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It is scary how many years they have gotten away with this but it seems to never stop! I have lost track of how many names they have gone under to this point. V&C Warehouse, AutoTrail, An Eastern Connection, A Blue Knight, etc... Now they are claiming to be located in NJ, VA & NC under new names? They started out in Long Island, NY and after DECADES of this behavior they got a slap on the wrist from Cuomo with a whopping $175,000 order of restitution. Filed for Bankruptcy in NY: Case No. 8-10-79667

Please note that many of their past clients are senior citizens and Greg would scream, cuss, yell, threaten they wouldn't see their car again & all sorts of bodily harm over the phone if any of these clients complained. It is really easy to be a "bad guy" on the phone, Greg. If these poor people ever met you, they would laugh at the sniveling little idiot you truly are. Yes, he is a real specimen of a man... someone who threatens elderly people over the phone that they will never see their car again if they don't stop calling, oh yes, big man that he thinks he is (Note: He isn't as scary as he likes to sound so do not let him threaten you, that is how he & his wife have been able to steal millions over the years, intimidation over the phone).

How do I know this and so much more? I have worked in the auto transport industry for about 20 years on the TRUCKING side and dealt with them for years. I worked for one company that built a large chunk of its business taking care of the transport needs of the people Greg screwed and I personally have heard him on the phone screaming at widows, veterans, young mothers, etc... as he stole their money. PLEASE, stop trying to save a buck on car transport. You wanna save money? Buy generic at the grocers. Booking with these lowball priced brokers just costs you more in the long run, it really does.

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This company is now called ITSALLABOUTLOGISTICS LLC. These people are running the same exact scam again out of Jersey City. They quote a price and when you call to inquire, they have some reason for needing a bank routing number as a form of payment. They told me this "electronic check" was required as they had a truck coming through my area that day. After waiting for an additional week to get my car shipped, I was forced to pay the trucking company more than "Tom" said I was required to pay (cash or money order of course). 45 days later, ITSALLABOUTLOGISTICS dinged my account again, essentially charging me twice for the same service. They acknowledged the error in an email and promised to return the money to my account within 48 hours. Needless to say, I am still waiting 4 weeks out.

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I hired A-Blue Knight Inc. (an auto transport company) to ship my car from Las Vegas to New York. I paid the company $790, but my car was never shipped. I called them a million times, and I never got my refund. The operator named Greg cursed me and called me bad names. I am still waiting for my refund, and it has almost been almost two years.


This company goes under the name of Sound View Connections, A-Blue Knight Transport. This company will tell you they need to do an electronic payment and then rip you off blind. They will double dip into your bank account and you will never see your money again. I have asked for the money they stole from me many, many times. Peter told me they mailed it, but they never have. If you do a search on this company, you will see several of the same complaints against this company. They steal money from your account. Only wish I searched this company before doing business with them. Do not use them.


I wanted to add my voice to that of others. My experience mirrors that of other complaints for example, double charging my bank, late to pick up car, and worst of all, 3 mo. later, I still haven't received my car which was to be sent from Florida. Actually, that is not the worst. I located my car in a storage yard in Florida. They picked up my car and left it at this facility and wouldn't pay the facility. Now 3 mo. later, the storage lot won't release the car unless I pay them $1600 in cash - no certified checks or credit cards - strictly cash. The storage facility also now has a lien on my car.

Apparently, the local police in Hollywood, FL said my only recourse is to take it to court in Florida and toss the dice. I live in Vermont so a court case in Florida is nearly impossible. The $880 paid to A-Blue Knight is now gone along with a $1600 lot charge, not to mention another $600 to fly to Florida and retrieve my car. I will be lucky if I get out of this for $3000. I can't say in any stronger terms - This company is a total and complete disaster. From other letters, they are defrauding people all over the country. Because the sums are small, it seems no law enforcement agency is interested? So here I sit in Vermont with my car in Florida for now over 3 months!

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Greg and Marguerite ** have stolen $810 from an 85-year old woman. Don't think for a moment they will hesitate to steal your money. These people are the worst kind of thieves on American soil. I don't know how they sleep at night, but it's probably on a pillow stuffed with $810 they stole. Thieves!


