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I had a need to transport a vehicle from California to Texas and I filled out and I got a quote from National Auto Transport. I'm certain that it was one of the forms where I had to give all of my contact information upfront before the quote was generated. I selected a company and the shipment was booked and completed weeks ago.

The issue is that National Auto Transport apparently uses one of the automatic phone dialing systems that robocalls me multiple times per day to let me know that they have a truck in my area ready to pick up my car. I usually just hang up but it seems that the less responsive I am the more relentless they are as the calls seem to come more frequently as each day passes and I made the mistake of giving them my cell phone number.

I finally decided to see if I could stop these stupid calls. Within a few hours they called but instead of hanging up I went through the prompts to select an operator. With a live person on the phone I asked if I could be put on the do not call list... The person didn't even respond... He just hung up on me. I called back and got the same response (or lack thereof) from a female operator. Now I'm upset and determined to figure out where they operate offices so that I can submit a formal complaint to their respective Better Business Bureau as at least a starting step to discontinue what I feel has become nothing less than electronic harassment.

So I called them again today and was rudely told that it takes 24 hours to remove someone from the robocall list. I've never done business with National Auto Transport and yet in my unwanted experience with them they have been rude and professionalism with respect to customer service is non-existent. Given my experience from simply requesting a quote I would never business with them and/or recommend that anyone subjects themselves to the amateurism at National Auto Transport.

Satisfaction Rating

In early August 2016, I contacted this company via the web to ship a vehicle from central Illinois to Los Angeles. I had many contacts back from companies for a quote, with Nation Auto being one of the first. I went with them based on price and the early contact. Big mistake. I am a business professional and know very well what it takes to run a successful company. Nation Auto is on the opposite spectrum of a well run company. The end result was a promise to pick up my son's car (was to meet him there in LA as he started his internship) a week plus prior to shipment, and a failure twice to come through with a pickup. The days leading up to the pickup date were spent by me getting some kind of confirmation it would happen. I was met with false promises, being hung up on multiple times, cussed at by a driver (on the last day), and in the end the most unprofessional business I have ever come in contact with.

I have a permanent imprint in my memory on the broker/transportation business, and how horrible some companies treat clients. Fortunately I found Dynamic Auto who arranged and picked up my vehicle within 24 hours and got it to my son on the same day we needed it to be there. I am still in shock at the poor service, lack of communication, and twice having drivers confirmed and backing out due to transmission problems (I am told this is another way of saying they changed their mind and don't want to pick up your vehicle). Nation Auto and all 3 people I dealt with were dishonest, unorganized, and very poor business people.

Fortunately I used my AmEx for my deposit and they cancelled the payment to Nation Auto and will fight that battle. Please advise those against this company who will very likely be out of business in the near future, and for those who read this DO NOT consider this company for any business - EVER. I don't write these reviews very often, but felt the need this time to protect innocent consumers from business frauds.

Satisfaction Rating

Best price quote out of everyone!!! Until they arrived!!! So unfortunately we used them. Let Elizabeth the rep who took the reservation know my son would be paying full amount by credit card because he is in Afghanistan. "NO PROBLEM" she said! BS!!! When drivers arrived with car, they wanted $125.00 more and would only accept cash or money order... Reason because I didn't tell them my son's car wouldn't start. First I didn't know and Elizabeth never asked me. She asked year, make, model, and color of car. Somewhere in there she should of asked if car is operable. But it's my fault because I should have known to tell her.

Elizabeth told me I could track car BS! Told me I could contact them 24/7 to check on status of the car BS! Could not track. 4 different phone #'s, nothing! Why? She told me sorry for the miscommunication. It was after hours lol. Elizabeth said my son could have up to 100 lbs in car but of course the drivers claim it was more! Yeah ok! Not one phone call in 2 days to tell me that they wanted $125.00 more for inconveniences... until they arrive in Vegas with the car! NO EXTRA CHARGES OR HIDDEN FEES THE EMAIL SAYS… BS! If you choose to use them, I promise to read your negative review also! And I won't say I told you! Reported them to the BBB! Horrible company!!!

