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Samsung Refrigerator

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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

We purchased new appliances from Lowe's 2 years ago, Dishwasher, Fridge, Range and Micro. We have not had any problems from the range or micro, but had issues with fridge (fan in the freezer). Repair went smooth with Lowe's involved. Happy with that. Now we are experiencing the smell that so many have commented about. That being said: What is the solution? So many complaints, really concerned about the integrity of this company. Maybe if Lowe's or Best Buy, or both, discontinue the retail of their product, they might consider improving their customer service. Samsung needs to hire someone that can get your customer service back on track. There are other product names that would love to see sales increases once these go out.

I purchased a Samsung Bottom Freezer #RB215LABP in May 2009. Within a year, I noticed underneath the fresh produced bins there was accumulated water underneath both bins and semi-frozen. I cleaned it up and thought nothing of it. Consulted the owner's manual but it failed to mention that. I adjusted the temperature but did not notice any other on-going issues.

Fall 2013, I noticed the ice maker stopped working and my frozen foods were no longer frozen. Just my luck, I realized my warranty expired 4 months ago. Out of pocket payment to local service guy who informed me that it's a manufacturer’s defect. The computer board for the freezer is defective. There are also issues with a loss of freon, compressor is blocked and defrost issue. Despite all of these problems, there is nothing wrong with the ice maker - it just can't make ice due to the other issues. This was my dream refrigerator and I'm so disappointed that in less than 5 five years, I must purchase/replace a major appliance. Who has that kind of money? BUYER BEWARE.

We bought a Samsung French door, freezer on the bottom refrigerator end of December 2013. The refrigerator is so loud and noisy that it interferes with the television. In this day of modern technology this Samsung refrigerator is louder than any I have ever had in the past. It hums and buzzes and the other night it made loud "clunking" type noises. I thought someone broke into the house. I seriously did. We have contacted Samsung 3 different times and they refuse to come out. They keep referring back to where we purchased the refrigerator and Midway Appliance Company in Victorville, CA keeps referring us back to Samsung.

We are senior citizens and the fridge costs quite a bit of money. We are at a loss. There is definitely something wrong with this refrigerator. Something is faulty with the way it was manufactured. GE Capital where we have it financed has agreed to do a "dispute" for us with Midway Appliance where we bought it. They will not help us either. I am just waiting for a response from them, which will be in about a month or so. I hope it is favorable. I don't think it's right when companies take advantage of senior citizens.

We purchased the Samsung - 24.5 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Stainless-Steel SKU: 8763144. The freezer has not frozen well for the past 6 months. We called Samsung support 5 days ago to send tech and still no tech! Our meat has gone bad and we have no tech. I will recommend never purchasing a Samsung appliance ever again. Their service sucks.

Can get no satisfaction on when someone will come to look at fridge and get compressor replaced. Day two of trying to get handled. Model RB217ABPN, purchased 9/22/2009. Compressor still under warranty. Do not plan to purchase Samsung products again if this is the service I get when problems arise.

I purchased a Stainless Steel counter depth French door refrigerator w/ drawer freezer at a premium price through Lowe's. Within 7 months, the ice maker stopped working and a noise like a motor straining to work started. That issue was taken care of with a service call. Then it happened again. This time, I called Samsung and the girl I spoke to wanted me to remove the ice maker unit. The owner's manual said not to do that so I had another service call. This time, a new ice maker was ordered and installed. Immediately after this call, a single click could be heard maybe once an hour. Then a noise like a compressor turning on started and lasts from 5 to 12 seconds sometimes 4 or more times a day.

Now the noise like a motor straining is starting again. The ice maker stopped working, and now the ice maker started working again. This refrigerator makes more noise than my dishwasher! So, I am going to have to call for service again. Three service calls in just over 2 years is ridiculous!! I had my last refrigerator - basic with no ice maker - for over 20 years and no problems like this!!!

I contacted Samsung today and talked with customer disservice. Since the factory warranty has expired, they invited me to pay to repair their defective design. The real fix will entail replacing the freezer door which I speculate will be more than the POS refrigerator is worth! DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG PRODUCTS; THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT CONSUMERS.

