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I had a $100.00 bill in my console. My car broke down at about 10:10PM alongside an interstate. I called Nationwide (my insurance company) and unfortunately, they use an irresponsible company called Cross Country for roadside assistance. I told the guy where I wanted to tow my vehicle. Because he wanted to buy the car from me to sell as parts, he convinced me that the garage I asked to deliver the vehicle was not the place to go. I always go to this guy for repairs. Since I had no other idea what to do, the guy suggested I just let him tow the car to his place which was very close in Flintstone, MD and then call him the next day to tell him where to take it.

I called him the next day after I got off work and knew I'd be home. He said he had things to do and wouldn't be able to bring the car until the next day. I told him I had to work and provided him with the exact address, as well as, the exact way of how to get to my house. According to my sister, they delivered it to a house up the street so I had to call them and tell them they delivered the vehicle to the wrong address. At this time, the wife of the tow driver mentioned an additional tow. The two driver never mentioned an additional tow but I did it so the car would be at my house as directed. I discovered that a $100.00 bill I had in my car was missing and was replaced with a $5.00 bill.

I was so upset over all that had happened, I couldn't even go to work. I couldn't believe someone stole my money and replaced it with a lesser bill. I called Nationwide and they transferred me to Cross Country and this vicious cycle kept going back and forth. The girl told me someone would follow-up with me by Monday, Sept. 26th and to call back if no one gets in contact with me. No one followed up. I called on Friday to try to get an answer and kept being given the "runaround". No one wanted to be accountable for negligence. I didn't even know what the guy did with my spare set of keys. I called him up and he said they were in where I put gas in my car. He wasn't even responsible enough to lock the keys up so they would not be readily available to others. No one wants to be held accountable for this situation. I just want documentation that this company doesn't take accountability for the negligence of the companies they use for service. If I had a business and I had an agent working for me, would I not be responsible for taking proper "care" to secure a vehicle? I gave the tow guy an extra set of keys to my car. The towing company is Lucky 13.


I am completely unsatisfied with the service provided by Cross Country Auto Transport. Not only was I lied to by one of their employees upon hiring them, I never received any information concerning the seven-day pick-up window they have, and I was told that my vehicle would be delivered by a specific date. The vehicle was not delivered on that date, in fact, it was picked up from Oklahoma on that day.

I was told that a day of delay shouldn't be a big problem. The manager of the company stated that there was no problem with the service, after all, the car was eventually picked up and only a day late by their standards. If I were paying for someone to eventually pick my car up and do the bare minimum required of a service, I would have hired someone off of Craigslist, not a professional transport company. The excuses I was given were circumstantial at best, and not a single person would take responsibility for the break down in the process. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau immediately.


The company called after I purchased a $20,000 vintage car from an out of state dealer, representing themselves as the shipper. They claimed all their drivers were licensed, insured and bonded, cars all handled with the greatest care. They took a $125 deposit and brokered it to a trucking company that showed up late at night, in darkness, with damages to the vintage auto, had no coverage for the damages. The car received $2500 damages. The trucker's insurance was limited insurance, so nothing was covered. I paid the driver $525, under protest with police report.


I was in the market to transport my truck. I did not use commercial movers. I filled out a form online, had many quotes sent my way, and a few phone calls. The majority of those I politely refused and let them know it was no longer needed. Cross Country Auto Transport, they won't let go. I was in the market in February/March of 2010. Today, I received another email from them, the same email from the same person. To each email I received, I sent a reply, asking to be removed from the mailing, and that I no longer had a vehicle to ship. This was a weekly occurrence.

Today, when it came in, it was the final straw. I have never been so happy to have not done business with a company. I sent a reply. In it I stated that I had filed a formal complaint with the BBB and Consumer Affairs. I followed up with a phone call to Beth ** who is the person that has been sending me these form/spam emails. She answered immediately. I told her who I was and she recognized my name, and told me right away that I had been removed from the data base, that she had done it herself. I asked her why it took 2 months to remove me from the list. She could not answer, said something about sending out so many emails, that I just slipped through the cracks, that the people in that department were so busy. I thought it funny that as soon as I had made a complaint, that they would take action. I lost no money, but I feel I was harassed just the same.


