Angela L Howze, Student Loan Advisor

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Angela L Howze is a student loan expert that helps students save as much money as possible by empowering them with the education and resources they need to become financially literate. Angela takes pride in helping borrowers manage their student loan debts and avoid defaulting after graduating.

She also offers student loan repayment seminars for nonprofit organizations and employers and has written a book on student loans— “Breaking Free From Financial Aid Prison: Experience Student Loan Freedom.”

Angela holds a master’s degree in economic workforce development from the University of Southern Mississippi and certifications as a certified student loan professional (CSLP) and certified financial literacy instructor. The Mississippi Business Journal named her one of its top 50 CEOs in 2020, and she received a Financial Literacy Proclamation from Hattiesburg, MS Mayor Toby Barker in 2019.

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.