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Miami, FL

All American Transport Company
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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 4, 2020

In November of 2019, I reserved a move for the month of March 2020 from All American Relocation Group. I secured the bid with a $526.91 payment, with the remaining total to be $1669.14 based on the items I listed. I spoke two more times with the representative Darren, who assured me that the estimate of my things was well within the amount for the price. Due to the sale of our house, there was a delay in the moving date until April 4th. Once the moving truck was almost filled, I was told that the estimate was quite low, and I had to choose between having the truck unloaded with no place for my household items or pay $1349.00, and only a cash payment would be accepted. I disputed the price and refused to pay cash. On my way to the bank to secure a money order, I received a call, and the movers indicated they had spoken with someone in authority and would be willing to take 1209.50 in the form of a money order.

On top of that frustration, I was advised that I need to grade the service received, and the expectation was for a 10% tip to the movers. The remainder of 1209.50 to be paid on delivery as the CUFT was larger than estimated. The original destination was TBD somewhere in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused the need to abort the New Hampshire destination. I am now in Wisconsin. Upon learning this, the moving company has now informed me that while the items are somewhere in Kansas, a delivery to Wisconsin will be an additional $495.00 bringing the new total at the time of delivery to $1704.50. I have communicated with All American Relocation Group repeatedly, and as of June 2nd, the date of delivery of my household goods is still TBD.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 4, 2018

THIEVES!!! I had two cars shipped by All American Trucking and Transport, Inc. While the cars and keys to them were in their position, items were stolen from BOTH cars!!! We are not talking about an opportunistic crime, there were items stolen from each car’s glove boxes and trunks. Disgusting. They even acknowledged the problem, freely admitting they've had items stolen from three cars in their position in the last month alone! Tried to blame DOT employees conducting checks!!! What a bunch of jokers. They allowed items to be left in the trunk, I even checked when I talked to them on the phone, but they refused to take liability/moral responsibility for the crimes committed with my property in their custody. Despite knowing the problem, they refused to make it right. Reprehensible!

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 22, 2017

    I contracted with All American to ship a truck that belonged to one of my brothers who had recently passed away. The truck was to ship from Kansas City MO to Phoenix AZ. The nightmare started on the 7th of July. After having to send the driver a map of how to get to the point of pick up I asked for a confirmation that he did take possession of the truck once he had it loaded and secured. No phone call; I had to call him to find out. He said he did get it loaded and would deliver the truck on that following Monday. Monday afternoon the driver called and said he had a water leak on his rig but had gotten it fixed and was up and running. He then said he would deliver either late Tuesday evening or very early Wednesday morning. No word from him Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Again I called him and asked where he was. He said "What do you mean? I'm still here". I said here where??

    He said he was in New Mexico and his truck was in the shop with the engine being torn into to find the water leak. What??? You mean the water leak you said was fixed on Monday? Now I'm not a happy camper at all. He further told me it could take several days before it was fixed. I called All American to address this with them and was told they knew nothing of the truck breaking down and I really had no other options but to wait for it to be fixed. The person I was dealing directly with kept talking over me and was very rude. I explained to him I was the customer and he needed knock that off. I was appalled that the driver did not notify anyone of his status and that All American was not tracking this shipment of vehicles. I was finally told they would re-post the vehicle so another carrier could go to the shop in NM and get it and bring it to Phoenix but they didn't know how long it could take.

    Several days go by and I contact them again. I was told that they had another carrier who could have picked it up but the driver who currently had the truck would not answer his phone so they could not complete the dispatch. I'm further informed that they found out the driver abandoned the vehicles at the Love's Truck Stop, left all of the keys with the store manager and went back to Oklahoma. I about fell over!! For crying out loud, what is wrong with these people?? Now I'm not sleeping and I am a total emotional disaster. My brother's wish was to have that truck delivered to another brother upon his death and it's abandoned at a truck stop in NM. OMG!! After this I finally received a bit of good news. Another carrier was dispatched to get the truck. It was to be picked up on the 18th and be delivered to me by the 20th.

    However, the nightmare returned when the newly dispatched driver called me and said he called the truck stop to notify them he was coming to pick up my truck and another vehicle. He was told by them that both vehicles had already been picked up and were gone. He called me and told me that and now I'm totally livid and in a panic. I called the truck stop myself and had them double check, sure enough the truck is gone. I called and emailed All American and the driver who abandoned the truck but neither one would answer or respond to my email. Backing up a bit, the store manager also informed me that the movement of the vehicles from the truck stop was all orchestrated by the driver who abandoned them. Unbelievable!!

