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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I have had 2 phones from this "firm" claiming I have an outstanding balance against me. They wanted me to verify my DOB, address and last 4 digits of SS# before they would tell me who I was in debt to. Of course, the said my info didn't match up to what they had on file! I didn't give my SS#. BEWARE! You would normally receive a letter for debt collection BEFORE they try to call you. Very shady!!! I asked who I was speaking with and she said "Ms. **".

This law firm is as shady as they come. They give attorneys a bad name. They find old, questionable delinquent accounts and rush to obtain default judgments to garnish wages. They are beyond unethical... I'm not certain why someone that went to law school for years and spent so much money on their education, would resort to this type of practice as a career. Very unethical. I have referred them to the Florida bar.

These people took me to court and the judge allowed them to garnish my wages at 12.5%. I was working part time making like $10 an hour. I lost my job there and worked at a few other places. Now in December 2013, put a hold on my bank account even though I am on unemployment. Now I have an attorney and I am about to recoup what they took from me. These people are nasty and very shady and try to bend the law hoping the consumer doesn't fight them.

I have a court order granting claim of exemption on 04/02/13. The judge advised, "Allow 2 to 3 weeks to receive orders." The law office of Andreu Palma Anreus didn't submit the paperwork until the end of May. The judge signed off on 05/30/13. I received my copy, but my employers didn't because they have the wrong address on the orders the judge signed which I find odd. They had the correct address when they issued the garnishment. I called to advise about the address; I was told to give them my copy. They know you can't do that; they wouldn't take the correct address. I asked to speak to manager and was transferred to his ext. He was not in the office. I called back and asked to speak to the manager's manager. I was advised he doesn't have one. I called back again and got the runaround. The reps were very rude and inconsiderate to the matter. This has been horrible experience. Is there a time guideline for this to be resolved by law?

My wife, Charranda **, called the law firm on 18 August 11 to request a statement that shows proof of every payment made to them because we are trying to buy a house. Michael ** informed her that he would send it out. I called the law firm back on 24 August 11 to see if the statement was mailed to us. Michael ** informed me that mailing me a statement is not a priority. I was deeply offended because it is a priority for me to send them my payments on a monthly basis, but for them to send me a statement is not. I was insulted. What happened to customer's rights? So, he transferred me to his supervisor, David **, who told me that he would send that statement to my email and that I should have it by 7:30 p.m. on 24 August 11.

I called that law office back on 25 August 11 at 8:00 a.m. to report that we have not received the statement that we have been requesting for a week. Michael **, who was over our case, said that we would have to talk to his supervisor David **, who would be in at 8:30 this morning. So, I said, "Yesterday, you told me that it wasn't a priority for you to send me a statement. But, I guess, if I don't send you my payment, it would then be a priority." He then stated, "Look, we know how the game goes. When you get your house, you are not going to send us any more payments." I told him, "I am trying to build my credit so why would I stop paying you because I get the house? If you check our records, we have paid them on time every single month and have not missed one payment. We don't have too many more payments until we are done paying them off."

What sense would it make for us to get a house and stop paying them so that they can garnish my check? So, I called back at 8:30 and another representative said that David ** will be in at 10:30 a.m. I feel like I am getting the run around over a simple statement.

Back in 2008 I went to court and the judge ordered that i work out a payment plan with the above named firm. They set the amount of 150.00 a months and it was impossible for me being head of household to make that payment. i notified them i could not make those payments and 1 month ago they garnished my bank account and I had to sign off on 2,000. Yesterday, they called me gain threat ning to re-garnish my bank account or take my car they have gone as far as telling me that they know that i have a plot in the cementery and they could take that from me. My son is buried there and this lot is a double.they told me they did not care.

Economic disaster for me. i live off my paycheck. I was not able to purchase my herat, blood pressure or depression medication and I had no food at home for my 10 year old grandaughter who lives with me. I wat to know if this is legal? can anyone drive a consumer to want to die? this is precisely how I feel. All my bills are behind and they are threatning to do this again.

This law office placed a judgement against me without inviting me to the hearing or trying to make a payment arrangement with me. They have inflated, (doubled) the amount that I owed on the judgement and want payments that are far more than I can afford. I have tried to negotiate payments even before the judgement was placed and they would never agree to an amount. I still have not been successful making a payment arragement with them. They want $450 a month and I was only comfortable paying $150 at the most. They still have not accepted this offer. They have been extremely difficult to work with.

Jorge Palma, Esq. is the lawyer representing CACHE, LLC trying to collect money on an invalid debt. Law office of Andreu and Palma, LLP need to be investigated.

Today I received a MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGEMENT in the mail without a respond by date. I was never served with the initial lawsuit but due to the ongoing behavior of CACHE, LLC and their lawyer I searched public records online and found a lawsuit pending.

I have repeatedly denied this debt as I have never done business with CACHE, LLC nor do I know who they are. I have responded to the lawsuit and have asked for proof of this debt and was never answered. I have not received a date for this lawsuit yet today I receive a MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGEMENT.

After further investigation and closer examination I noticed that the Public record stated online that the filing of the lawsuit was June26th 2007 and a written copy obtained by me was shown to be July 20th of 2007. The lawsuit is in the amount of $7147.82 yet as of March 26th 2007 the demand for payment was in the amount of $8480.25.

The filing of the lawsuit I obtained also had attached to a Bill of Sale showing that CACHE, LLC purchased a charged off account from Chase bank on November 22nd of 2005 yet according to Jorge Palma, Esq. of the Law office of Andreu and Palma, LLP; the account was transferred from chase to Cache, LLC. This is not the case. They purchased it. Therefore it is not a valid debt and any funds collected do not go to the original debtor (CHASE) but to CACHE, LLC.

They (CACHE, LLC) have also added themselves as debtors on my credit report thus reducing my credit rating.

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