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I was searching the internet to get the number for Allied Auto Warranty due to the fact we have now purchased three policies through them. While honestly we didn't use one of the policies, the other two have more than paid for themselves. We have been so satisfied that I was searching to get a policy on a car we recently acquired.

Satisfaction Rating

I had a salesman text me about opening a policy. I responded back and was going to open the policy. I was telling the salesman my bad experience and told that I just wanted to check the company and call back. He said that I been in their system for a year and thank me for wasting his time. So I called back and spoke to a guy who says he was the manager. I didn't expect that a large company like this would have such negative people working for them. My salesman name was Dan **. Thank you for the negative experience.

Satisfaction Rating

I had received 3-4 email offerings from Dan ** and Allied Auto Warranty over the course of 6 or so months. Each offer was more affordable than the last. The offer I finally responded to was zero down payment with twenty subsequent payments of $99.00. Seeing that this transpired one week before Christmas 2013, a zero down payment offer was attractive. During the first phone conversation with "Dan **", I found him to seem knowledgeable regarding the different plans this company offered and had a pleasant telephone demeanor. He answered my questions and quickly took my personal credit card information. I had to retrieve my autos mileage and VIN number...this became our second phone call.

Upon placing the second call to Dan ** with my autos info, I had to leave a message which he did return quickly. After conveying this info, ** told me that I would receive and email with a copy of my policy that I would need to electronically sign along with a financial contract that also needed to be signed and returned. I was told if I had any questions just call ** back and he would help me. The first question came up when I noticed that the effective date was 3/17/2014...90 days from the actual signing date. He explained enough to me that I felt ok with it. I hung up and continued reviewing and signing this paperwork. Once I came to the financial contract, I found the down payment was listed as $299.85. There was also a copy of my credit card information and a payment schedule for the remaining balance. This down payment issue was one that I could not get past without placing yet another call to Dan **. No answer... left a message and he did return the call quickly.

When I questioned him regarding why this did not say zero down payment, he quickly said they pay the finance company with some "credit". I honestly do not remember the type or name of this credit he told me would be used to pay this $299.85 down payment. All I do know is that I was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE signing this paper. I expressed this to ** and told him that I needed a contract stating a zero down payment in order for me to sign. ** then said he would email "something" out to me. I never received an email from **...the following morning...5:21 am 12/18/2013 I did receive an email. Its reference line was "TVP Policy Agreement Exchange Cancelled". It was cancelled by the sender. At that point I felt that I might have just dodge a scam bullet and put it out of my mind.

Today, 12/20/2013 @ 11:21 am I received a call from 1-602-753-7853...Dan ** questioning about my not sending in a signed financial agreement. I told him about the notice of cancellation I received. He said that he had sent me two emails after our last phone conversation and I told him that I never received additional emails from him or anyone else and that I took that as a sign that maybe this was something that I really shouldn't do. He then muttered something that was not understandable, but finished the sentence with "and that tells me your car is already broken down". As I began to reply, this man didn't have enough guts to he hung up while I was speaking. Of course I called him back and of course he would not answer the call. So...I called again...this time he put on his big boy pants and answered the call. He then told me I called him a liar regarding the emails he says he sent to me. I never said that...I said I never received them after all, the internet is not a perfect entity is it! He then commented about my "taking it as a sign" comment and said he was taking it as a sign that I would have caused him headaches.

Dan ** has horrible customer service skills...actually he has no customer skills and by his reaction, it only proves to me that he and Allied are not on the up and up. I am VERY glad that I did not get caught up in this scammers web. My next move was to cancel my credit card number, after all ** did have that information! I hope you have read this and all the other very bad reviews regarding Dan ** and Allied Auto Warranty that you can find all over the internet. It's not just me...or even one or two other individuals...numerous people have issue with ** and Allied. Take heed and be warned by those that have already dealt with this person and protect your financial information and protect your vehicle by looking elsewhere for an extended warranty. Blessed Be.


On January 21, I received a call to my land line advising me that my extended car warranty that I purchased through the dealer was about to expire, and indeed it was. Because I am on the no call list for this state, I did believe that these people were affiliated with my dealer. They had all of the information on my car and me. I had had major car repairs a few months prior which were covered under an extended warranty, so I was a believer in these warranties. I purchased an extended car warranty from Allied American Warranty for $1900, $500 down, $77.78 per month for 18 months on 1/21/09. The warranty term was 84 months, 15 day wait period, 100,000 miles, no deductible and interest-free payments. The warranty purchased was Consumer Direct Warranty Services in Redding, California; it was invoiced through MEPCO Finance Corporation in Chicago.

On May 21, I received a call from rep of Allied (Sarah) requesting payment by phone, since no payment had been received. I told Sarah that I didn't make payments over the phone and I informed her that those payments were setup to issue automatically through my bank through the term of our agreement, 18 months. I confirmed through Internet banking that payment had been issued to and received by Allied, and Sarah confirmed same.

However, on the same day, May 21, a charge of $77.78 was made to the credit card I used for the original $500 down payment back in January, resulting in my having a credit balance with Allied of $77.78. I was unaware of this charge or the credit balance until June 21, when I received my bank statement. MEPCO did not invoice me for June indicating the credit, so payment automatically issued through Internet banking. I began attempting to contact Allied for an explanation of this charge and as to why they were retaining my credit card number on file. I was told originally that they didn't do credit card or automatic payments, which was the explanation for billing through MEPCO.

I was unsuccessful in reaching Allessandro C, Allied's principal. After many attempts, I did reach Sarah, who told me that I had authorized the charge and that if I cancelled I would receive no refund, which were given on an individual basis.

I cancelled the credit card, reversed the $77.78 extra payment and sent Allied a letter informing them of my intent to terminate our relationship and to recover the $888.90 that they had received from me. To date, Allied has not responded to me whatsoever. I filed complaints with BBB in California, Chicago and Florida against CDWS, MEPCO and Allied, respectively. CDWS responded that Allied was an agent and collected all monies and that Allied had told CDWS that they were in the process of refunding me. MEPCO reponded similarly, stating Allied was agent and to seek refund from them. BBB advised me that since neither CDWS nor MEPCO collected any monites, my complaint was with Allied.

Allied responded briefly to BBB that they had a no refund after 60 days policy and would send BBB a copy of said policy. No documentation was ever received by BBB and the matter was left as unresolved, as Allied is not a member of the BBB. CDWS is a member of the BBB. I did receive a letter in July from CDWS in Las Vegas, stating that Allied had requested my warranty be cancelled as of 8/19/09, providing no further explanation. Please note that 8/19/09 would have been what the payments extended to with the credit balance. However, they received notice dated June 25 of my intent to cancel. Finally, there was no performance under this agreement whatsoever. I hadn't even finished paying for it.

There is no policy in anything I received stating such a no refund after 60 days policy or anything else in that regard. If there were such a policy, and there isn't, why don't the other entities invovled know about it. This matter is beyond the scope of any policy, in my opinion, since these people cannot be trusted to do business with and I certainly wasn't about to give them another $1,000 and share financial information, etc. with them.

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