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After 8 months, Samsung french door fridge model # RF197ACRS started making a loud noise. It defrosted the freezer twice on its own - the fridge part was warm. For some reason froze up again and started working. Now there is a continuous build up of water leaking on the bottom of fridge below the crisper drawers.

From the reviews I've read, this is a regular problem with these fridges. That's what I get for buying made in China crap from an un-reputable company. We lose our manufacturing jobs and keep them employed by having to constantly buy products that are built for obsolescence. We keep spending and getting poorer so they stay employed and richer. We should have paid more attention to the political puppets who brought in free trade for the world's controlling monopolistic few.

I have just spent the last half hour reading comments on good old Samsung Refrigerator. I have had a problem for the past year and now comes a time. Where do I start? What's the cost? The digital front settings are being controlled by a ghost; bounces from ice to water, doesn't stop. Cost? Water on the floor. Ice built up on the back of the fridge really thick and water steady on the bottom of the drawers. Cost? Any advice besides throw it to the curb like people have said? Nice fridge; but really, how much money does an average person need to fix repairs? I was going to try and tackle project by myself but will it work or continue the hair dryer every couple of months thawing it out and putting up with dings on the front panel deciding what it wants to do? Any suggestions? Obviously not after reading the reviews.

Would never recommend Samsung to anyone. Bad, bad choice I am just fed up with this problem. Thanks Samsung for the Lemon.

SAMSUNG MODEL RF217ACBP (French Door w/bottom freezer) nd - My primary reason for filing a complaint with Consumer Affairs is to become a part of any CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against SAMSUNG that may develop. Without reiterating what has already been said about Samsung Refrigerators, we have experienced most all of problems described by other irate consumers. We have had absolutely NO HELP from Samsung customer service and the 'company authorized' repairman was $265 wasted money. The only thing we continue to do is chip out the ice, dump the water and pray it doesn't quit with $200 worth of food in it. Needless to say, WE WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANY SAMSUNG PRODUCTS REGARDLESS OF RATINGS.

My Samsung French Door Model SRF 579 DIS bought about 4 years old has been fixed for water lodged in the vegetable drawers about a year ago. Now the same problem happened again and out of warranty. After reading all the complains about the same problem from many people, the product should be recall and the Consumer Affairs should step in and help the consumers. No more Samsung fridge again.. Please help..

My refrigerator (Samsung RF24FSEDBSR) has a unusual noise coming from the back. The only way to stop the noise is to unplug the unit for 24 hours and let it defrost (really a refrigerator without a defrost cycle). I have seen where ice builds up and the fan is actually hitting against the ice and that's what causes the noise. The 2nd issue is the ice maker, or rather the lack of ice making. The ice maker is always dropping water into the drip tray, and the tray stays full. When you dispense ice the ice is wet and usually a bunch of crumbles VS solid cubes. We called Samsung and went to Fry's where we bought the unit and all they say is that it's a common problem, then said check the gasket/seal on the door that lines up with the ice chute, and is the chute door closing all the way. Both worked as they should but we still have water dripping.

Am happy to be accurate and fair but why isn't same required of company? I owe it to everyone to advise that the Samsung refrigerator is a very poor investment. This refrigerator purchase was part of my kitchen remodel and after just 7 months it has flooded my kitchen floor. Their response when called for service - we can be there in a week. So think twice try any other brand - I have a Kenmore in my barn purchased new 15 years ago that still works and always has - not pretty or "stylish" but functions.

Great difficulty discussing with tel reps due to poor language skills, fairness by a company that was paid on the spot for a product only in use 7 months that does not work as intended is not waiting a 4 days for service. If I had not paid immediately, it would have never been delivered or it would have been removed from my home immediately or I would have received a court action - most likely immediately. What's fair about that? What's fair about a refrigerator costing $3000.00 that breaks in 7 months? What's honest about a refrigerator that makes the promise of quality, etc., that breaks in 7 months?

Water in crisper bins, ice underneath the bins, freezer compartment won't defrost, must do it manually every 6 weeks.

Bought 6/24/13, arrival 7/9/13 SS No. W65043BD501879 - the ice maker leaks through water and ice levers. These need to be two separate levers, not on top of each other. On 7/10/14 a new ice maker installed. Today 1/11/15, still leaking. Ice not cubed as requested, pieces. Water runs down door to floor each time levers pushed and even when not in use. I have called three times, not good English, not a script for this problem. I called authorized dealer, he told me how terrible Samsung was but did install new ice maker. Nothing changed. This all started about six months into use of refrigerator. Love the drawer, inside of refrigerator, hate how it works. Will get rid of this first chance. Do not buy Samsung refrigerators.

