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I have a 2003 vehicle and had a 3-year dealer warranty. In 2006 I bought a warranty for 6 years from Auto One Warranty. I was told if I still owned this vehicle at the end of 6 years and did not use it at all, I would get full refund. I was just notified by the company that the warranty was transferred to and they asked me to renew. I said no, I just want my money back. They said they can't honor what Auto One promised me. Am I wasting my time and has anyone else had this same problem? Have some paperwork and other info if worth sending, if needed.

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I cancelled my contract within 30 days. I sent 6 faxes, and still, there's no refund in 3 years.

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I purchased this warranty through Auto One. I took my vehicle to be fixed at a repair facility. The only way that the repair facility can talk to someone is through email or via fax. There are no number to contact them directly, and now, I'm seeing them online, where others have similar problems. Times are too hard to give money away like that. I'm a single parent, struggling to raise my kids. I could have done a lot more with my $2,000 that they charged me for this worthless warranty. My experience was horrible.


In July 2009, I received a sales call from Auto One wanting to sell me extended warranties on my vehicles. After listening and asking numerous questions, I agreed. I was promised bumper to bumper coverage on both, with enhanced power coverage on my pickup. In November 2010, the starter went out on the truck. They paid towing and the repair bill! On April 7, 2011, I noticed the fuel pump was squealing, thus indicating impending failure. I called the company and was told it was covered. On April 11, I took it to the shop, claim denied! I had changed the fuel filter myself but didn't keep the receipt. Therefore no proof it had ever been changed thus causing the pump failure. The shop told the company that is no flow problem, only a lack of pressure due to a weak pump. After several calls to the 800# I was basically to go FFF myself.


I purchased a 5-year, or 100,000 mile bumper to bumper policy on my 2004 Impala. Auto One Warranty worked out for me a one time price of $1,250.00. However, when I got the paperwork from Gold Key, the price said $2,450.00. I called about this and Auto One said that all the policies display that amount because that was the original price for everyone.

They said, "You have your card indicating it's good till 1/13/2015 or 189,000 miles, and that's all you need. That shows you are paid till then." This made sense to me since my credit cards have an expiration date on them, too. Everything went fine since the car didn't need any work. Now, over a year later, Paylink tells me that they are canceling my policy because I owe them money. This was the first I heard of this. I called and told them that I was paid in full. They said their records did not show that.

I tried calling the numbers I had from Auto One Warranty but the phones were no longer in service. I called Gold Key and they said that the information they got from Auto One said I owed the money. They said a David ** might have made off with my money.

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I was sold over the telephone a 12 month policy costing $650 for 12 months premium. I was then horrified that auto 1 were then trying to make deductions of $56 every month to turn this warranty into a 2 year deal, which was not what I wanted. I wrote my cancellation letter and was promised that once they ensured I had not made a claim, then I would get a full refund. That was in September 2009. After various e-mails and telephone calls, I'm told they are looking at it and no I cannot have a name of an individual with whom I can take this forward with. I lost my initial #650, however it is disappointing to see a Company like this being able to continue to trade, when they are obviously dishonest.


They got to me for $1,500.00. The money had to be sent that day so I bit then looked them up on internet. I called them before I got the policy and asked for a refund. I received a letter that it would be refunded, but I never got a penny. However, a couple of days ago I was able to get the number of an attorney that is handling a case against these people. An assistant told me to give them 30 days and she was almost sure they would be able to get my money back. Hopefully this is not a farse and all is on the level.


I bought the warranty to help protect me against the high price of car repairs. I made my payments on time and paid the policy off in full. I never used the warranty. Later I traded the car in and wanted a refund of the amount I paid. They assured me that I was due a refund and that it would be sent out in Oct. 2009. No refund came. I contacted the BBB and once again they assured the BBB and me that a refund would be sent out Feb. 2010. Still to this date I have not received a refund. These are hard times and I am an average citizen making average wages. $2400.00 is a lot of money that my family and I could have used if not stolen by this company.