I arranged a transport of my vehicle from Florida to New Jersey. I contacted A-Blue Knight Transport Company and received a quote for $630. Several promised attempts to pick up my car didn't materialize. Finally, they sent a transport to pick up the car at 1:00 in the morning! When the car arrived in New Jersey, but the driver wouldn't offload the vehicle unless we paid them $850 in cash, I contacted this Greg from A-Blue Knight immediately, and he said, “Pay them and you will get you car off the truck.” We paid them in cash. I called Greg back and he said he would give me a refund, but I had to call and speak to the "the lady who signs the checks". They sent me a check and it bounced. I've been calling them for over 3 months now and I get the run-around each time, “Greg is not in until this afternoon,” or “Greg is on vacation." When I would finally get through to Greg, he would say, “Don't worry about it, I will make good on this, blah, blah, blah.”

Then I did a little research on this company that brought me to this site. I was amazed about how many complaints this company has received. Without a doubt these guys are criminals and they should all go to jail. My hope is that we can all work together to bring these guys to justice.


This is a follow up complaint about these thieves. They originally contracted with us in March of 2010 took our money, never fulfilled their agreement and now refuse to issue a refund. It is now August 10, 2010 and each time we call they state the check will be refunded the following week. These people are not business persons, they are thieves of the worst kind. They have one objective. To take your money and never return it and fail to provide their service. When you call them about it, they get Greg on the phone to threaten you, shout obscenities over the phone and basically tell you you aren't getting anything back. So if you want to loose money really fast, don't go to Las Vegas. Just call A Blue Knight and they will rip you off faster than any slot machine! Greg, you're a p*g of the worst kind!


I signed the contract on 3/26/10 with A-Blue Knight Inc. after I was told that the driver will pick up my car on 4/1/2010, so I could be in Oregon to receive my car during the week of 4/11/2010. The driver never showed up. I had to pay car rental $138.63 between 4/10/10 - 4/15/10 in Oregon. The contract was put on hold for the next time I was going to be in Oregon.

Then, I activated the contract on 5/14/10 after I was told that the driver would pick up my car early in the week of 5/16/10, but again the driver never showed up. My husband called the office on 5/19 and 5/21 , the secretary said that she would call and let us know where the driver was. No one in the office called us regarding the pickup. Again, my family had to rent a car in Oregon during the week of May 24, 2010 and I had to pay car rental $193.07 between 6/19/10- 6/25/10 in Oregon.

Therefore, I withdrew the contract and request a full refund due to A-Blue Knight Inc.'s inability to fulfill its end of the contract on 6/8/10. I was told that to wait 7 to 10 days for the refund check. On 6/28/10, I talked to Annie ** around 2:00 pm regarding the refund. She said that Marguerite, the manager, will be in tomorrow at 2:00 pm. When I called again at 4:00 pm, Edward told me not to call company again. On 6/29 at 3:30 pm, I talked to Annie ** who said that Marguerite will not be in and she only comes once a year. On 7/2/10, Annie said that Marguerite never comes on Fridays. On 7/6/10, I finally talked to Marguerite who said that I will receive the refund check next week if the controller approves. I said that is there anything that the controller will not approve my case. Marguerite said, no. On 7/14/10, no check was received.

I found out there are too many complaints again A-Blue Knight Inc. in the internet. Apparently, A-Blue Knight has been stealing peoples money and getting away with it for a long time. They advertise an auto transport service, but do not provide the service, and have in their contract that they get to keep a significant fee even if they fail to show up and do their job. The employees of the company are very nasty, threatening and unprofessional over the phone except before they got money from me. Each time when I called, each employee will lie about drivers and managers whereabouts. I never saw or heard from any drivers, never get chance talk to managers.

This company is operating to steal money from people, needs to be investigated criminally so people will not get hurt. Thank you very much for your help.


I found a company in the yellow pages to transport my car. On May 5, 2010, I called Eastern Connection (AKA A Blue Knight) to transport my car from Waycross, GA to Seekonk, MA. The person answering the phone, a Laura gave me a price of $700, plus a $30 inspection fee. She requested a check made out to Soundview Connection, be faxed for $730. The contract we received was in the name of A Blue Knight. The first promised pick-up date was 5/10/10 but no pick-up. After numerous calls and illegitimate pick-up dates, I cancelled my order on 6/07/10 by fax. I called on 6/9/10 and was screamed at by the dispatcher, John and told that "he would hold my refund and that maybe I wouldn't get it at all".

This is an outrage, their license, if they have a valid one should be revoked. They advertise that they accept credit cards but they do not. They get full payments upfront and don't provide any service. What this company is doing is completely wrong. How can they keep getting away with this after numerous complaints with various organizations including consumer affairs. The loss of $730 dollars and no service as promised. I'm 84 years old on a fixed income.


