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Purchased Samsung French Door Refrig and it was leaking water on floor from doors first week here. Service man said gaskets were bad and I asked that I get a replacement. Week later, replacement came and now door don't close properly. Tech came out to adjust and I was good, too bad... all French door refrigerators have this problem because one door is heavier than other (ice and water side is the lighter door). I should check every hour and make sure kids close doors hard. Not Acceptable.

My Samsung refrigerator has been worked on twice for ice and water under the tray. I have also called Samsung with no satisfaction. I hope someone is working on the class action suit. I will never buy anything from this company again.

I've owned a SXS Samsung Refrigerator for 2 years. I bought it based on reviews of excellence. The refrigeration system itself works fine, but the ice maker is now called the "Monster." The ice flies all over the floor regardless of the container/glass I use. And today, the ice jammed in the release element, backing up in the freezer. When it unjammed, about 6 cups of ice came pouring out at once. I guess Samsung makes some fine products, but refrigerators are not one of them.

I had a new Samsung refrigerator RF220NCTASR delivered July 2, 2014 and it hasn't worked properly from day one. I contacted Home Depot, where I bought it and they advised me I had to deal with Samsung directly. Despite two of Samsung's technician calls and numerous discussions with their Executive Customer Relations (ECR), there is still no resolution today! The refrigerator portion will not get any colder than about 45 deg. F despite the refrigerator being set as cold as it can be (seven blue lights). I have gone as high in their ECR as I can (according to them), with only apologies and broken promises to show. I faxed a letter to Samsung Canada's President on December 1, 2014 but have had no response. Samsung certainly doesn't appear to be capable or willing to resolve this basic warranty issue in a timely fashion.

The 1st Samsung fridge that I purchased from Bad Boys had both doors damaged. It took Samsung months to replace the doors via Elite Appliances...Bad Boys did not agree to replace the unit. The 2nd Samsung fridge that I purchase in June 2014 from Lowe's (counter depth/all my appliances are Samsung..) is very loud. It sounds like a tractor. A tech attended my residence. He agreed that it was very loud. He opened the door to take a pic of the serial no. The noise stopped. He did not want to wait till the noise started again so he asked me to recorded and email it to him which I did. A few days later I received a text message from Elite Appliance advising that Samsung advised them that the sound was "normal". I re contacted Samsung. I was advised that in case the tech determines that the sound was normal, I would be charged for the service. I booked the service anyway.

Anyone purchasing a refrigerator should not have to worry about plastic bins cracking under little to no stress because of inferior manufacturing. Customer service just wants to sell extended warranty at cost of over $385 which would not even cover the bins. Refrigerator less than 3 years... cheap warranty and looking to make money off hardworking, previously loyal customers... no more... Stay away unless want more maintenance costs with inferior warranty and parts!

We bought all new Samsung appliances upon moving into a new house, the washing machine has a defective motor in less than 2 years and the refrigerator has been repaired twice. Will never buy Samsung products again.

My wife and mother in law purchased a Samsung refrigerator on a whim without doing their research. Consequently we have a fridge that has given us nothing but problems, the main one being that it's not cooling. Had the service guy out (again) and three days later it's not cooling again? I'm back to putting food in my fishing cooler. Stay away from Samsung refrigerators at all cost! Gotta make yet another service call.

We purchased a Samsung RF197ACBP French Door Refrigerator from Best Buy in August 2013 after considerable research. We bought it because it was one of the rare 19" models that would fit into our cabinet-depth space, and because of what seemed like a good general reputation. Wish we'd checked here! The door handles of this black refrigerator have had paint scratching off since the beginning. Best Buy replaced them the first week, but they've continued to scratch and ding.

A week ago, we couldn't open the left vegetable drawer. Discovered it had become stuck in place by a half-inch of solid, clear ice underneath. After eliminating all other possible sources of leakage (and note, we did not install the ice maker, so there's no water being piped to the refrigerator), we discovered a vent hole on the back panel that appears to be dripping small amounts of water.

Now we've read how common a problem this is, and of course our fridge is out of warranty, and we are left to deal with it. This is corporate fraud of the most disgusting kind. To think that this expensive, ill-designed piece of junk replaced a 40-year-old Amana that never once failed us makes me despair of American and global business. We'll try the self-help options - and maybe a local repair call - but I won't pay a dime for Samsung or Best Buy service.

I bought a Samsung fridge in December 2013. Three months ago, the vegetable drawer had a lot of water. I called customer service to report the problem. They sent someone to fix it. After a week later, the same problem happened. The repair man changed some parts. Two weeks later, I found same problem. I told them to exchange a new one. They said they always try to fix, but never get fixed. Today is my 7th time to call them to fix the same problem. They still refused to exchange me a new one since they never be able to fix. I promise, Samsung is the worst product and service I've ever got. I really don't know what should I do next. I promise myself I would never ever buy Samsung products from now on.

