Rick Rutledge

Account Manager


"You cannot correct what you aren't willing to confront." - Unknown

Rick spent 17 years in media of which 13 were as a brand manager for some of America's best and biggest local media brands. Attaining number one status with consumers in cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Cleveland, St. Louis and Tulsa (3 times). He is a Tulsa native who graduated high school in the Oklahoma City area. This all of course after he was raised by a troop of kickboxing nuns. Rick has a wife and two children and when he's not working or with them, he's our resident flyer and maintains a leadership position with Civil Air Patrol as a Major and squadron commander. He also ran for a seat in the Oklahoma Senate in 2010 at age 28. Apparently, kickboxing nuns have taught him how to manage his time wisely, grasshoppa.