About the study

Transitioning from the military to civilian life can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding a job. Veteran hiring programs connect employers with veterans who have transferrable skills that can be an asset for a civilian company, but not all companies currently have them in place.

ConsumerAffairs wanted to find out just how much of an impact veteran hiring programs have on veteran employees. We partnered with RecruitMilitary to conduct an extensive study to find out how effective veteran hiring programs are when it comes to the recruitment, on-boarding, assimilating and career development of our veterans.

The results show that veterans working for employers with veteran hiring programs are overall more satisfied than veterans working for employers without veteran hiring programs in seven key areas:


RecruitMilitary compiled a list of questions for a survey to be emailed to all of their members, and 3,089 veterans responded to the survey. Our data scientist at ConsumerAffairs analyzed the results.

Satisfaction with employers

Take a look at the side-by-side comparisons showing veterans’ satisfaction with employers that have veteran hiring programs versus those that do not.

Veterans who are hired through veteran hiring programs are generally happier with their overall experience when it comes to fitting in with employer culture as well as their employers’ ability to work around their military-service duties.

Employer recommendation

Veterans whose employers have veteran hiring programs are 40.5% more likely to recommend their employers to other veterans than those whose employers do not have veteran hiring programs.

Valued by employer

Employers that have implemented veteran hiring programs excel at making veterans feel valued and respected for their military backgrounds.


Veteran hiring programs, such as the ones RecruitMilitary helps implement, make it easier for veterans to connect with employers who value their unique skill sets and knowledge. Each program can work to ensure veterans transition smoothly into civilian careers and are working for an employer that recognizes their strengths and appreciates their service. RecruitMilitary makes sure veterans are taken care of when it comes to searching for jobs by connecting veterans with employers.  All of RecruitMilitary’s services are free of charge to veterans and their spouses, including over 100 job fairs across the nation each year.

Jonathan Trout

ConsumerAffairs Research Team