I called 3 companies from the local yellow pages and found the best price was A-Blue Knight, Inc. I was told by Greg, the operations manager, to get my information in right away to have the car picked up that Thursday or Friday, as I understand it. This was Tuesday, April 12th. I gave Marguerite the information she requested, routing number from my checking account, and all the information. I tried to use my credit card, but they did not operate that way. Now I know why. I was never given any information from that day forward unless I called. I called to find out why they had not picked up the car as was intimated on that Thursday or Friday. I was then told it would be the following Thursday or Friday that the driver would contact me 10 hours prior to pick up. As you might expect, this didn't happen.

I called, and once again, Greg told me that he felt we didn't like the way they did business and he wanted us to find another carrier. I told him I just wanted the car to be picked up as was promised and that I wouldn't cancel. He said he would refund our money in full and it would take 2 weeks. It has not been over 2 months. I am unable to fax to them now. The fax always rings busy even at midnight. I have called, and when I give the contract number, I am put on hold and no one ever comes back to the phone. When I do get Kathy, she tells me Marguerite isn't in and her hours are Tuesday and Thursday, 1-4pm. I have not been able to talk to her since the first call to contact the company. Greg said I would get a refund. Nothing has happened. I can't get anyone to talk to me.

I wish I would have researched the company. I certainly will in the future. Unfortunately, people are being taken for a ride every day from the company, and I wish someone would pull their license to do business. It seems the Attorney General in New York isn't doing his job to help people in this area. I feel for all of us that have been taken. If any of you have an answer to get our money back, please let me know. I understand YouTube has a commentary on this company done by a major news station. It says the company was brought up on charges and an account for customers that were duped was set up to help these people get their refund back. I am going to find it and see if that will help. In the meantime, we need to let everyone know not to do business with this business, or buyer beware. These people have no morals and take advantage of their trusting customers. How sad our world has become. I believe our Maker will deal with these people.


Don't use them! One week later, my vehicle is sitting in TN while I'm in mass and they refuse to tell me when I will get it, "approximate date was 6/7/2010". They cannot locate the driver and took $630 of my money. I'm out and stupid. Learn from me!


In April of 2009, I called to find out about transporting my daughter's car from RI to CA. The woman on the phone was very nice and convinced me to sign up for the transport even though I was unsure of needing it as the price was going up considerably very soon and I would be able to get a full refund if I didn't use it. They withdrew $850 from my account. I never did need the transport, so in March of 2010, I asked for a refund. They said to fax in the information, which I did. They called to ask me to rewrite the letter indicating that I understood there was a $250 administrative fee I still had to pay (which was on the contract - so the initial woman I spoke to had lied about a full refund). I resent the letter and never heard from them.

In May I started calling. I was told I had to talk to Margarite who handled refunds. Well, she was never in. Every time I called, she was out and would be in the next day at 2pm. This went on for 3 weeks. At that point, they started getting rude on the phone. I have submitted a report to the NY Better Business Bureau, but after reading all the reports on the Internet, it doesn't sound like that will do any good. How can companies like this stay in business?


This complaint is being written directly to Greg Sclafani. Before you threaten an 80-year old woman with your "Gangster wanna be" attitude, think twice. She did not write the complaint. I did.

Now for all you readers and hopefully non-potential customers:

Wow, Scam doesn't even begin to describe this company. The listed owner, Greg Sclafani, is unlike any business man, and I use that term sparingly, that I have ever come across. I have talked with Sclafani on several occasions to inquire of the ever extending date to pick up our car only to be met with threats, threats of attorneys, threats of things he is going to do. Really Sclafani, get a grip.

Sclafani falsely identified himself to me on the phone as "Ed". I called to simply inquire about why the date was delayed from the original pick up date of May 19th, which as of June 1st, still had not been picked up. Anyone would call and ask the same thing and a business in "good standing" would not hesitate to explain the delay. Not Sclafani. He replied by becoming extremely hostile, called me an **, and said I was harassing his employees (because I called to inquire?) and then promptly hung up on me. This man wants the whole world to run away afraid of him and his dire business practices and "Gangster Style" tactics.

Before I continue, Please review this enclosure on "Public Record" concerning a recent court case involving Sclafani:

"From the New York Attorney Generals' Office

Cuomo obtains order requiring restitution for Customers of L.I. Auto Transport Broker that failed to deliver Vehicles

Bayville broker failed to follow through on deliveries of hundreds of vehicles, threatened dissatisfied customers with lawsuits and refused refunds to keep them from filing complaints.

