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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Had it only 2 years and it's already broken. It stopped cooling the refrigerator side. Stays at about 60 degrees. The error code stated the fan had an issue. Sure enough it was iced up. Called a tech to take a look. He said at first the issue was with the drain. Since the water wasn't draining then everything would ice up. He said he fixed that, and later it iced up again. Then the issue was with Freon leaking.

Ever since we bought the fridge it does not COOL properly, especially during the summer. We purchased the fridge in 2013. We’ve replaced several parts since then. It's hard to get a hold of someone from customer service. We are extremely upset because we spent $2,000 for a fridge that doesn't work & for that price we expect it to work properly. We also bought a used fridge for $175 & it works better than the darn Samsung. (>﹏<)

Freezer stopped working at 5 years and 2 weeks from purchase date. If we went from delivery date it would still be under warranty. Samsung says no sorry. I expect something this expensive to last more than 5 years! Our upper ice maker consistently froze solid & didn't work til thawed the entire life. There is a lot of space, but hard to fit food. The unit is fancy, pretty, cool lighting & alarms. But what good does that do me now?

Purchased our refrigerator May of 2013. The ice maker broke in 2014. Thank god that we had the extended warranty. We are currently on our second call to have it repaired.

The refrigerator works okay but the ice maker didn't even last two years. AND Samsung doesn't service the ice maker SO you have to deal with God only knows who.... Samsung customer service gave me a 3rd party number to call. You guessed it, the GUY's voicemail cannot accept any more messages... NICE JOB GUYS! BTW: The model is RF4287, stainless, double door, middle drawer, and bottom freezer door. The refrigerator looks nice BUT it's not worth $2,400.00 for only two years of light usage. AND one other thing when the ice maker DROPS ice in the bin you can hear the ice drop from every room in the house at night. THIS MACHINE IS WAY TOO NOISY for the price Samsung charges....

There is a severe design flaw in Samsung refrigerators. They freeze up with ice in the back panel every 5-7 months requiring complete removal and 24 hour thawing. Samsung is also unresponsive with no customer service. For a really good view, "Google" removing the rear panel of a Samsung refrigerator. Then watch the YOUTube video. Then you will know what a disappointment it is to own a $2500 refrigerator that is less than 3 years old.

Like many, didn't read reviews... bought $2000+ fridge in 2014. The ice maker stops working within first year! Repair person said it was the drawer. Fixed for a month or so and then back to ice buildup on the tray which jams the ice maker! We are constantly chipping ice out of the ice maker and de-thawing it with a hair dryer! One thing I am going to check is the 2% back level that the fridge is supposed to be leveled to. A previous post brought this up. From the sounds of the reviews, I am in for many more problems! THIS IS A JUNK PRODUCT, DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG FRIDGES!!!

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator from Croma, Bangalore on 17/10/2014. Model number FF253LRT27HAJMASE. In June I noticed that some food particles in the plastic grid in freezer. My shock I found that the plastic grid is lined with 'Thermocol', obviously it cannot be cleaned properly because Thermocol is a porous material and particles got embedded in the same. My grievance is - why make a grid in the base of freezer compartment which cannot be cleaned by the user? Secondly, why use Thermocol embedded in the grid so it impossible to clean and subsequently it will develop fungus. The design is absolutely defective. In the door of the fridge, there are only two and a quarter racks, why like normal fridges 3 or 4 racks have not been provided?

We purchased a 3 door, 26 CU.Ft. French door Samsung refrigerator with an indoor water dispenser in November of 2012. Approximately a year and a half after the purchase, our refrigerator started making strange noises and there was water spilling out. We contacted Samsung and later had a technician from Best Buy come out and diagnose the refrigerator. Luckily he was able to repair it - he explained that the refrigerator had to be defrosted as the coils had frozen over.

Since then, every five to six months we have had to defrost our refrigerator to keep it working. Ice builds up and the cooling element fails. We now keep a close eye on the fridge. The first time it froze over we lost food. Since then we have moved quick to defrost it before it appears to be running warm. But we do worry about the regular cooling in light of this problem. At bottom, this is not what we expected from our purchase. We bought a brand new refrigerator and have not received the quality we expected.

Just installed this less than a week ago! Ice works but the cubes are cloudy and small. Water won't work AT ALL! Tried all the trouble shooting, took out filter, checked lines (ice works so can't be that) can't turn pressure up any higher. Pissed off! This is nearly a $4000 fridge! Getting someone on the phone is a nightmare! Where's the class action lawsuit?