I bought a SAMSUNG Stainless Steel, French Doors, Bottom pull out freezer almost 2 yrs. ago. I wanted this Refrigerator for a long time so being a mother of 6 and wife, I felt it was what I needed. I first noticed I was getting water in the Vegetable Tray. All my Vegetables were floating, so I dumped the water out and threw away my vegetables, 2 days later same thing. I called told the company I bought it from. They said they would send someone out to fix it. The Repair guy comes takes a cap off and say they are having problems with all of these Refrigerators. Anyway, to make a long story short it didn't work. I started getting water in both trays, wasn't able to use either tray. I call our local Sears to get someone else to work on the refrigerator and guess what I was told "we work on every kind of refrigerator itself for SAMSUNG." So now my refrigerator is out for repairs with the company I bought it from and that's been about a month now. Model# RF217ACRS

Samsung Refrigerator Model RF217ACWP/XAA Paint Peeling Handles - This refrigerator has been a nightmare. First the ice maker did not work properly. Then the top handles peeled and were replaced. Now the freezer freezes ice cream like a brick on the lowest setting. And again we have to not only replace the handles that were already replaced on the top, but we also have to replace the handles on the bottom. Samsung led us to believe that we had options of replacing the refrigerator or refund but then denied us and said they would fix it. I got a call today and they said it was cosmetic so I would have to pay to replace the handles that were ordered and ready to be installed. I am furious. I contacted the CEO's office by email and will continue to update my progress.

After numerous contacts with Samsung they wrote that how sorry they were but that there was no fix for my problem. But after calling an appliance service was informed that a clip underneath the evaporator had to be change to a modified one obtained from SAMSUNG to correct the freezing problem.

I bought a samsung french door fridge RF263BEAESR/AA June 2012 less than 2 years ago. They told me I could not purchase an extended warranty because this fridge was purchased due to another one I had that was under extended warranty and went bad. I paid for the difference. During the first year of the manufacturer warranty all the door bins but one cracked. The temp light indicator of the fridge kept flashing. I called samsung and they sent a technician who said it was nothing wrong since I had unplugged it and plugged it again and had stop flashing. Samsung said the bins were not covered. After the first year I had constant problems with the food in the fridge being frozen and the temp light of the fridge continuous blinking. I called Samsung and the man said it should not do that and connected me with the warranty department. The lady told me I have the option to buy warranty for a year coverage for $420.00. This would cover the repairs for a year but cannot replace it if it is not fixable. In that case they would give the $420 back. I am frustrated and upset that this piece of junk didn't work right from the first year and they would not do anything for that. I will never buy a Samsung product again.

We purchased the Samsung stainless steel bottom freeze refrigerator (Model RF4287HARS) from Lowe's last November. The water from the dispenser is fine but the ice has a musty/plastic taste when it melts and is unusable. I contacted Lowe's service and they scheduled a repairman to come out and check the refrigerator. The service guy ordered parts and in a few days, replaced the filter housing and hoses. The ice still tasted bad. I called back to Lowe's service and they schedule the service guy to come back. He replaced the ice maker this time but that still did not correct the taste issue. I called service back and they suggested scheduling the service guy for a 3rd visit even though all the parts had been replaced. This was suppose to trigger an automatic "Cannot be Repaired" process and Lowe's would request a "Return Authorization" from Samsung. First, Samsung refused to revisit the taste issue and also refused to issue a "Return Authorization" number.

More or less, Samsung is saying we're stuck with a refrigerator we can't use the ice from. Lowe's "Customer Support" called and said they had done all they could do and that we could contact Samsung ourselves. We talked to a person in Executive Support that's suppose to be trying to get this resolved but, for now, we're stuck with this refrigerator. We will never buy another Samsung product of any kind!!! If Lowe's doesn't handle this to our satisfaction, we won't do business with them any longer and with our house remodeling business, we buy quite a lot from Lowe's each year.

To keep it simple; we purchased a floor model Samsung from Sears. It was delivered and set up. By the next day we realized fridge wasn't getting cold. Sears wouldn't refund us. Had registered with the Samsung warranty. They sent a repairman out and deemed it unrepairable. Samsung will not honor warranty. We are without recourse and have a broken fridge.

We bought our 4-door Samsung refrigerator model # RF428 from Sears in Feb 2013. Feb 2014, it started leaking water. It was so bad that we had to have towels around the fridge and change them a couple times a day. Scheduled the repair service, however, the repairman couldn't figure out what the problem was. They called Samsung and they have a problem with these models with the water filter housing unit. He ordered the part and scheduled another service call to install the part a week later. In the meantime, my floor is completely ruined from all the water leakage. It will have to be torn up and completely redone.

Same thing happened with us. However, I refused to give up and I ended typing up all the information I had including the dates, transaction numbers, names of people I had spoken with at all levels, all paperwork from the repair companies, etc and sent it by registered mail to the Office of the President of Samsung of America. They did contact me by phone and left a message stating that they were sorry but I had not responded to their offer within the two weeks of it being offered. I won't go into all the details of why that was not true because of the issues that happened but I ended up calling the department back that called me. I finally spoke to a reasonable person who listened to me and saw that I had done everything they had asked me to do in a timely matter. She resubmitted the paperwork and within a couple of weeks, we had our check.