Cuomo's order secures $110k in restitution, $65k in penalties/costs, shuts down business unless $200k performance bond is paid

Mineola, N.Y. (February 16, 2010) - Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced his office has obtained a court order and judgment against a Bayville-based auto transport broker that defrauded more than 400 consumers by failing to ship vehicles to various locations.

Attorney General Cuomo's office found that A Eastern Connection, Inc., A-Blue Knight Auto Carrier, Inc., Autotrail Transporters Co., Inc. and V&C Warehousing and Distribution, Inc., owned and operated by Marguerite Cermola and Gregory Sclafani from Bayville Avenue in Bayville, repeatedly failed or unreasonably delayed delivery of vehicles to customers who paid between $600 and $1,000 for the service.

The consent order and judgment requires Cermola and Sclafani to pay $60,000 in restitution and $65,000 in penalties and costs to the state. The owners must also set aside an additional $50,000 for restitution for consumers who may come forward in the future. The order obtained by Cuomo protects consumers by barring the company and its owners from the auto transport business until it posts a $200,000 performance bond.

"Hundreds of consumers entrusted their vehicles to this company for safe transport, but the business repeatedly delivered little more than fraud and deception," said Attorney General Cuomo. "My office will continue to hold companies accountable for dishonest business practices. "

A Eastern Connection, A-Blue Knight Auto Carrier, Autotrail Transporters and V&C Warehousing and Distribution arranged for customers' automobiles to be shipped throughout the U.S. Unlike truckers who haul automobiles with their own equipment, brokers "match up" the customer's requested date and route with available trucking firms. The companies falsely claimed "door-to-door" service and touted its reputation as being reliable, professional and safe.

However, customer complaints contend that Cermola's and Sclafani's companies engaged in multiple fraudulent acts that led to vehicles not being delivered as promised, including failing to pay haulers, resulting in carriers refusing to release cars to customers and failing to inform customers that timely pickup and delivery of vehicle was based on availability of haulers. In many instances, the business debited customer accounts multiple times for the same service and failed to return the money. Furthermore, Cuomo's office found that the business attempted to keep dissatisfied consumers from filing complaints by threatening lawsuits against and refusing to issue refunds to the customers.

Consumers who believe they were defrauded by A Eastern Connection, A-Blue Knight Auto Carrier, Autotrail Transporters or V&C Warehousing and Distribution have until March 30 to file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office in order to be considered for restitution. Consumers are encouraged to contact the Attorney General Cuomo's Nassau Regional Office at 516-248-3302 or his Suffolk Regional Office at 631-231-2401.The case was handled by Assistant Attorney General-In-Charge of the Nassau Regional Office Valerie Singleton under the supervision of Deputy Attorney General for Regional Affairs J. David Sampson. Senior Investigator Paul Matthews and Special Investigator Bernard Iacampo from the U.S. Department of Transportation assisted in the case. "

So Sclafani , continue with your threats, but I have not yet began to fight cowboy! Let me provide you with an advanced list for, you and your Attorneys of the persons I am going to file complaints with: FMCSA, DOT, State of New York District Attorneys Office, Better Business Bureau, Bureau of Insurance,

Department of Consumer Affairs, every newspaper within reading distance of New York, KABC Seven on your side, Angie's List, You Tube, Craigs List.

And I will also be spending the next six months finding other complaint locations and I will be sure to let you and your attorneys know who they are so you when you continue with your "Gangster Wannabe" method of operations and threats, I will only strive to find more.

Sclafani, I don't threaten nor do I succumb to threats. Your attitude and way of doing business is wrong and the world needs to know.

Now, if you are a potential customer or contractor for this company, you have been informed. You can make your own decision.

And Sclafini, have your attorneys explain the definition of Slander, and Defamation of Character to you. Maybe then, you will understand the threats you make are void and without merit, but I seriously doubt you will ever understand. Have a nice day cowboy!


Stop. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.

Here we are again. Monday, May 31, 2010, two weeks after this company was contracted to do a service. Still Not one thing has been done except for them taking the money for a job they seem to refuse to do. They have promised every day for the last two weeks to provide the service they were contracted to do, and thus far have failed to provide this service. Just prior to the long weekend, I called them yet again, and was promised they would pick up the car they contracted to pick up, this weekend. No one called, not even a courtesy call to say they wouldn't be there.