This company sold a contract for an extended auto warranty for more than what the contract actually cost. I found out after I cancelled the contract and received a very small portion of refund. Unfortunately this business has gone out of business. If not, I would sue for fraud.


Bought an extended warranty over phone, used electronic check 1-2-09 amount, 2147.00, said it would cover 100 thousand miles more. Had 44 thousand then, also coverage on entire motor and drive train. Contacted by phone and they said they had no record of me. 4-14-10. Very disturbed by this information, if questions please contact me by phone! 2147.00 for warranty that don't exists, 438.00 for power steering pump at dodge dealers. I thought would be covered by warranty that I don't have.


Auto One Warranty is one of many fly-by-night cold-call sales companies that offer some service, in this case used car warranty extensions. My story is approximately the same as the others on this list. Someone called me, I bought the coverage, I paid with my credit card, but Auto One Warranty never funded the coverage with the insurance company. After several months of trying to get my money back, I got a call from the insurance company asking me if I wanted to pay for a "real" extended warranty. I said; "Yea, right". I read a recent article from a newspaper in Ohio that said the whole used automobile warranty industry is a shady business. I wish I had known that back in October, 2009. Duh.


I purchased auto warranty on 11/2/2009 and was told that it covers bumper to bumper. I paid my warranty in full of $1550.00. I was supposed to receive a warranty book but never received it. I called and asked again for a warranty book, but never got it. I called on 1-21-2010 and spoke with Mike about a refund of my money due to no info sent and he kept trying to tell me that I shouldn't cancel the warranty. But finally, I told him I wanted my money back. Then he said that I had to fax a letter with mileage of my car to fax #**. I faxed that to Micheal on 1-21-2010. Micheal stated that I would receive a cancellation letter in the mail and I have failed to receive it yet.

On 7-22-2010, I also mailed a cancellation letter to ACSC. I called on 2-2-2010, spoke with a man and stated that my refund was in process and his office received my cancellation letter on 1-25-2010. On 2-10-2010, I called and spoke with Micheal. He stated refund should be sent shortly, call back in a week if not received. On 2-18-2010, I called and spoke with Kenny. He stated that it would take 30-45 days and my refund would be mailed. If not, call back the 2nd week of March. On 3-3-2010, I called and spoke with Pam. She stated she can't tell me anything. She transferred me to Dave, he stated that my refund was still in process. On 3-10-2010, I spoke with Jeremy and stated that he would walk my info over to be processed for a refund, call back in a couple days for the check to be mailed out.

On 3-15-2009, I called and spoke with Kenny. He stated that it was 7AM his time and I needed to call back and no other info noted at that time. I called back and spoke with Jeremy, he stated to call back later in the day with no information available yet. I called a 3rd time and spoke with Gerald, he stated it takes 30 days than 2 weeks and looks like that it had been that, but it would probably take another week or 2 weeks to receive a refund. If not, call back. I asked several times for corporate number or email address, but got the same answer "we don't have a number and we are unable to let you talk to anyone". I asked to speak to Kenny again. I was put on hold and transferred to a mailbox that was full then was hung up on.

Auto one warranty called me on a sat morning offering coverage for me. With the guy over the phone to me that everything on the car was covered bumper to bumper and that all I had to pay was a 100 dollar deductible. So I signed up with them and paid 180 down and my monthly payment will be 80 dollars.

Two weeks went by, I haven't received any paper in the mail about my coverage of anything. So I called them. The phone rung about 50 times before somebody answered. Finally I got some one on the phone and they asked for my address to mail more papers. So a month went by, nothing. By that time they had taken the 80 dollars out by bank account.

I gave them a call to cancel the policy. They said that I have to write a letter. I asked to speak with a manager. The guy said that he was in charge. His name was Michael and I asked for his last name, he told me that I didn't need to know his last name. The guy was very rude and unprofessional and he kept putting me on hold. I called by bank to cancel my account and I found out that they had my mother name like she was taking money out my account not auto one warranty. I gave them a call back to ask them what was going on with that Micheal. had no answer and hung up in my face. I mailed my letter and still haven't got my money back. This company is a rip off and need to be taken cared of because they are calling us selling bullshit. Thank God that I never had to file a claim.