Bought the Samsung French door refrigerator in 2014. In 2015, it stopped cooling twice. Had to be thawed at home since it is already out of warranty. Which is ridiculous. Samsung service is of no assistance. Just refer you to a local repair shop who refers you elsewhere because they refuse to service Samsung's products. If I had known about the short life of this refrigerator and the inability of it to perform its only job of cooling food, I'd have definitely switched to another brand before the purchase of this $1,500 piece of pretty - looking junk. Samsung has been made aware of this design flaw for years, but due to selfishness and greed have refused to address the issue, fix / redesign the problem coils, or even recall their junk refrigerators.

They have done a huge disservice to their consumers by allowing these pieces of junk to remain on the market without fixing the issues. I feel they should be made to recall the problem appliances. We lost over $300 in food and even the baby's formula. There's no excuse to sell high priced junk to consumers without standing behind your products. Bad business practices. Samsung should just stick with cell phones and computers. Their refrigerators are not worth the money or bad reviews. Just stay away!

I have a Samsung flat screen TV (46in) that stopped working as soon as the warranty was up. A Samsung washer that cost close to $900 and it works but 1 month after purchase the door lock broke, fortunately my husband is very handy and improvised a lock with Velcro tape because the service people would charge us $75.00 just to come out and finally my refrigerator a side by side Samsung is now not cooling, while the freezer is working but the thing is only 18 months old. I thought that this was a competitive brand, but I won't be buying anything Samsung again. I should have stayed with Maytag and Sony.

Bought a Samsung Sodastream French door Refrigerator. I bought it June 2014. Dealing with Samsung is a nightmare. They have a call center in Honduras. They have a executive complaint department that is useless and rude. My ice maker had problems. It is in the fridge not freezer. Two service companies came out and said I would have to turn off fridge for two days. This happened April 2015. Still not fixed. It does not make cubes only crushed ice.

The ice bucket is frozen and can't get open. It makes a horrible noise when you try to get ice. I have spent almost 100 hours on phone with Samsung. Some of the rudest people I have ever dealt with. This problem occurred in month 10 of purchase. Now Samsung told me one year warranty up, can't fix. I'm going to court over this. $3500 for this. I live in Ma and we have a consumer protection here. We can give a 30 day demand letter then go to court. Don't buy Samsung. Service is nonexistent and reps are rude and not very smart. Never again. I'm done bunch of morons for customer support.

In 2013 we purchased a Samsung Refrigerator French door up and down. We paid 2,999.00. First we had the ice bucket replaced twice. This took several months each time to get a service order number. The problem existed. Finally the third repairman told us there was a Freon leak which couldn't be fixed. In March 2015, Samsung finally agreed it was a manufacturing problem and we would be refunded the full amount of our purchase price. I have made well over 50 documented calls to find out when we would receive our check. We have been without a refrigerator for over three months.

Each time I call, I speak to a different person. I have been told I would receive a satisfaction survey many times which I have never received. We are still waiting for our check which was apparently mailed over a month ago. This whole experience has convinced me Samsung does not care one bit about their Customer Service. We have many Samsung products. I now pray nothing happens to any other Samsung product. I'm not sure I could go through this awful nightmare again.

Have a Samsung stainless steel side by side bought at Best Buy in August 2012. Refrigerator side not cooling down but freezer working fine. Compressor is hot and fan is working. Called Samsung and was told I had to pay for repair call and would not be reimbursed even if issue was under warranty. So, I'm out $100 and no refrigerator for near 2 weeks. BUY WHIRLPOOL If you want customer service in America and a warranty that covers service call to replace warranty parts.

Moved in a new house around 2012, fridge model is RS263TDRS - it's a Samsung side-by-side refrigerator that at the time cost at least $2500 cad if bought brand new. Anyways, at the 2-year mark, the fridge started making loud noises and water and ice is building up on the bottom drawer on the fridge side and water would fall out almost everyday, which damaged my hardwood floor. I did some research online and realized it is probably caused my ice build up inside the fridge, and I opened the back part of the fridge and it's all frozen inside. Spend hours defrosting the ice with a hair dryer and out everything back in. Everything worked for about a week and water is falling out again. Suddenly the freezer just won't cool and now I'm stuck with a barely working fridge.

We got our fridge brand new in June 2013. In June 2014 when our warranty was up we started having multiple problems. The first thing that went wrong with our fridge was that our condensation fan in the bottom of the fridge stopped working. This caused the condensation tray to overfill and ruin our hardwood floor under our fridge. We paid around 360 dollars just to get the fridge fixed. Then our ice machine stopped working. All Samsung said was that it needed to defrost. Still does not work. As of today our freezer is making the loudest noise. I've called Samsung multiple times and there is nothing they can do. I will never buy another Samsung fridge or appliance for that matter. Nothing but trouble on a fridge that is not even two years old.

