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I shipped my two pickup with them, paid them $4000 and then they left my pickup for 3 months until I paid for the truck driver from my pocket $1000. So I thought problem solved, but they even never pay for the shipping although I paid them. So I had to pay again for the other company to release my trucks.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a 2002 Acura. My car started breaking down after a couple of weeks after I bought it. The transmission is broken. The computer and air conditioner does not work, too. I am without reliable transportation and when I went to ask them if they could fix my car, they told me that I didn't have warranty and there was nothing they could do. They said the law was in their favor.


I have a reference number ** for a shipping of my car scheduled to ship to Busan, South Korea. I am a DOD employee and a retired US Army 1SG and I believe I have been cheated. I sent a payment of $300.00 as a deposit for this reference number. I have tried to contact Ms. Kim and the company without success. Are they crooks or bankrupted? If so, please I am requesting a complete refund to my bank account. I am short $300.00 and I was hoping to have my car shipped this coming May 4, 2011. I have purchased a round trip ticket scheduled to arrange shipment and airplane cost is $259.00 with American Airlines. What am I supposed to do now? Please help me. Is this the way we treat a war veteran of 24 years of active duty? I served my country and this is incredible.


We paid $950 to One World Auto Movers in September 2009 to move 2 cars from Raleigh, NC to Boston, MA. One car was shipped in that month (Sept. 2009). Due to personal reasons, the other car was not shipped until August 2010. In August 2010, my wife contacted Sabrina **, who told us that additional an $100 was needed to be paid in order to ship the car. So we paid the $100. The car was not shipped on the day she promised, it was delayed for a week. Yet when the car finally arrived at Boston, the truck driver said that I needed to pay him another $475 as his company never received payment from One World Auto Movers.

It was a Saturday and we couldn't get a hold of One World Auto Movers. We were thinking that it was fine that we pay the driver since we would get the refund from One World Auto Movers. However, One World Auto Movers never refunded us! Sabrina ** started to ignore our emails, while she responded pretty quickly and acted friendly before the car shipment. It was extremely frustrating that nobody in this crappy company returns your call and no customer services. When my wife finally reached Sabrina **, by phone, she kept telling my wife that it was under investigation (as if she didn't know what happened, she was the one who confirmed with my wife that we need not to pay the driver before the shipment was made).

She then simply forwarded my wife's call to an accounting or customer service (as if they had one). She was rude and helpless. If it was an honest and well-functioning company, an issue like this will only take 5 minutes to resolve. Sabrina ** continued to lie and told my wife that we had been taken care of, but we never got the $475 refund. We had problems believing how this type of crappy company could stay in business. There are many victims of this company. Stay away from this company, One World Auto Movers. Stay away from Sabrina **, a professional liar.


Seven months ago, I shipped 2 pickups with the company 1 World Auto Movers (Nissan and Mazda). I paid all they asked for $3500 from Manassas, USA to Beirut, Lebanon. But for now, they never called me or sent me an email. When I called them, no one answers and if they'll answer, they will say the agent is not here. So if anyone can help me how to find my pickups. I lose $7000 because of their lying.

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They just lied and lied. Never say what they were supposed to do. I wasted a lot of time and $500. I ended up hiring another company for the transport service. We did in one week what 1 World Auto could not do in six months. Thank God for GforceLogistics.


Absolute worst company on the planet. Do not use this company! First, I was told that everything was in order and to leave my car at the hotel I was at in Miami. They would pick it up on Friday, Oct. 29, the following Tuesday. I had heard nothing, so I called them. They said the car had not been picked up yet due to not having my telephone number here. I gave it to them and said I could have supplied earlier if they had asked. I called back Friday, 7 days later, could not get an answer from Sabrina. She had no way of knowing if car was picked up. I talked to a "manager". She said they had trouble getting a driver but car would for sure be picked up on Sunday.

I called Tuesday. The car is still not picked up! This time, I was told that the hotel did not answer so the driver did not go! I called the hotel,l they answered and said no one had contacted them. The car was supposedly picked up Friday, 2 weeks later, not sure, the only confirmation is the hotel saying it is gone. To where? No one ate 1 World Auto, tell me. They are now witting on a dock receipt they say is sent to them 48 hours after car ships? They are all lairs and unprofessional. I am stuck with additional car rental. I spent $1,000 so far and have no idea if I will ever see my car or when I need to drive 5 hours to Limon to pick it up.


Sabrina ** at 1 World lied to me and cost me $200. This is a dishonest company and I would not use them if the cost was free! They will not return calls and when they do, you get pushed off to a voice mail. It is beyond frustrating! Beware of the small print "fuel surcharge"! I gave my credit card over the phone as I was driving in to work. Once I got in, there was a contract in my email just as Sabrina had said. I had asked her on the phone if there would be any additional charges, specifically asking about the surcharge, and she said no. She said she needed me to just forward the email back so she had my information. This was where I went wrong. By doing this, I entered into a contract with them that even though I told them less than 12 hours after I talked to them and 3 days before my auto move, that I did not need them.

I am out the $200 deposit! Legally, they are correct (I was an ** for actually believing what she said) but morally and ethically, they are wrong! I am out the $200 deposit because I thought that Sabrina told me the truth.


I'm having a hard time reaching customer service, not letting the customer know about missing payments. My car was transported from Houma, LA to San Juan, PR. This company has not contacted me about anything regarding my car. I have localized my car by contacting the driver and trailer bridge (water transportation or vessel).

Not only have they not contacted me about my car's status, the Trailer Bridge port in San Juan, PR will start charging $25 per day until any matters with 1world Auto Movers is resolved. They are unreachable and the company's representative, Michael, was at last reached and replied in a confrontational way, not wanting to understand my situation, leading another rep that didn't answer.

Due to their not answering or responding to the customer, I was not informed about the need to pay off the vehicle to be transported from Florida to Puerto Rico. The vehicle's title was required, so I had to run and pay off the whole amount my car of about $5700 and now charged for days of port storage at Trailer Bridge at San Juan, PR of $25 per day until the matter with one world auto is resolved. I am willing to pay off the transportation agreement of $1698, where $200 was the initial paid amount. The remaining is PR $1500.

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