I got a back line number from DOT and called them on Monday, May 31st, and all he would say is this is the answering service (which was a lie because it was the same man I talked to on Friday) and he said I would have to call the office on Tuesday. OK, So I am going to call the office on Tuesday and I am going to for warn you of the result. They are going to say we will be there in the next few days. And nothing will happen. Believe me, Do not use this company unless you want aggravation and headaches. They could care less about the services they have been contracted to provide. Use another company.


This company was contracted to pick up a car in California and deliver it to Florida. They had no problem taking the money immediately out of the account and promising a contracted pick up date. That pick up date was almost two weeks ago and it has still not occurred. They could care less that they entered into a contract and took the money without living up to the terms of the promised pick up date.


I made a contract with them to ship my car from VA to CA. They debited the money from my account quickly, but their service had never arrived. They're always telling me that my car will be picked up but a month and three days already gone and nobody showed up. I am working in the army and was moved to a different station and I have to get a different shipper so I can have my car to use in my new duty station. I have to fly to my duty station to report and fly back to VA so I can hand my car to the new shipper. This means that a lot of money and my time was lost. Hope these company gets out of business and will happen to them what happened to me so they will realize their wrongdoings.


On or about Jan. 5, 2010, I found A-Blue Knight Inc. via the internet and requested for a quote of a door-to-door shipment of my 2006 Nissan Extera and Toyota Tacoma, scheduled for March 1st, transporting from: Hampton VA 23666 to Sacramento CA 95828. On Jan. 5, 2010, they had provided me with a quote number **. After that on Jan. 11, 2010 is invoice number **, in the amount of $1520.00 to perform the above service. I had authorized Ms. Marguerite ** (whose last name was concealed from us) in the amount of $1520.00, including all other fees, for the above service. On Tuesday, Jan. 08, 2010, this amount of $1520.00 was electronically withdrawn from our checking account, ending in **. But from March 1st to March 21, 2010, I only received promised from an A-Blue Knight dispatcher that a driver will come to my home to pick my cars up. They never picked them up (past 14 business days).

After suffering numerous rude, fraudulent, and un-professional behaviors from the staffs of A-Blue Knights Inc., I would no longer be able to trust them, their staffs and this company to ship my car on the above indicated date. We have decided to cancel the order of shipment of our cars and will find other alternative carrier/vendor to ship our car. I sent the letter of cancellation to A-Blue Knight Inc. on March 21st, 2010 and 2 faxes after the day.

We would appreciate greatly that they refund fully the amount of $1,520.00 in a real and cashable US currency, in the form of cashier’s check via FedEx immediately. As sending this email, we have reported your company's fraudulent and unbecoming conducts to the appropriate local, state, and federal government agencies. And we will proceed with any necessary legal proceeding to recoup the above sum that your company owes us. Now over 6 weeks, I have not received my refund check after the cancellation day.


I set up a transport in March 2010 for my car from Los Angeles to Michigan for April 29, 2010. I gave them a check over the phone for the payment. Then I saw that another payment for the same amount was taken out of my account. I called John and he said for some reason the account was set up for recurring payments (why would you have recurring payments for a transport company that you pay one time?) Anyway, every time I called to get my refund, they kept giving me the run around. Marjorie? would say that John was not available and they would get back with me. Then they said the check was cut but it was not processed.

Still to this day, I have not received the refund. Thank goodness, the bank refunded me when I filed a complaint. Now today is April 30th and my car is still not picked up. They did call me on the 28th and said someone would be there on the 29th to pick it up but nobody showed up. I have been calling and John keeps giving me the runaround that he is trying to get a hold of the transporters to see where they are. I have to be out of my apartment today and am leaving L.A. on Monday. I don't have any family in Los Angeles that I can leave my car with until another company can pick it up. So now, I either have to lose my money for the plane tickets and drive to Michigan or try to find a company that will come out ASAP. Someone please close down this company!


I called the Blue Knight Transport company in February 2009 to have a truck, which I purchased in Stuart, Fl, to be shipped to RI on April 1st. I sent them a blank check for a one time withdrawal of $730.00. It was withdrawn once in February and again in March using check #** again. I went to the bank in July to see if they could help and they called John. He returned my call saying Marguerite would be calling, which she did and said a refund would be going out. That was in July and I still do not have a check. I called many, many times and always got the runaround saying a check would be sent out or someone would call, nothing happened. I filed with the BBB bureau in NY in November 2009, having Marily ** as mediator. He told her he would get in touch with me and a check would be sent out but nothing happened. She told me to file with the attorney general and DOT, who licenses all interstate movers including auto transport.

