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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

The fridge would not cool! Service from Sears said they do not service, that is where I bought it! Call another service company, will be 8 weeks to get parts! This is 2 years old! Never buy!

Like so many reviewers, we had the same problem with the twin cooling system. We bought the refrigerator from Lowe's in October of 2009 on sale. Up until this problem, we were very happy with the refrigerator. Several months ago, the fridge started to make a lot of noise. What the...? Then, I noticed that our milk went bad, before the expiration date. So, my husband used an instant thermometer (therma pen) and our milk was at 58 degrees. Samsung tech support tried to troubleshoot, and blamed our thermometer as the problem! Really? My husband did a lot of internet research, and discovered a video on YouTube on how to fix the problem.

Apparently, there's a problem with the coil in the twin cooling area that heats up any ice build-up (I'm not mechanic/engineer, so I'm explaining as simplified as I can). We emptied the refrigerator and he opened up the twin cooler. There was so much ice build up inside and the motor was frozen solid! No wonder it quit cooling! This is not covered under warranty (ours had expired anyway, though we bought an extended warranty). Using a blow dryer, he patiently thawed out the area and the tube and inserted a copper wire (that the YouTube video said would fix the problem). When he put all the parts back in, the motor started up again! Let's just hope this fix is what the YouTuber swears works. I sure hope so, or we're going to have bought another refrigerator. I'm happy with our Samsung laptops and TV's, but never again would I buy a Samsung refrigerator! I'll try and update if this is a permanent fix, but it's worth a try.

I got this in Dec 2013. It kept leaking water from the water dispenser. I called the 1-800 #. They said it was ok for it to do that. By June it stopped making ice. They just told me to reset, so I did. Work for a one month. On 7-2-14 called them again then in 8-26-14, then 2-6-15 then 2-8-15. I have all my reference #. They told me to take back to Best Buy but not until my warranty was expired. Now I'm have a fridge that I paid 1,300.00 with ice maker that don't work. What Kind of Company is This? Please help me with my issue!!!! They need to understand that I'm a 54 y/o female that lives 98 miles away from Best Buy and not easy to just take a fridge in a Car!!!

Purchased an appliance package from hhgregg consisting of stove, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. Five months into ownership starting having issues with ice maker on refridge. A&E Factory service responded five times over a year period. Finally confirmed that the refridge was not repairable due to a manufacturer defect in the freezer door frame which was warped and could not seal properly. Spent several months dealing with hhgregg and Samsung Warranty.

Samsung finally bought back the refridge at a pro-rated amount. Plus I had to wait five weeks to receive a check from them and do without a fridge because they demanded I cut the electrical cord on the defective one before they would buy it back. Then hhgregg refused to give me a refund on the five year extended warranty for the fridge which I no longer had. Samsung and hhgregg do not stand behind their products or warranties. Now for the last two months the Samsung dishwasher is not trying properly and the "delicate" light starts flashing at the end of the cycle. Scared to call Samsung and report it. Will never buy Samsung or deal with hhgregg again.

RF266ABPN - Wrote a complaint on here in August 2013 about our Samsung 2-door fridge which kept pooling water and the back inside kept freezing with frost. We spent so much time always removing items, defrosting, scooping out water, etc. etc.

UPDATE!! Finally hubby was able to fix problem himself. We have had no problems for 2+ years. He turned off energy saver mode and put paper clips in the drain tubes located at the bottom back of fridge to keep them open. They are used as spacers so probably any similar item would work. We are still not sure if the energy saver turnoff or paper clips did the trick but... after countless repairman and useless Samsung, just wanted to report what worked for us! No problems for 2+ years! I weirdly got a reminder about this review so came here and saw still horrific reviews... Hope this helps at least one person!

I bought Samsung refrigerator 30.39 cu ft. 4 Doors. I have to call service twice to fix the ice maker in less than a year. It broke in less than six months after I bought it and they came to replace a new ice maker. Five months later it broke again and I have to pay for the part and service because they only guarantee for 90 days. I definitely would not recommend Samsung refrigerator to anyone.

I own Samsung washer/dryer, TV, refrigerator, stove and they all cost over 2k each. Now my refrigerator quit making ice, you won't replace it because of a warranty (it's 2 yrs old). Hint, I have a Weber grill I paid 700 for, had it for 2 year and it quit working. Called Weber to order parts and guess what, they sent me all the parts for free just so they wouldn't lose a customer. Samsung when your crap breaks, I'll find another brand.

I bought a French door refrigerator in Nov of 2013. In October of 2014 I notice a large amount of water accumulating under the vegetable drawers. I sopped it and didn't think too much about it. After 3 more months, not only was it under the drawers but in them. I called Samsung and they told me after a year, it had to be under an extended warranty. I have a home warranty which I called in April, was told the fan burned out. It took 9 weeks for the part to come in and another 3.5 to get the repairman back out. It is fixed BUT I was told the water problem will come back as Samsung has a running problem with this happening. I will NEVER buy another Samsung appliance and I'm telling anyone that will listen what JUNK they are selling to us.