We purchased a French Door Samsung Refrigerator - model number RF4287HARS/XAA 2.5 years ago. We paid nearly $3000 for it at Best Buy. A little over two weeks ago the ice maker went out and soon to follow was the freezer and fridge. We called Samsung and after three phone calls of escalation they finally agreed to cover the diagnostic as an "accommodation" since we did not purchase the extended warranty.

The repair guy has been here twice and has finally deemed it as "non repairable." Each visit was over two hours and most of the time was spent with him on the phone with Samsung tech support. They replaced the CFAN and the main PCB but it still will not work. The repair company has sent 11 pictures to Samsung showing the error codes still coming up despite the repairs. Samsung is giving us the run around saying that they want the repair company to come back out. Not only are we out a very expensive appliance, $100's of food plus having to eat out mostly, we have lost countless hours on the phone back and forth as well as waiting on the repair guy. At what point does a company stand behind their product and actually take care of their customers? Samsung should be ashamed.

French door model RFG297 - Similar issue to many reviews I found on this site. Comforting to know we're not alone. We have had the tech out three times and having them back again next week to "fix" the excess water and ice collecting below the meat and cheese drawer. We purchased this appliance in Dec 2010 and were told it was top of the line for its class. This appliance is definitely defective, but doesn't appear Samsung will admit it. Wish we had gone with Bosch instead.

First repairman came out and said defroster on fridge was frozen up. Had to leave it open for 12 hours. Week later started leaking under filter. Now this time still leaking under filter again, repairman said had to order a part that goes behind filter. We will see, what happens next. Not a good choice for a fridge.

My refrigerator has leaked water into my crisper drawers almost ever since I had it. Then about two weeks ago the refrigerator quit working, but the freezer still
worked. I lost a lot of food in the fridge. I had Turner Appliance come out and they charged me $60 to tell my to defrost my fridge for two days and let the icing up

defrost and melt. They also told me to contact you because it was an issue with Samsung. What do you plan to do about it?

We purchased this refrigerator from Lowe's in April 2013. In December 2013, we noticed that the ice cubes were smaller, and the water dispenser flow was much slower. I contacted the Samsung Help Center and was told to turn up the water pressure in my home, even though it was (properly) set at 60 pounds per square inch! I did turn it up to 90 pounds per square inch, and it seemed to be OK --not back to normal-- for a short while!

Several months ago the ice cubes began to be much smaller, and the water flow reduced again. I've tested the water supply to the unit, and it is just fine. I believe Samsung refrigerators have a basic engineering design flaw, one that Samsung will not admit nor own up to... Thus, my recommendation to NOT BUY a Samsung refrigerator! Coincidentally, we have a GE refrigerator purchased around the same time for our Florida house, and we have NEVER had a problem with it at all. Come on Samsung, own up to the problems with your design, and either FIX THEM, OR GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK!

Samsung RF262AEWP/XAA Freezer side rails failed TWICE. Within the first year, the freezer side rails failed. The ball bearings all came out. And the rails had to be replaced. That was two years ago. Now, it just happened again. Unfortunately, the fridge is no longer under warranty. I now have to call for a repair and the rails alone will be upwards of $75 each. It is recommended that both rails are replaced at the same time, and the authorized Samsung repair center refused to tell me if I would be charged the Samsung list price of $75 for each rail, or if they had a higher price.

I have a call into a repair service for which I pay a maintenance agreement fee. It will take me 2 1/2 weeks to get a repair person here. 2nd time this refrigerator has quit due to a "frozen drain". It is 2 years old. I will never buy a Samsung product of any type again. It's 10:30 at night and my children and I have just moved out into a garage refrigerator.

I wish I could give less than one star because that's how disgusted I am with my French door Samsung refrigerator. I purchased it about four years ago. After two years I finally figured out that it was icing up in the back and fortunately it was still under a warranty I had purchased with Lowe's but it took close to a month to get all the parts etc. Also lost lots of food.

Now again 2 years later the same thing. I called Samsung and became even more irate with the callous "we don't give a crap" attitude. This refrigerator needs to be recalled and Samsung sued because a company with morals would at least attempt to make a better product after so many of the same problems for so many years. This was to hopefully be my last refrigerator and now I can't even afford to fix the stupid thing. You can add me to the class action lawsuit as well and Samsung needs to recall and take responsibility for wasting our money. I also have a child and infant in the house - I'm fearful that someone will end up with food poisoning. This is a huge safety issue Samsung!!!