I bought this warranty over the phone on 9/8/09. I sent a cancellation letter on 9/17, which they received on 9/22. I received a letter from them, acknowledging cancellation on 10/7. On 10/26, they promised a credit to my card by 10/30. On 11/4, I disputed with the credit card company, because they provided no credit on my card. On 1/26/10, the charge was placed back on my credit card, due to the documentation they gave the credit card company. I had not requested a refund, nor had I provided vehicle mileage.

Per their own contract, you do not have to request a refund, and they have a formula if you do not provide vehicle mileage, but according to Auto One on 12/19/2009, they had notes in their system saying, "refund being sent to the customer, not the financial institution". On 1/28/10, they sent a demand letter for a refund, and provided vehicle mileage. They promised refund by today, however, I have called, and the "refund is in process", which according to all the complaints I have seen, this is what they tell everyone!

I have written the CA Attorney General, TX Attorney General, filed complaints with the FTC, TX Licensing and Reg, and BBB. Can anyone help us get our money back? This is fraud. According to everything I have seen, they don't give your money back, until the news stations are involved! They should be shut down! I paid $395 for something that I canceled within the time frame of cancellation, and I don't have the money that belongs to me!


On 11-02-2009 I contacted Auto One warranty to consider purchasing an extended warranty on a GMC Yukon I'd just purchased from a private owner. I spoke with a sales rep by the name of Jordan Hilton over the phone and after coming to an agreement I gave the company my debit card numbers to debit my checking account for $300 as a down payment on a contract that was to be forwarded to me via USPS. If I didn't agree with the terms I could cancel within the 30 day waiting period and my funds would be refunded to me.

After receiving the contract in the mail three (3) weeks later it had practically none of the coverage that was explained to me over the phone by the sales rep. I called to cancel on the 23rd of Nov. 2009 and a sales rep. by the name of Crystal tried for two days to convince me to keep the existing contract with a few amenities; I continued to decline the offers and finally on 11-25-2009 she decided to honor my request for a refund. I was told to send by mail or fax a cancellation letter with reasons for asking for a refund, signed and dated with policy number and mileage on vehicle intended for coverage.

I complied with the company's request by faxing the information Nov. 30, 2009 at 12:47 pm. This fax was sent to Auto One Warranty Specialists and a copy was also forwarded to the finance company that was to be involved in the transaction provided that I would have gone forward with my intentions to purchase the contract. The finance company's name is as follows: Pay link Payment Plans, LLC.

I haven't received my refund as of date, however; I did call to inquire about my refund on 02-23-2010. I spoke with a floor supervisor by the name of Manny at 6:16pm. Mr. Manny stated that my refund is being processed and the processing dept. is back logged and I should be receiving my refund soon. I've given this company more than ample time to return my money. It wasn't a credit card used; I used my debit card which was a cash transaction. I haven't contacted an attorney in this matter and neither have I filed a court action pertaining to this matter. I learned about this company thru a mailer received in the mail.


I was contacted by Auto One to cover my car. I asked if it covered all components of the car from electrical, to power seats, and windows. The engine, trans, water pump, etc., all was to be covered for $2070 for five years. When the contract arrived a week later, it only covered the engine, trans, and a/c and the 4wd on my Mercedes 500SL. I requested a refund and they told me I needed to fax it in writing which I did. That was in December. This is March 2010 and still no refund. You cannot talk to anybody at the company about your refund. They don't answer or do they contact you back, very poor customer service.


In early December 2009, I was persuaded into a formal extended warranty agreement over the phone which included an immediate down payment. By the time an ‘official contract document’ arrived, my spouse had vehemently insisted that I cancel the agreement. I had 30 days to do so if the arrangement had been made by phone. I called the listed number and I was told that I needed to cancel by mail which I did with receipt confirmation. I was assured of the return of the $275.00 down payment. After about a month with no response, I called their customer service department, as they required and I was told that the refund was being processed. To this day, I have not heard from the company.