We purchased our Samsung rs261mds refrigerator a few years ago. Since then the cooling fan has gone out several times, and I have to defrost the freezer to keep it working. The 3rd time samsung sent someone out, I was not told what was wrong, then I was told that samsung was not paying for the repair after it was completed (They had extended my warranty once because of the fan going out a 2nd time) and that if I did not pay my bill I would be blackballed and no one would ever fix my fridge. Then if that wasn't enough, the repairman came to my house the next day and told my son he left steamer at my house. When my son went to look the repairman walked in and began going through my cabinets. At that point my son made him leave.

I called samsung and spoke to someone in their executive resolutions department who apologized. Said they would be paying for the repair and that a supervisor from the repair place would call to make an appointment to come out to "thoroughly" my fridge. When my fridge stopped working 1 month later, I was told they would send someone out at my expense! Now my fridge has stopped working. I lost all my food. I am disabled and not working and my husband lost his job 4 months ago. Thanks to samsung and their crappy products and service, we will be keeping things cold in coolers until we can buy ANY brand of refrigerator other than samsung!

Purchased in October 2011. Problems with the ice maker. Very loud and noisy when dispensing ice. Shoots ice out when no one is around. Now it does not work. What a piece of junk. Samsung please stick to making TV's and phones.

I bought my fridge on February 2013, less than a year it made noisy sound and he got frost and stop cooling. They change the parts after I made many calls and living on hold for hours and let me without fridge for one week now. Same problem happened a month ago, the technician came and broke the ice and change the parts. It is OK for one week and I called again and he said "I will send request to replace it." Then I called they said "we will send another technician" and he didn't know how to fix it and I am still waiting without fridge and I have to eat every day outside. And I have baby, I need to put the milk and it's summer time. So I paid 2000$ for this fridge for nothing.

Bought new fridge (Samsung side by side refrigerator model # rsg307aars) in 2012. Ice maker would not dispense ice. Called Samsung. They sent repair people 3 different times and was unable to fix problem. Told them I wanted a new unit. They delivered new unit. It had the same problem. Unit had a one year warranty. When they brought new unit that was part of the original warranty of the first unit, when that one year is up, Samsung could care less about you or what you bought. I would not recommend Samsung to anyone. Pos!!!!

I purchased the Samsung RF263BEAESR. I purchased in 2012. A year ago the ice machine began freezing to the point where the machine would not make ice. Now the motor is making a loud noise. It keeps me up at night and it's began a week ago. I called Samsung customer service and they were so nasty. It left me with such a bad impression. I spent $3000 on a refrigerator and just 3 years later it's giving my family problems. I don't have the money to purchase another refrigerator and I think it's just not fair. Samsung should care about their customers and fix the problems people are having with these refrigerator. These products should last me at least 8 years problem free!

My refrigerator first would have clogged up ice maker, so I had it removed because of repair cost. Now for the second time the refrigerator isn't keeping cold. The first call read the temperature around 40 and I lost food. I'm waiting to find out (same issue) how much this call will cost ($220 last).

I have a Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator that broke but was under warranty for the sealed system. It broke in 4 years but this Samsung warranty is useless. They will not stand by and honor this warranty. They sent a repairman to my house who misdiagnosed the problem and replaced a part that didn't need replacing which I had to pay for out of pocket. He then told me since the fridge is not working that there is a problem with the sealed system which is under warranty and I won't have to pay anything for parts or labor. He then said that his company is not certified to repair sealed systems so I'll have to find a sealed system company.

I notified Samsung and they sent the same repairman to my house which shows you how much of a joke this company is. I called Samsung again to tell them that their technician is not qualified for sealed systems. They then sent a different company to my house. The repairman from the second company told me that they are not qualified to do sealed system work. Finally they send a third guy to my house from a company that does fix sealed systems but he claims that my warranty does not cover labor only parts. It is clear from my paperwork and owner's manual that the warranty covers both parts and labor for 5 years on the sealed system so I'm not sure how he can claim that.

I called Samsung and they tell me they will create a new work order which will cover parts and labor. However, when it comes time for my appointment they of course schedule it with the original company who claims not to be qualified for sealed system repairs. This is by far the worst customer service I've ever experienced with any product or company in my life. Avoid this company if you care at all about the value of customer service. I've given up on this repair and I'm buying a new GE Fridge. I'm tired of the countless hours on the phone with Samsung and the multiple visits by repairmen that claim not to be certified.