I do not understand how this company can keep in business double dipping out of everyone's account. If someone stole a pair of socks, they would be put behind bars. What is keeping this business going with so many people having problems with them? How can they take honest people's money with no consequences? The only good thing was our truck was transported in a timely manner and we are happy with that independent contractor. I told them I had no complaints other than taking my $730.00 out twice. They said they had temporary help and they screwed up the accounts. I could understand that but when they do not refund the money, it is not temporary error. They are stealing our money.


Once again, A-Blue Knight can add another disgruntled customer to their list. I have experienced the same issues with early withdrawal of funds and failure to pick up my vehicle as agreed upon. The excuse they provided for failure to pick up my vehicle was they never received a signed copy of the contract. They refused to refund my money because the contract stated if I cancel for any reason they are able to withhold a $250.00 administrative fee.

I was furious, I'm obligated to pay an administrative fee for a contract they said they never received, but they are not obligated to transport a vehicle because they said they never received a signed contract. These people are unbelievable. It's been over a year and I still have not received any money because I refused to put in writing they were entitled to a $250.00 administrative fee.

Here's a copy of the letter that was sent to them repeatedly with negative results:

"Per our verbal conversation over the telephone, I paid the amount of $640.00 to your company on January 30, 2009. Checking Account Number ******, Check Number ***, Routing Number ****, to have my vehicle transported from the State of Washington to the State of Texas and delivered to me in the State of Texas, February 1, 2009 this never happened. The contract was to be faxed to me on the same day we spoke on the phone, January 30, 2009. I phoned your office January 31, 2009 to report that I had not received the contract. I was assured that all was well, the vehicle was scheduled for transport on February 1, 2009 and the contract would be faxed again.

"February 1, 2009 came and went but my vehicle was never picked but yet the monies were withdrawn from my account. I contacted your office to resolve this issue and was met with hostility. I expressed my concern about the failure of transporting my vehicle in which I was informed that the vehicle could not be transported without a sign contract. When I requested a refund, I was informed that I could be provided a refund minus the administrative fee referencing paragraph 10 of a contract that I never received."

"I finally received the contract a week later via mail but by this time I had contacted another company to transport my vehicle. I've tried repeatedly to contact you via phone but you will not accept my phone calls. So I am making one final attempt to contact you via correspondence in hopes that we can resolve this issue amicably."

"The Contract Terms and Conditions paragraph 10 State the following: Should this Order be cancelled for any reason prior to pickup, an administration charge of $250.00 will be assessed to the customer. I did not agree to these terms because I never received the contract and I am asking that I be refunded the full amount of monies paid."

"This letter will serve as formal notice to you that you are in default of your obligation to repay the sum of $640.00 dollars which was advanced to you on January 30, 2009. This amount has been overdue since February 16, 2009 and you have failed to repay the same despite repeated requests for payment by me."

Unless payment of the above amount is received by me in full within fourteen (14) days of the date of this letter, I will have no alternative but to exercise whatever rights and remedies I have under the law to enforce such payment, including but not limited to institution of legal proceedings against your company to recover the above amount, together with accrued interest and legal expenses. Kindly govern yourself accordingly."

My vehicle was subsequently transported by another company however, refund was never received from A-Blue Knight Inc.


I sign a contract on Dec. 29, 2009 to deliver my car from Washington Pasco to Houston TX. I paid 680 by check. I was fooled because I never thought this can happen in America but I think they can. Nobody is doing nothing to them. They are keep ripping off people' s money. I cancel my order after 3 weeks but I am keep waiting for refund. I do not understand. Its been more than 4 months. I never get my money because of them. I paid more than 600 hundred for storage fee. Their manager is worst than all of them. They keep hang up the phone. I am very poor. My 680 is a lot to me. 1500 dollars.


We were planning to ship a car to my daughter and had to cancel. The amount of the transport was $730.00. There is a clause in the contract with a $250 cancellation fee. We have been trying now for 4 months for our refund in the amount of $480.00. After several phone calls, we still have no satisfaction or refund.


This company is the same as one that pulled these same scams a couple years ago- Eastern Connection, Same complaints and same problems. They would take the money and never deliver the service. In the one season we did business with them, out of 6 to 8 cars only 1 ever left. All the people were told there was a $250 cancellation fee and never got their money refunded or their car shipped. One car was here for 3 months. Every customer had to make new arrangements and pay all over again. Never pay in full upfront for this service. They will have your car and will be able to secure payment on delivery.