Satisfaction Rating

National Auto Transport is the worst excuse for a company I have ever encountered. I began calling and setting up a pickup of our motorcycle three weeks ahead of time. While in Florida, I called to finalize pickup and payment. AFTER payment, I was told that they could pick it up on Tues. the 29th AM and delivered in Oregon in 5-7 days, 10 at the most. I stressed to them that "I need it picked up before my flight back to Or. at noon". They assured me that would be no problem, that the driver was 6 hrs. out and would be there on time. Such a nightmare, the driver never showed, we had to leave the bike there at a hotel and they picked it up FOUR days later! Our bike was left unattended the entire time.

Then, the real hell begins. The company continually told me they will call right back, or that the driver will call me right back. These calls never happened. I called them daily looking for our bike, which was to be delivered in 5-7 days. I dealt with Manny and Jose. Jose was the worst. When talking to Jose, he tried to intimidate me by saying "Look, sweetheart... You set this delivery up too late", he then used the "F" word with my husband and hung up. It ended up taking 2 1/2 WEEKS for the bike to get here, but it was delivered to Wa. state! It Sat there in some tow yard for two more days, and no one called us to relay this.

We ended up missing multiple bike events because of their empty promises, but worst of all, we had to drive to Wa. state and pick up our own bike. The driver said that "If we didn't pay the balance due, they would not release the bike". Of course we paid what we owed, but then the driver had the gall to ask for a tip! Worst experience ever! Never. Ever. Again!

Satisfaction Rating

I had the worst experience with this company. First, they were 2 days late picking up my vehicle to transport from Phoenix to Virginia, keeping me on hold saying that a driver was on its way. I had to make 100 phone calls during that time to get someone on the line as they never answer their phone. Then, they tell me they didn't have a driver and they asked if it was okay to send an independent contractor who would charge 75 dollars more (of the 925 initial agreement). I gave them my credit card which they supposedly used to take out the deposit and they finally picked up my car. The driver, Matt, NY number, kept changing the delivery time. Finally on the day he was supposed to deliver my car, I call him and he says "cash only or I will have the car taken to an unspecified storage in Philly until you have the cash."

I didn't have any cash and it was a Saturday, first day in VA, no way of getting that money. I was sure I would have to pay with the credit card just like I paid the deposit. The co-driver pretended to be the 'broker' calling me from a PA number saying that I had to find the money as if money fall from the trees. This has been a nightmare. They will not tell me where they are taking my car, just 'tell me when you have the money ready and I will bring your car.' I wish I had paid more money to safely, timely and reliably deliver my belongings instead of this company. I never refused to pay. They have my credit card from when they took out the deposit but I think the company takes that money, and the independent contractors (Matt) take the rest of the money.

I have no words to explain how horrible this experience has been. I have to catch a plane to Europe early morning and there is no way for me to pay these people to bring me my car with my belongings inside. For everyone out there looking for movers/car transportation company, please, pay a little extra to hire a legit professional company. From not answering phone calls, to acting entitled, to being dishonest regarding the location of your items, this company is a complete scum. (I am still not sure if they ever made it to Virginia). :(

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Satisfaction Rating

Everything started great! Then I actually discovered how shady this business and all personnel are from the 2 ladies I had to deal with "Elisabeth" and "Jennifer" to the driver of TES Transportation "Oschi". My original pickup was for Sunday which they changed to Saturday which the driver called at pickup time to say that he couldn't make it till Sunday. Sunday arrives and I have to drive and I had to meet him. So upon loading my car he informs me that he is dropping my car off on Wednesday when my drop off day is supposed to be Friday! Then he informs me that he is dropping at a storage.

What am I supposed to do when I am driving a moving truck across country the next morning and no time to mess with this. No time to argue and of course cannot get in contact with 1 person in this poor excuse of a company. My car finally gets delivered before my booked delivery date and it's covered in oil from the busted piece of crap put above my car and a nice scratch in the driver’s door. I have called repeatedly both companies and no reply or anything. And actually the # listed on the TES Transportation delivery report is discontinued. Avoid both of these companies at all cost. Worst mistake I have ever made!!!!