    Now I have absolutely no idea where the truck is or who has it. The nightmare did finally come to an end on the 18th when a driver showed up with it. However I could not take possession because the cashiers check I had was made out to the original carrier. The next morning however I was at the bank when they opened and got that taken care. 12 days and hours upon hours of grief, frustration and emotional turmoil. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to ship a vehicle stay as far away from this company as you can.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 22, 2015

    I recently hired All American Transport to ship my van, from MN to MD and what a nightmare. I paid All American $100 and owed $600 to the driver upon delivery. The first issue was that I told the owner that I couldn't take the delivery before a particular date because I was out of town. He promised it would be delivered once I returned home. However, once I paid, and signed the agreement with All American Transport, the driver who they subcontracted my tow to called me while I was on vacation and said he had to deliver the item earlier. No big deal. I returned home a day early and began waiting for the delivery of my van. The driver called me numerous times to change the delivery date and time. Then I received a troubling phone call. The driver was pulled over by a state police officer, who cited him with driving without a CDL (commercial driver's license).

    He was also given a repair order to fix numerous issues with the truck itself because there were safety concerns. The state police ordered that the truck not to be moved until it was fixed, and not until a driver who had a CDL was there to move it. The driver frantically called me in the middle of the night on a Sunday to explain what if taken place. He said that he was in my state but very far away from my home. He asked me to find another way to complete the tow, and if I didn't my van may end up in the police impound. So I took a taxi to the police station ($120 expense), and started cold calling other tow drivers. Because it was a Sunday I received very high quotes of $300. I reluctantly agreed and had another company finish the tow. I found out later that this subcontractor company was a repeat offender which made me angry.

    All American Transport should have vetted their subcontractors to avoid issues like this, and not use these ones who have a history of issues. The owner apologized and agreed to refund me at least the $100 that I paid to him initially to help with the extra expenses that I incurred. However he said that it could take up to 30 days to see my refund. I now knew that I was dealing with a dishonest company, so I did not waste any time and I disputed this expense with my credit card company. I was shocked that the owner of All American Transport told my credit card company that they had delivered the van to my home address as promised. To further support their claim, they provided an email whereas I typed "I accept this transport." The owner had asked me to type that phrase for them to start the delivery process of my van.

    They unscrupulously used this phrase to falsify that the vehicle was delivered and I had accepted it. To show my bank their deception I had to point out that this phrase was typed before the delivery was suppose to occur. I was able to get $100 that I paid to All American Transport back after disputing it with my credit card company and Visa. They ruled in my favor only because I had the driver sign a form that said he did not complete the delivery. The owner of all American was unaware that I had this evidence when he decided to lie. Please learn from my mistake of using them.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 30, 2014

    I am a disabled individual who moved from New York to Florida. My wife drove us down in one car and we used All American Transport to carry our second vehicle to Florida. Unknown to us at the time, All American Transport sub-contracted the pickup and delivery to ASAP Auto Transport. They picked up our car as agreed and examined it for existing damage. They issued us a clean report noting only a few minor dings and scratches. When they eventually delivered the car, however, there was significant damage to the lower front bumper.

    My calls to All American Transport were met with promises to email me forms to make a claim. None were ever received by me, even though they claimed they were sent. No replacement forms were sent to me after they were made aware of this fact. This presumably was because having heard nothing from All American, I contacted their lawful agent, ASAP Auto Transport. I was instructed by Adam of ASAP that I should just deal with them since All American will only refer me to them eventually anyway. I complied with these instructions and All American eventually was made aware of this.

    Adam at ASAP instructed me to get two estimates for the repairs at local body shops and send him both estimates. When this was done, he told me which of the two repair shops to take my car to for repairs, pay the bill, then send him the paid receipt and he would reimburse me for my out-of-pocket costs. So far...sounded reasonable and simple, even if time-consuming on my part. I got the estimates, had the repairs done, paid the bill, submitted the receipts....and NOTHING. No word from Adam, no response to my many, many emails, no returned calls even though I left multiple messages. He obviously was stalling me and he never intended to make good on his commitment.

    My next step was to go back to All American. I spoke to Vanessa. She seemed concerned that I was having such problems. She promised to look into it. After a week or so and additional prodding by me, she came back to tell me that Adam had processed the claim a month or more earlier...but due to his "accountant's error," he would have to wait two to three weeks to see if the check had cleared before he could reissue the reimbursement.

    I told Vanessa that I placed little faith in Adam's word because he had lied to me so many times before about resolving this issue. I told her he was again stalling for time. Vanessa did not respond to my concerns other than that the reimbursement should be issued by a specific date at which point she could track it. She also said that if nothing happened, she would get me the reimbursement for damages. So I was forced to wait several more weeks for the so-called resolution to my problem. The time came and went and as expected, nothing happened.

    My attempts to contact Vanessa were unanswered. Eventually she got back to me to say she was "out of the office" but would look into it again. Another week went by and after constant prodding by me, Vanessa came back to say that BECAUSE I WAITED TOO LONG, All American could no longer collect from ASAP Auto so now no one would be paying my claim. I hadn't followed the "proper protocol." Meanwhile, it was All American and ASAP that kept telling me what to do, stalling me, and making promises that they never intended to keep. To me they conspired to defraud me...and they did a good job! Beware these companies!! For those interested, I have copies of emails that are VERY SPECIFIC and CLEARLY SUPPORT everything I have said in this statement. A copy of this is going to the US Attorney General's Office. I am out nearly $600 because I relied on these people to be honest business people!