I do believe that they make it as difficult as possible to get to someone who has the authority to make decisions. I got the same round around as you did, especially when I got to the Executive Level of Customer Service. It seems as though the reneging on the buy back is to get you to accept their refusal and give up. I was determined to take whatever steps were necessary to see this through. It was a 6 month battle from the first repair attempt to receiving the check.

Samsung Denies Refrigerator Warranty Through Confusion and Delay. Lesson Learned: NEVER Purchase a Samsung Appliance and Expect Them to Uphold the Warranty. Whoever said that Corporations have consciences has never owned a Samsung Refrigerator that failed while under warranty. We had a RF266AEBP refrigerator for 4 years. It had a 5 year warranty on closed system parts such as the compressor. The compressor failed in its fourth year. A nice long life you might say but still under warranty. This failure happened on December 20th 2014. It was not until March 10th when I finally pulled the plug on working with Samsung Executive Customer Service. Their response seemed to be designed to beat me down, tire me out, and leave me wondering and lost. We had 3 service calls over these months and during this entire time our food was on our patio where the temperature would dip well below freezing at night. Here is some of the incompetent mishandling they exhibited:

They sent us a service outfit that was not authorized to do warranty work on their refrigerators. They said at one point that the compressor had a warranty, not the refrigerator. They left me holding on the phone for up to 20 minutes (but would tell me it was going to be 3 min). Said that I would have had to have purchased a warranty at the time of purchase to get coverage. They could not seem to get the magical 7000 number from the service provider. Even after we had 3 service people out, had the compressor replaced and had spent two months without a fridge, they were going to send someone to confirm that it was the compressor issue.

I pulled the plug after 2.5 months when they said it would be another 4 days before we would get the form that we needed to attach the pictures to and send in the Executive Customer Service. AND, that we would need to hold on to the old unit until the inspection, forms and pictures were reviewed and by their Refunds and Exchange Department. At that point we had already ordered a replacement refrigerator. So, if you choose to purchase a Samsung refrigerator, rip up the warranty, assume that it will not be honored. If you do choose to try to get them to stand up for what they promised, be ready for months of delay and misinformation. Very sad, very sad indeed.

We purchased a Samsung fridge from Best Buy (Model Number RS2630SH/XAA). Within 3 years the condenser fan motor started squealing & immediately failed. We have just had to order the second condenser fan motor due to the same problem (a few years later). It is lucky that I am a repair person so I can just order the part. I maintain all of my appliances properly as I witness what causes appliances to fail in the field. I hold Samsung in high regard, but I am leery about purchasing my next fridge from them. Why has the motor not been improved? I am certain that this is not an isolated incident.

Same issue as William. Purchased the RFG298HDRS refrigerator with bottom freezer drawer less than one year ago. Recently, noticed the inside of the freezer and all contents were covered with furry frost. Thought door was left open on accident. Noticed instead that the weatherstripping seal was no longer touching the refrigerator when drawer was closed. Took all contents from freezer. Drawer would still not close all the way. Turns out like William above, 1.5 inches thick-1 inch thick solid sheet of ice covering inside of drawer housing- floor of the freezer housing. Took upper freezer drawer out and was able to remove solid sheet of ice in two pieces from bottom of freezer. Now drawer closes fine.

This is really an unfortunate situation. I think the water that leaked before we noticed the problem, has ruined the floor. (The flooring wasn't my choice, it was here when we bought the place. Not ideal for a kitchen but what can you do?) At any rate, drawer now easily opens and closes. I will watch for it to become more difficult as time goes on and will add emptying freezer and chipping off sheets of ice to my growing list of things I have to do to accommodate other people's stupid design flaws.

Before Thanksgiving, the freezer stopped working. I had to throw out hundreds of dollars of food. I called in a service repair person. The first repair guy said he could not fix it. Our home owner's warranty company called in Sears repair and they fixed it. Now 3 1/2 months later, the same thing is happening, this refrigerator is defective. I again had to throw out hundreds of dollars of food. I called Samsung. They said, "Sorry, we will send a repair person but you will have to pay for service call and parts." I said unacceptable. Samsung should stand by their products, this refrigerator is obviously defective. Do not buy Samsung, very poor customer service!!!!

