesn’t do a good business. They are in the business to screw people.

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    Original review: Feb. 18, 2015

    Had a small knock at start up, went away when engine reached operating temperature. Took my car to Napleton Hyundai in West Palm Beach. They diagnosed as bad crankshaft bearings. Napleton took care of everything - no problems. Had a loaner through the entire repair. Total cost to me was $100 defy cable. Current warranty about to expire, going to take out another policy. Well worth the cost. It looks like people who gave bad reviews tried to use policy as soon as they took it out and were denied as pre-existing problem, make sense to me.

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    Original review: Dec. 15, 2014

    On or about August 28, 2014, I purchased Extended Vehicle Protection for a used 2004 Volvo S80 from A. **, a representative of the company. I've never purchased a warranty for a used car previously assuming that the system was rigged and major claims were likely never paid. My dealings with Carchex have confirmed by belief. The Vehicle Protection program provided that no claim was valid until the automobile was driven 1000 miles and 30 days had passed. Within that time period, I had to replace my radiator at a cost of $500 for which no claim was filed because I hadn't yet satisfied the warranty waiting period.

    After my waiting period was complete, on or about November 17, 2014, my red warning light came on in the vehicle. By the following morning I took the vehicle to Eagle Transmission in Dallas, TX for repair. Scott, the owner, tore down the transmission and, after a few days, was able to get a contract inspector for Carchex and Royal Wesco (claim processor for Carchex) to inspect the transmission. The claim was subsequently denied by Royal Wesco and Carchex on the basis that the problem was a preexisting condition. Scott, owner of Eagle Transmission for 20 years plus, stated in writing that 'there is no way to determine at what mileage the failure occurred or what caused the wear." The repair was subsequently made at my cost for $3300.00. I contacted Brian (Bryan?), a manager at Carchex and was told that he would assist me in arbitration. Subsequent emails and phone calls to A. ** and Brian (Bryan) around December 1, 2014 have not been answered by either party.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Feb. 2, 2012

    I have purchased the auto extended warranty from Carchex one year ago. This is my first time actually having to use the warranty because of a transmission leak and oil leak. Based on the service level agreement and coverage, they are to cover all items that are not wear and tear. The total hours to repair the vehicle are 6.2 hours and Carchex only approved for 3.9 hours. Their explanation is they go by their standard national repair booking for this type of job, and not by the Manufacturer repair hour. I have a BMW, and how are they compare a Japanese or American vehicle repair time to a more sophisticated vehicle? I am now forced to pay the extra 2.3 hours or else I have to take the vehicle to a local mechanic for repair. During the contract signage process, I was informed by the salesperson that I am allowed to take the vehicle to any mechanic including dealer, and they will honor the type of repair as long as it is not wear and tear. Carchex had violate and breach the services contract agreement. I am now stuck almost half of the repair cost that Carchex supposed to pay. The Carchex salesperson told me one story, and in reality is a different story.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Nov. 23, 2011

    I bought a used 2003 Durango with 133k miles on it from my sister that was in good running condition. I immediately purchased a CarChex Warranty the following day. About a month and a half later I had the truck in for a tune up and oil change. The Mechanic at the small shop I took it to noticed a noise coming from the engine he didn't like. I asked him to investigate it and he said that the Head needed to be machined that there was a problem with the valve seat position. I asked him to fix it and he said $1100.00. I called Carchex, they denied the claim, said it was too soon, must be a preexisting condition that caused it. so fine, I paid outta pocket.

    About a month later, I get another noise coming from the engine, but the truck is running fine. So I pack the family up and get on the road to NY to visit my parents. About 100 miles away, the truck starts to overheat. I quickly get off the highway and to a gas station so I can see what's going on. I had to have the truck towed, upper radiator hose busted. This time I send the truck to a Dodge dealership, figured it would be safer and since I have a warranty, I could trust that the repairs would be covered. How WRONG I was... The Motor is blown, fried piston. CarChex denied the claim, I ** and complain. They finally send an inspector out to look at the issue. He shows up, did a 5-min inspection and claims that once again, this was a preexisting condition. Actually he blamed it on lack of vehicle maintenance. He said that there was "sludge" in the motor and that was what caused the failure.

    I have service records for the past 3 years for their vehicle which include regular oil changes and fluids being flushed among other things. I feel like I have been mislead and ripped off by this company. All they ever have to say to deny a claim is that it was caused by a preexisting condition, and who can prove it otherwise. They had no problem accepting my down payment and monthly payments, but I can't even get them to cover the tow bill. I spoke with a supervisor on the phone and he had the nerve to tell me that whenever you buy a used vehicle even with a warranty, you are responsible for the repairs to that vehicle. I told him that was why I purchased a vehicle warranty. Apparently I was wrong. I filed a complaint with the BBB and Consumer Affairs. My father cancelled his contract with CarChex because of this. I will make sure that everyone knows what a crappy, unprofessional bunch of liars this company is.

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