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 22, 2014

    I choose this company after searching reviews and getting multiple bids from other companies with the same price. It was 2 days away from a potential pick up date of my vehicle and I called and was told they were contacting the dispatcher and would call me back. I have since emailed, called and even called the main number and left messages and no one returned them. I finally called and asked to speak to a supervisor but they were busy and was told that they would call me back. I called back in an hour and was shocked that the receptionist was snooty to me. Today I emailed and called only to find out that they did not have a carrier for me tomorrow. I called and cancelled the transfer and emailed also and have not heard back again. I do not think they know how to communicate. I would never use them again. As a matter of fact I will be driving the vehicle down myself since they made me run out of time

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 10, 2013

    I have a pristine 2001 Corvette with after market wheels and tires. The car is beautiful and like new. I was worried about having it transported when I recently moved due to so many horror stories I'd read. All American promised me that the car would arrive in the same condition, and assured me that any damage would be taken care of with no problems. The communication between All American and myself literally faded away after they received my deposit. And the price went up. When my car arrived, the driver damaged three rims and literally took chunks out of two tires while unloading the car. It was a nightmare. He kept ramming into the wheel wells of his truck. And the emergency brake was left on so the brakes were also damaged. It took him 20 minutes to unload the car, which smelled like it was on fire when he finally got it off. I was left with almost $4,000 in damages to my vehicle. The driver refused to give me his insurance information, and it took days to get a response from All American. My car ended up sitting at the Chevy dealership for six weeks, as the insurance company refused to pay for the damage and I ended up having to involve my own insurance company and pay a deductible in order to get my car fixed.

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    Rated with 1 star
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: Oct. 19, 2018

    I have since received this vehicle via another transport company and after a few years, have deemed this a learning experience. The State Of California informed me the company in question no longer exists...

    Original review: March 30, 2012

    I contracted All American Transport in Monarch Beach / Dana Point, CA to pick up a truck I purchased in Sacramento, CA and deliver it to me in Ruidoso, NM. I paid them in full on March 1, 2012. I have spoken with them every day since and received the same lie. "It is scheduled for pick up today. I'll call you in 15 minutes with a confirmation." When I call back, I can't get through. It is the end of the day on March 30, 2012. Nobody will return my calls / emails.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Dec. 13, 2011

    On Oct. 5, 2011, we hired All American Transport to transport two vehicles: a 2008 Mini Cooper to be transported from MA to FL before Nov. 12, 2011 and a 2007 Nissan Maxima from FL to MA anytime after Oct. 28th. On Oct. 10th, we were told the Mini Cooper would be picked up but the hauler never showed up. The next day we contacted All American Transport. They called back that evening saying the truck had broken down and they would send another hauler.

    On Oct. 28, 2011, another hauler showed up, named Carla **. This driver said we had to pay $150 cash to take the belongings in the trunk, or they would be thrown away at the side of the highway on the way to FL. The belongings consisted of 3 leather jackets, a car cover, and some small miscellaneous items. Per our contract with All American, we are allowed up to 100 pounds of belongings in the car and these items did weigh less than 100 lbs. We promptly told him to leave and we reported him to All American. They said they would send another hauler, at which time we had to postpone the transport of the Nissan because they did not transport the Mini Cooper as promised.

    On Nov. 4, 2011, another hauler arrived, named Jack **. He inspected the vehicle, had us sign the inspection report, loaded the vehicle, and went on his way. The vehicle arrived in FL on Nov. 12th. We discovered that one of the leather jackets and the car cover were both missing. Is it just a coincidence that the same items the previous driver had threatened to throw away were now missing? It’s highly unlikely. Jack stated that the trunk flew open on the highway, so they must have blown out. That car has been driven for 3 years up and down highways and the trunk has never "blown" open as Jack claims.

    All American transport and Jack ** refused to compensate us in any way for the loss of these items. There was no way we could entrust them with another vehicle. We requested they cancel the Nissan transport due to their dishonest business practice. We are still waiting for the refund of the $200 deposit as agreed in the contract. Please do not use this company. The haulers they use are criminals.

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    Original review: Nov. 27, 2009

    I made a reservation for my car to be shipped from Miami to California. My car was supposed to be picked up on Tuesday to arrive Sunday since I start work on Monday. The Friday prior to pick I spoke with Peter, the owner, and he reassured me the car was on schedule for pick up. Tuesday came along and no one showed up. I called the customer service line and the dispatcher did not know anything about my car being shipped, and then giving me the run around saying the driver got into an accident. He said my car might be picked up Wednesday or Friday. Since I needed the car in California by Sunday I stuck with the company. On Wednesday, I called all day, almost every half hour to check on the status of the shipping. My calls where never answered. The dispatch phone number he gave me was the incorrect number. It is Friday 27th and my car is still in Miami. I made several attempts to call the customer service number and the owner. My calls where never answered and the only time I spoke to staff on Tuesday, he was very unprofessional. When I made the reservation through the owner, he was so quick to speak so highly of the reputation and "professionalism" of his company, of course a sales pitch.

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