Sure, everybody's doing it, but few realize how rapidly the U.S. and the other industrialized nations are graying. It's not just that the baby boomers are hitting their 50s, but also that the fertility rate is low and people are living longer.

These three trends combine to produce a rapid increase in the average age. In fact, those 85 and older are now the fastest-growing group in America.

Aging isn't bad in itself but it creates a lot of potential problems involving health care, employment and personal finance. Also, older people are a prime target of scam artists, which creates yet another set of problems. Check our News for Seniors section. For tips on staying healthy, see Fred Cicetti's Healthy Geezer column.

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Laura of Towanda, PA

I am disabled, burn survivor and back in September (2016) my husband walked out on me and then when that happened the SSA drastically cut ...

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