On the evening of November 12, 2009, I was called by Auto One Warranty and presented with the chance to purchase their Platinum policy for my 2007 Toyota Matrix. I was to receive their policy in the mail, and James B. (a sales person) assured me that I could call back within 30 days to cancel and get a complete refund within 24 hours if I did not like the policy. He told me several times that the policy covered tires for normal wear and tear. He told me it covered everything, bumper to bumper.

I told him I would like to see the policy first. He told me the offer was only good for that night and that $150.00 deposit was necessary. I resisted, but he assured me of the 24 hour refund policy. When I asked him if this was the Toyota company, and did he work for Toyota, he told me he worked for Toyota. When I got the policy, I discovered it did not cover tires nor did it cover dozens of other key components, and it had all kinds of restrictions. I also did Internet research, and I found the company had a poor reputation in customer service.

On November 22nd, I called 1-800- and spoke with Courtney who wanted to put me on hold. I was upset and said I did not want to be put on hold. I told Courtney I wanted my 24 hour refund. She told me that was not possible. I needed to write a letter of cancellation and refer to the policy number and request a refund, and it would be 30 to 45 days. I asked, "But I will get a refund?" She said she couldn't guarantee that.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, she said she was only one there. It was 4pm California time. I asked to speak to sales and she said to call them. I gave her the number I called and she said they could transfer me to sales. I said, I received her when I called. She said that's unusual. I said, I need to talk to someone in sales. She said, she could not transfer me because it was a customer complaint issue and sales couldn't help.

After going in circles with her, I hung up and called back. I got another agent who immediately transferred me to sales. I asked for James B. I was transferred to him, but a recording said, he was not at his desk. I called back again. I got Courtney again. I asked to speak with sales. She asked who was calling. I told her I just needed to be connected to sales. She would not give me her last name or other means of identifying her. I wanted to file a complaint on her for her rudeness and refusal to transfer me. She asked for my policy number. I told her it was me, the one she had been uncooperative with before. She said she hadn't been uncooperative. I informed her I had just called someone else and they transferred me immediately. She said hold on please. Someone else answered (a male). I asked to speak to ext 308. The gentleman asked who that was. I said, Dan **. He transferred me. Again, a message said he was not at his desk.

On November 23, 2009, I faxed a letter of complaint and a separate letter requesting cancellation of the policy and a refund. I later received a letter dated December 4, 2009 acknowledging the refund request and committing to "take immediate steps" on processing the request and endeavoring "to expedite this matter."

As of December 30, 2009, our credit card account did not reflect the refund. I called the customer service number noted in the letter at approximately 3:05 pm CST. I let the phone ring for five minutes and received no answer. On a later date in January, I tried calling again. Still, there was no answer.

On February 8, 2010, we had not received a refund yet. I called and after several minutes of ringing, an agent, Danny answered. I explained the history of our issue and gave him our policy number. He also would not give any other form of identification besides his first name despite my asking. All he could say was that the refund was still processing. When I pressed him on this and asked how we could find out what was holding it up, he said there was nothing he could do about it, and that it would get processed.

He finally said that he could "check the status" on it but that would take time. I told him I would be happy to stay on hold while he did that. He told me he couldn't do it while I waited, and that I would need to call back later. I asked who else I could speak to, and he said he was the only one to speak to. I finally asked to speak to the sales department and he said just a minute. He allegedly put me on hold, but after fifteen minutes went by with no response I realized he had simply hung up on me.

My wife, Tamera, then called and spoke to an operator and asked to speak with Anthony S. in sales. She said, she couldn't transfer her. She could only transfer her to a customer service agent. [Yet, in the past we had been transferred to Mr. S. to whom I spoke.] Tamera informed the operator of our history and said that she was about to send a complaint to the Arkansas State Attorney General and the California State Attorney General. She was transferred to Crystal. Crystal said she could not transfer Tamera to sales.