Satisfaction Rating

Our customer employed Nation Auto Transport to transport a motorcycle from New Mexico to Arizona. We paid for a 2-day service with delivery of motorcycle here to our shop in AZ on 11/24. Ultimately the bike was not delivered until 12/3. The people answering customer service line, Randy specifically was zero help. The driver was rude, disrespectful, aggressive and completely unprofessional. This was the worst case of customer service I have ever experienced. The company refused and refuses to refund some of the money that was paid for an expedited service that never happened. Nation Auto Transport would not return our calls, and their solution was to tell us they needed to call the driver and never call us back. The driver, Dino was shockingly rude, on the phone and in texts, even when he finally arrived here in person. Neither Nation Auto Transport or the driver took any responsibility for the delay of delivery. Utterly unacceptable service. I have a copy of the email confirming our order if you would wish to verify the authenticity of the service paid for. Thank you.

Satisfaction Rating

My name is Jay ** and I'm the owner of Jay's Auto Transport in Lauderhill, FL. I've never had anything to do with National Auto Transport - EVER! False reviews are posted on the internet every day. IF anyone thinks I have ever had anything to do with this nightmare company you would be completely mistaken. I have a 5/5 star rating with and I have an A rating with the BBB. National Auto Transport has a Jay that works for them. It is not now nor has it ever been me! Please do not mistake these two companies as having anything to do with each other.

Satisfaction Rating

I had my BMW picked up on Long Island NY the end of May 2014 and delivered in New Smyrna Beach Florida, and it had damage on both sides on rocker panels. They refused to return my phone calls and ignored me. I would not recommend this company to my enemies. Very poor customer service. Once you pay them, they forget about you...

Satisfaction Rating

Will promise things they cannot offer. Never return calls, unprofessional. Do not give them any deposits. They have self made BBB A+ rating.

Satisfaction Rating

They shipped a vehicle from Texas to NH for me through another broker. They were 4 days late picking it up and dropping off and then when they finally "delivered" the car ("door to door" is BS), I had to pick it up miles away and they wanted $250 more than my quote or they wouldn't take my car off the truck. They hardly speak English and are extremely rude once they have your deposit. National Auto Transport is a scam; I felt completely ripped off and cheated.

Satisfaction Rating

First, National Auto Transport (NAT) is just the broker. They contract out to a shipper to actually move your vehicle. Jay from NAT was very nice and accessible until he had my deposit. The actual transporter was two days late picking up my vehicle and was five days late delivering! NAT never set a delivery date or discussed any timeframe for delivery, but Jay specifically told us the driver would coordinate delivery with us. The driver promised delivery on a Monday, but never showed up. After many phone calls, every excuse imaginable (almost to the point of "the dog ate my homework") and a heated conversation with the driver where he called me an ** and hung up, NAT only returned 1 in 10 phone calls.

Despite what their advertisement says about real time updates and speaking to a live person, I only got someone to actually answer my call once. Finally, rather than offer any compensation for our difficulties, late pickup and delivery, and poor service, they still charged us full price. Bottom line, one of the worst experiences of my life. I felt completely robbed and am looking into legal action or class action suit.

Satisfaction Rating

I contracted with Jay of National Auto Transport to ship a car from Southern California to lower Delaware. The car was picked up a day late and was delivered 5 days late. They never returned calls until I had to report the car as stolen. It was left overnight in a parking lot in Virginia, then was given to a towing company where the owner of Ray's Transport, Laurel, MD uses nothing but foul language and is arrogant beyond words. This is all after the quote went up $250 from the originally agreed upon amount. A truck driver named Alex wanted me to pick the car up in Virginia and drive the unregistered car 3 hours home. Then, the car finally shows up and I am denied a receipt for a cash transaction, the title and additional keys are missing. Awful, awful, awful!

Satisfaction Rating

My girlfriend contacted National Auto Transport and they provided her with a decent quote that matched her timetable to move east to Rhode Island. Two days before her scheduled pick up, she received an insistent phone call from a driver, asking her if she was ready to meet to turn over her vehicle. We explained why this was a no-go, and let it go. When it came time for the pick-up, the driver insisted that she bring the car to him (I'm sorry, I could have sworn this was door to door service). She further explained that if she brought him the car, she would have no way to get back to the other side of the metro area. At the end of the day, she did get her 2007 Mini-Cooper on the truck. I guess that is what counts.