We bought our refrigerator about 2 years ago from Lowe's. We too were told they were good refrigerators. Within 6 months, the seal around the freezer came loose and the glass on the meat door cracked. We had to pay for the meat door but the seal was under warranty. Then we kept getting water under the meat tray and sometimes it would be a thick sheet of ice. We thought we were opening the door too much or something. Then one day it started making this loud grumbling sound, like it was going to rattle right out the door. Afraid it would get ruined we turned it off and called a repairman. He had just recently had the same problem with another customer so knew right away what the problem was.

The coils, fan, and behind the whole back cover was all ice. The drain was also frozen so the water was running into the bottom of the meat drawer. He had to blow dry it to get the back cover off, then blow dry the drain and the coils. That was a month ago. Today we had to call him back. He again had to thaw out the back panel and the upper right fan had over an inch of ice around it. He said he thought the fan and coils were too far away from the heating element to efficiently thaw the ice and it just builds up. Having read these concerns of others regarding the same problems, I think Samsung has the responsibility to figure out a way to resolve this problem. We have all paid too much money on what we thought would be a quality product to only pay out more for repairmen who tells me this will be a recurring problem.

The crisper drawers in a $2000.00 Samsung refrigerator are two pieces assembled at factory. There is an overlap of plastic in which food and water gets trap and there is no way to remove the front of the drawer to clean out rotting food and sitting liquids. Customer support confirms this when I called. There is no way to seperate them, there is no way to clean it. No solution. Rotting food and stale liquid must remain trapped. They do not offer any solution or different parts to resolute the problem.

Foul odor in French door refrigerator - Customer service asked if I cleaned the refrigerator with vinegar and water then asked if I put baking soda inside to eliminate the odor. I replied yes to all and said the odor still remained. They supplied me with a service contact number at my expense.

Drives me crazy, repaired once at less than 2 years old, considering the price we paid I'm disgusted. The doors have to be forced shut, as they don't close automatically. Butter holder doesn't hold a pound of butter! Shelves barely adjust and certainly not efficient. Water seems to pool in vegetable bins. To make matters worse the fridge and in particular the freezer is always covered in weird patterns as if the moisture is escaping somehow to just under the stainless steel. Will never ever purchase a Samsung anything again and I think I'll stick to low end because it seems like everything breaks down after 2 years regardless of the price.

I have a less than 2 yr. old Samsung 4-door fridge. Two months after I got it the ice maker started dripping. It took 7 service calls to finally fix it by replacing the fan on the motor. Now it is only cooling to 50 degrees in the fridge part. Freezer is ok. I called Home Depot warranty dept. and they called a TV repair shop (???) to come look at it. The shop told me they wanted to order parts before looking at it. Ten days later they tell me the parts aren't all in and they will try to make it out on Mon (this is Fri) if the parts come in. This is so unacceptable! I would think a fridge that cost over $3000 should not be breaking down in the first place. Samsung says since I didn't buy their warranty, tough luck. After reading all of the reviews, I have a really bad feeling about this whole mess. Whatever happened to good service???

Called Samsung because refrigerator wasn't cooling, repairman said it couldn't be fixed. Had extended warranty. Been without for over 1 month now and Samsung has been giving me the run around. Still waiting for their callback that they said would be in 2 days. I need something done NOW. This is the second time I have had to call the to repair my fridge. The icemaker had a defect the first year, now this. My fridge is only 2 years old. Hope someone can help me out here.

After only four years, the evaporator went out with this horrendous noise. Had tough time finding a Samsung repairman in my area. When I called their support line I was told to trouble shoot. In no way was this a trouble shooting matter. I was finally put in touch with a repairman who would actually work on the thing. The evaporator was changed out. The next week, the fan in the new evaporator went out. A whole new evaporator was ordered and put in. This took approximately three weeks.

After another two weeks, the refrigerator was not cooling. The repairman came back and said that the unit was working, but the water line froze up. It was defrosted and the unit worked for about 2 weeks and the thing started heating up again. The temperature read 57 degrees. So, I was out a refrigerator for a total of 2 months, not counting the amount of food lost. I am joining a class action suit and getting rid of this piece of crap. Will NEVER recommend anything Samsung to anyone.

Bought a Samsung rs277 side by side from Lowe's approx 5 years ago. Was a scratch and dent floor model at Lowe's and was a very good discount. Ice maker problems started within first year. It makes ice but won't dump it into tray unless you press button on ice maker. So far haven't had much luck finding out online what I can do to fix this. For awhile it would make ice then quit until you pushed button then would make ice again for a few days then have to press button again.

After 4 years it now will only dump ice if you press button. At almost 5 yrs old fan inside fridge got loud. Found some info for different model Samsung online about this problem being from ice build up. Although the info I found online was for a similar type side by side Samsung my model rs277 did not come apart the same way. Keep in mind these are supposed to be frost free units. You need to take all the shelves and drawers out and loosen back panel.