I called back and also spoke with Crystal. After being told she could not transfer me, I told her it had been done before. She finally transferred me to Anthony S.'s voice mail. His voice mail said if I left name and number he would call back that day. I left the information and explained the situation and asked him to please call back as soon as possible.

Tamera called back and spoke with Dave who said, "You going to tell me how to do my job?" because Tamera would not give him the policy number. She merely wanted to be transferred to sales. She was transferred to the voice mail of Alberto, ext. 467. Anthony S. did not call back. We still have received no refund, and the customer service agents have clearly lied to us, and given us the "run around". Upon further researching this company on the Internet, we have found dozens of stories just like ours regarding this company.

We are wondering why California has not shut them down for fraud. We have been out of our $150.00 deposit for over two months. Hours of our time have been consumed in calls, being put on hold, writing letters, and receiving nothing but rude responses. The company has not even acknowledged receiving our written complaint letter, and they appear unwilling to refund our deposit despite verbal and written promises to the contrary.


Originally, I received call on January 30, 2010 from Stacy **. She wanted to discuss about the expired extended warranty that I originally had on my Chevy Tahoe with 139,000 miles. If I did a 5yr/100,000 mile extended warranty for $2350, it would cover quite a few major items. So I asked her about my '95 Mit with 206,000 miles (had to transfer to another department and spoke with Owen) and got approval to add at the cost of $1480 for that vehicle.

Then I asked Stacie about "95 Chevy pickup. She said that would be included in the $1480. I repeatedly asked her that if the $1480 price included all 3 vehicles, and she stated yes. After going over the coverages, such as for the transmission, drive axles, ac units or problems, cooling issues, 24-hour AAA, free towing, the engine, and housing, she went ahead and did the payment for $1480.

Then she started getting VIN for the other vehicles, and I asked her again if she was charging my card again, and she stated yes. I told her I was not paying $1480 for all three and to cancel all and refund my money to my card. She got her manager on the phone, and he offered to include all three cars for an additional $580, bringing the total to $200.00. Even, I informed him I need to speak to my husband and to give the offer to Stacie. I told her not to do this and to go ahead and refund my $1480.

I also left a voice mail stating that I really needed to speak to her, and on the 2nd voice mail, I told to cancel all transactions and to refund my money and call me back ASAP. No one is answering, and all the voice mails are full. I'm unable to contact anyone to ensure this is happening. I am notifying my visa company and reporting as fraud. Also, I left voice mail for Stacie that I did not want this, and it had to be cancelled and not to send me anything in mail and refund my money. So far, about 10 calls from work and home and going through my bank to assist.


On September 4, 2009 I purchase extended warranty for my Cadillac SRX. On September 8, I called and faxed in my letter of cancellation. A copy is attached for ease of reference. On September 21, 2009 I got a response from Auto One Warranty indicating that the are taking immediate steps to process the cancellation and that my credit/refund will be issued on my card or a check depending on the original method of payment (copy also available).

I have since called every week for the status of my refund and have been told consistently 'next week', next two weeks' 'we are backed up on refund processing', etc. I have also written twice after my first letter of cancellation and have not obtained a response (copies also available). It is now almost three months and still have not received any positive feedback as to the status of my refund. I believe I have been very patient.

I have since satisfied the payment on my credit card. However, if they choose to issue credit on the card that would be okay too. This has created physical hardship as I had to pay the credit card company the full amount of $1625 or financ charges would have accrued. Had I not pay this bill it would have an adverse effect on my credit.


on 9/11/09 by phone I was offered an a 30 free trail-money back guarantee on an extended warranty on a ML300 2000 mercedes by chris cross. He convinced me to give A check over the phone for $295. Feeling uneasy I wondered if I had made a mistake about this warranty.