Since purchasing this fridge RF197ACRS from Sears Canada we have had problems. The ice maker needed to be replaced in the first three months. We have had repeated visits by the service technician because of water in the crisper drawers and ice build up under the crispers. We have followed directions in the manual and those of the technician to fix these issues without success. Samsung will not replace this appliance. It is now 3 years old.

I purchased a new Samsung refrigerator for my wife for her birthday. Without pulling out the paperwork I think it was in November of 2008. Purchased at Lowe's. Had a repairman come out to fix it twice within the first year. It was icing up and sounded like a food processor inside due to ice build up around the fan. The coils were solid ice and the drain was frozen. There was water underneath the platter drawer and so much it would leak out and across the floor. Well seven years later I'm still going through the same things. As I write this at 1:48 in the morning I can't sleep due to the noise the fan is making due to ice buildup. This is ** for what I paid. I've found out about a class action lawsuit against Samsung but can't find any info on how to join. I can't afford a new fridge right now so I'm stuck until the lawsuit is settled I guess.

We are on our second refrigerator in less than three years. The first unit had problems with the ice maker so we exchanged it in less than a month. Now we have problems with it icing up in the rear around some fan. Samsung said they would fix it and pay for the parts not labor. But now they refuse to pay for the parts. The executive division said the lower representative didn't have the authority to promise to pay for anything. Never buy Samsung products. They're junk and the management are liars!

OMG, Samsung refrigerators are totally worthless. We have had so many problems and service calls with our new Samsung fridge. Talk about, sounds like an airplane? Yes, it has something to do with the air circulation fan behind the thermostatically controlled shelf. The noise starts as a humming and moves on to a machine gun, hard click about once every half second. It started when the machine was new and happened 3 more times. The 1st and 2nd time we had it repaired. Today we are hauling away this nearly new machine.

We loved this machine when we were shopping for a new fridge. We got this one because it had a dual compressor and a special thermostatically controlled drawer. Love and joy ended real fast because those are things that broke first. (We are 2 old people and we hardly go into the refrigerator -- so you can't blame any problems on kids and abusive overuse.) We hear our problem this week is a broken diverter -- will only be a mere $750 to fix. Right now our shiny, stainless unit is sitting on the sidewalk. Our fabulous new fridge from Home Depot is a top of the line LG for several hundred $ less than $2000 -- LG getting about 5 stars from reviews.

Now that I'm looking at general reviews about Samsung, everything they make seems to be horrible. How could that be?! We used to buy a ton of Samsung stuff -- not anymore. There are so many little, bad issues with this fridge and I see nearly 1500 complaints (a lot of them from 2015!). All I can say is -- get an LG from Costco or Home Depot -- they seemed to have the best price, haul away fee, etc.

We purchased a Samsung side by side at Conn’s a few months ago and specifically chose Samsung over the other brands because we had good experiences with phones, a TV and a number of other items from that brand. Well, 2 weeks ago, the refrigerator quit working and all of our food went bad. At first, I wasn't concerned, because it is still within the warranty period. I called Conn’s and they started the repair order. The problem came when Samsung couldn't find a local service provider to come out and repair it. Last week, they told me that they would allow us to exchange it for a new unit if they didn't find someone by Monday. Monday, they said they were still processing the claim.

It has now been two weeks and Samsung says that it will take up to 7 more business days for them to decide what to do. In the meantime, we have lost a couple of hundred dollars worth of food and haven't had a working refrigerator in weeks. I understand that things happen, but when you pay to purchase a fairly expensive appliance new from what is supposed to be a reputable brand, you expect that issues will be taken care of in a more timely manner. Eating out is costing us even more money and I don't think it is unreasonable to expect that a refrigerator can be repaired or replaced within the first two weeks.

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Samsung is a Korean appliance company known for creating a wide range of electronics and home appliances. The company, based in Seoul, Korea, was founded in 1938.

  • Technology: Samsung offers wi-fi connected refrigerators, letting users keep track of fridge contents and settings remotely.
  • Color options: The company sells refrigerators in a selection of colors, including stainless steel, platinum, white, black and more. These options let customers choose a refrigerator color that matches their kitchen.
  • Additional features: Samsung's refrigerators come with many additional features, like water filters, a showcase door and more.
  • Warranties: Customers have the option of purchasing extended warranties to cover damage or necessary repairs over the life of the item.
  • Sleek design: Samsung has a reputation for sleek, contemporary refrigerators that offer a modern, clean aesthetic.
  • Best for Homeowners looking for high-quality, high-tech refrigeration devices, and college students in need of small, affordable mini-refrigerators.

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