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Our Samsung refrigerator RFG298HDRS stopped dispensing water. At first I could remove the 4 month old filter and put it back in and the dispenser worked for 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks I would do this. Finally I replaced the filter and it would not give us any water at all. I was using Samsung filters Model DA29-00020B. Samsung tech the first time had me checking the 2 ice makers that would not work. They told me I had knock off filters from Amazon. Then I took the filter out and tried the water everything began to work. Ice makers ran and water dispensed. Called Tech support again. The guy told me that this was the first thing they should have had me try. Since that works it's a bad filter. Well.

I have now purchased 7 filters spent over $200 and still NOTHING works. I have noticed that Samsung has changed the filter a little too. Different label, Smaller center hole than the original for water to enter the filter however even the larger hole filters which I still had did not work.... Also the literature in the new filters boxes is not accurate. It states to put the replacement label date on the installed filter which there are NO longer any labels supplied and it also states to remove the BLUE cap... The cap is white. Even after buying the filters at Lowes they do not work. Samsung swears to me the fridge is ok since it works without the filter.... I have a tech coming out in 2 weeks the soonest they could arrive. But the techs tell me Samsung does not provide support for them in trouble shooting either.

Samsung needs to change the way they do business! As much as they charge for these refrigerators, this is consumer robbery. My fridge is only 3 years old.

I purchased our Samsung French door refrigerator on 10/1/2011 through Lowe's. At that time I also purchased their extended warranty; however, it expired on 10/1/2014, just 5 days short of the failure of our refrigerator. Lowe's Service was very kind and immediately transferred me to Samsung, as they told me the sealed system would be covered by the manufacturer for 5 years. The representative at Samsung (after speaking and being transferred to a few different people) told me they would have a Samsung technician contact me within 24-48 hours. This was on 10/10/2014. I did not receive a phone call during this period; however, I did receive an email today, 10/14/2014. The email stated that they do not have a technician in my area, and wanted me to contact them via the supplied number to find a way to accommodate me.

I was assigned a new reference number and transferred to multiple people until finally getting to speak to someone in the Executive Customer Relations Department. This person told me that Samsung couldn't repair my refrigerator due to my location, but that they could offer a pro rated buy back of it. I was told to email a copy of my original receipt to an email address they supplied me. I was told to write my name, phone number, and the most recently assigned transaction number on the receipt before emailing it to them. They told me that I would get a response within 2 business days of sending the receipt, but that I should call them if I do not get a response. The buy back is supposedly pro rated at 10% per year of ownership.

Within days of buying this $2000 refrigerator, the paint started chipping. Having worked in metal painting, it obviously was a case of not cleaning the metal properly and the paint would not stick, this is especially on the edges and top of the door. This very simply is a defective manufacturing problem. Called Sears who said it was a Samsung problem, called Samsung who said it was a Sears problem. After about two hours on the telephone and ten calls, Sears sent me a check for $100.00 to get rid of me. I am happy to confirm that both Sears and Samsung have gotten rid of me. FOREVER!!!

The ice maker made on the door does not function well, it freezes up. I am on the way to buy old fashioned ice cube trays. It's a great concept to save freezer space but isn't working.

In May 2009, we bought a Samsung French Door, Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Model RF267ABRS from Lowe's in Vista, CA. After 9 months, the refrigerator formed ice on the back of the Refrigerator and under the Deli drawer. Fortunately, we had bought the extended warranty from Lowe's, which has come in very handy over the past 5 years. When the repairman came out the 1st time, he could do nothing until we completely defrosted the refrigerator/freezer. They sent out another repairman 3 days later who took the entire back off the refrigerator and told us the problem was that the drainage tube in the back is too small and freezes up. He told us this is a common problem with Samsung refrigerators. He suggested we DEFROST the FROST FREE refrigerator every 6-9 months!!!! HELLO!!!! That is not what I purchased.

I contacted Samsung Customer Service and was told they had NEVER had this problem in the past. I was asked if I using the appliance as directed in the manual!!! They refused to acknowledge there was or had been a problem of this sort in the past with any of their refrigerators. I then went online and read the MANY complaints for the same problem with many of the different Samsung Refrigerators. After speaking with a Supervisor again, I was told they were unaware of any complaints. I directed him to the online Samsung complaints and was told they never read them!!! So, here I sit on a Sunday afternoon, emptying my LEMON of a refrigerator again. This has become a ritual every 6-9 months to prevent it from causing damage to my kitchen wood floors.