On 9/14/09, I called to cancell the insurance and to have the money refunded back to my account. I was told to write a letter and fax it over to customer service to the attention of alberto. After speaking with Alberto I was told it would approximately 30 days after the receipt of the cancellation in writing. The fax was sent. I was then told the next person i would have to speak to inorder to f/u wouold be George the refund manager. I immediately called my bank to put a stop payment and was told the transfer had just taken place 45minutes earlier.

on 9/25/09 I mailed a letter via post office to autoone (company outlined as refund department in auto-one's warranty) requesting the return of my money.

Again on 10/2/09 I called auto-one about my refund and was told that george no longer worked there and that alberto assumed his role of refund manager. At this time alberto informed me that it actually takes 45 days or more to receive a refund and to call back then. Another fax was sent requesting my refund.

On 11/3/09, I called several times. In order to get to talk to someone i had to punch the number that represented me as a new customer. I was told to call back in two weeks because my name was not on the refund list.

Over and over I have tried to get back my money. This company is obvioulsy scaming people.


I received a call about AutoOne Insurance and I thought it would be a good idea for my car, so I signed up. That same month, January 2009, they took out the total amount of $233.00. So within the 30 days, I decided to cancel it because I knew it was something I couldn’t afford on a monthly basis so I called and decided to cancel. They told me to write a cancellation letter and to email it to Ryan at ext. **. The account got canceled and told me I was going to receive my refund in 10 weeks.

It is now August 2009 and I have not yet received my promised full refund. I call every week continuously and they give me the same response that a man named Gorge from the refund department will get in contact with me, and every time I get forwarded to him, the call gets lost or goes directly to the dial tone. And I still have not received a phone call or any type of contact from Auto One specialist. Since they took my money, I’ve been late on my car payments by a month and unfortunately, I have not been able to catch up to my payment.


I called to get an extended warranty on my vehicle, they said it was bumper to bumper. I told them I was on SSI and did not have any money till the 1st of May. On the 30th of April, they took a payment of $105.48 and caused me an overdraft fee of $35.00, so I called Lazan and he said I would not have a payment till July as it was their mistake. When I got the warranty, it was not bumper to bumper as I was told it was, so I again called to cancel. They took another payment on June 3rd which caused another $35.00 overdraft fee on top of the $105.48 that they took when they were not supposed to.

I contacted the BBB and they were to pay on or before the 21st of July. It is now the 22nd and when I contacted the BBB, they said to contact Consumer Affairs or the attorney general, which is what I am doing. I want my money back. I cannot even pay my bills for July because of them taking so much money out of my account. I was not able to pay my monthly bills because they overdrafted my account and took payments they were not supposed to. And now, I told the bill collectors I owe that I would pay them on the 21st when I get the money, but it is still not here.


I cancelled my warranty I had with Auto One Warranty in Irvine, Ca in September 2008, and was told that I would get a refund in 10 weeks. I have called them several times and talked to different people who tell me different things about the status of my refund. It is now July 6th, 2009, and I still have not received my refund. They told me once that they sent me a check and when I checked back, 3 weeks later, they said they didn’t ever issue it and that I got skipped. I keep getting the run around with this company and I even filed a BBB complaint and got nowhere with that.


Auto One Warranty Specialists acquired my telephone number somehow and solicited warranty contracts over the phone. I do not ever give customer solicited calls any of my time if I have been personally seeking that particular type of business. Unfortunately, I took the call and agreed to sign on with their company for an extended warranty. I made an initial payment of front for monthly coverage and signed up for automatic payments there after. I had been with Auto One only a couple of months and decided to trade in my vehicle. Since payments were automatically deducted from my checking account, the payment for the upcoming month had already posted to my checking account over the weekend that I had traded in the vehicle. I called two days later to let Auto One know that I no longer had the vehicle and requested a refund for that upcoming month for which I had been charged. According to the 60-day cancellation, there is a "possibility" of a refund if done within that time frame.