Fast forward to now. We were told to expect her car Monday, Tuesday, or perhaps Wednesday. Doable right? Wrong. I called the dispatch office yesterday, and spoke to one of the dispatchers. She fed me an excuse and said that the truck was in the area and would be making the drop off either Tuesday afternoon, or Wednesday morning. Fine, we will not stray too far from the house to ensure we are available. Tuesday afternoon came and went, as did Wednesday night (in fact, I'm writing this on Wednesday night because it is all I can to do to express the level of anger we are currently fostering short of using violence or threatening civil action). When I called the dispatch office, I was instructed to leave a voice mail, because in the message, you guys pride yourselves on returning calls. Well, you don't actually, because I also tried the customer service (really?) extension, and left a message, as well as on the sales extension.

Finally, we call the driver, who proceeds to inform my girlfriend that the earliest he would be able to deliver the car is next Monday; insane. We informed him of the timetable (she’s starting a new job that she moved here for) and how it’s almost a whole week after the estimated time of delivery. She begins to lose her focus and her temper, so I take the conversation over. He informed me that if we want to come pick up the car on Friday, we can drive up to central Massachusetts to pick up the Cooper (I'm sorry, I could have sworn this was door to door service). I am not going to drive an hour and a half because your driver cannot hold to a contract. The driver stated to me that he is indeed the owner of the company … wait, what? The dispatcher told me he is a subcontractor, which is it? It seems like lie after lie after lie around here.

He then informs me that he will not make deliveries on weekends, so Monday is the best he could do. We informed him that a Monday delivery is outside the scope of the 10 day window that is essentially the bread and butter of the contract. He then realizes the situation and says he will call us right back when he works out the details: here it is 7:15 at night, and still no call back. At this point, we will likely have to rent a vehicle for her to use until her vehicle shows up, which is an expense that we do not need, and should not endure. At this time, I cannot possibly recommend your services.

Satisfaction Rating

I just wanted a quote on a price to move my car. Now, I get 80 idiots calling me a day, and some of them cuss me out, when I am with my kids! This will not go on.

Satisfaction Rating

I do not recommend shipping your car with National Auto Transport, Inc. ("NAT").

In March 2011, I contracted with NAT to have my car shipped from California to Virginia. They are a broker and found a subcontractor to transport my car. This subcontractor picked my SUV up from my home and put it on a flatbed truck. It was scheduled to be dropped off in Virginia at my friend's house, where I was staying.

For some strange reason, the drop-off was delayed twice and finally was dropped off at night about a couple days after the drop-off date. The driver came and rolled my car off his truck and when I asked for the keys, he told me I had to sign the receipt paper first. I decided to walk around and check my car out for damage. There was none and I signed the paper. As soon as he handed over the key, he was off in a flash. I proceeded to get in my car and start the engine. It was running well, but once I put it in drive and pressed on the gas, the car started jerking and would not drive. He knowingly left me there in the dark with a broken-down car. What a way to treat your customers!

This is a Toyota SUV that was in perfect running condition (it got a clean bill of health from a mechanic before I shipped it). I had to tow my car to a local shop. I got in touch with NAT and all they did was pass the blame. They kept telling me it was not their responsibility and they were merely a broker. They kept telling me to contact the subcontractor and then later it seems that there was sub subcontractor or something. I still have not been able to figure out who is responsible for the damage.

The mechanic at the local shop told me that someone had dragged my car, which was a clear violation of the agreement. This dragging totally destroyed the rear differential in my car and it cost $2,800 to fix and that doesn't include the money I paid for my rental. I have tried in vain to find someone to take responsibility for this.

NAT is a large national broker and they have been most unhelpful. What was supposed to be about $1,150 for shipping turned into almost $5,000. I am in the process of trying to sue the subcontractor.

By whatever means, think long and hard before you ship your car with NAT. Once they get your money, you mean nothing to them and they will not help you and absolve any responsibility. It is disgusting that these kind of businesses are allowed to operate without any regard for the well-being of their customers or their customers' cars.

Satisfaction Rating
I have requested to Jay on the National Transport, Inc to transport my hyundai sotana 2011 from honolulu, hawaii to bryan, texas last June. I deliver my car to the hawaii port on June 4th 2011 and expected to be delivered by June 28th 2011. Jay told me to deliver before end of June but I still didn't receive my car yet.