Purchased Samsung refrigerator and microwave when we remodeled the kitchen in 2010. The microwave died last summer (2013) and we replaced with another brand. That's another story. THIS story is about the above listed refrigerator. Beginning in Sept. of 2013 we have contacted Samsung customer service 6 times about our fridge leaking water into the (right) vegetable drawer and under the drawers and freezing. 2 problems - the leak and, why is the water freezing when the fridge is set at 38 degrees? Freezing all veggies in the drawer.

Service has to come from Cleveland as no company in the Akron area will touch Samsung appliances. That should have been our first clue! The last service call was 3/04/14 and yesterday, 3/08/14, we had more frozen water in and under the veggies drawers.Customer service persons have been very gracious and helpful. The repairmen that have come here have been courteous and have tried to help. But the definition of futility is doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting different results. We have had the coils on the back wall replaced 3 times and thawed each time and the drain blown and, guess what? Same results.

We're very, very tired of this problem. We have thrown out more food that's been ruined by sitting in ice water and it's getting expensive. We have told everyone and anyone who will listen NOT to buy Samsung appliances as they are definitely inferior products. Just wish they would replace this defective appliance or compensate us monetarily in order that we can purchase a refrigerator that will work. Any suggestions anyone?

We bought a Samsung French Door Stainless Fridge in Set of 2012, from Sears was delivered in October 2012, we did not bring into house till January 2013 due to construction. Since its been used the twin cool has froze food in fridge section, even set at 38. Display has gone dead and more. Multiple repairs with no results. Samsung does not do their own repairs and you wait weeks for repair. We have spent no less than 24 hours on the phone with no results! They say they will buy it back, we won't hold our breath! So be wise and do not buy that brand! Bad news!

We purchased a Samsung RF323TE French Door Refrigerator with a Bottom Freezer and Ice Maker in approximately November 2012. Things were working fine until we started noticing a foul smell (like urine) coming from the water out of the dispenser. The water and ice then tasting bad as well. I thought it was the filter, so I bought a new filter, replaced it, and flushed it with several gallons of water through the dispenser as instructed. This worked for about a week, and then the problem returned. I thought I just got a bad filter, so I put a new one in and repeated the process. Shortly after, the problem is now back.

I went to the Samsung website to try and troubleshoot it, but I could not find nor enter the model number. I got an error message saying the model number was not found! I have not called them, and I am not sure if we bought the extended warranty from Lowe's, but the reports I have read are very discouraging. I will definitely report back, and do more research before my next purchase. Samsung will be hard pressed to get any more of my business.

This is 2nd time that we are having problems with the LED temperature controls. Our refrigerator is 2 1/2 years old and have also had a fan/motor problem. Repairs are VERY expensive for the upgraded modern refridgerators. Food is expensive and 3 times we have had to throw away food.

My wife and I purchased a new Samsung refrigerator at Lowe's here in our town. 2 days after it was delivered there was a puddle of water inside the freezer (caught before it froze) we called them and Lowe's sent a tech out to fix it. Three days after that, we had the same problem, so Lowe's replaced the whole refrigerator. 2 months later, the ice maker quit making ice, called they sent a repairman out which took two weeks, and got it fixed. Then about 4 months later, it would not dispense ice, again another call and another repair. 3 months later when I would get ice it would not stop and it would keep spitting out ice, need I say it again? Another repair!!!!!

Now we are into a year and a half with this piece of ** and now it overfills the water in the ice maker which then freezes and breaks the ice holder, so at this point Lowe's said, "Sorry, it's out of warranty, you need to call Samsung!!!" So I call Samsung, they were very helpful gave me a 1 time out of warranty service repair! So again it takes a few weeks but they replace the entire ice maker. Flash forward 6 months to today, 3/6/14, and guess what? Yup you guessed it, it's not making ice at all, so I call Samsung and basically am told it's out of warranty and after exhausting all resources there is nothing they can do!!!! Oh I almost forgot, after one of the repairs the service tech left me a spare part, and told me, if the ice maker would not stop dispensing ice, here is a spare part to fix it, and of course it did, so I also replaced it once myself!!! This Samsung Refrigerator is the biggest junk I have ever owned I will never ever buy a Samsung product again!!!

I remodel my whole kitchen! I went to lowe's for appliances, bought Fridge, stove, microwave hood range and dish washer! 1st week the ice maker stopped working, got that repaired! Two weeks later, the freezer went out! Lost 60$ of meat in freezer!! So Lowe's replaced whole unit free of charge!! The 2nd fridge came, it stopped working within 1 week of running! Called Samsung, they told me to open back panel and hit reset button in back! Did that and it started to work again! Well the next 3 days the ice maker quit again! Samsung got it repaired, 3 weeks later it went out again! Since then it has been 5 months without a hitch!