When I called to update the status of my vehicle, I was treated very rudely by customer service and did not acquire proper instruction as to how to go about obtaining and filing for a refund. The company was quick to take my money and was drastically rude and slow to help me out with a refund. I did not feel that I had "used up" coverage since the initial payment from mileage to days covered by the contract.

I disputed roughly a $66.00 monthly payment with the company that took 10 weeks to process! Then I come to find out the company stated that I had used up all payments worth of coverage and therefore was not entitled to one cent of a refund. I was told that the company was going to use my entire last payment toward "cancellation fees" and "other fees”. I am reporting this company because of their bad customer service and supposed "prorated" calculations for payments and coverage. Thank goodness I never had to file a claim with the company. I can't begin to imagine what was would not have been covered after some period of time or what entitlements they would question in the future. I did lose out on only $66.00, which is just a month’s worth of coverage that I never received. I think I could have lost hundreds had I not traded in my vehicle. The set up is overall not fair and morally does not make any sense.


On or about 6/20/2008, I was contacted by phone to purchase an extended warranty on my 2001 GMC pickup. My truck was in exceptional condition at the time, but had a lot of miles, so this sounded like a good deal for me. Salesman explained the warranty and said it would cost $2275. He offered a payment plan and said I would have to put a down payment of $400 and then make payments until it was paid. I said I didn't have the $400, and he said he could take $200 down and finance the rest. He said he would send me all the details. I said okay and gave him my banking information. When I received the booklet, I read it cover to cover and discovered that it did not cover vehicles used in a business. I called them that day, and talked to Ryan.

I explained to him that I didn't think my truck qualified for this program because I use it in a business. I told him, if the salesman would have indicated commercial vehicles were excluded, I would not have purchased the coverage. Ryan said I could get a refund of my down payment. I received a letter dated July 3, 2008, explaining my cancellation of this contract. I saved that letter. It states my request for cancellation and indicated it would take up to ten weeks to complete the cancellation process. Letter also included a toll free number (800-499-4116) to contact customer service for any questions. On or about the first week of September 2008, I had not heard anything so I called the customer service number. I was given Ryan's office and his mailbox was full.

I called back a couple of minutes later and spoke with Ryan. He put me on hold for about 10 minutes and then came back on the line and said my refund was scheduled for the week ending 10/10 or 10/17. I called again on 10/20 because I had not received anything yet. Ryan said my refund was still in processing. He said he would call me to verify my address before mailing the check. I called again, with no response. Finally, on 11/28, I reached a person named Kenny who said he needed to confer with Ryan on Monday, 12/01. On 12/05, I called again and was answered by a machine. I left messages repeatedly for the next few months, with no call back from them. I have documented phone contact on 1/08 and 1/09/09. Now I need more professional help. Thank you for your time.


I bought an extended warranty for my car using our credit card. We had 30 days to examine the plan and cancel it if it was not to our satisfaction. It was not. A letter was sent on August 6, 2008 ( the year on the letter was mis-typed as 2007, but it was 2008 ) advising the company that we were cancelling the warranty plan. The membership # was given. The oil that was sent was packed up and sent off. WE received a response to that letter dated Sept. 23, 2008 stating that they had received our letter and that the cancellation process would proceed. It stated that it would take up to 10 weeks to process the cancellation.

A phone # for the customer service department was provided for our inquiries. We have called that and other numbers many times over the past 7 to 8 months inquiring as to when we would be getting our payment of $150 refunded. We were assured every time that it was forthcoming. Various excuses were given as to why it was taking so long. There was a high volume of cancellations to process. The person who did the cancellations was on vacation. The best one was the one given at the beginning of February: it took a long time for the oil to be returned. The oil was sent in the orignally packaging the same day we had sent the original letter of cancellation and they had not ever once prior to February stated that the oil not returned.

We want our $150 returned to our credit card. WE feel that we are being lied to and put off and we will never get it back. WE are not well to do people who can afford to throw away $150. It may be peanuts to some but it is not to us. What recourse do we have. This is just plan robbery.

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