I contracted with Automovers Online on 17 April 2002 to move my 1970 Dodge Charger From Chantilly, VA to Riverview, FL. Automovers online brokered out to Boston Auto Transport as the main carrier. When the vehicle arrived I noted some damage to the passenger side rear sail area. Afetr taking pictures and submitting a claim to Boston Auto Transport I have received everything from they are not responsible to they won't fix it because the estimate is too high.
My car is a classic muscle car and had a wonderful paint job. There were a few chips in the paint but I now have a very noticable scrape and dent in my car and Boston Auto Transport refuses to pay for the repairs.
When I first contracted with Automovers, I made sure to ask specific questions as to the procedure if my car was damaged. They told me that their carriers were fully insured and all I would have to do was to get an estimate. Sounds simple but Boston Auto Transport just decided that they didn't have to pay for the repairs and they expect that I am going to just go away. I cannot believe that they don't have any kind of plans other than "well, we are a small company and the estimate is too high."
Hello, you move cars for a living. Didn't they think they were going to damage one. And don't tell me this is the first time this has ever happened. I am outraged that they will take my money but when they do something wrong they expect me to just go away. Think again Boston Auto Transport.

The company responds:

I would like to start by stating that we allowed Brian the opportunity to have the the 2\" rub mark made by a loose chain fixed by a licensed insured body shop. We require 2 estimates and photos. When he submitted the one estimate, it was for over $3,000. He expected us to pay for a entire new paint job of the whole car. This was not practical or possible over a 2" rub mark. We urged him to get another estimate to repair the damage that we admitted to causing, he refused and insisted on having the entire car repainted.

Being in business for over 15 years does not happen by not providing excellent customer service. We take pride in what we do and we do it well. When problems arise we take care of them. Unfortunately for Brian, there was no middle ground.
Boston Auto Transport

Eric Hastings, President