We have had several service calls...none with lasting repair. Lowe's said they hadn't had any problems...right! Lost food, ices up, gets hot, blocks fan. Takes 3 days to defrost internal ice. Paint peeling at the ice and water outlet, with rust. Extremely dissatisfied with quality.

Samsung is the worst name brand appliance I have ever dealt with!! I own multiple properties and their appliances only last one yr!! So when you buy a Samsung product, break down how much you are going to spend into 12 months and then figure out if it's worth it!! So far I have had a $350 microwave last one yr and one month. And now a $700 dishwasher last 1 yr n 3 months. And all Samsung will do is tell you it's out of warranty!! I give them one yr and they have to change their name because everyone is catching on to the crap they are selling!

After purchasing 3 large Samsung appliances, in less than 2 years - we have had to call for repairs for 2 of the three. Conveniently, (for Samsung) the "warranty" the products have lasted about a year / year and a half. Remember the days when a large appliances lasted 10 years with NO problems - who would ever think in this day and age that an expensive product that is well cared for and experiences normal use would not even make it 2 years? Seriously, amazed AND seriously disappointed in the product quality and customer service.

Purchased all new Samsung appliances for our kitchen. The Refrigerator failed within a less than a year. The dishwasher failed within a year and now has failed again. The response and service is very poor - that is saying kindly. I will not purchase another Samsung product ever again in my lifetime and will be telling as many other people to do the same. Canada should not allow any company to sell products to consumers in Canada who are not willing to have an office within Canada to assist those consumers. Shame on Samsung and all who work for this company. Should have bought from Sears, not Future shop. They are just as bad, or worse than Samsung because they are absolutely no help to anyone, unless you purchase insurance through them and then they pass it off on the insurance claims. The government is also not doing a very good job of protecting consumers from this sort of thing. I have read so many other stories from people who are facing the same troubles with Samsung products. Never again.

We purchased a Samsung side by side fridge/freezer with ice maker in 7/2011. It has been nothing but headaches! If the freezer is a little over 1/2 half, the air doesn't circular properly and then freezes up the back panel and eventually the fan. We have had a tech out here 3 times in 3 years. They have replaced the motherboard, air fan, and 3 ice makers!!! Now, normal companies would call this a LEMON but Samsung told me that it's just a design flaw. Is that their way of job security for the tech department? If there are this many issues and complaints, something should be done. Oh and now, guess what is happening AGAIN? Yep, you guessed it, the back panel is freezing up once again and we have had it now for 3 1/2 years. NEVER NEVER will we buy a Samsung appliance of ANY kind again!!

We purchased our refrigerator June 11, 2013. Within a year it was not cooling. When I called wholesale appliance they told me to call Samsung. I did. They told me it would be more than two weeks before service. I had food spoiling in the refrigerator. I finally called someone else to repair it. Now six months later it is full of food from Thanksgiving and not cooling again. I am at my wits end. I need to know what recourse we have.

I purchased new double door top frig bottom freezer. It has never worked from the day it was delivered. My incessant complaints finally got a service call. Tech shows up looks at frig and announces "I have no tools." I ask "Why bother to come out on a service call, are you a complete idiot?" A new company appeared yesterday. They inspected. Yep needs freon. I think they wrong as freezer, will get very cold frig low 60's F.

I purchased an expensive french door Samsung refrigerator with bottom freezer from Lowe's. When the refrigerator was less than a year old, I noticed the freezer was frosting up. But then the problem went away only to return a couple months later but this time the whole freezer iced up. Lowe's said it was out of warranty so they gave me Samsung's number. A Samsung repairman came out and blamed the problem on not closing the door properly. He defrosted the freezer and after that, the freezer stopped working completely. A second call to Samsung and the same repairman showed up. This time he said to repair it, he would have to weld and refill the freon but that would cause a lot of smoke in the kitchen and there was some risk in bringing in canisters of flammable gas, etc. He wasn't too eager to do the repair and felt the refrigerator should be replaced by Samsung. Given his track record I wasn't confident about this repair. Samsung has refused to replace the refrigerator, pay for the labor to repair it, and send a different repairman. I will never purchase another Samsung product.

3 out of 4 were damaged then replaced by Lowes. Then one year later just out of warranty, the dishwasher is not turning off. It just continues to run and try to drain. Dishes were never clean and they never dry! Refrigerator is leaking too! It is very hard to change filter and finally got someone to do it and now it leaks and it went into freezer and froze!!! What a mess!!! Then I called three appliance people who will not service Samsung anymore because it takes too long to get parts and then part are sometimes not the right ones... Grrrrrrr. What a huge waste of money. Microwave fogs up too when i have something on the stove.