Used hair dryer to defrost a bunch of ice on cooling coil. The ice had built up to the point where it was interfering with fan and blocking drain hole. So besides the noise there was water occasionally leaking out the front. Defrosting took care of noise and water leak but it will be back since the thing should not have needed to be defrosted. There is some type of sensor that tells the brain when to defrost and a heating element to defrost. Not sure which is bad. If someone knows how to test the sensor or how to fix the ice maker so it will dump ice please email me at **.

I had an Amana side by side for well over ten years. I ordered it without an ice maker so that never broke. Some of the plastic parts inside the fridge did not hold up so well and the door gaskets were coming apart but in over ten years I never had to tear it apart to fix something. Until I got the Samsung I was not so happy with the Amana because of the cheesy plastic parts. The Samsung has made me wish I had the Amana back. It was still working when I got rid of it and was over 10. Not happy with samsung.

I bought a Samsung French Door Refrigerator Model FR323TED February 2013. I have the same problems as all the other poor unfortunate buyers of this product. The defrost cycle does not work, the ice builds up in the back panel hits the fan and makes a terrible noise. Must be defrosted once a month. Samsung will not admit to the problem. There should be a class action suit. I wish I would have seen this website before I bought or started to repair this product. I need to face the fact that this refrigerator needs to go out to my back lot and used for target practice with my 454 Casull. Never will I ever buy another Samsung product.

Just purchased about 13 months ago. Fridge does not cool. Food is rotting while in fridge. Would advise anyone not to buy samsung fridge.

Bought side by side refrig/freezer. Ice maker made ice once - Samsung said design flaw. The water pipe runs through the under-insulated door and freezes. Replaced the door. Year later freezer at 48 degrees. Refrig working fine. Many calls. Shouldn't be so badly designed.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator RF263BEAESR/AA - Due to an older house I needed to get a smaller refrigerator. It was hard to find due to all the constraints, size, height, and how far the doors could open. I was excited to find the Samsung French Door Refrigerator, because it fit with all the space constraints my home required. It was a new model so there wasn't any reviews available. Unlike my previous Samsung French Door, a larger version, that I had 7 years ago, this one makes cloudy ice. I just found out from a Samsung repair tech that this model will not make clear ice due to the way it makes ice. Also, because of some restrictions lifted on companies making refrigerators most newer models make loud noises, according to the research I found on the internet.

My model sounds like someone in there is trying to get out by throwing a large rock around. It happens every 6 to 8 hours. It can wake me up from a sound sleep. I thought it was the ice maker, but I have turned it off and it still makes it. Samsung basically has made all kinds of excuses, but they haven't done anything about it. Other Pros: I've only had it since Nov 2014, going on 8 months. It so far, keeps my food cold and my freezer seems to be working fine. It has plenty of space for me. Had I known about the cloudy ice issue I may have looked into buying another brand.

RF24FSEDBSR - For the second time, the ice maker is not functioning correctly. The first time it was 4 months out of warranty and service was $160. Service tech walked in the door and quoted the price of the service call as he knew what the problem was since he has serviced "a lot" of units with the same problem. Now the ice maker is dripping water inside the refrigerator. Great looking and good features, but never would buy it again or any other Samsung product. Reading reviews, this is not a unique problem - why don't they step up and fix or redesign the ice maker unit??

We have model #RF263BEAESR. Major problems for such a costly fridge. Water pours out SLOW, ice would stop producing, ice would come out in pieces or cubes, ice shoots out on floor, ice maker freezes up... Now water valve needs replacement.

Purchased new for our new home we were moving into and although the outside looks nice the inner operations are sub par to say the least. It is only my husband and I and we have had this refrigerator that we paid $1900.00 that had good reviews at the time and less than 19 months we are hearing a loud hum. Checking into it now others are experiencing the same effect causing major repairs. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO PURCHASE! I FEEL WE WERE HUSTLED BY great REVIEWS THAT WERE made by employees. Not happy!!

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Samsung is a Korean appliance company known for creating a wide range of electronics and home appliances. The company, based in Seoul, Korea, was founded in 1938.

  • Technology: Samsung offers wi-fi connected refrigerators, letting users keep track of fridge contents and settings remotely.
  • Color options: The company sells refrigerators in a selection of colors, including stainless steel, platinum, white, black and more. These options let customers choose a refrigerator color that matches their kitchen.
  • Additional features: Samsung's refrigerators come with many additional features, like water filters, a showcase door and more.
  • Warranties: Customers have the option of purchasing extended warranties to cover damage or necessary repairs over the life of the item.
  • Sleek design: Samsung has a reputation for sleek, contemporary refrigerators that offer a modern, clean aesthetic.
  • Best for Homeowners looking for high-quality, high-tech refrigeration devices, and college students in need of small, affordable mini-refrigerators.

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