The Samsung Supervisor also told me they weren't responsible for any damage to my floor, cabinets or other fixtures if the refrigerator malfunctions as I have a preventable solution (DEFROSTING EVERY 6-9 MONTHS). I will never buy ANY Samsung product again. I have had several friends in the market for a new fridge and I give total negative feedback for Samsung every chance I get. NOW that is customer service!!!!! their Customer Service is some of the poorest I have come across in recent years.

The refrigerator is not cooling and is reading 55 degrees. We have ice forming on the back wall of the fridge plus it looks like it is swelling. Now there looks to be mold on the rubber seal. We have called them and they came out & said it would cost 300.00 to fix... This fridge is only 2 yrs old & @ 1800.00, they should cover it. There are only the 2 of us using this thing. If a family of 4 would have bought it - would have only lasted a yr. Very, very bad product!!!

I am having the same problem as Kimberly from California reviewed back in September on the water filter replacement cartridge DA29-00003G for the SAMSUNG French Door Refrigerator. No matter how hard I try to twist the filter, it will not seat into the receptacle even though it is the correct filter listed in my owners manual. The previous filter is an off brand made by HDX as a replacement for Samsung and it worked fine. The only difference between the two is the locking mechanism on the neck as Kimberly illustrated in her pics and I have attached my own pic as well. I have used SAMSUNG replacement filters before and this is the first time experiencing this problem. This engineering problem needs to be remedied immediately before someone ends up breaking their refrigerator and paying hundreds of dollars in replacement parts or even having to buy a new refrigerator! In the meantime I will return my filter to the store and spend my money on the other brand's filter. This is a very poor oversight on SAMSUNG's part!

I purchased a Samsung French Door refrigerator in July 2012. It is now October 2014 and it has started pooling water in the vegetable drawer. When I googled this it seems to be a very common problem with Samsung. I am single so the fridge is not over stuffed or over accessed in any way so for it to fail like this in 2.25 years is pretty disappointing. Naturally it is out of warranty but it doesn't sound like Samsung has rectified the problem for anyone who does have an extended warranty. I see there are some fixes on YouTube so there is a solution but when a product fails so horribly, it should be up to the company to fix their flawed design. Don't know who is actually going to fix this but it sounds like it isn't worth going thru Samsung to get it handled. Seems to me they are ripe for a class action. It sounds like this applies to nearly every french door fridge they make right around the 2 year mark.

We purchased our Samsung fridge a little over a year ago and about 6 months into having it I lifted the little tray where the water and ice are located and found that it had rusted! The rust has continually grown out onto the fridge door causing the paint to chip off and leave sharp metal for my children to injure themselves. I have contacted Samsung and because this is a "Cosmetic" defect they will not do anything to fix it. It is beyond frustrating that you pay a large amount of money for something and it is not up to the standards that it is advertised. I have always purchased Samsung products but I will say this was our last. They have lost a Samsung customer for life.

RF217ACRS - Bought fridge in June 2010. Freezer stopped working in June 2014. It was still under 5-year Sealed Refrigeration System Warranty, so I went through a Samsung referred repair company. Our first visit was on 6/27. After our 10th repair visit on Sept 12, 2014, all of which entailed numerous attempts and were coordinated with Samsung Technical Support via telephone, our fridge was deemed unrepairable. (I have invoices and notes documenting each visit.) After 6 different Samsung "repair ticket" numbers obtained while working with Samsung "Executive Customer Service" to get Warranty compensation, I was exhausted. When I called them, I was on hold from 17:8 to 47:12 minutes each time and told something different every time.

At one point I was talking to an individual in CA (address was residential via phone # look-up). They broke me down when they told me that our repairman should have gotten a 7000# from the Samsung Tech at the time the system was deemed unrepairable. We went entire summer without a working freezer. We would have dumped the refrigerator earlier had we known warranty was not going to come through. I could go on, but I think readers have the idea and the point(s) I am making about Samsung Refrigerators and their "Executive" Customer Service.

Purchased a new Samsung refrigerator about 2 years ago and now the glass shelf that holds the crisper drawers is broken on the corner and the rail that the crisper drawer runs on is broken where the screw hole is broken where a worker had screwed it in too tight. The rubber gaskets are coming apart as well....This refrigerator cost was over $2000.00. Called customer service and they said TOO BAD out of warranty ....Model # RF267AEBP. Someone needs to get a class action lawsuit going on this and let all of us know...

Bought the $1800 refrigerator in May. I stopped working in June. After hours of being on hold, it was repaired, but has been nothing but frustration since. It has had 3 ice makers replaced and now it has stopped working again. I have made 13 calls, each averaging being on hold 45 minutes and taken off work six (6) times, (after waiting two weeks) to meet repairmen. They "can not find" all the service records. They end by promising to call me back, but have NEVER called. All I want is no more high blood pressure and frustration... Just a working refrigerator!!!!