Today is July 18 and it took almost 45 days since I drop my car on the hawaii port. I tried call so many times to their customer service and never recieved the calls. I also left messages so many times but never returned calls. I pretend to get a quote and got a person and aked the status of my car. They keep saying it will be arrived this week or next week but it never arrived until today. They even didn't receive my calls. I don't know what the status of car. This transpoter is not honest at all and really bad customer services.


I arranged to have them ship my car from Rock Hill SC to Spring Branch Texas. The quote was $725 one way. I was told they needed a deposit to process the transaction and that I would be emailed a confirmation. I never received the email confirmation or was told how much was being charged to my credit card.

When the driver came to get my car, the driver requested $575. I called my credit card company to see what had been charged and National had already charged $175. That was totaling $750, not the $725 that I was quoted. I got Jay, my representative, back on the phone and was assured I would have $25 refunded.

It's now two weeks later, and I'm getting the runaround from National. They told me it's in the process, and they also told me they will email confirmation. But I got nothing. They won't return my call, and the only way I can get a live person is to act like I want a quote. Today, I got a live person and got put into voice mail for Jay who hasn't returned my call before already. I tried to call back, and they won't even answer the quote line now. Do not trust this company!


I booked with National Auto Transport to have my car shipped but when time for delivery came the invoice was $100 over the agreed amount I was sent a receipt for. I called at least 50 times but all the woman on the other end said was that it was my fault. These people are crooks. I was overcharged $100.


I was quoted $685 to ship a vehicle. I already paid for that. Now, the driver is trying to collect an additional $200 in cash. This is a ** company. They never call you back with any communication.


I contacted National Auto Transport in November to pick up two of my cars on Jan. 3rd. I was assured a driver would be there on either Jan. 2nd or Jan. 3rd as I was leaving on the 2nd. They told me at that time there would be a $200 deposit needed from my credit card so I authorized a $200 charge. When the 2nd came around, no driver showed up. I called and emailed several times the week prior to make sure someone would be there and nobody returned my inquiries. I ended up having to make other arrangements because nobody showed up to pick the cars up by the 4th and I had to leave. On Monday, Jan. 5th, I got a call from a driver saying they were sorry they were a few days late and were ready to pick my cars up. I told them I was no longer in need of their services because I had already left.

On Tuesday, Jan. 6th, National Auto Transport charged my card an additional unauthorized amount of $200. I talked to customer service on Friday, Jan. 9th, and the person I spoke with was incredibly rude and said they had to make sure my cars weren't picked up before they could tell me anything. I asked how long this would take and they said they couldn't tell me. It is now a week later and after having filed complaints with the BBB and the FTC as well as several emails and messages with NAT, I can't get a response.


I contracted with National Auto Transport to ship my vehicle from Las Vegas to Detroit. They guaranteed a quote of $820.00 and a 4 or 5 day delivery. When the driver picked up my car he said it would be impossible for him to deliver my car any earlier than a week to 10 days. National Auto Transport already had my deposit and I was flying back to Canada the next day. So caught between a rock and a hard place, I allowed the car to go.

The car arrived 9 days later, as the driver had said, however, the price from National Auto Transport changed 3 times, when I questioned them about the difference and suggested they owed me a discount for late delivery they told me that was never going to happen and proceeded to hide my car. They gave me a drop off point and contact information but when I contacted the company I was informed my car had not been dropped off. When I spoke to the driver, who tried to be helpful, he told me he had been advised not to drop my car at the agreed location. He did eventually leave it at another location in Detroit but when I contacted the dispatch number I was provided, I was told they had no idea where my car was and I would have to wait to speak to someone else.

This individual, however, made their own hours and no one could tell me when I would be able to reach them. National Auto Transport changed the method of payment from credit card, at the time of reservation, to cash only, to pre-authorized credit card and finally I had to go to the bank and deposit the balance of $675.00, the third price into a bank account. When the actual transporter received confirmation of the deposit they disclosed the location of my car.