I contracted with Cross Country Auto to deliver a vehicle from Alaska to Oklahoma. I dropped it off at a local transport company, whose reticence over using Cross Country should have clued me in to take my loss and go a different route. The vehicle left AK, arrived in Washington and I cannot get Cross Country to tell me where it is or when it will be delivered. I was told by Jaime *** that they were not a broker, but the contract I received says they are. I called him on it after receiving the contract and he denied that the company was a broker. They are. Do not use this company. I, too, received spam calls before going with them.

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We signed a contract with Cross Country Auto Transportation. They had agreed to $575.00 per vehicle per 2 cars to ship from the port at Matson in Long Beach, CA to Saint Charles, MO. I signed the contract for a total of $1,150.00. This was all done the week of Thanksgiving '09. It was estimated my car would arrive in CA on Dec 16. It actually arrived a little earlier on Dec, 14th.

I immediately contacted Cross Country to alert them the car was at the port. They told me it should be on a truck and on the way to me any day. About 5 days later, I called again to get the status, and still, it was sitting at the port and now was building storage fees. The driver called me at that point and told me he was at Matson in CA, but he couldn't get my car because there had been storage fees placed against my car. I called Cross Country and told them the situation and they, at that point, told ME that I was supposed to pay for the $90.00 storage fee to have my car released to the driver. I told them absolutely not!

A man named Kal in the customer service dept told me that he would take care of it and it would still leave that day. It had been the weekend, so I could not call them to check. I called first thing that Monday, and my car was still sitting at the Matson port! Storage fees had never been paid for, nor was it even on the road.

This went on for another 3 weeks! I would call and they would make me promises that it was on the road, then the customer service people would tell me otherwise once I called back!

About a week ago, my husband finally got the dispatch over at CCA to verify that it was on the road and he gave him the driver's number. At that point, even though the car was now a month late, we were still happy it was on the road. We immediately called the driver to check where he was and if everything was okay. He at that point told us the new total was $1,315.00 and if we did not pay this new amount, he would not release the cars to us. We immediately called CCA and told them what was going on. I was so upset by this point. They at first told me it was not their problem, things happen and storage fees are my problem to pay. I demanded to be connected to the manager at customer service named Ralph, and instead they transferred me to the finance dept.

I talked to some random guy who at that time told me he was going to "do me a favor". He was going to take the money I had already paid them and use that towards the new difference due. The new difference on the contract would be $165.00. I said that would be okay. He then said, "well I am only authorized to give you back $125.00 max and isn't that a great deal?" I said, "um, no?" That means someone still owes the driver $40.00. He said I would have to come up with it.

I said, "no!" He said he would look into taking care of me, and he would get back to me. That was on Friday the 8th. He never called me back!

The driver showed up today, (Sat) and when he arrived, nobody had adjusted the amount he was due. He expected $1,315.00. I had $1,150.00 that was due on my contract as stated between me and Cross Country. He then announced he was not going to release my cars. I had to call the police and spend 2 hours in 0 degree weather while we fought it out. Eventually, I got my original sales person, Beth at ext 103, on the phone. She talked with the driver and promised him the remaining $165.00. He then released the cars.


Be prepared for multiple spam calls from this company. After trying one of the online places that gives you multiple quotes for moving your vehicle, I have received at least 10 automated calls from them asking to call an 888 number. Why the hell would I use a company that spam calls me multiple times? If I wanted to call you back, I would have done it the first time. You don't need to waste my time with automated calls every couple of days. It doesn't say who the company is or what it is for. I researched it on the web and found out who it was before I called them. Other people are complaining about it also. On calling the number, it gives you an option for a quote or customer service. Customer service if you press 2, it gives you a message to call another number. What a load of crap.

So I finally called back again and did the quote line, which after asking for the owner of the company, passed me off to someone named Joel (I think it was). I tried to explain to him what a piece of crap company they are for doing this and all I got is, "Please give me your number and I will take you out of our system." So my reply is, I'll post on every website out there on how unprofessional company they are.