I purchase 4 Samsung products -- fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher -- less than six months. My microwave was first, problem fixed; dishwasher the circuit board went out, Store Liquidators replaced it. Now my refrigerator start smelling of something burning. Contacted Store Liquidators for their repair person, no one called me back. They stated all merchandise were scratch and dent. That was not true.

After careful consideration and research, our brand new beautiful Samsung four-door counter depth French door Stainless Steel Refrigerator (purchased from Future Shop) was delivered to our new home in Sep 2013. Because the purchase was made via Capital One Mastercard, the warranty was extended for two years. In September 2014, we suddenly noticed two hairline cracks and one larger crack along the frame (white plastic) which holds the glass shelf (right side) above the crisper drawer.

We called the local telephone # for Samsung in our manual, which oddly directed us to a global call center in a foreign country. For several days, we spoke and emailed countless Samsung reps in order to bring our problem to Samsung's attention. In fact everyone we spoke with at Samsung promised personal responsibility of our file by providing ticket # after ticket # all of which were later cancelled without communicating with us. No one at Samsung followed through.

We were left to call Samsung repeatedly, just to be placed on "hold" for unnecessary amounts of time and ultimately disconnected. This was very frustrating. To add insult to injury, the last Samsung Customer Service Rep. we spoke with this past Friday, implied we willfully damaged our own fridge! Samsung's customer care via telephone and email receives a failing grade from us.

Today (Monday) we took matters into our own hands and took a chance by driving to Samsung's corporate office (Derry Road West, Mississauga). To our surprise, we were greeted by a nice Samsung representative from the "Office of the President" who reviewed our information including email trail, photos, user manual and the original sales receipt.

After a brief discussion, this Samsung Rep claimed personal responsibility of our file and promised to mail us the "Part". We were satisfied. Then, within 15 minutes of departure from Samsung's corporate offices, this same Samsung rep telephoned to advise us he had made arrangements for a certified Samsung appliance technician to visit our residence and install/replace the fridge shelf within 7-10 days.

Although angry, much time and effort was committed on our end, I'm very thankful and grateful our situation will (hopefully) have a positive resolution, as I love my Samsung Refrigerator. Our positive ending only came from the unnecessary feeling of hopelessness and frustration with Samsung. It would have been much easier to deal with a local representative vs. a foreign call center.

We have the same problem that a lot of the consumers had. Our fridge makes this grinding sound that just kept getting louder to the point where it would freak out my dog. We shut it off to defrost whatever ice was built up on the fan and when I yanked the bottom drawer (which by the way is always stuck by the ice built up) a sheet of ice about an inch thick fell on my foot causing a gash on it. Luckily my little Yorkie jumped out of the way otherwise she'd be dead. So please be careful when defrosting the damn fridge.

We purchased a Samsung French Door Fridge less than 2 years ago and the fan is going out; it is loud and obviously off balance. Really disappointed; wish we had seen these reviews before buying.

We purchased a Samsung French Door Fridge and purchased a warranty with it. Within a few months the compressor died. While I can understand that equipment may occasionally be defective, what I was more shocked about was the terrible service in honoring their warranty. We got a runaround for TWO WEEKS before a serviceman made his way to our house only to tell us that the fridge could not be repaired. It took another two weeks to get it replaced. Shame on you! I will never purchase another Samsung product, and would advise the rest of you not to.

We have a Samsung refrigerator Model# RF266AERS/xaa that stopped cooling at 3 1/2 years. A certified Samsung tech (only one in SE Wisconsin) was unable to repair. The problem was in the sealed system which has a five year warranty. He contacted Samsung and took all the necessary documentation as he was directed and sent it to Samsung. That was 4 weeks ago during which time I have called and been connected to "executive customer service" seven times, each phone call a minimum of 40 minutes on hold. I have sent my sales receipt twice. They always have problems locating some piece of information but always give a new transaction number and a very polite vague excuse. I have called the certified dealer twice. They resubmitted info and the second time even had the regional manager for Samsung send it in. That was one week ago. At my last call on Oct 2, 2014... This is ongoing and I am now waiting again for "2-3" days. Mind you these calls are all 40-60 minutes long and it has been 6 1/2 weeks without a working refrigerator! It also appears from other submissions, this is a big problem with Samsung and others.