RF217ACRS - 3 yr old unit. Water in vegetable trays, condensation crystals in freezer. Groaning noises emanate from unit as it thinks of new ways to frustrate owners. Called Samsung but we have no recourse. Will visit the retailer, Lowe's, to complain and make a nuisance until they stop selling Samsung Junk. As others have indicated, 1 star because it does not go below 0 (zero).

RS26STDBP - I've had this refrigerator 2 years and nothing but problems with the fridge part. Freezer is great, but the fridge keeps frosting up and stops the fan and then no cooling. Happened twice and ruined all our food - over $400 in food loss. I've had repair men come over now three times and same problem keeps coming up?? I bought an extended warranty thank goodness, but this has been a nightmare purchase. Will see what happens with this next repair, but I'm sure it will happen again??

I chose to upgrade my kitchen, new cabinets, flooring, ceiling, walls and appliances. Now, my old refrigerator was about 10 years old and I never had one issue with it, I just wanted everything to be stainless steel. I happened to go with the Samsung French door refrigerator because I liked the way it looked and that it was big enough to store a lot of food in the refrigerator, as well as the freezer. If I would have known that I would have half the issues I have with it, I would have never of purchased it. Why would I want to buy it if every other month, it has to be defrosted so much so that I have to store my food at someone else's house because the whole refrigerator/freezer/icemaker shuts down and takes 24 hours to get back to the right temperature. I have been a homeowner for over 18 years and I have never been more disappointed in an appliance as I am with this refrigerator. I paid over 2,000.00 for it and I am so ready to put it out as junk!!!!

Me and my husband got the Samsung French door with bottom freezer refrigerator in January 2014. The bottom of the French doors underneath the plastic drawers - it's froze with sheet of ice and the plastic drawers have water inside them. Also my freezer has ice all in it beside the ice maker and it has froze food to the fridge. My left front handle has paint chipped off of it. We have contacted Aaron's in Dallas NC multiple times and they said they ordered new parts but then we keep going to pay the bill and they say it hasn't been ordered again. It hasn't been anything but a problem since we got it! I won't pay that much for a samsung refrigerator again and ours is almost paid for. And wish I knew the bad stuff before getting ours!!

I have purchased Samsung RF266AEPN Frig back in 2012 and it has frozen the refrigerator fan for the 2nd time because of the ice build up which doesn't keep the inside at a proper temperature. These is a faulty product and costing me money.

I bought a Samsung side by side frig 8/2013 and it started having serious problems within 9 months! The first time it went completely out was right around Labor Day & we had people coming over. I had over $1,000.00 worth of food in the fridge when the fridge section 1st froze over then quit completely. I lost everything! Now it's Thanksgiving eve and when we arrived home, it was 52' in the frig! I first got out a new gallon of milk, opened it and it was spoiled, all 3 were. I hate Samsung!!!! It's the worst fridge I have EVER had! I have lost everything for tomorrow, it's all turned bad now. I am horrified. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG!!!

We purchased about 5 years ago. 2 years in, had ice in freezer. From there situation got worse, water on floor ice, in fridge. Chalked it up to a lemon until I read all these reviews. Then I got mad. Called Samsung only to be told "out of warranty. Nothing we can do"... Try standing behind the crap you make. NEVER AGAIN.

I bought a Samsung RS261MDBP fridge and had to work on ice maker 3 times and now the cooling fan for the fridge part quit and lost all food. Wish I could sue them.

Model RF217ACRS - Bought this fridge in July, by September the doors already had rust coming through. Mind you, this is a STAINLESS STEEL skin. I have had a cheap small fridge outside by the BBQ for 5 years and it never showed rust. Samsung basically said "tough luck." The rust is cosmetic and they don't cover cosmetic. What?! I spent extra for a stainless steel fridge because they are supposed to look better longer. In less than 6 months the thing looks terrible.Samsung has terrible products, poor craftsmanship, horrible customer care. I would have given it zero stars, but couldn't. Avoid Samsung products at all costs!

I bought a fridge RL30CSCTS in 2012 and sometime this week I've notice it has stopped cooling. Am so angry because I've lost my things that were on the fridge. They all rotten and didn't expect a BRAND like SAMSUNG will be this common! Am not sure of where my receipt is, as I'm now still looking for it. Maybe I've been careless because I didn't think I'll have a problem with you cause I loved and trusted it, but not anymore!!!

I bought a refrigerator model number DF32FMQDBSR. It has been less than four months and it is already giving me problems. A tech from Samsung came and told me that my refrigerator is not working because its missing pieces, it also seems that this unit was previously used. I have tried to get in touch with a supervisor or manager but no response has been receive. They do not want to replace my unit.

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