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The company has been in liquidation in Hawaii for years. It's late 2013 and still no refund from the liquidator. Final distribution was promised in May 2013.

We paid cash to Regency Lincoln Mercury in October 2005 for a 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis Ultra. It's now out of business. We also paid cash for the ESP plus extended warranty in which we have the receipt. The premium warranty was said to cover the car bumper to bumper oil changes shocks and even the wind shield wipers like the brochure.

The first thing we had problem with was sudden acceleration. They said I must be pressing the brake and accelerator at the same time. I almost got killed in the car. Now if I have a problem, I shift into neutral. The rear air suspension compressor has always been heard coming on when first started, now it does not. One time, a Lincoln Mercury dealer said that we didn't have the extended warranty and I had to call Ford to verify that we did. Doug Stanley Ford says that the front shocks with the coil springs around them are leaking and struts are covered but shocks are not. We paid $2365 for the premium ESP plus warranty and now Ford doesn't want to honor it. We wanted to buy one of the last Mercury Marquis but Ford doesn't honor its customers.

I purchased a Diamond Term Vehicle Service Agreement on 9/13/05 which had a 24 month, 24,000 mile term for $2025. On 1/9/06, I received the Notice of Liquidation Order. I never had a chance to use the policy and am wondering if I will be reimbursed?

I purchase the Diamond Plan extended auto warranty on a 2001 BMW 750il in May 2005. When I took the vehicle to the dealer for a couple of problems, I asked the service manager to call 1SourceAutoWarranty to determine if any failed parts were covered and obtain authorization. When contact was finally established with the company, the administrator was very unprofessional to the point of rudeness and denied any repairs most arbitrarily; however, he did justify denial of coverage for the failure of rear suspension components as I had indicated that I suspected front suspension component failure. My inability to properly diagnose the issue apparently provides grounds for denial.

PS: I just received a notice from the Insurance Commissioner of Hawaii who issued a Cease and Desist order against 1SourceAutoWarranty. I suppose the company owners will now take off with our premiums and go start some other scam.

I had no recourse but to pay a $2000.00 bill for repairs, most of which should have been covered according to the terms of the contract.

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