The driver appeared to be really good and I believe the actual transport company allowed themselves to be caught up in National's games. I haven't had the car serviced because I only got it back a couple of days ago but when I finally picked it up I was told to have my exhaust checked because it was too low, which is code for they hit bottom. So I have yet to discover just how much this little trip really cost me. I can not express this strongly enough.

Once they have your car, you are at their mercy. And why not, who is going to agrue over a couple hundred dollars when they are hold a $30,000.00 vehicle, who is going to start legal action, that would cost thousands, for a couple hundred dollars. Once you get your car, it is easier to get on with your life but I hope the next person is smarter than I was and looks into their business practices because if I had googled them first I would have seen all of these comments and I would have driven the car across the country myself. Good Luck!

The actual cost for transporting the vehicle ended up only $30.00 more than the quote. The storage was another $50.00 but I haven't had the car serviced and so it may be more. I lost a days pay because I had pick the car up on a Friday instead of the weekend prior, as contracted.


I contract with the company to ship my vehicle and there was not problem contacting them before the vehicle was picked up afterwards I could not reached them for over 8 days by phone or email. When I did finally got someone to answer the phone the representative was very rude and took the position that National had no obligation and that they only served as a go between to obtain an actual transport company and that my issue was with that company.

My issue was that my vehicle was picked up and I could not get in touch with anyone to obtain the status and I was over charged $55.00. The company the obtained was Express Delivery Spokane, WA and I could not get them to return over 15 messages over 8 days. Very unprofessional and I will never deal with either of these companies again. I am playing the waiting game now to see if my vehicle arrives to its destination. I can not even get in contact with them to provide an alternate name due to my son departing on a military mission on 07 Dec 08.

Fear that my vehicle had been stolen and helplessness to do anything about it until the 7 to 10 days past.


I have had the opposite experience that everyone has had. This company knows what that are talking about and serviced my shipment to the T! My company had a deadline with a marketing campaign and our clients car needed to be in 3 cities in 4 days and National Auto Transport got the job done. I would use them again without question.

Complete Satisfaction!!!

ERIC ****
APT. # ****
LAS VEGAS, NV 89117-7053
(561) ***-**** Cell #


January 6, 2008

Consumer Services Department/State of Florida
**** Street,
Suites ***
Miami, Florida 33130

To Whom It May Concern:

On December 10, 2007, I retained the services of National Transport, a company based in Miami Florida to transport my 2003 Ford Mustang from **** Avenue, Boca Raton, Florida to my new home address at **** Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89117. When I hired National Transport, I provided them with a $200.00 credit card deposit to secure their services which was charged to my American Express. Sal from National Transport was the original sales person who was consistently telephoning and emailing me for my business being that I initially inquired about National Transport companies via the internet.

National Transport breached there services with me and caused me thousands of dollars as outlined below:
12/10/2007: I retained the services of National Transport and received from them a one page contract (Exhibit # A) that I promptly faxed back to them. The contract clearly states that my vehicle would be picked up between December 19 and December 20, 2007.
12/12/07: A truck driver who contracted with National Transport telephoned me and requested to pick up my vehicle by December 14, 2007. I then contacted Sal and informed him that I was not moving until December 21, 2007 and Sal advised me not to worry as another truck would pick up my car by December 19th, 2007.
12/18/07: I spoke with Louis (the customer service representative) to confirm when my car would be picked up. Louis informed me that the car would be picked up between the 19th and 20th as the contract stated and for me to call back on the 19th to find out the exact time.

12/18/07: I brought my car to the Delray Ford to have an oil change, tire rotation, and new battery being my vehicle was being transported across the United States. The cost of this was $150.00