Asked for a quote and they provided the best price. You were required to book a month out. Scheduled a pickup date, and was told a driver would contact us 24 hours before scheduled pickup date. That day came and no calls from any drivers. I then called Cross Country Auto Tranport (CCAT) and the person who booked me was no longer employed. They still had record of my contract. I went over the pickup, the put me on hold and then hung up on me. I called back, and that salesperson had left for the day! I called their customer service and they gave me the run around. Multiple excuses, but bottom line was they never booked a driver, never scheduled a pickup, and now I am left with having to find another transport company the day my car was supposed to be picked up. This is a very deceptive company. I gave them my credit card for my deposit, but have not charged my card yet. I will be watching my statements.


Got a quote for the move and gave my credit card number. Less than 12 hrs later, had to cancel due to change iof plans,dealt with same individual Mr Reynold who promised me that our credit card WILL NOT be charged. Surprised to see the statement that they did charge the card for $150/ for NO services offered and no contracts signed yet, when I called back to speak with Reynold, he transfered my call immediately to "accounts dept", spoke with Ralph who said they will reimburse in 2 weeks, still waiting!!!


Don't give them any money down because you'll never get it back should you have to cancel. It doesn't seem to matter if you give them 30-45 days notice either. Their customer service doesn't respond to email or phone calls. In fact, the person I was dealing with doesn't respond, especially since the sell fell through!


Never ever use this company. Cross Country Auto Transport dropped our van off at the port in Honolulu on June 9th, 2009. I was told it would arrive in Louisville, KY by Cross Country on July 3, 2009. July 6, 2009, I started calling and emailing Cross Country Auto about the whereabouts of our van. No answers to our emails or phone calls. On July 10, 2009, I called Matson, the company who shipped the van from Honolulu to California for Cross Country Auto to pick up. They informed me that the van arrived in Cali on June 19. After 4 days of no activity, they contacted Cross Country to ask them when they were going to pick up the van. Cross Country never returned their phone calls. To make matters worse, since they didn't pick up the van, it has started to accumulate a storage charge at the port, which by July 13, 2009 was $285.00.

Finally, I got through to Cross Country on the 13th of June. They seemed "shock" that the van was not in my possession and they would "return" my call. The next day, they call me and tell me the van is still in Cali (no **!) and they now can't pick it up because it has a "storage" charge on it by the port. So I tell them that’s not my problem. They failed to keep track of the van I was paying them to deliver; they should pay the charge and get my van to me. They informed me that they couldn't pay that charge because it's not their fault that the van sat there so long and that I should have informed them it was there. What? Are they kidding me? I should have informed them? And if I didn't pay right then, the truck carrying the vehicles east would leave and it may be another 2 weeks until they could get my van to me. After arguing and trying to reason with the woman on the phone at Cross Country, I gave up and called the port and paid the charge so the van could be released to the driver. After all of that, on their website it says and I quote:

"Deliveries on Time: We do our very best to make sure every vehicle is picked up and delivered on time. If your vehicle is not picked up within seven days of your pickup date, we will refund your money. To ensure prompt delivery, we have back up transporters for each route. We also have a team of highly trained professionals that monitor each load to ensure that it stays on schedule."

So I told them I guess I will be completely refunded whenever my van does arrive because remember, I was supposed to have it on July 3, 2009. It was now July 13, 2009 and my van was still in Cali. She says, “No, that don't count.” The seven days starts the day they pick up the vehicle. Not when it was due to arrive to me. **? I am beside myself right now. I can't believe this is the same company I used 4 years earlier. Well, today is July 15, 2009. Still no van. We’ll see.


Horrible beyond belief! They took my $150 deposit, didn't show up when promised. They had excuses that the truck broke down. They hired "Rush Motors" to haul my car. The person at Rush Motors answered the phone and said "Who are you? Why are you calling this number?" Rush means Russian, which means massive language barrier on a deal where logistics are crucial. I was very polite and wanted to cancel and get my $150 back. Tom ** called me a bigot, laughed at me and said I wasn't getting my money back and hung up on me. I got my money back from my credit card company. This was the worst customer experience of my entire life!


