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I wish I had read these reviews before I bought a Samsung product. I bought a refrigerator and a microwave when I redid my kitchen. The microwave malfunctioned after 3 years and now the refrigerator is not working. The repairman told me that one of the parts is discontinued. Discontinued after only 4 years??? Disgusting. They should not be able to sell expensive inferior products. My Whirlpool refrigerator is still working after over 16 years. No problem!!

Purchased my Samsung - side by side refrigerator in Aug 2012. Noticed right away the ice maker did not make a lot of ice very fast. Just about enough ice every day for 2 people. Certainly not enough for a family of more than 2 in my opinion. It also failed 3 months ago so I had it replaced. Looks like it has failed again. I'll keep you posted - but definitely not happy with the ice maker. The refrigerator and freezer work fine so far but the ice maker is a bummer.

We Bought our RFG297AARS/XAA June 2009. We love the unit. But in late 2013 we noticed water pooling on top of the freezer door. Turns out there was a leak in the water dispenser. Out of warranty, so I needed to buy a new left door. I lived with the leak, soaking up the water from the reservoir underneath the tray with a paper towel until it became too persistent. In September of 2014, I could take no more and ordered a new door. The technicians were nearly finished installing it when they realized the handle on the new door did not match the one from the original door on the right side. It was longer, and the holes did not line up. A call to their office revealed Samsung stopped making the original door. The technicians were very nice and put the original door back. So now, instead of a 140 dollar door, I would have to buy two of them in order for the refrigerator not to look ridiculous.

I called the Samsung Expert Customer Service and said I expected to pay for the left door, but that I felt it unfair to have to buy two doors because Samsung wasn't backward compatible with their handles. The handles! Though nice, the rep conferred with someone and came back to inform me that no, Samsung would not provide the matching door for me. I am now living with the leak until I figure out what to do. One thing I will not do is add to my Samsung collection of 3 televisions, a large computer monitor and a dishwasher. Their refusal to provide a 140 dollar door, on a $3k unit, to match the one I am already buying, because they stopped making the original handle, comes with this result: the thousands I will spend in the future on electronics and appliances will not go to what used to be one of my favorite companies. I will make sure to tell everyone I know and everyone I see in stores looking at a Samsung product. That's really all I can do with my displeasure, all any consumer who feels wronged can do.

I have had this Samsung model RF267 Water and Ice maker repaired every year for the past 2 years. It was broken when I got it. When the ice maker work it is very loud. The water bottle has been replaced twice. It leaks water. The appliance company repaired it for me said they get calls every day from consumers about the same problems on the Samsung Refrigerators. I don't know what to do. This is an expensive piece of junk. The refrigerator is only 4 years old.

No assistance at all, just keep telling me it is out of warranty. Would not even answer the question I posed as to #1 one of the issues, I was told by a cert. repairman, has to be a design flaw as he has fixed "thousands" of them and whether they truly believed that a $500-600 repair bill on a 3-yr. old appliance is a "reasonable" thing.

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator on July 30, 2014. It stopped cooling 32 days later. They have been out twice to try repairs, and it seems that each time they replace a bad part, another part requires replacement to get it cooling. The bottom line is that I have been without refrigeration for over three weeks, and Samsung's techs can't seem to replace enough parts to get the piece of junk cooling. I have zero confidence in the product and its repair technicians. I am stuck with this turkey because the Home Depot where I purchased it will not honor its in-store or corporate return policy.

Only 40 months old and the bottom freezer drawer froze shut! Ice and frost all over the food and I can see a layer of ice on bottom of unit, under pull out drawer. No service contract but asked at Lowe's who works on Samsung. They had no one who has been able to figure out how to deal w/ this brand. They HEARD that someone 1 1/2 hours away might know something about them. Called Samsung and they said to turn temp to 0, which I did. (Samsung promised to call me back within 24 hours. 96 hours later they returned my call and when I told them what I thought of this refrigerator, the rep laughed and wished me a "Good Day"!).

Next morning I tugged and tugged to get drawer open and when it did open sheets of ice flew out onto kitchen floor. Searched online and found out I should NOT have purchased this thing... After I read enough to make me sick, I went online searched other brands and settled on a GE side-by-side that appeared to have the FEWEST complaints. Upon further reading about this piece of junk, I learned that water builds up under the crisper/snack bins in the refrig section. Removed the snack drawer that covers the entire bottom of refrig and bailed out 5 quarts of ice water, then took a mallet and beat the sheet of ice that was under the water and tossed that mess.

This company clearly DOES NOT care about the consumer and neither does Lowe's. I asked the associate in appliance dept. why they continue to sell Samsung appliances and was told it was because Lowe's gets such GREAT DEALS from Samsung. Good for them...HORRIBLE for those of us who are dumb enough to purchase one. And I wonder, what good would the service contract be if they cannot find a repair company that knows how to deal with Samsung?

It was delivered with a damaged door and after 3 months a new door came in, only it was stainless, I have a white unit. After 9 months, Lowe's took doors of a new unit and put them on mine because Samsung was unable to supply them with one white door! I am not going to be stupid and look for someone to work on this piece of junk... Tomorrow it will be on the way to the dump.

We purchased this Samsung refrigerator (Model# RF268ABWP) in May 2011 from Lowe's in North Port Florida. We also purchased a separate extended warranty for 5 yrs of coverage at a cost of $150.00. In the last month this refrigerator started making "Knocking" sounds at all hours of the day and night.... It knocks for about 15 to 20 seconds and is now getting much louder. I had called the Lowe's service people and they sent a repairman to our home to look at the problem. The repairman said what I had described was "not repairable" and was considered a normal operating noise. I asked him if he was joking. He said this was a very common problem with both Samsung and Frigidaire units.

He said it was caused by the coolant lines defrosting inside the refrigerator and causing the condenser to make the banging sounds. He said again to me that it was listed in the owners manual that some Samsung units will make a knocking sound. I said to him that I had checked the internet and found dozens of other consumers experiencing the same problems. He said he would file his report and said I should contact Lowe's or Samsung to see if they will replace or exchange the refrigerator. The Lowe's Extended Protection Plan "EPP" states under coverage: and Non-Repairable Products - "If we, in our sole discretion, determine that your product is NOT REPAIRABLE", we will provide a new, rebuilt, or refurbished product of equal or similar features and functionality, or if a similar product is not available, we will issue a check or merchandise card, up to the original purchase price of the product, including sales tax.

I believe the extra $150.00 that we paid for in good faith, for the extended coverage for just this type of problem, was a waste of money. I feel that we were given the run-a-round by the Lowe's company and then they now basically hang you out to dry. I was ripped off. Plain and simple. I will never ever buy anything from the company again. I am also contacting the Florida Attorney General's office, and also the Consumer Protection Agency to file a formal complaint. And, if nothing happens from either agency, I will be contacting my attorney to file legal action against Lowe's.

My freezer would not freeze the contents and I called a repair company. They have been back 5 TIMES so far and the problem still exists! They have informed me that Samsung (unlike other manufacturers) do not have a technical support group to help identify problems for their refrigerator products. This really sucks and I will never ever buy another SAMSUNG product that does not offer tech support for the product I am purchasing. I have now been without a working freezer for nearly the entire summer. Shame on you Samsung! If you can't support your products with tech support, don't try and sell them to us in the public sector. I am extremely angry and will share this with everyone that I can.

I have a 3 year old Samsung refrigerator that went out Labor Day weekend. We had a total loss of food due to this. I contacted Samsung they set us up with one of their contractors on a priority call. With that said it took them 7 days to come over, the repair person said his leak detector for Freon did not work so he came back the next day. No leak was found so they would next step order a new dryer for the unite.

That took 8 more days to come in. When the 2ND repair person came with the dry he first re checked for a leak and out it in the sealed system. So the dryer was not even needed. He sent the information via his phone to Samsung that day and told me I would be contacted with in 48 hours. Well I tried to contact Samsung and let them know the 48 hours was up and after 1 and on half hours on hold I finally was able to speak to a person. That gave me a new case number and ask for receipt information to be sent via eFax once again the "48 hour rule goes in". No call back so I take the one hour and forty five minutes to call back. Finally have the correct person on phone that tell me what the first person said was not correct and I needed to email the information to her. I told her we have gone 25 days waiting on them and not having any way to have cold food in out home aside from an ice chest and really was beyond frustrated at the lack of help I was getting, her response was it will take 48 hours to the buy back department to contact me.

I ask if I could speak to the them or have a extension number to not have to spend that long on hold and constantly get a wrong area to pick up and was firmly told no! I informed the lady that if this was to be a buy back I would like to just know if it is okay to purchase a new refrigerator and would Samsung send me a check at some point to reimburse me. I was told in not a nice way I could buy anything I want but Samsung would set the terms as to how I would be paid that we must keep the dead unit until further information was sent to us. So here we are with nothing still - there is no excuse for this to happen. We have lost all food, cannot have or store food and really need a company that give a ___p.

I made a terrible mistake buying Samsung appliances after my house burn down. They look cool. But there is something wrong with them all the time, the refrigerator icemaker leak water all over my new tile and wood floor one night. Been dealing with Samsung customer service and EXECUTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE, what a joke, since May. How can those people sleep at night. They stop making the part for my two year old ref. (DA62-03148A). I was one of Samsung biggest supporters. WHAT A TERRIBLE MISTAKE I MADE BUYING SAMSUNG APPLIANCES.

Three weeks after the 1 year warranty had expired in my Samsung refrigerator, I noticed the rubber seal at the top of the right hand had split for approximately 2 inches and was no longer allowing a tight seal when the door was shut. I had purchased the refrigerator at Home Depot with an extended 3 year warranty and I haven't been able to ascertain just what is covered by the extended warranty although I am still trying. In the meantime, Home Depot told me to call Samsung service at 800-726-7864. I am still awaiting their call back on this problem. In my opinion, the seal is not of sufficient quality to tolerate the constant opening and closing of the doors.

I try to be a responsible informed consumer before making a pricey purchase. I took the plunge and bought a Samsung refrigerator Model #RS261MDBP 05/2014. The first refrigerator delivered had a golf ball size dint on front right door. Immediately delivery company informed Samsung and the refrigerator was replaced approximately a week later. My grown children were home at time of delivery while I was out of town caring for sick family member. I came home a month afterwards and noticed three dints on right door as if someone placed and replaced their hands there to push refrigerator in place. I also noticed the ice maker wasn't making much ice. I read the troubleshooting section of manual and made adjustments of temperature and rearranged food in freezer. At this time condensation was accumulating in freezer and food in fridge was spoiling. Once again I adjusted temperatures to no avail.

I contacted Samsung which a repair company came out and said that model came off assembly with the issues I was having due to some faulty parts. Little over six weeks later the same problems started all over again. Another company came and fixed a totally different problem. Two weeks later ice maker still wasn't producing ice properly, milk spoiled, and condensation started accumulating in freezer again. Samsung was informed of all the issues I've had since receiving their product. Eventually after many phone calls, emails with proof of purchase and pictures they agreed to a partial reimbursement, deducting 10% per month after 1 year ownership. My very first new refrigerator and it was heartbreaking. I will not buy another Samsung appliance.

We have the Samsung French door with freezer on the bottom. The freezer handle keeps coming off. We've had it for two years and never hooked up the ice maker until last month. The ice is unusable due to a horrific taste. There is no internal filter so we installed an external one. No difference in the horrible taste. Also, since hooking up the water line we have moisture in both of the slide out drawers above the freezer, ruining the produce. Would never recommend this refrigerator.

My 4 year old Samsung French Door Refrigerator stopped cooling. As it was a Saturday night, I called a local repair company who came out and replaced the electronic control boards. That didn't fix the issue, so I called Samsung and found out that the unit has a 5 year warranty on the closed system. They gave me a repair ticket and said that the service provider would call in 24 to 48 hours later. The service center rejected the ticket because it doesn't do that repair. I have so far called the service center 4 times and have been escalated to the "Executive Customer Relations" department. Each time they have sent the ticket to the same service center and it has been cancelled.

I have tried to escalate further but the Executive Customer Relations department is apparently a series of call centers with no centralized structure, no consistency and no accountability. I am giving up on Samsung at this point and I will never buy another one of their products. It appears to me that the warranty is a sham because they do not have anyone to actually do the repair they warranty.

I know Samsung makes some good appliances but I got stuck with a lemon and no one wants to take care of the problem. My wife and I purchased 4 Samsung appliances from HHGregg late September of 2013 and spent over $3500.00. No problems with 3 of them but the fridge has been nothing but a pain. First ball bearing's fell out of the freezer drawer. Got it fixed. The ice cube maker has been giving us problems since we've had it. To make a long story short we found out it was not sealed properly. Had it fixed I thought, then 3 days later it started doing the same thing but worse. Was without our fridge for 5 days. Been in contact with Samsung for almost a week now and still don't have an answer. They wanted a copy of the invoice thinking they were going to give me a new one.

Rec'd another call last night from Samsung and the lady asked me if the problem with the fridge was fixed after being on the phone the same day with them explaining my problems for the 4th or 5th time. I said you got to be kidding. Don't you people communicate with one another. All I can say is don't have a problem with your Samsung appliances or anything you buy from HHGregg because they will put you through hell trying to get the problem taken care of. After you buy something from HHGregg you’re on your own. They pretty much blew me off. Terrible customer service.

Four years ago we built a new home and bought all Samsung appliances. Our side-by-side refrigerator model #RS265TDBP has had repeated problems with ice building up on the coils behind the panel in back of the fridge. You can tell it's happening because the evaporator fan motor makes rhythmic scraping sounds as it tries to spin to circulate the air. It does this for several days before it quits working and then the fridge stops cooling. You have to remove all the food, unplug the fridge, remove all the shelves, remove the back panel, disconnect the lights, and change out the evaporator fan motor (over $50 for the part plus significant amount of labor). Then you have to wait for many hours for all of the ice to melt, or try to use a hair dryer to melt it more quickly without damaging anything else. It has failed three times in the last 2.5 years and I'm absolutely sick of it. It's a defective design and Samsung clearly has no interest in fixing it.

Have 2-year-old Samsung side-by-side refrigerator. Ice maker doesn't make enough ice for 2 people. After a month or two, it dies all together. Have it repaired 4 times. Every repair lasts a month or two. I have 2 Samsungs at work - both of them have ice maker problems too. I had to buy an external ice maker and GIVE UP ON SAMSUNG making ice (the fridge is fine, no complaints with that). I would not buy a Samsung again.

I will never buy a Samsung refrigerator (RS25H5111). Bought new at Lowe's and it has been nothing but a problem from day 1 in the short 3 months I have had it. Fan in rear freezes up and is noisy, they replaced, lasted 2 weeks now same problem. Ice maker works randomly, will make ice for a week or 2 then just stop, water accumulates in the drawers. Don't waste your money. Don't buy Samsung!

We bought our house and we thought we spend a good amount of money extra buying samsung appliances. We spend $3000 for a refrigerator, stove, everything in the kitchen, but just little over a year the fridge broke two parts, replace, and $400 later was working fine till 1 year and 2 months later again another part broke, another $350. And now just over a year later the part that was replace the first time went bad, $450 more. I'm just sick of it. I never saw a worst appliance than this one. I call samsung the first time to ask few questions and they were very rude to me because my warranty was one month over. Now I'm extremely mad about all the money we spend on this piece of plastic and that is why I'm writing this review. If you need a good refrigerator don't buy samsung. I'm not the first to say this. Please there is a cheaper and better appliances. Don't waste your money, energy and time on this brand!!!!

Your new water filter model SAMSUNG REPLACEMENT AQUA-PURE DA29-00003G will NOT work in my refrigerator. The 3rd groove you have added will not screw in. No matter how hard I try to twist it in. No matter how hard a handy man I had to pay try to get it in there. No matter how hard your authorized Samsung repair service tried to twist in there. PLUS THEY WANTED TO CHARGE ME $65 to not do ANYTHING. Is this a marketing tactic for me to buy a new refrigerator? I had spent 2 days talking with your customer service, your parts department, your repair service. I have been told the 'G' series is compatible, just apply more pressure. Enough that I am about to break it is my response?

I have been told by your authorized serviceman that I have the wrong part. Then he turns around and says there is only filter that size that Samsung makes. Duh... I have gone to 3 different stores and bought the same filter, getting the same results. (As everyone has Samsung’s revised 'G' series water filter.) I have a working refrigerator with a working water filter housing that will not accept your “new” “G” series water replacement filters. I have to now find the older SAMSUNG REPLACEMENT AQUA-PURE DA29-00003F. Your company needs to address this situation as it is purely ridiculous to have your consumers be subjected to the degree of difficulty that I have had recently trying to pay the way overpriced amount (which I will pay because I love the quality of water it produces). YOU NEED TO REMEDY THIS SITUATION VERY SOON.

Less than 2 months after this was delivered rust has developed all around the water and ice dispenser. We called Samsung and they promised a replacement door. It never arrived. It is now 6 months later and they now claim they never replace products for "cosmetic damage". So, basically they are saying that it is perfectly normal for a $3000+ refrigerator to rot away in less than a year and that this is expected wear and tear. In addition the ice maker has quit functioning. If you call support and get Shatavia, an executive for escalation, assuming you had the patience to wait on hold for an hour - just hang up. She is useless for help. She will obsequiously apologize and then basically tell you that she isn't going to do anything to address the fact that you just flushed your money down the toilet.

In summary in the past year I have had the following products from Samsung fail: 1: refrigerator: rusted door and failed ice maker. 2: dish washer: Water level sensor warnings. Unable to complete a wash cycle. Works maybe one time in 8. 3: Galaxy Note 2 : exploded, bursting the screen while charging overnight. Not one of these products did Samsung stand behind. So, if you have several thousand dollars just lying around, and you simply feel your life simply won't be complete without products that rust, quit, or exploded at random, then by all means buy Samsung. For the rest of us not quite ready for the crazy bin, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Only 3 years old! Freezer is ok refrigerator side not cooling. I called Samsung and I got only nonsense! They were sorry and acted likes programmed Robotic humans! Can anyone answer my question! What part do I Replace? Or Parts! Please someone that has been thru the same experience should know by now! Share it please.

Do not buy Samsung appliances. Ours is 3 years old. The ice maker fell apart. Within the last month, we have started to experience water collecting in the veg drawers. It freezes anything in the drawers. We're constantly breaking out the ice. Not able to find the source of the water, but we suspect defrost runoff. $1800 fridge gone bad in 3 years. WASTE OF MONEY. DO NOT BUY.

RF217ACRS - Purchased this product 13 months ago. Bins filling with water and freezing. Warranty up so I had to pay for service call. Technician knew exactly what was wrong because his company was notified online, but Samsung will not admit to design flaw! The evaporator unit is faulty and needs replacement to a cost to me of over $400 plus time off from work and food loss! Samsung does not want to hear about this. WARNING to others - do not purchase this product!!!!!

I have a Samsung French door, bottom freezer and dual ice maker. It stopped making ice and stopped freezing my food in mid July. It's now September. 9 work orders later and many things fixed, I still don't have ice or frozen freezer. Thank God I had the brains to purchase a warranty when I bought the fridge. The price to fix the unfixed fridge now exceeds what I paid for it. Samsung needs to step up and take responsibility, take the fridge back to the drawing board and start all over, make it right or stop making fridges. STICK TO CELL PHONES. I still am without a freezer waiting for second MAIN CONTROL BOARD.

Samsung RS267TDRS Side by side refrigerator - I bought this refrigerator 3 years ago from Lowe's. During warranty, the refrigerator stopped cooling and the repair service installed a new Evap coil. 2 years later, the refrigerator started making noise and then the cooling broke again. The repair service came out 3 days later and replaced the same part at a cost to me of $260. I contacted Samsung by e-mail and received a BS response so I contacted Customer Service. After numerous calls and waiting, I got hold of Corporate Customer Relations who told me that an in-warranty and out of warranty repairs were 2 separate things and they would not help me. Also, if it happened in the future I was out of luck. She made no attempt to help me and did not dispute when I said that Samsung did not care about their customers. All I can do is never buy another Samsung product again. I have never had another Company as bad as this about Customer Service.

Purchased 05/06/11, model RF217ACPN. Water started pooling in the vegetable drawers and bottom of fridge. I called Samsung and Best Buy and they said sorry you should have purchased the extended warranty as it was over a year that I had the problem. I finally called a repairman on 9/3/13 and he said he knew exactly what was wrong as he worked on that problem with Samsung refrigerators all the time. He came out and readjusted the drip tab and said the lines freeze up all the time. Now the same thing is happening again. I feel there should be a recall on these. Tried to email Samsung and it just won't fill in the required blanks. Don't buy Samsung!!!

Bought RSG307AARS refrigerator in May 2012. Changed filter several times - no problems. Needed new filter - now water dribbles out. Called customer service and on Line Chat and had repair service out. Water also leaked on floor. Followed all instructions. Called service recommended by Samsung. After calling 3 times and being answered by computer and waiting over 7 minutes each time looked company up on Yelp - terrible reviews. Called Sears repair (where I bought refrigerator) and they said had to order filter housing? And total parts and labor would be $500. 25% of cost of what I paid to repair a refrigerator that is two years old. I will not ever buy Samsung refrigerator again.

Our Samsung fridge is two years old. The freezer recently stopped cooling. The repairman said it's the sensors... With the service call, the labor for installing the two sensors is nearly 500 dollars. It's a piece of junk. A huge disappointment.

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