As others have noted the refrigerator by Samsung has been a problem since day one. Water and ice accumulates in the vegetable bin area. The water storage vessel located on the back wall freezes and has ruptured on several occasions, requiring replacement. The defrost heater shorts out and is not operational, numerous issues with the main control board and the reprogrammed and updated replacements, poor design and engineering requiring design modifications in the field, water and ice systems freeze up, do not work and do not dispense. Overall, Samsung service is unresponsive and basically not knowledgeable. Their design and engineering groups don't have a clue. Most recent repair included the installation of new and upgraded main panel which was to resolve all the problems.

Issue is that after the installation of three separate new and improved and reprogrammed panels only some of the issues were addressed and the reprogramming actually caused other problems. The original main board panel that came with my refrigerator is long gone, no longer manufactured. The replacement panel has a new set of issues including that other basic functions were not programmed into the new main panel design. So for example, for the refrigerator and freezer to operate I have lost several functions such as the light in the freezer compartment. This item for example was never programmed into the newest control panel. I was told this directly from the tech rep at Samsung and the repair folks.

Keep in mind my French door refrigerator that cost over two thousand dollars and is less than four years old is a mush mash of parts and accessories. The main panel has been replaced several times and three separate panels were required to be able, installed this time just to get to a point that the refrigerator functioned and the defrost heater assembly had voltage to operate.

Keep in mind that I now have a refrigerator that have systems that cannot function because the main board was not properly programmed and Samsung does not seem to care. They won't even return a phone call and customer service is a joke. One more thing. I was with the service person the entire time that my refrigerator was being worked on. If I ever hear one more time the senior service technician from Samsung tell the onsite servicing rep "let me tell you off the record what you should do" I will scream!!

The senior service tech at Samsung confirmed that there was a serious issue with the freezing and rupturing of the water vessels on the interior rear wall of the refrigerator compartment. He indicated that Samsung has failed to address this issue with a repair or service bull item as it would basically acknowledge that there indeed is a design and operational flaw in the unit. "Off the record, the onsite rep was told to go out and get a thin piece of closed cell foam and place it between the water vessel and rear wall of the refrigerator compartment as some other site repair folks have found that to be the resolution to the vessel freezing and rupturing issue.”

Well I will close out my comments for now, but will likely be writing again as the refrigerator has problem after problem and Samsung is unable to effectively resolve the issues. By the way, since my refrigerator, which is less than four years old is out of warranty, and I have had to pay for all the repairs myself, the cost to date now exceeds the original cost of the unit. The unit was about $2,300.00 and with the latest "partial fix" adding another $420,00, I am into this great product to the tune of over $4,800.00. No help from Samsung here!! Looking for a new refrigerator now and certainly would like to see Samsung step up and make this right and cut me a refund check for the $4,800.00 I have invested so far. Maybe they should also take into account the spoiled food and inconvenience to my family while they are at it. Don't Buy Samsung Products!!

We bought a Samsung side-by-side fridge at Lowe's. I wish we never had. The icemaker started making loud noises after about 9 months. Repairman fixed it under warranty. A few months later it started again. I'll give Samsung NA credit for repairing it out-of-warranty but now, about a year later it has started up again. I've bought 20 and 30 year old fridges from Goodwill when I was a student that worked better, quieter for a LOT less money (like $25!). Never again.

I wish I would have read the reviews on Samsung Appliances - thought they would have been good quality but they're not!!! Fridge from the get go started doing exactly what all the others are saying - water in veg trays, summer time frosts up, fans noisy because of the frost so have to unplug and thaw Junk!!! Washer and Dryer Samsung washer have to place clothes in certain way or makes banging noise - Junk!!

The first thing on my list was that our new stainless fridge be ultra quiet. We got the RF30HBED French door with 2 drawers. Very nice, just what I wanted. It's the loudest we've ever had in 46 years of marriage. Should have stuck with my Kenmores.