Page 2
12/19/07: I contacted Louis to inquire on the specific time when my vehicle would be picked up. He informed me the vehicle now would not b e picked up until Friday, December 21, 2007 and the truck driver would be contacting me by the close of business on Thursday, December 20, 2007 to advise me when it would be picked up.
12/20/07: I left several messages on voice mail for Sal and Louis advising them the truck driver never contacted me.
12/21/07: I spoke with Louis twice and Alma (another customer service representative at National Transport) and they both informed me that my car would positively be picked up no later than 5 PM on Friday. Louis also informed me he called the driver directly and confirmed a 5PM pickup. Being I was losing faith with National Auto transport due to the truck driver never contacting me on Thursday as I was promised, I demanded Alma to provide me with a direct phone number for the driver who would be picking up my vehicle later that evening. Alma refused to give me this information informing me it was against company policy. I then asked Alma what should I do if the driver never shows? Alma’s response was “Mr. Gilbert, please don’t worry, the driver will positively be at your condo by 7PM. I just called with him to check. At 5:20 PM, I telephoned National again and there was no answer even though Louis earlier in the day informed me his office would be open until 6PM. At this point, I was praying that the driver would be calling me to advise me what time he would be at my door. By midnight, I realized that my car was not going to be picked up and was lied to by Louis and Alma at National Auto Transport.
12/22/07: Because of the driver not showing and not being able to reach anyone at National Transport, I had no choice but to sell my car at Carmax in Fort Lauderdale for a mere $9K being that I was starting my new job in Las Vegas the following week and had to settle in. This was way below the market value of $12K for the vehicle. In addition, I had to incur $80.79 in Federal Express Charges. This was due to the car being completely full with personal items (in the trunk and back seat (i.e. clothing, dishes, TV) and I had no choice but to remove some of these items and just give them away as it would be impossible to ship everything the last minute.
12/24/07: Bob (a contractor for National Auto Transport; phone # 727-***-****) contacted me in the afternoon and informed me that he received an order from National Transport late on Thursday evening and he would be picking up my automobile this week. I informed him that his services were not needed as they gave me no choice but to sell my car. He truly apologized but informed me he received my order late on the day on Thursday, December 20, 2007.

12/26/07: Louis, the officer manager, from National Auto Transport, telephoned me and denied any wrong doing. He informed me that I should have left my car with a neighbor. I reiterated that his company breached their contract and caused me over $7K in damages. National Auto Transport gave me no choice but to sell my car at a major loss. His response laughing was I am not even going to give you back your $200.00 deposit and do whatever you want, I could care less!

Page 3

I am requesting the Department of Business Regulation to kindly investigate my complaint and prosecute National Auto Transport to the full extent of the law so this doesn’t happen to another innocent consumer. Being that I utilized my cell phone to communicate with National Auto Transportation, I have no problem producing copies of my cell phone records.

Respectfully submitted,

Eric ****


National Auto Transport provided me a quote of $945 (including $200 deposit) with pre-charge of $200 to my credit card, that was guaranteed (supposedly). I was charged a different rate at time of car delivery due to circumstances that was in the companys control, not mine as the consumer. At the time of the quote, I asked for Open Transport. The driver showed up with a closed truck because he said he usually uses his open truck, but he had to pick up a Race Car so he came with the closed transport instead.

I called customer service the day of transport, left a message for the representative Sal who provided the quote, which was never returned. I called again, the next Business day, and again the next Business day finally speaking with a Customer Service Representative, who advised me that I would receive a refund to my Credit Card for the difference as told to him by the BILLING DEPT, and I would be getting an e-mail confirmation that I never received.

I called again today Sept. 8, 2008 to speak with the billing department, after again not getting a return phone call or e-mail, but the Customer Service Manager (VERY RUDE TO CUSTOMER - ME) argued with me telling me the situation was MY FAULT and I would not be refunded! Very unprofessional they NEVER returned one of my calls from messages I left since the date the driver presented at my residence on Sept. 1, 2008, and NEVER returned e-mail correspondence!

I will definitely pursue Legal options for something that could have been solved very simply with courtesy by the company! On Sept. 4, 2008, I was advised that they (National Auto Transport Billing Dept.) would refund my credit card $155 for the difference lost. Sept. 8, 2008, after not receiving my e-mail about the refund, I called again and the Customer Service Manager rudely advised me that the LOSS was my fault and I would not get a refund.)