Just about three years into ownership and I have really liked it a lot. Attractive, well organized, sturdy. Now the ice maker and defrost for freezer has failed. We have an extended warranty (thank heavens) but so far, the repair people have not done anything to fix the problem. The tech replaced the fan (the one he had didn't really fit so he used tin snips to make it fit...a bad sign!) After his visit, the freezer quit freezing correctly and now we are waiting on someone to come on Monday. I hope he is more prepared than the original guy and can fix it. I really like this unit. I hope we can make it work again and stay working.

Unfortunately made a poor decision in purchasing this refrigerator. Samsung is very good at making excuses for the problems occurring. Too bad so sad. Noise in the back, rattles. It's your water pressure causing that! Ice maker shoots ice all over. Love having to wipe the floor every time I get ice. The settings are for cubed and crushed but good luck getting cubes as the crushed continue to fly. Expensive lesson learned.

Refrigerator leaks water under deli drawer. Closest repairman is 1 hr away. To unthaw condensation line is $175.00 and for drive charge too. Refrigerator is 2010 model and in 2013 it started pooling water under drawer. Contacted Samsung and was told not covered under warranty. So, they referred a licensed samsung repair tech and he cleaned out condensation line which he said is a constant problem with this particular type of Samsung refrigerator. Well it's doing it again and the ice froze the styrofoam to the panel this time so the same repairman said he could break loose the styrofoam but I'd be without a refrigerator for 2 weeks until he could get a new styrofoam panel for $60.00 + 175.00 to fix problem. I had to pay $60.00 for his diagnosis this time to tell him I can't go without my refrigerator for 2 weeks. So help!!!! I feel ripped off by a faulty product.

I bought this Refrigerator in May 30, 2014. It started making a loud whirring noise loud enough to be heard in the living room over the TV!! I called Samsung on Sept. 26!! Their customer service sucks as it is Oct.3 and my fridge is still not fixed. Worst Customer service ever!!

6 months ago, we started having problems with the freezer side freezing up and then the fan was hitting the ice and making loud noises. We turned down the freezer control, which helped for a while. We have had this refrigerator for 22 months and yesterday it quit working. We called a repair person and he said that the motherboard and the fan were burned up. He called to get prices on the new parts and said it would cost around $300.00 to fix and replace parts. However, he told us that the motherboard was DISCONTINUED and that the replacement motherboard might not fix the problem with it icing up. We paid $1000.00 for this refrigerator and it was a lemon. Will never buy one from them again. Also, Sears is where we bought this refrigerator and we will never buy one there again for selling us a piece of junk. It started having problems right after the 1 year warranty expired!. $1000.00 refrigerators should last more than 22 months! Also, when we called the first repair company, they said they do not work on Samsung refrigerators. Seems to me they knew about the problems from me and other customers.

I wish I had read the reviews prior to purchasing. From day one the fridge did not work. I called samsung, they were going to get a repair guy out but the first available was 8 days away. It was new and it should work from day one. So I wrote a nasty letter to samsung. Then told homedepot that I was going to return it and find a company that valued my business. Well then Home Depot decided to replace it. My suggestion is to never buy a samsung product, their customer service dept is brutal.

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator in November 7, 2012. The first one I received did not cool immediately. HH Gregg thought they would send someone out to fix it, a 1600.00 brand new fridge. I told them absolutely not, it would be replaced. The fridge was replaced week of Thanksgiving. The problem is that this new fridge the shelves are all cracked as though there is some type of defect in manufacturer's plastic. Long story short I have a 5 year warranty with HH Gregg and they stated there was nothing they could do. I feel ripped off by HH Gregg and Samsung.

We my husband and I purchase a Samsung 30.2 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Stainless online at Home Depot. We called Home Depot with our problem. These are your vendors HOME DEPOT. I am looking for an end-to-end solution. Home Depot told us to call Samsung service, been dealing with Samsung customer service and CEO. Contacted Samsung after several phone calls. They set us up with one of their contractors. The repair person said (FIRST TECH) the freezer door was defective, can't repair...unrepairable.

We called Samsung again, told them what tech said. Samsung told us they have to wait for the tech report. The end of the day tech # 1 called us, told us Samsung want him to come over and saw my freezer door in half and unplug the refrigerator. We asked what about our food. His response was Samsung tech told him it wasn't their problem. We called Samsung again, told them that wasn't the right thing to do. They send another Tech. The second Tech gave us the same report as the # 1 Tech did, the freezer door was defective can't repair...unrepairable.

We called Samsung again. NO HELP, NO RESOLUTIONS. Again they send yet a 3 Tech. He gave us the same report which we were told already by techs #1, #2. Technician # 3 JOE WAS ON THE PHONE WITH SAMSUNG TECH ARGUING BACK AND FORTH ABOUT THE SITUATION, because JOE was more concern about us the customer. The Tech spoke to a Samsung tech man who told him to saw my freezer door in half and to order a door to replace the entire door. He began to tell us that I needed to schedule another appointment and that the parts should be coming to my home.