I feel and share your pain! I, like all of you, cannot believe that our government would let people, or should I say "crooks and/or scam artists" like these, get away with ripping off people of this great nation. Until today, I thought that I was the only person going through this problem with this "so-called" company but I now see and know that I am not!

On 14 May 2009, I contacted A-Blue Knight and inquired about moving my graduation gift which was a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer SUV Truck from the East Coast (CT) to the West Coast (WA). I was quoted $1,140.00 total job with a $500.00 down payment and $640.00 balance due at pick-up. I told them that I needed the truck in WA before my daughter's graduation date of 12 June 2009 so I would be there at the pick-up site on 10 June 2009 to sign for and pick-up the truck. I was promised a pick-up date of either the 28th or 29th of May 2009 and a delivery date of 10 June 2009.

I agreed and gave my bank card information for them to deduct the deposit of $500.00 that was quoted, but $640.00 was actually withdrawn by A-Blue Knight that same night (before I even had the opportunity to receive, read, or even sign the contract). The next morning, I immediately called A-Blue Knight Inc. and talked to a guy by the name of Jon or John, and to make a very long story short and after a near shouting match, I was told by Jon or John, "You make mistakes, don't you?" I was too upset after hearing that and hung up!

I then called my bank and after a long talk with them, and after not allowing them to cancel the A-Blue Knight withdrawal and credit the money back into my account, I decided to let the withdrawal stand because all I would have to pay now was $500.00 versus $640.00 balance at pick-up. The 28th and 29th of May came and my truck did not get picked up nor did I receive any calls from any Truck Carrier or A-Blue Knight Inc. I called A-Blue Knight the afternoon of the 29th and explained to them about my truck not being picked-up. I was told that they were going to contact another transport company to pick my truck up and that the truck would still make it to WA in and on time!

I then decided to make my round trip flight arrangements to Seattle, WA on the 9th of June 2009, returning on the 15 of June 2009 so I could be there in time enough to meet the carrier. I decided to call A-Blue Knight Inc. every two days and continue to call them until my truck was picked-up and every time, I was told that they were working on it or somebody would call me back. But I never got a call back! I called again and was told that the carrier truck had broke down in Portland and that they were looking for another carrier.

I got very sick and nervous at that point because my truck was still sitting outside my apartment and I had a scheduled flight to fly out on the 9th of June 2009 to Seattle, WA. On the 8th of June, I called A-Blue Knight back and told them that I couldn't wait any longer and asked them why hasn't my truck been picked-up like I was told and as per the signed contract. I was told that somebody would be getting in contact with me. I then told them that I would have to go ahead and drive the truck cross country myself because it wasn't going to make it to Washington State on time for the graduation if I did not drive it now!

I was put in contact with Marguerite who told me that I would be refunded in full and that all I would have to do is write a letter requesting a refund and send it out to her. I mailed it out immediately. I headed out of state to the West Coast on the morning of the 9th of June 2009 missing my scheduled flight to Seattle, WA.

On the 15th of June, I arrived at the airport in Seattle, WA to catch my flight back home to CT and was not allowed on board because the airlines had cancelled my entire flight due to me not taking the initial departing flight out of CT to Seattle, WA on the 9th of June (all because I had to drive my truck cross country due to A-Blue Knight Inc. not fulfilling their duties as required by the signed contract as promised).

This now has caused me more stress, much more money and have put me in hardship because of the extra money I had to shell out of my pocket to pay for gas and tolls cross country and for the new one-way ticket for a flight back home. All because my truck wasn't picked-up and transported as promised by A-Blue Knight Inc.

After finally returning home, I immediately got on the phone and called A-Blue Knight Inc. and was told to contact Marguerite who was not in. I called again the next morning and again, she wasn't in. I called again a few days later and was told that I can only get in contact whit her on certain days so I started calling on those days and all I could do was leave a message.

On 6 July 2009, I finally got in contact with Marguerite and she told me that we would be putting my refund in the mail right away. On 22 July 2009, I had not received any mail or check from A-Blue Knight Inc. and drafted up another letter in the form of a "tracer" requesting the refund of my money (of which I have not received any replies or refund from either letter, to date).

After this, I would call A-Blue Knight Inc. a couple of times a month until 1 December 2009. I finally got in contact with Marguerite and she apologized to me for not getting my refund as she had promised and told me that my paperwork had got misplaced. She then told me again that she would be putting my refund in the mail right away. This was the last time I had heard from her or anyone from A-Blue Knight Inc. after numerous calls and after leaving numerous messages. To date (March 2010), I still haven't received my full refund nor has Marguerite or anybody from A-Blue Knight Inc. has called me back!