I contracted with this Cross Country Auto Transport to ship a car from California to Philadelphia. Pick up date was set for 06/29. I was told the wording in their contract about no guaranteed pick up/delivery date was just a formality required by the federal government! Mr. ** indicated they always set a date certain. After my credit card was charged for the deposit, the truck never showed up. It is now 07/02 and after numerous calls and emails to this company, I still have received no response. Beware, this company appears to be scamming people and they advertise as if they are a reputable company.


They have the worse service, no responsibility , no ability to follow thru with simple call-backs, never picked up my vehicle , I called another company and my car was picked up the same day. Cross Country Auto Transport dragged me on for 3 weeks and then v slyishly tried to convince me if I paid another $75 that I might have a better chance of getting my car picked up.... I cancelled them and I haven't received a complete refund yet ... AVIOD them by all means ... find another company


Beware. i booked my vehicle and my boyfriend's vehicle through Cross Country Auto Transport, out of Florida. My car had a new dent, my boyfriend's car had a new dent on his passenger door. I contacted Cross Country Auto, and they denied that it was done by them. They next told me that I did not pay for the $200.00 deposits, which, in fact I did. I mailed them copies of my credit card statements and they would still not reply to the damages on either vehicle.

Finally, someone accidentally called me from their company and asked me if I would like a vehicle transported. I explained that I already had two of them transported and how no one was calling my back on the damages, and then I was hung up. The sales person (Ben) hung up on me. Last but not least, I finally got a hold of the Sales Manager, and he said he was not going to pay for either vehicle because I still owed $200.00 for the deposits. I told him that I have mailed him copies of my credit card statements, on more than one occasion, and that I have paid full. Then he hung up on me as well.

I do not know how a company can stay in business using these business practices. They were rude, avoided calls, hung up, and did damages to two vehicles. They would not and will not return my messages.


Scheduled a Chevy Tahoe to be delivered from Angola, Indiana to Camp Pendleton, Calif. Pick up to be Monday, March 2 and delivered by March 9th or 10th. Car was not picked up until Tues., March 3rd after several phone calls. Was told by driver he would be there Sunday, March 8th or Monday, March 9th. Called him several times and was told it would be Wednes., March 11 or Thurs. March 12, by 5:00. It is now 6:00 and no driver, no Tahoe and the driver has turned off his cell phone, so we have no way to contact him. Time to call the police?


I am an active duty military member with almost 20 years of service under my belt. Due to a PCS my family and I had to relocate from Hawaii to Kansas. As the government will only pay for one vehicle shipped, we had to procure shipment for our other two vehicles, A 2008 Nissan Pathfinder & a 1969 Chevy Impala. We did some research on line, contacted several companies, and eventually settled with Cross Country Auto Transport.

My initial dealings were with Nate B. I was initially impressed with Nate Brady; he offered a military discount and competitive rates as his company had an agreement with Matson Shipping to ship vehicles from Hawaii to Long Beach, CA for $855 instead of the normal $1200 other companies charged. He said they picked up the vehicles within 5 days of Matson offloading them and would set up delivery to my new address. After reviewing the contracts, we agreed to a total of $1755 per vehicle. Price was broken down into an initial $200 deposit per vehicle, $855 for Matson shipping, and the remaining $700 for the transport drivers. Nate mentioned a possible I signed the contracts, made the deposit, and faxed the papers to Nate.

Reference #1486021 - This was for the 2008 Nissan Pathfinder. The drop off date for this was April 15th at Pier 25 on Oahu. We were given a delivery date of May 13th. We dropped off the SUV at the appointed time. After arriving in Kansas on May 6th, we attempted to contact CCAT multiple times to see where the vehicle was at. Turns out the SUV was offloaded on time but was collecting a "storage fee" as CCAT did not get to it in time as they assured me they would.

I contacted Stephanie at Customer service 5 separate times on this issue and was given the standard "I don't have any information on your vehicle, I will call you back with an update" Not once did we recieve an phone call from her. After having to rent a vehicle for 2 weeks that was not planned or budgeted ($600), we got a call from the dispatcher on May 18th that our SUV was en route.