Meantime, Microwave Hood range stopped working, repairman came out, order a couple of parts replaced them, still didn't work. Lowes replaced unit!! 2 months of running the 2nd one started to make a loud vibration!! Repairman came out to see, said it was loose in casing! While looking at that he opened lite part and it was broken, the light fixture itself! The pins that hold lite up was broken! Wait for Buy Back on that! He also came to look at dishwasher cause it was make a loud noise, also which it didn't do it in past! Repairman said the Motor is going out!! So it is on order!

Stove on other hand, the back leg that holds unit leveled was bent and could not be fixed, got it replaced! On 2nd stove the front window has water leak condensation from cooking and there is no way to clean it!! On all the appliances I was told they were top of the line! Stainless steel, in which I cannot keep clean, there is like streaks on all of them and no matter what I use, very good cleaner still can't remove stains from them! The repairman told me the SS is very cheap kind of SS, and that is why there are stain on them!

All of this has happened from April 15th 2013 till now! And Samsung warranty is one yr, in which they want me to buy new warranty!! Even though I have had 3 of them replaced, it still goes back the date of purchase! I'm currently building up my report to have Samsung buy back all of them!!! I'm so very upset about this!! In which they are giving me a run around trying to do this!! My time is running out for warranty! And I'm so scared they will not last for much longer!! I need help from an outside source. Please anyone out there! I'm disabled cause of a semi crash I was in, and the money I used is all I have left from this upgrade! Thanks for read my report.

Samsung french door RFG298 - I have the same problems and even more. Fridge will be 4 years old next month. It stopped working entirely except for 2 flashing LED lights at water dispenser. No other lights work, no compressor, no NOTHING. The bottom ice maker broke within the first couple of months. Just spent $70 to replace door storage bins and more are cracked. There are stains in between the glass shelves and rubber I can't get out, including stains on the flap of the deli drawer in between the plastic that can't be reached. Had an "AHA" moment when I read another review saying their fridge had dings all over it as our fridge also has dings I can't imagine why and how that happened. SAMSUNG is not responding to my request for technical help or a technician which I can't find in my areas. Paid $2,500 and purchased at Lowe’s... It's not even 4 years old and USELESS.

We have our third replacement refrigerator from Best Buy, and still have an issue with the ice maker. First were the squeaky wheels on the freezer drawer below, which a subsequent Geek Squad member fixed with Vaseline, Three same issues with the ice maker, which will not make solid cubes, instead it makes a mixture of solid and cracked when set to solid or cracked ice selection. All three refrigerators have had the problem, and all the Geek Squads respond that the Samsungs all have this problem. If that is the case, why have the full cube selector? Thus, while we like the design of the fridge, this annoying feature must be a design flaw. We are going to try an LG, and then go back to our old fridge.

I bought this refrigerator in 2009, and 1 month ago it quit cooling in the refrigerator and the freezer all at once. Got a repairman out to fix it, he said the computer went out. So had to wait almost a month for a new computer board. Finally it came in, he installed it and it still doesn't cool!!!!! So I'm told it can't be fixed, have to buy a new refrigerator. A lot of money to pay for something that's only going to last for 4 and a half years. My daughter has a GE that's about 30 years old that runs like a top! Not happy at all.

My fridge went out on our wedding day (Nov. 2, 2013). It took until Dec 12, 2013 for repairs to be done waiting on part from Samsung. Four and a half weeks later, the fridge went into demo mode again and wouldn't come out of it. Now I am waiting until March 6, 2014 to get repairs done. I understand some of this is because of the scheduling of the extended warranty I bought from the store. I have lost over $900 worth of food and only $400 is being replaced. I have taken off work 4 days now for them to come and look at my fridge or to try and repair it. I contacted Samsung about this and because I didn't purchase the warranty through them and they only offer a year warranty through them when you buy it they won't do anything about all this. A fridge that is less than 2 years old and Samsung doesn't stand behind their product because the extended warranty wasn't bought through them.

I won't buy another Samsung product again. Their Customer Service treated me like I was an idiot to boot because they kept repeating the same thing even though I asked why they wouldn't stand behind their product for more than one year and why their product didn't last more than two years. I am disappointed that I spent $3000+ on an item to have to go through all this and lose so much money!

Bought a Samsung refrigerator less than two years ago at Sears and it just started leaking water into the bottom drawers. Called service and were told nothing could be done, that this is a common problem with the SAMSUNG refrigerators. The ice maker will not stop making ice. In order to make it stop we have to do it manually. DON'T BUY A SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR. We will make an effort to communicate to as many thousands people as possible (how about making a viral video to show on social media?) that SAMSUNG does not care about customers' problems...

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