I hired A-Blue Knight to transport my truck from WA to TX in March of 09. They never picked up the truck and kept saying the truck broke down and I could ask for a refund after 30 days. I asked for it in the end of May 09. I’ve called and keep getting the run around telling me the person in charge of refunds is never there. I’ve called twice a week for a year now. I’ve also called department of transportation and they can’t do anything about it. I’m in the military. I don’t make enough money to get $998 stolen from me. I had to hire another company to transport my truck for me. I’ve had to get another car to move around in.


I called to have my daughter's car transported to Tampa Florida from New York on Jan.11, 2010. I signed the contract on 1/13/10. They took the funds out of my bank the same day in the amount of $630. I thought I was one of the lucky ones because they picked up my car the next day on 1/14/10. They told me it should be there by the weekend because I explained to them that my daughter had classes on Monday, 1/18/10, and lives off campus. Well, the car never arrived until 1/30/10. After many calls to Blue Knight, I was told it was weather related and many other excuses. They was extremely rude. I had to rent my daughter a car that cost me almost $700. I called them to ask for a refund and they said we don't give refunds. So I contacted the office of the Attorney General. I'm hoping maybe they can help me out.


My company was hired by A Blue Knight Inc., on 7-28-09 and 8-5-09, to carry 3 vehicles for a total of $1100. We did so, successfully and professionally completing the contract and sending billing out on 8-11-2009. We were first promised payment right away (with confirmation of delivery which we did), then it turned into 10 days. Then we were told 30 day billing payment (and the lies continued). We were once told that they were having a hard time paying out to their contracted carriers and would be doing so by payment arrangements, yea right! They have no intention of ever paying and used our money to better themselves. They're liars, thieves and cheats, the whole lot of them, from the "transport specialist" to the owners.


On Nov. 2, this company did an electronic payment of $905.00 from my account before I even signed a contract to transport my car. I contacted Bank of America to stop the payment and their worker, ** from California, cancelled the wrong payment. By the time I heard from him, it already went through the bank. When I told ** that I wanted to cancel this transport, he threatened me with fraud. So I let him continue to look for a transport company. He contacted *** from the west to hire someone.

A certain, **, called a week early than my schedule, which was Dec. 4. So then they hired Roberto's, and he was suppose to pick up the car on Wednesday, two days ahead of time by 5:00 pm. They never called or showed up. So we waited until Thursday, nothing from them again.

Chanel fired him for not showing up. She hired Ryan's and they cancelled me on Saturday the 6th. Well, I had enough. I called the office and ** answered and promised a transport. On the road of Dec. 7, I got a lawyer. He called ** and he told the lawyer that he would call him back on Wednesday the 8th. He never called then or until this day.

I contacted another company, Jet Auto. ** helped me a lot. He checked the site to see if I was listed for a transport for two days but nothing was there. I then, on the 10th, faxed and emailed Blue Knight to cancel this immediately. They previously informed me that if I cancel, I will get another charge of $51.00. I said, "I don't care. I just want the $905.00 back."

So, they never charged the $51 and I never received anything from them. They told my lawyer that I fired Roberto's because they were Hispanic. They lied about that as well. I lived in NM for 6 and a half years. If I was prejudice, would I live there? I spoke with ** a few times afterward and she was willing to help my lawyer and vouch for why Roberto's was fired and how Blue Knight rips off people.

We got to the point that I did contact Better Business Bureau and the Bank of America will not accept any of the responsibility in losing the money. Blue Knight is already on the "Rip Off" list, but I feel I should try to help someone in preventing to let this happen to them. The car was being transported from Las Cruces, NM to Old Bridge, NJ.

I had to pay another company $750. So I paid twice for my car to be transported.


I authorized this company via a blank cancelled check to withdraw $410 from my checking account on 04/23/09. They double dipped and removed in two separate transactions $820. Never came to pick up car which was going to California from Pa. Numerous calls for lack of performance and requests for refund were disregarded.

I filed a complaint with the Mario **, Office of Attorney General, Bureau of consumer Frauds and Protection in Mineola N. Y. with a very comprehensive portfolio and never even received a response. It was sent via registered mail. They are probably in cahoots with this company. A lawyer and local town magistrate also contacted this company for me without results. They are untouchable, there is huge payola going on here and the lack of any response by the Attorney generals office is obvious proof of their involvement. I'm writing mostly just to lend my support to warn others since I see this is still going on. $810 and Massive inconvenience causing anxiety to elderly family.

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