According to what I have been told over and over, your techs will make every attempt to fix the problem before a replacement freezer is offered. OK, you have not fixed the problem and your tech told me and my husband he can't guarantee he can fix it. Can't repair...unrepairable, which is what I already was told by techs #1, #2, and #3. Let's get to the nitty gritty. Since I have been unnecessarily inconvenienced, lied to on a regular basis, and am still not sure I have a reliable refrigerator here's what I want:

1. A new refrigerator, it would be appreciative. Because this one even repaired a month old refrigerator that cost $27,000, it's like used (a refurbished refrigerator). If I wanted a used one I would have bought it for less money... Your technicians stated. The freezer door was defective.

2. Reimbursement for my approximately $500 in meats and food I'm going to lose, once they saw through my freezer door. It's going to be flames and debris everywhere. You have failed to provide me with the prompt, reliable service from expert technicians. I have been told over and over that I will not get a new refrigerator unless my 1 month old refrigerator is unrepairable. It appears it is unrepairable based on the report of your 3 technicians. A reputable company would admit that a 1 month old Refrigerator that has serious door problems is faulty and would replace the unit. This is horrible! Very disappointed Samsung not stand behind their products and customer.

Bought this French door Samsung fridge model rf263 brand new 3 years ago. At first it was awesome, love the roomy space and design of it. But within first year it started making a really loud grinding sound. And eventually one day fridge part totally quit cooling. Ruining lots of food. Luckily we unplugged it and I researched online and found out due to defective design this fridge tends to fill up with ice in back where air flows between compartments and when it’s making its grumbling noise it's ice rubbing on the fan. Only cure is to let the fridge completely defrost for 48 hours. There is no way to get to the coils to clean this fridge out either. So I defrosted it for 1 day at first, moving all food to ice chest and deep freeze is a pain in the rear. That wasn’t long enough had to do it again for 48 hours. Then it worked fine until next time it started making the noise again.

Now it is freezing up every 3 months or so and today it is doing it yet again. It is NOT a reliable fridge, because when the fridge starts not cooling it doesn't notify you until it reaches about 60 degrees. Yesterday I cooked 50 dollars’ worth of barbecue meat and this morning it turns out the fridge was not cooling. The temp display was flashing 38 degrees but when I put thermometer in there the actual temp was 65. Do not buy this fridge, all the good reviews for this fridge are from new owners. The problems show up with it well after 6 months of use.

Model RF217ACWP. Bought at Best Buy 2 1/2 years ago. Same water in crisper problems experienced by other Samsung owners. But, also, the paint is peeling off all three the door handles big time! Of course, Best Buy has never heard of anything like this before. Also, Samsung said this was the first they had ever had such a problem and were "surprised" at our photos. Of course, it is a cosmetic issue and they will do nothing. We are told to purchase new handles and were referred to a parts company who claim they are not part of Samsung. They haven't told us the cost. We are thinking removing the handles and taking them to an auto body repair shop to be repainted. Think that will work? It seems with all of the lawyers out there, someone would do a class action against Samsung since it is apparent they are selling a product with a known defect -- the water, freezing issue. Hey, where are the lawyers? Count me with those who WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY SAMSUNG!!!

We purchased this refrigerator a year and three months ago. The first three months it smelled so strong like plastic it was hard to take. And two weeks ago it began making a jackhammer noise every couple of minutes we ended up having to have the water filter case replaced which cost us over $200. I spent an hour yes and hour on hold with Samsung who kept saying they could not do anything to assist us with the problem. Cannot wait to see what goes wrong next with this refrigerator. Very disappointed and very disappointed in the customer service of Samsung. We will not be buying another product from Samsung ever again.

4-door stainless frig doors rusting - Purchased 5/12. Began noticing rust on lower doors within a few months which has since spread to all 4 doors. Requested service 9/14 after numerous calls to Samsung and Lowe's with feedback that it was a "cosmetic" issue and therefore not addressed. Tech visited and confirmed rust on all doors. Cleaning product was approved stainless steel cleaner. 3 other stainless steel appliances in home have no rust (other brands). Purchased at Lowe's online. Have been told by Lowe's that Samsung doesn't warranty "cosmetic" issues. This is NOT a cosmetic issue but a moisture issue from inside the unit. Where there is moisture there is rust and potentially mold. For all we know the inside of the doors is covered with mold. Do not buy Samsung refrigerators... engineering/design issues without adequate product/service support!

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