I have bought 3 major appliances from Samsung and I must say I'm sorry I did so. My refrigerator had 3 problems the 1st year and 30 days after the fix, it died again only to hear Samsung say, "Too bad, so sad." My washing machine just after warranty died. "Too bad, so sad." And now my $2,000 60" Plasma after 2 years went bad. "Too bad, so sad." I have literally wasted hours and hours on the phone with the support groups and the customer satisfaction groups. The best that they offered was a one-time visit for parts only by the tech to repair the problem. So, if I get a new tech or one that doesn't care and a 2nd visit is necessary, I pay for the labor and parts on the visit. Again, I pay labor and diagnosis the 1st visit they pay for parts, but when asked if the tech needs to come back, will they pay for parts? Their reply is, "You can call us and we will see." Translation: "Screw you."

I have spent over $5,000 in the last 3 years with them and I won't ever buy another SAMSUNG PRODUCT again. EVER! General Motors did the same thing to me at 42K miles when the head gasket let loose and blew the motor on my car. I now own Toyotas & Hondas. Koreans build crap as do the Chinese. If you want quality, stick to Sony, Hitachi, or Toshiba. I am now on a campaign to spread the word about Samsung's quality issues. $5,000 gone for 3 products that were crap within the warranty period or just after. Beware America. Don't ever buy any Korean-made products at all. That includes Hyundai/Kia. This was a Samsung Plasma TV model # PN60E7000FFXZA.

Samsung counter refrigerator rf197acrs - After one year, our great looking Samsung refrigerator started to accumulate water and ice under crispers. We defrosted the refrigerator. It stopped for a while but ice started to accumulate at the back of refrigerator behind wall (you could see buildup through air pockets). In addition, the fan started to make noise and eventually the refrigerator shut down all together. As we were waiting for someone to help us, we called Samsung with little help as we did not purchase additional warranty. We called Lowe's with little help; however they were sympathetic to our predicament. We finally had repairman out and he exchanged part at back of refrigerator wall but that also failed. He came out again and replaced the same part with a new one and here I am waiting for this one to break! This situation leaves one with a feeling of hopelessness!

Let's start with a Samsung refrigerator, model RF260BEAEBC/AA, that had a failed ice maker in first six weeks. After working with Samsung call center to do troubleshooting, no change. Now with outsourced service company, USSI, who can be reached for updates through a toll number, not even a toll-free 800 number. Company has not vested interest in Samsung product quality, as they service other brands also. We will be without ice maker for nine days before the hoped-for Monday call from service to schedule a service visit. I can tell you, the USSI call center rep was about as cool and indifferent to my problem and the delays as you can get. In the future, will try to stay away from products where company is not fully invested in the warranty and service aspect.

Purchasing Fridge in winter season and building a supply of 2 full bins of ice. We had a warm spring weekend Sat & Sun. Sunday night I went to get some Ice, both bins completely empty. I thought wife turned it off. Nope still on, so I kept an eye on it and the dang thing don't make much Ice. Called Samsung, they said “Push power freeze button.” I asked, “How much more Ice will it produce?” They had no idea so I did not much improvement. Bought a used fridge with Ice maker for garage, makes 2 to 3x more. Now my drain for fridge freezes, water runs under bottom drawer ¼”, ice drawer won't open eventually water on floor now. I have to take apart, unfreeze drain, put back together. I have replaced defrost thermostat, had a repairman fix it 1x and I've done it 3x and tired of it. Don't buy a Samsung.

We purchased our freezer on the bottom refrigerator on April 2013. In November 2014, we noticed hairline cracks beginning in the door bins. By January, one bin lost its front and cracked almost the whole way across. Also, having cleaned it out after the New Year, we noticed cracks in two more bins. Now my call to customer service, "Ma'am, do you consider this normal wear and tear?" WHAT! 19 months old means cracked and broken shelving. "Well we can send you to customer service." He thought it would be a good idea if I purchased the 3 bins from parts he will give me the number. "NO I would not like to purchase new bins every 19 months." "Well we will give you a ONE-TIME-only replacement." Oh yeah, the same exact bins. They have NOT been revamped, they never heard of this problem before. DO NOT PURCHASE SAMSUNG.

We bought a Samsung Model No. RF263BEASER 25.6 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator from Best Buy in Denver area in June 2013. The ice maker was OK initially but started giving trouble later. In Dec 2014, we had to call the Samsung repair service company (A & E Factory Service Thornton, CO) to make the ice maker work. The service company told us the Ice maker needed to be replaced. It is costing me $466 to get a new ice maker installed. This has never happened to me before with a refrigerator. I think the quality of the refrigerator is inferior and I will not recommend it at all.

