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Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung does NOT participate to monitor feedback on ConsumerAffairs and resolve your issues. Are you this business? Learn about ConsumerAffairs for Brands.

Samsung does NOT participate to monitor feedback on ConsumerAffairs and resolve your issues. Are you this business? Learn about ConsumerAffairs for Brands.

Consumer Complaints & Reviews

We bought this refrigerator in April 2012. Since then we have had repairs 4 times. Had we not had a extra warranty the first two years, we would have been in trouble. Now the extra two years is up and we are still having trouble. Samsung sent a repairman that stated the fridge was fine but it's still broke - the problem still exist. They told us we are not under warranty. Do not buy this product, bad, bad.....

2 weeks ago we started smelling a chemical smell in our Samsung unit. We have pulled everything out twice and cleaned top to bottom and the smell is back. I decided to check out the inner web to see if anyone else was having this problem, sure enough, there are many, especially on a Samsung forum which I cannot curiously get back into to voice my concerns. The smell is in all our food and ice from the dispenser. After reading everything here I'm not even going to bother with trying to get it serviced, going to just spend the money today on a new one, definitely not Samsung! They know something is wrong with their product but won't own up to it. Big corporation hits the little guy again. So disappointed. Thought I was buying a product from a reputable company. Stand behind your product Samsung!!!

In April 2010, purchased the Samsung RF267 AEPN refrigerator. Three years later, the refrigerator was making a horrible sound. A few days later, the cooling stopped and we lost all the food in the refrigerator and freezer. Cause? Lots of ice had formed; the fan was hitting it, causing the noise. New evap. fan $256. A few months later, the same thing happened. Today, we are experiencing this same problem, again. This refrigerator is 4 yrs old. Apparently we aren't the only ones... What can we do? To start, I will never purchase another Samsung appliance.

I bought this refrigerator at Best Buy. It was a return/open box, so I was a little concerned going in, but I had no idea what I was in for. For the first 3 weeks, it was great. I loved it. It looks GREAT, especially on the inside with the LED lighting, and the icemaker worked well. Noisy, but they all are. After 3 weeks I noticed water would spurt out the back of the dispenser when I got ice or water, then the next day I noticed my ice cream was soft. The temperature controls still said it was -2, but it obviously wasn't. The next day all the ice was melted. After a runaround at Best Buy, I called Samsung. After a hassle there proving I'd just bought the thing, they finally sent someone out to look at it from a local repair shop.

The repairman groaned when he saw it and said that most of his calls are for Samsung refrigerators, they break down all the time. He ordered said there was a leak in the coolant line and ordered a dye pack, then came back a couple weeks later to install it, then came back a couple weeks later and looked it over again, ordered another part, then came back and said it was fixed. All was good for 2 weeks, then the freezer went out again. Exact same as it had before. He came back out and said he had to order a couple sensors and a new control board for it.

Every visit he made it clear that if we were to just return it and get a different fridge. He wouldn't mind at all that he'd ordered the parts for nothing. Hint after hint finally sunk in, and we swapped it out for an LG. When the guys delivered the LG and picked up the Samsung, they laughed at the Samsung and said, "Yeah, they have a lot of problems. Especially THAT model. You did right getting the LG." I've since learned this model has been discontinued, no doubt because of its horrific service record.

Had a problem with ice in crisper and under it. Samsung sent serviceman about one year ago - did something with drain tube. The problem has returned. Model number 197 acwp. I believe it should be recalled.

Refrigerator part freezing up. Water in the crispers. Food and milk spoiling. Had it for a little over a year and a half. Called the company I bought it from. They are going to see what they can do. Might be under warranty.

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator that has frosted up since I bought it. I have to manually remove the ice from the freezer daily. At first I thought it was that the door was ajar, but with careful scrutiny, it isn't that the door is left open. Reading other reviews, I now realize that the refrigerator has major design flaws and is a lemon. I am at a loss as to what to do since this was an expensive appliance.

I bought the refrigerator almost 2 years ago and about 6 months ago this problem started. Doing research and talked with a repair guy to see what the problem is, I took it apart on the inside and found frozen ice plugging the hole. