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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I too bought a Samsung Model RF4287HARS/XAA and spent over $3000 for it while doing a remodel in our kitchen. We designed our kitchen around this (what we thought to be beautiful refrigerator) just to have our new wood floors ruined by this POS! The ice maker dumps ice everywhere. Water runs and freezes under the drawer to the point we can't open the drawer. Then it runs all over the floor and under the fridge. We've called customer service several time to no avail. Biggest junk I've bought!

I have a loud noise coming from the fan. Plus the ice maker does not stop making when the basket is full.

We bought a Samsung 2 door refrigerator in May of 2013. The guarantee was up in May of 2015. Nine months later, the flap control which seals the left side door broke and no longer stays open while the door is open. As a result, one must open the right hand door in order to close the left door. I called the number on the inside of the fridge to speak to a Samsung rep. Of course, despite the relatively short time we were over the warranty, there was nothing he could do. He was not even able to provide a line on a replacement part!

Fortunately, we had purchased an extended warranty through Lowe's, the store we bought the fridge from, and the matter should be resolved without cost. While speaking to the rep. at Lowe's, I was informed that this was unfortunately a very common fault with these fridges. I have never had a major appliance break down like this before after such a short period of time. I should think Samsung would wish to protect their good name with a total recall on this issue and replace the flaps with a more durable part if, indeed it is a common occurrence. The rep. at Samsung seemed to know exactly what my problem was as I was trying to describe it. I would strongly suggest to anyone looking to buy a new fridge to steer clear of Samsung. They should stick to making TVs!

For last 90 days we have been trying to get service on the refrigerator which was purchase from Howard's less than a year ago. Samsung refuse to provide service. They are the worse company to deal with and their service company is even worse. They keep you online forever and hang up on you. I should of never purchase and I would never buy any product from Samsung. If you would not believe me try their customer service line. They denying the purchase receipts to deny any service. They refuse to verify information with Howard because they do not want to provide service.

We purchased our fridge Jan 2014 and at first happy with it. Year and a half later the noise started. I could see through the small holes on the inside back, it was frozen over. Ice was coming through the small holes. The noise was awful. Then it quit cooling and the top ice maker quit. Repairman said it had frozen up and the fan that blows the cold air out into the fridge had gone out. The ice maker had quit because it also was frozen over. He took the ice maker drawer out and it was a solid sheet of ice. He thawed it out and it began working again. Not sure for how long.

He told me this was a bad problem and it wasn't worth replacing if it didn't start back working after being thawed. Fortunately it did begin making ice again. I guess in the future I will just thaw the ice maker out when it quits again. He ordered another fan, and as a note it was on back order and it took them from Oct to Jan for the part to come in. Now a month later the noise has started again. So I will be calling a repairman again. Not sure what he will say this time. I would not recommend anyone buying a Samsung refrigerator. My brother had bought this same fridge around the same time I did, and it has done the same thing with them. Terrible noise and replacing the fan. His ice maker has gone out 3 times and they have replaced it each time. Why would they continue making this piece of junk? I can't believe I paid 2000 for such this crap. Stay away from Samsung refrigerators model RF28HFEDTSR/AA.

We purchased the Samsung french door refrigerator Model RF267ABRS in May of 2009. We bought an extended warranty from Lowe's at the time of purchase which was a good thing!! Within 6 months we started having problems with ice forming underneath the deli drawer and out of the holes in the inside, back of refrigerator. We called the warranty company and they sent out a technician within 2 days. He informed us that this is a common problem with Samsung refrigerators as the drainage tube in the rear of the refrigerator is too small and ices up. He advised us to defrost the refrigerator and he would return IN 4 DAYS, once it was totally defrosted and run a line through the tube to check for blockages.

He advised me to call Samsung regarding this problem. I did call and the service rep told me they had NEVER had this problem with their refrigerators before and refused to do anything about it. I told her it was all over the reviews and she told me they don't read them. (HA-HA)!!! I requested to speak with a Supervisor and was told the same thing. Since that time, I have called them a total of 6 times with no resolution other than being told to DEFROST when this happens!!! I thought I was buying a FROST-FREE REFRIGERATOR but Samsung seems to think otherwise, taking no responsibility for their product. Six months later, the same thing happened.

This time before the warranty company would not send anyone out until the refrigerator was DEFROSTED FOR 4 DAYS. He came out and again ran a line through the tube and left. Since then, this piece of junk freezes up every 4 months and has to be totally defrosted for 4 days to de-ice it. I will never buy anything from Samsung again as they do not stand behind their products. To have paid the amount of $$$ on this and have them completely ignore the problem is poor business practice and tells a lot about the company and how it is run. NEVER AGAIN!

Our fridge is not 2 years old. Within the warranty period it started making really loud, scare the dogs, popping noises and the water dispenser began dripping. Samsung claimed this was normal. This continued and after 3-4 calls to Samsung with no change in their response the 1 year warranty expired. The ice machine went out 2 days after the warranty expired and we called Samsung once again and we're told they needed to send someone out.

Service repair company came out and told us this is a known Samsung issue and they won't do anything about it and we would have to purchase an additional warranty to the tune of $475.00 to have this covered. They made what repairs they could and said it would probably not work. Needless to say, the repair did not work and we've had issues with the ice machine and dripping water dispenser for almost 2 years now. Samsung refuses to address this issue. I will never buy a Samsung product again and suggest that no one else does. I have several friends with similar model refrigerators and they have the same frustrating issues.

I bought a Samsung French door fridge and it is the worst ever. The fridge warms up and is full of ice. We clean the ice and it happened again. Now it makes a loud noise and when we open the doors the noise stops. The freezer becomes full of ice and stops to work as well. I have been dealing with Samsung and the technicians. It is the worst experience ever. It has been over 2 months that I am without a fridge and they are delaying and not replacing my fridge. The technician came a few times and the fridge is still not fixed. I am very tired of dealing with Samsung company. The product is rubbish and the service is not there. I wish I never bought the Samsung fridge.

I bought my Samsung refrigerator in 2013. I paid nearly $2000 for this and thought it would last. WRONG! The bottom freezer would ice up and leak constantly. Then Dec 4, 2015 the freezer part just stopped working, ruined the food I had. I called Samsung and their answer was to call a service tech that I would have to pay for. I just left it alone as I had a deep freezer. Just hoped the fridge part would continue to work. Well as of today February 2, 2016 it has quit as well. I again called Samsung and no kidding was on phone for over an hour only to be told "Too bad. Sorry for the inconvenience but we are not fixing it." What a crock! I have had cell phones which are Samsung last longer than this refrigerator. So off I went to Lowe's, bought just the plain Jane side by side for 856 by Frigidaire. Certainly will NEVER BUY Samsung again... I hope you take my advice and steer clear of Samsung refrigerators.

The LOUD popping and BOOM noises! Samsung needs to be held responsible for selling and continuing to sell defective refrigerators for years it seems. I have model RF263BEAESR and the noises sometimes make me jump out of bed! I see after reading many reviews here, that so many people have this same problem. Service is coming out again to fix it, but the fix lasts a week, so what good is that? I bought it from Best Buy with all the rest of the appliances. It's a year of hell now and I am thinking about just contacting the credit card company and let them fight between themselves. I don't even want a new Samsung fridge in return. I want a comparable new one from a total different brand!!! THE WORST!!!

Have had this refrigerator since 2006, bought warranty. Have had refrigerator leak water since we bought this. No one has been able to repair it and have had 4 repairs on this appliance. The ice maker for cubed ice no longer works and I have called Samsung several times to stand by their product but to no avail. The company wants to sell me another warranty which more money has to come out of our pockets. Never again will I buy Samsung appliances ever...

Purchased 11/15. Nothing but problems. Goes into defrost mode on its own. I have to check twice daily. If it does start defrosting then I have to "boot" the system, unplug and restart. Samsung sets up an appointment with their service company who calls and then advises that since the unit is now working nothing they can do. I guess I'm supposed to leave the food defrost and spoil since the last time this happened was on a Friday evening and the service company wasn't able to come until the next Friday. Samsung will not replace unit even though I have called them each time this has happened. Not worth the $2600 price tag - looks nice, but is a piece of junk!

On the evening of 1-15-16 we noticed our refrigerated items did not seem cool. Since this was a Friday evening we called first thing on Saturday morning. After waiting an hour on hold and then getting a call center in another country, or at least someone who spoke very broken English, we were given a local repair center to call... of course being the weekend and Monday a Holiday we had to wait until Tuesday. The repair center came out and had to order parts.

On 1-27-16 the repair center came out with new boards and a compressor. The poor guy worked on this thing for over 5 hours and was not able to repair it. He was in contact with Samsung on the phone and after the repair guy took pictures and gave Samsung everything they needed he left and said he would follow up in the morning. The repair center did follow up with us and said we had been authorized to receive a new unit since the one we had could not be repaired. We were given an authorization number and told Samsung would call in 12-24 hours to set this up with us.

24 hours later... you guessed it. They never called. I called Samsung since they never called us. Again I am speaking with someone who is not familiar with the English language. They have no clue what we are talking about and transferred me all over the place. The last person I spoke to insisted that I mail in the receipt to them so they could authorize this trade. Are you kidding me!!! I already got an authorization to have this exchanged and am just trying to set up a pick-up delivery time. Well I got an email and have now emailed them my receipt. I was now told it could take up to a week for Samsung to contact me and authorize this. This is my 18th day with NO refrigerator and I will be lucky if they ever call me back to set this up. I guess by then it will be close to a month with no Fridge. DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY... EVER!

Bought this Samsung refrigerator December 2013 (RFG298HDRS/XAA). It just turned two. We started having problems six months ago. Leaking, ice build up and not cooling properly. I just received an estimate $409.80 to repair the "BUILT-IN OBSOLESCENCE". The company is an authorized Samsung repair company. Evaporator fan motor, fuse, defrost thermostat + Labor. I will never buy a Samsung refrigerator again!

I purchased all Samsung Appliances for my new home to include Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Oven and Front Load Washer and Dryer. The Refrigerator (Model RF253BEAESR) came in with dents and I have tried numerous times to get Samsung to repair and they have refused my requests. They sent someone to verify the dents and the repairman did confirm my complaint but Samsung still refuses to repair. Samsung does not stand by their product and I will never purchase Samsung products again.

DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR!! The water dispenser on my Samsung refrigerator makes a stuttering, jack-hammer noise. Removing and replacing the filter and bleeding the water line takes care of the problem - for about a week. Then it's back again. 4 calls to Samsung, hours on hold, only resulted in them suggesting that their authorized service contractor, Service Quick, come out to look at the problem - AT MY EXPENSE. I was even told by one Samsung customer service rep that they had never had this complaint before. Really?? Google Samsung Water Dispenser Problems and you will see DOZENS of complaints!

2016 Samsung Black Stainless Steel Refrigerator - Let me be honest, I love the look and paid the extra money for it. What I don't like is listening to my fridge. Especially a repetitive "extremely" Loud "POP" noise throughout the night. Called Samsung, first they came and leveled the fridge - did not fix the problem! Called again then they sent a tech, showed me the "fine print" stating that the inner linings expand and contract during temperature changes creating this loud noise. My last fridge was half the price and didn't make any noise.

This noise is not from the ice maker and not the ice dropping into the container that is reasonable and understandable. Let me put it in simple terms, If you were to take claw hammer and smack your hardwood floor with a good blow that's what it sounds like. What is really bad is you get to hear it throughout the day and worst in the middle of the night! You don't know if someone is breaking into your home or what. Very disturbing. We spent a lot of money for this. If I knew this model did this as nice as it looks I would have not bought it.

To be fair to Samsung I own their Washer and dryer 3400.00 also a 1000.00 dishwasher and 1200.00 microwave and stove that we are very happy with. So now I have a great looking fridge that makes loud pop noises all day and all night about every hour. It's hard to believe this problem got through any quality control testing from Samsung before selling to the unknowing public. It's just not right and I hope this can be resolved. Help!

First of all, I want to say that, so far, I have had no problems with my refrigerator. That being said, I wish you would make it EASIER to grip the water filter when it is time to be removed, and replaced. I just had a 2-hour TUG-OF-WAR with the filter, which did NOT want to be removed. The entire surface was slick. Perhaps you could put some rubber grips on future filters. I won't tell you what I had to do to get the damned thing out of its cubby hole. You probably wouldn't approve. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE re-tool this expensive filter to make it more user-friendly. PLEASE.

Samsung has created a line of refrigerators that are defective and won't create a permanent fix for them. When I called to speak with a service tech they sub out to technicians local to consumers who don't work for Samsung but contract with them to repair their defective appliances. So, they couldn't offer me any guidance or reassurance the problem would be fixed. They told me not to go anywhere for two days because they would put in my service request. Apparently, their service company dropped the ball, never called so when I called on the second day, they said they had called me?

They said to come out was 90.00, the repair was 100.00 and the parts were separate but they couldn't tell me what that would cost. I asked if this patch (repair) would permanently fix the problem, and they said they put a 90-day warranty on it and that is the best they can offer and they wouldn't allow me to speak to a service technician to have my questions answered.

My Samsung refrigerator broke again. This is the third time since I spent nearly $2000 to buy it new in 2013. But aside from the poor performance of the unit the real problem is the customer service regarding the repair. So far I've called Samsung every day for the past 11 days and I am on hold again now. Apparently Samsung customer service will listen to the problem you are experiencing, very nicely tell you to expect a call within 24-48 business hours and then throw your information in the trash because nothing happens after that. Every day, I have to begin the process again so in this scenario 24 -48 business hours never passes. Don't buy a Samsung refrigerator. They break and no one is interested in fixing it. Or paying for it. Or replacing it unless you want to box it up and ship it off yourself (they actually suggested I do this!!) There are plenty of refrigerator companies. Please benefit from my experience. Do not purchase Samsung.

Had some noise. Wasn't terrible. More like a low hum. Water started to pool in the crisper drawers. Found the problem and resolution on YouTube. Time consuming but moderately easy. Many wouldn't be able to be as resourceful. It's a design flaw and Samsung should have recalled. Cheap jerks. Door handles were black. My 4-year-old fridge handles look like I've dragged them behind my car for miles on a dirt road. Unfortunate. Otherwise, everything else has been awesome.

We purchased a Samsung refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher to upgrade our kitchen. It has not been a year and the refrigerator is having all the problems in the other complaints stated by other people - wow!!! My family is in shocked to see the new product making this loud noise. The third party repairman supposedly fixed the ice maker advising this is a known problem but Samsung continue to put these products on the market - this should be a crime - this is so unfair to the consumers - I am going to write write write and talk talk talk until someone stop these defected refrigerators from being purchased - how many complaints do they have to receive? THE REFRIGERATORS ARE DEFECTED!!!

This refrigerator has been nothing but a problem. After 3 years, we had to entirely replace the ice maker for over $200 in repairs (not covered by warranty). After 5 years, we had to repair the water dispenser. At exactly, 5 years and 4 months, the freezer died, 1 week later, the refrigerator died. It is out of warranty and Samsung does not provide any support. In our county, there is no longer a Samsung certified repair shop. No one will even touch it. Samsung finally referred us to A&E factory service, more than 40 miles away. They came out to do the diagnostic today (2 weeks after the freezer failed). The repairs for the broken evaporator are over $700. This was a $1,500 fridge purchased at Best Buy. Samsung has been very disappointing. They are not willing to cover anything or provide product support. Will not buy from them again.

One of the worst brand is Samsung as far as fridge is concerned. I advised public not to buy the Samsung fridge. I purchased a Samsung fridge rt 35 bdpr350lt double door fridge from Shahs Anna Nagar, Chennai - 40 for rs.22500/- On 13.1.2011 vide bill no. An 6669 since then the fridge is not working. I was totally disappointed that a reputed company fridge was not working properly within the guarantee period also and I had frequent complaint on it. I demand for replacement for new fridge. But they have not done it and they promised me that they will rectify the fridge and assured that it will not give any problem in future but latter I understand that they had cheated me totally. I get one or the other problems within a span of 3 to 6 months time and pay frequently which is almost 50% cost of the fridge.

Recently Samsung company announced a concession on 50%cost of the spare with no service charges for their Samsung products which was affected due flood in Chennai. I paid rs.752/- For my fridge on 19.12.2015. I do not understand how Samsung company has given their agency to Thirumala Agency for Madipakkam area who do not obey the instructions/Directions of Samsung Electronics India limited and troubling the customer for charging fully for flood affected fridge in spite of the advice of Samsung Electronics India ltd and cheating the customer that this concession is not applicable for this type of fridge etc. I told the service engineer that is there any guarantee this type of fridge will not be affected in flood? Secondly they are not doing proper timely service to the customer.

My fridge again had a cooling problem and I complained right from 16.1.16 to Samsung Electronics & also I lost rs.1000/- Value items kept in the fridge. I explained the entire scenario and made Mr. ** supervisor of Samsung Electronics to under the issue and to advise the Thirumala Agency to repair fridge at free of cost since the repair was carried out on 19.12.15. The Thirumala Agency in turn allotted the work to three service engineer and for the past two days and one service engineer Mr. ** came and totally dismantled fridge. The another engineer Mr. ** not turned up. The third engineer Mr. ** is demanding to pay for their repair. I contacted so far Samsung Electronics more than 20 times from 16.1.2016 to 23.1.16 and spoke to their executives...

My husband and I purchased a Samsung refrigerator in August of 2015; it was not the most expensive refrigerator but it was far from the cheapest. About a month after the refrigerator was installed, we started hearing this really loud noise while the refrigerator was running, as if the refrigerator was a jet about to take off. The noise gradually got louder over time, so every time the refrigerator started running, we would hear this loud noise. The noise was so loud that we could not hear our television in the other room. I contacted Samsung about the concern and they sent out a technician who claimed the noise was normal for all Samsung refrigerators. After the technician left, I called Samsung to speak with a manager and the manager advised me to record the noise and call back; I did just this the same week.

The representative at Samsung that listened to the recording of my refrigerator stated that the noise is not normal and that the compressor is going out and needs to be replaced along with a hose. I was told that day that these items were being ordered (this was approximately 2 months ago now). I have called several times to find out what is going on with the parts because no one has come by to install them. Samsung transfers me from person to person and department to department; the only answer I get is "there is a ticket for the parts". No one can tell me what is going on and no one offers any assistance.

Samsung appliances are by far the worst! Do not purchase Samsung appliances!!! We have a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, microwave, washer and dryer all from Samsung and the only appliance that works properly is the oven!!! I will never again purchase anything from Samsung and I advise all others to run the other way! Their appliances are horrible and their customer service is even worse! They do not stand behind their warranty and will transfer you around until you either give up or they can claim it's out of warranty so they no longer have to help.

Fridge just stopped working after a year. Has been broken since end of December and we are still waiting for a replacement under the 2 year warranty. We have now just received an email telling us it will be another "21 working days" from today before we can expect to receive a replacement! Buyer beware of warranty - this long without a fridge is a joke.

We purchased a Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator from Home Depot in May 2014 for $3,100.00 and paid an additional fee for a (4) four-year extended warranty from Home Depot. Samsung only offers a (1) one-year manufacturer's warranty. Our first repair service call was with SAMSUNG on June 2014 for a defective ice maker that needed replacement and was subsequently replaced. Our next service call was December 2014, due to a failed ice maker AGAIN. Our third repair service call was in December 2015, the ice maker wasn't making ice consistently and it was also making CRUSHED ICE in the CUBE MODE, and water DRIPS was constantly falling from the ice bin down into the cup dispenser and rolling down the front of the stainless steel refrigerator constantly staining it. The ice maker also began a HUMMING NOISE.

The repair service rep said the ice blades in the ice bin were weak and causing the CRUSHED ICE. He said this was a Samsung DESIGN FLAW that can't be fixed. WE paid good money for this SAMSUNG product and all we got was repeated problems and customer service delays. Now Home Depot refuses to honor their (4) four-year EXTENDED WARRANTY. We are demanding replacement of this SAMSUNG refrigerator for another MORE RELIABLE UNIT. If this is the so-called quality of a Top-of-the-Line SAMSUNG refrigerator, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT NO ONE BUY A SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR.

My 86 year old mother purchased her french door refrigerator freezer a couple years ago. About 3 months ago the ice maker and water dispenser quit working. Then in Christmas day her refrigerator freezer quit working. We called the extended warranty company. They had a man come out January 6th (12 days after the unit went out) to assess. He ordered the needed part that day. The part didn't come in until January 15th. Needless to say, it still hasn't been repaired... the repairman is scheduled to come on January 20th for repair. They did not offer to rent her a refrigerator freezer during this time. She is on medication that must stay refrigerated. This is unacceptable customer service. We will see what transpires on Wednesday.

We bought a Samsung fridge with freezer drawer, two door and ice maker in 2014. The ice maker quit in 2015 around during December. We called service. They were very nice and helpful. The cost to repair we were told could be around 500.00 DOLLARS which is too much for a new fridge. Now we have to buy ice because there is no way to put ice in the maker. We had a Frigidaire for twenty years with ice maker still working. We will never a Samsung refrigerator!

We bought this refrigerator 5 years ago and had the first problem within a month. The icemaker refused to make crushed ice. The part was replaced. Six months later and the plastic circle on the back of the ice bucket cracked and we had to get another one. Then we had the leak under the deli tray that others have complained about. The water refroze under the tray and made it impossible to open the tray. We had to take everything out and thaw the water lines. Then we had to buy another ice bucket and another and another. Now the ice maker has decided to only dispense cubed ice - no water or crushed ice. Needless to say, this will not be my next refrigerator.

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Samsung is a Korean appliance company known for creating a wide range of electronics and home appliances. The company, based in Seoul, Korea, was founded in 1938.

  • Technology: Samsung offers wi-fi connected refrigerators, letting users keep track of fridge contents and settings remotely.
  • Color options: The company sells refrigerators in a selection of colors, including stainless steel, platinum, white, black and more. These options let customers choose a refrigerator color that matches their kitchen.
  • Additional features: Samsung's refrigerators come with many additional features, like water filters, a showcase door and more.
  • Warranties: Customers have the option of purchasing extended warranties to cover damage or necessary repairs over the life of the item.
  • Sleek design: Samsung has a reputation for sleek, contemporary refrigerators that offer a modern, clean aesthetic.
  • Best for Homeowners looking for high-quality, high-tech refrigeration devices, and college students in need of small, affordable mini-refrigerators.

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