Samsung refrigerator FR26HFENDSR - I will never trust a samsung dealer or samsung customer service .... They lie to you, not a good business.. Nov 28 - bought this appliance. Home depot delivered it Dec 6, 2014. Dec 9 opened it up and all food was spoiled...board went out. No lost all food. Repairman comes out, Dec 15, says we need a new board. Dec 17 called samsung, asking status, board was not even ordered, so board is ordered. Put in a request for reimbursement for food loss. Dec 22, samsung calls to inform me that part is on backorder until Dec 29. They put in a request for food spoilage again, and replacement fridge. Come to find out on the 27, request not put in as I was told it would be, then again on the 27, 29, and Jan 3. As of today samsung informed me that the part is now in and they are not going to put in a request for the food loss, or replacement. All their customer representatives did for the month was blow smoke up my butt and lie to me about what they were going to do for this issue. I will never buy samsung again with the issues that I have had to encounter from the customer service center at samsung. They do not honor what they say to you...

Samsung French Door Refrigerator - Model # RF263BEAESR/AA - BEWARE ----> BAD PRODUCT & BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE ----> SAMSUNG. $2,000 refrigerator with ice maker that has not worked properly since day one. Samsung warranty repaired twice in first year. Ice maker would work for a week or two then frost up and leak water on inside, collect then leak out doors making a mess all over floor. After several frustrating calls to Samsung's "resolution" department I received another service call outside of warranty (1 year) to replace several parts and defrost element. This did not fix the problem and ice maker frosted up a couple weeks later.

Requested service AGAIN and waited 1 month without a response. Finally was told Samsung would not repair or service further and I should contact a service center to pay for another repair. Note: Service techs both told me the icemakers are a HUGE PROBLEM for Samsung. What a freaking joke! Samsung is making a piece of crap and is failing to support and/or correct this. HOPE AN ATTORNEY THAT BUYS ONE OF THEIR BAD REFRIGERATORS FILES A CLASS-ACTION SUIT. UNTIL THEN ------> DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG <--------- BAD PRODUCT/BAD QUALITY/BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I bought a Samsung fridge in Nov. 2014, from day one the ice maker has delivered crushed ice while in the cubed mode. Had 4 repairmen here and was told nothing could be done, it was a Samsung design flaw. This was a three French door design. Why doesn't Samsung fix this problem? My old fridge never had this problem!

My extended family has 3 Samsung fridges - 2x RL67 and one RL62. After approximately 16 months, two of them developed noise. The noise stopped each time the fridge door was opened. The problem was with the coil in the cooler - it had iced over. I called a technician for our fridge (RL62), and he repaired the problem. He offered me insurance for three years at a cost of $360. I refused, then he offered me insurance for one year for $200 (the cost of the repair). After Googling the type of fridge problem, I discovered that there is a serious problem with Samsung fridges. It appears that there is every chance that the problem in my fridge will return in several months!

The first service call the technician installed a repair kit for the fan in the rear of the unit, a common problem Samsung recommended to stop the noise. Several days later it was making a different noise - it sounds like the compressor. The same technician came back and could not hear anything abnormal. Now, 3 weeks later the noise is louder. The service advisor I called advised me if the technician does not hear a noise I will be charged for the service call. This unit is 2 months old. Our previous refrigerator was 30 years old and was much quieter than this one.

Purchased a Samsung fridge RF217ACBP in June 2011 and have the same complaint I am reading over and over. I have had 3 service calls for the same problem, water in the veggie/fruit bins, thick ice under the bins. This time the fan was very noisy and would consistently run. Called Xmas eve and the service guy came out on 12/29, the back panel was completely frozen, had to shut off for 24 hrs, and parts were ordered. When I called on Saturday they were nice, but no help. You need to have 4 repair calls in 1 year to even be considered for a new fridge. I have already told many people not to purchase a Samsung fridge or anything and will never get another one myself. I think they should stick to phones & tablets. Let’s hope what was fixed today will last, but once my master protection plan expires in 2016 (glad I have it) the fridge will be gone. Samsung needs to get their act together and maybe if enough people stop purchasing product they will get the message. NO MORE SAMSUNG APPLIANCES FOR ME!!!!!!

