Lauren Grant

Client Success Specialist


“For consumers today, the internet offers the most visible platform for their voices – whether positive or negative – to be heard by all. Consumer power grows each day, and with that, so does the opportunity for businesses to be brought down by dishonest reviews. When we say, “We’ve got your back,” we want that to reach to consumers and brands alike. I feel lucky to be working for ConsumerAffairs and participate everyday in teaching better business practices to companies that deserve a second chance while also giving consumers the best resources and reviews out there so they’re educated enough to make smarter decisions.”

A self described “Irish-Hawaiian-freckled-face Okie,” Lauren brings 10+ years experience in sales & business development from multiple industries as well as her background in customer engagement and satisfaction. A part-time runner and full-time weightlifter, Lauren can usually be found at home tending to her muscles while curled up with a dusty old book.