We showed up at the scheduled place with the remaining $700 specified in the contract. To our surprise, the drivers had an invoice for $900 COD plus a storage fee of $240. They would not release our vehicle until we paid the additional $440. Needless to say we were very upset with this and tried to resolve this with Stephanie. After several arguments on the phone, I finally got instructions to fax all data to her to send to her CEO for review on May 24th. As of 28 May, I was told that the extra $200 not stipulated on the contract was the infamous "fuel surcharge" and that they were not responsible for Matson's storage fees even though they couldn't get to my SUV in time as agreed.

Reference #1498258 - This was for my 1969 Impala. We dropped the vehicle off on May 1st at Oahu as scheduled with a delivery date of May 21st. After the problems we experienced with CCAT, I was very aggressive on the tracking of this car. I started calling CCAT for a status update on the following dates: May 13th - no status. May 19th - car delivered to Long Beach CA, awaiting release from Matson. May 22nd - Stephanie told me that they were verifying the truckers insurance and that she would call back on May 23rd. May 23rd - no phone call from CCAT, called and left message. May 27th - No answer at CCAT, left message, no call back

May 29th - Got ahold of Stephanie and was told that my car was stuck in Long Beach as "no driver will deliver to Kansas because of all the tornado's that were happening here and that no driver would come to Kansas because of the bad weather". I thought this was pretty funny as the rest of the country and all the interstate trucking/shipping companies were still delivering their normal stuff to Kansas. This started off a heated discussion with Stephanie on the status of my car. She told me that my original contract was "null and void" because the pick up date was 4-29-08 to 4-30-08 and was in the past. I replied that of course it was in the past because that was the original drop off date in Hawaii and that she was confusing this with the delivery date.

We went round and round and I asked if there was any way that the vehicle could be delivered to a location close to Kansas like Denver or Oklahoma City. She said that she could arrange a delivery to Denver but it would still cost me $700 plus whatever storage fee Matson had tacked on my car because it had been sitting there waiting for a driver. She offered me three options: 1) Refund of my $200 and I would have to arrange another company to deliver my Impala plus pay any storage fees due to their ineptness. 2) Delivery of the Impala to Denver for the original $700 and pay for getting the Impala back to Kansas out of my pocket. 3) Add my original $200 deposit to the original $700 COD fee to bring it to a total of $900 in an attempt to recruit a driver to deliver my car. This is in addition to whatever storage fees Matson has been tacking on my car while it sits in their yard.

As of 29 May my car is still collecting storage fees in CA while CCAT is attempting to find a brave enough driver to deliver my car to me here in Tornado Alley, Kansas. Stephanie is supposed to call me back on May 30th with information on shipping and fees Matson is charging me. And if I was a betting man I will get charged with another "fuel surcharge" as well. This situation is still ongoing and I will keep you posted.

I am warning all consumers to watch this company very closely as the are not the auto transport professionals that they claim to be. They talk a good game in getting you to do buisness with their company but fall severely short after that. They have cost my family over $1200 in additional expenses that were not planned and still have not delivered my other vehicle to me. In all of my time serving my country, I have never been mistreated as badly as CCAT has done my family and I these past 2 months. I would rather go back over to Afghanistan and get shot at again than make another call to CCAT. It has caused a huge financial and emotional strain on my wife and 5 children dealing with them.


On or about 2/28/2008 I entered a contract to have my car transported from MS 39206 to North Las Vegas 89031. # 1455547. with a pick up date of 2/29 and a delivery date to follow 8 days later. The following thursday. It is now the 20th of March and to date I have not received my vehichle. When I contacted Cross country Autp Transport (hereinafter referred to as CCAT) I was told my car was being delivered that evening. (3/13) I waited that evening and no car. I called the trucking company who picked up my car (L&L Transporters) he was very apologetic and told me my car would be here this week and that he would be in touch with me through out the week. I have not heard anything from CCAT or L&L concerning my vehichle.

CCAT was very rude and insensitve and told me to read my contract that they have no repsonsibility. It is the trucking company's problem and not theres. I said to Stephanie but you vouch for this trucking company. YOu sent them to me. Surely you take some responsibility. She told me they do not and what did I expect her to do. I told her I was going to file a complaint and she told me that she would file a response that she told me I should have read my contract prior to signing it. I am heartbroken that my Land Rover has been taken from me. At this point it appears that theft has taken place and I can do nothing about it.