My Samsung washer is just over 3 years old and a top loader. The bleach dispenser right under the lid is rusting and the rust is starting right into the metal on the machine and is getting worse. I have a extended warranty on the washer and dryer. I bought the product at Lowe's. I called Lowe's and they sent someone out. They ordered the top part of the machine and lid. They have been here 4 times and it isn't fixed yet because Lowe's put the blame on Samsung and I called Samsung and they said that they wouldn't fix it, saying it is cosmetic. So, what is a person to do? Also I have a Samsung refrigerator and water is leaking into the vegetable bins at the bottom. I don't know where it is coming from. I am very angry that Samsung doesn't stand behind their products. I will never buy another Samsung product again and will tell all my friends of my experience.

Black French door Refrigerator Model # RF263AEBP. After just over 1 year from purchase, we were alerted to our 1st of now 3 water freeze-up in our fridge. In time #1 & 2 noted water on kitchen floor which was ultimately also on the floor of refrigerator section. Warranty was expired. Thank goodness for websites like this and youtube as we determined the problem was water line freezing and ultimate ice back up. Ice was thick all over the coils and drain clogged with ice. After following youtube directions all was fixed and we felt pretty darn happy with ourselves. (Rightly so as based upon reviews here not only do Samsung techs not know what’s going on - there is no fix, that's clear - but private techs don't know either and all just sell you a bill of goods you don't need.)

About 6 months later we were alerted to the problem again in the same way described above. Followed the same youtube process and although this is getting old, solved the problem. It's been over a year and no freeze ups. Until 2 days ago. This time no alert of water, simply the fridge was warmer than usual. Rebooted the fridge and the sensor panels. The key here we didn't hear the fan going. Fridge and freezer cold enough but no noisy fan motor (a lifetime issue with this fridge). Again alerted by one of the reviews, we tried to do what we always do but this time it took 40 min to remove the back panel to access the frozen coils. When we finally got it off the fan was still under over 3 inches of ice (fan is on the back panel). Well after another hour of defrosting all ice with hair dryer and clearing the iced up drain.. all was cleaned (only positive occurrence for me) and put back.

Well, while ice is gone, this must have been the straw on the camel’s back as even though the fan moves freely it seems the motor probably has had it. Froze up too long. No early alert system which clearly this defective product needs. I am mad. Not at defective product but at the dismissive attitude of this company to all those who have been trying to go through the proper channels. I do have no choice but to call my regular appliance company who I trust. Then I'll decide whether or not to repair or replace. It's a shame because the physical structure I'm happy with. But will never, ever, ever buy an appliance that has any association with Samsung in the future...

I wish that I had read all of the negatives reviews regarding Samsung refrigerators before I purchased one. I will have to admit that I have had mine 4 yrs. & today is the first repair job but it seems to be the same problem that everyone is complaining about. I have had water collecting in both veg/fruit drawers. After $250.00, I hope the problem has been corrected. The FF was freezing & leaking per info on repair ticket??? The repairman replaced the heat probe. He said that many of these have had to be replaced. The original ones were too short & they are being replaced with longer ones. This sounds as if there should have been a recall since he told me that he had replaced several with the newer type probe. I do not have any hope of anything being done by Samsung but it sounds as if they should have addressed this problem instead of denying that there is a problem.

A piece of my Ice maker broke. First it is an awful ice maker. It freezes ice into a boulder. Tried to order a part that broke and they said they don't make it. The beastly machine is only two years old. No one will talk to us at Samsung and the "live chat " ignores me! Never buy from this firm.

Samsung ref. model RF263TEASR/AA - Is there any other way to fix a noisy cooling fan aside from defrosting? We bought this ref. a year ago and we noticed that after a year the annoying sound started. Did follow the procedure from people having the same problem but after 2-3 weeks the same problem occurred. WHAT IS REALLY PROBLEM HERE SAMSUNG PEOPLE??? Imagine one year old ref. Common. Show me the way. Sorry to say but your refrigerator is REALLY A BIG SUCKS.

We bought a stainless steel side by side refrigerator in February 2013. In less than a month, we had problems with the ice maker not making ice. They came out and did some type of repair and in another month, we had to call them again. The refrigerator is only 18 months old and should not be having problems at all (We had one that lasted 20 years). We talked to the factory rep via phone and they just basically said, "Sorry, but it's out of warranty." Too bad. It will be the last Samsung fridge we ever buy. In fact, we will probably junk it and buy an LG which we really do like a lot. Just not right to have unsolved problems and have to pay out of our pockets for the repair.

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