Called to schedule a move from Tuscon AZ to Honolulu. Company was very quick to give me a low quote and to promise to pick up on a Thursday. My CC was charged 270.00 and I waited for the dealership to tell me the car was picked up. Thursday - no pickup I called the National - THEY ARE ONLY A BROKER!!! It took me 30 or 40 times trying to get through before I finally reached a person. They said the pickup driver had problems and was ON THE WAY NOW to the dealership. It is now Monday and my car has not been picked up yet. I can not get

through to them by phone after 20 or 30 tries and will cancel my CC payment tomorrow. The only thing they did was call Matson lines to say I will be shipping a car. I should have been more observant to the fact that NO ONE would give me their name other than MR. MOORE and I am sure that was fake. I have not been able to get in touch with a manager to file a complaint it always transfers to a never ending voicemail dump... This company should be avoided at all costs. The lower price is not worth trusting your auto to this non responsive - poor service company that may every now and then ship your auto with good results.


I called and made a reservation but I never received an email confirmation and was never called by the trucking company to confirm my reservation. My car was never picked up for transportation on the day requested.

A $200 deposit was taken without the follow thru of service.


I spoke with a a man named Sal on thursday, July 31, 2008 inquiring about having our vehicle transported from Wilmington, Ca. to Fayetteville, N.C. He quoted me with a reasonable price but what sold me is the availability for pick up which was for August 4, 2008. He verbally told me that my vehicle would be picked up on that date, which was very important to us becuase of the availability of help from my family to represent us. We were told that this date would not be a problem and not to worry about the two day estimated pick up, which we stressed at the time. In good faith and to our mistake, we agreed.

Monday, August 4, 2008 rolls around and the truck that was supposed to be picking up our vehicle seems to be running late so the family calls Sal three times with no luck. They then called the customer service number, twice, also with no luck. They become a little worried and call us. I tried calling Sal four times but did not get anyone. I then called the customer service line twice, again, with no luck (seemed to be a consistent issue) and sent an email in hopes of some type of response from this professional company, at which time I had to return to class. On my next break, I get a call from the family saying that when they tried to call the company, they got an answering machine saying they were closed. In disbelief, I attempted to call the company myself, and I also got the answering machine saying they were closed.

Today, August 5, 2008, my wife calls the customer service number (surprise) and talks to the owner of this business. My wife explained the situation and how the August 4, timing was critical. She canceled the services and requested for a refund of our deposit at which time the owner begins to give her an attitude and responds in unrofessional behavior. My wife got off the phone crying and told me what had just happened and that we will not be getting our deposit money back from National Auto Transports unrendered services.

I proceeded to call the business myself and ended up talking to a woman named Alejandra, and asked to speak with Rick to figure out what was going on and try to settle the problem. Rick apparently was not available so I asked to speak to either his partner or a manager, Alejandra then gets an attitude with me. She tells me that she is the only person I can talk to, so in order to de-escalate the problem I explain the situation to her. At this time she settles down a bit but says there is nothing she could do about the problem and that we would not have our deposit returned for their unrendered services. Not only has this effected my wife emotionally but we are now out $200 with a car still sitting in a garage on the other side of the country.


When I received my initial quote from representative Sal Nicolleti of NAT for $2200 to ship my vehicle from Hawaii to Virginia, I received great customer service. He was very friendly and informative. Although NAT's quote was higher then other competitors, Sal kept throwing around their Better Business Bureau rating, making me feel like I was paying for better service.

Once I made 2 payments totaling $1255. It was impossible to get a call back or e-mail from Sal in reference to questions I had. When my vehicle was being delivered to it's destination, the driver called many times from 1am-6am because he had trouble speaking and understanding the English language. He then demanded that we pay $1000 instead of $945 which should have been the remaining balance. It was a $55 difference from the agreement I had with NAT.

Although we had the receipts to prove it, we paid the man $1000. When I called the company on 3 separate occasions to file a claim. I was told on all occasions that I could not speak to a manager and that I would have to wait for an e-mail or call back. A week later I still have not received that e-mail or call. This morning I called and spoke to a representative by the name of Enrique. I explained the situation and how frustrated I was. He was not empathetic but instead very rude and condescending. When I asked to speak to his manager at least 5 times he bluntly said no. He then went on to say this relationship is over, your vehicle has been delivered. He said, sit and hold your breath for your refund, after hanging up on me. I did not deserve this type of treatment. I was not disrespectful to him in any way. I have several years of customer service experience and I always try to conduct myself in a professional manner no matter the situation. I have been treated very unfairly. This experience has not only been inconvenient but very stressful. Now I'm just waiting, and holding my breath.

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