I filing this complaint in an effort to warn others of this sham of a company. Who takes no responisibility for the customer they make many calls to get their business, and the afterward forget them and are rude and obnoxious enough to say do whatever... It is not our problem. We'll I tend to disagree. CCAT should be responsible and I am going to seek to have this company put out of business for it's shady dealings and poor businness dealings.


i called on friday 1/4/08 and was told by eric that shipping my car would cost 650. he told me that i could pay a 200 deposit and have my car picked up the next day. i paid the deposit and signed a contract saying the estimated pick up was 1/4 or 1/5. he told me it would be the next day no problem and that a drive would call me in the morning. well come 1/5 i got no phone call and nobody showed to get my car as promised.

i called and left 3 or 4 messages for customer service which on their message they promise to call you back THAT DAY! i left messages asking where the person was that was supposed to pick up my car, they never called me back. so by the end of 1/5 i left a message for customer service, and on eric olsons extension that i did NOT want to use them and was cancelling my contract with them. they never called me back. the following monday i called and was forwarded to a customer service and left messages and still no call back. not even from eric.

at 6 pm monday a driver showed up to pick up my car. i told him i had cancelled my contract and not to touch my car. i have been hung up on many times trying to get my 200 dollars back over the phone. i have made a complaint at on that website they have SO many complaints about the same issues. i just want a refund. i was told by beth to send in a certified letter that i would get a refund, and then on the transport reviews website they said i would not. an employee named micheal told me that eric olson no longer worked at the company as of 1/5, and i don't see why i the customer should have to pay for their personell issues!


I paid a $200 deposit in advance. They will not return my calls, the car was not picked up when it was scheduled. It is now 4 days late. When I finally reached them after 3 days of calling, they now claim they cannot contact the driver and it may take another week or two. I still cannot talk to the sales person I dealt with - only anuninformed service person who speaks occasionally intelligible english. Also the website offers a discount for military personnel, but they would not honor that offer. This is NOT a military-friendly company and they are unreliable.

Cancelled a trip to be available for the car to be picked up. Sold my car and have no transportation right now.


I was given a pick up date, and the car was not picked up. I then called to find out why, and they would not answer my calls. I think that they prey on people who buy vehicles on E Bay. They advertise on E bay, and I thought that E bay recommended them. I have no idea where my contract is at this time.

The vehicle was a present for someone. I have no idea as to how I am going to get someone to move the vehicle.


This is the WORST company in the WORLD to deal with! We can get packages anywhere in the world in a day or less, but with 3+ weeks notice, they are 12 days late in picking up my vehicle and there is no date in sight. The driver has been in florida, virginia, ohio (where I am), pennsylvania, etc.. depending on who I talk to at this place... and that's WHEN I can get someone to answer! At this point I want my money back, but there is no hope of that either, since they claim they are just a broker and that their estimated dates have no meaning or bearing, it all depends on the flake of a driver they hire.

I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone! I will do all I can to warn the poor, unsuspecting, trusting public-at-large who thought that a contract and estimated pickup date MEANT something. It obviously does NOT to Cross Country Auto Transport. They're just a bunch of con men and women out to make a quick buck and scam unsuspecting people in need of service. Eric (sales) was very good at pressuring with things like I needed to decide early to get firm estimated dates, etc. I was also supposed to get a $50 gas card, but I suspect that was a fraud used to entice as well. I'd be happy just getting my deposit back; but I doubt I will see that either, since this place probably moves locations and phone numbers frequently (as I can't find any address other than Ft. Lauderdale, based on area code). The federal Dept of Transportation, and the Better Business Bureau will be informed of this as well.

I have incurred over $1000 in expenses trying to get this move accomplished. I flew back to Ohio to meet the driver on the 1st or 2nd of October (their estimates). I also am now driving a rental on both ends (OH and CA) while waiting for my car, adding to my expenses. I have also missed several days of work in going back and forth to Ohio to meet the non-existent driver.


We were given a pick up date more than 10 days ago. As of now, no one has called yet. Every time I call them, I am on hold for at least 30 minutes and when someone does answer the phone, it's been told that it will take few more days. I am at loss of words for the Customer service - at the least I can say that it's PATHETIC. I should have read the reviews on this site before I paid the deposit. DO NOT use this company!!


I could no longer purchase the car I was planning on shipping and called to cancel my shipment order. I was told that because I was within the 7 day cancellation policy (I was at about 6 1/2 days notice), that I could not cancel my order without forfeiting my $250 deposit. I tried to explain that I hadn't just changed my mind that I in fact did not have a car to ship and was told that they've had people with deaths in the family that they wouldn't refund deposits to. I asked to speak to the person's superior and was told that her only superior was the owner of the company, so there was no one else to talk to accept her. She was totally unwilling to help in ANY way, and totally patronizing. I read the other warnings on this company, but decided to go with them despite my gut feeling because of the lower cost. It just goes to show that you truly do get what you pay for.


Do not use this company. I paid a $200 deposit and scheduled a move that is now 2 weeks overdue. The pickup has not occured and the communication has been non existant. They have a great website and sales staff, but the good service stops there. Customer Service never answers the phone or returns calls. I AM NOW HAVING TROUBLE GETTING MY $200 BACK AND CANCELLING THE ORDER.

I lost a $200 deposit when I was not able to cancel my order after waiting 2 weeks for a pickup that did not occur. Thank God they did not get hold of my car.


As a military member I depended on this company to ship my vehicle during a change of duty station. - Their customer service was horrible, their employees disrespectful. - The car was picked up late, delivered late, and turned over in a filthy condition with the onboard computer damaged. - The $50 credit that was offered by employee (Tiffany) for picking up the car late was never honored. - I had to pay the truck driver $100 more than what was stated in the contract or else I could nor recover my car. - It was impossible to get any type of helpful, timely customer service. - An employee of the company even resorted to giving a fake name as a way to prevent me from recuperating my money and/or filing a complaint.

As a customer I suffered: - financial damage (An over payment of $100 and the denial of a $50 credit) - I spent countless hour trying to get someone to help over the phone. - I experienced a genuine desire by the employees to not help anyone. -In order to avoid greater stress and waste more time, I just paid for repairs myself. I feel hurt, angry, and completely offended by their incredible desire to just take people's money.


Sent 3 cars from San Diego to Southern Maryland using cross country auto transport. Salesman and internet said 7-10 days with professional tracking system. The first vehicle was sent 3 weeks prior to moving in hopes of having the car available upon arrival. No such luck took a month to deliver the car. The second shipment took 2 months and upon arrival my rear window had been broken. I refused delivery of that vehicle and a week and a half later and after approximately 2 hours on the phone with the yard, M&E, and auto transport the vehicle arrived with broken glass everywhere inside the vehicle but at least they had replaced the window.

Conserning the 2 month delivery, I had been given a false story about a failed hydraulic pump that had delayed the delivery. I later discovered after demanding to speak to the driver that my vehicles had arrived in Maryland a month prior and were just sitting at a storage lot. This was extremely frustrating since I had made no less than 50 calls to auto transport who keep giving me false update information. This was the worst service I have ever purchased. Consumer affairs, please do something! If anyone ever is considering dealing with these shysters I would recommend immediately going on high blood pressure medicine because you will need it!

No cars to start my new job. I had to jog to work and my pregnant wife did not have a car to get around. My back window was broken. Finally I was without my cars for 2 months!!!! I could have pushed the cars from San Diego quicker.


I contacted this company to move my vitage vehicle from SanDiego to Massachusetts. They promised me that it would be picked up by a certain date and that it would be delivered by a certain date. The vehicle was never picked up. After multiple calls to the company, leaving message after message, I finaly spoke to someone. This customer service rep told me that I had a contract with them and that I was responsible for the deposit of $350 even if the sevice was never received. I have contacted my credit card company and the Florida Attorney Generals office regarding Cross Country Transport. They are scam artists and liers. DO NOT USE THEM .....THEY PROMISE THE WORLD, BUT NEVER DELIVER.

The $350 is in dispute with my credit card company right now. I refuse to pay for services not received. Luckily I found out they were fraudulant before they touched my vehicle.

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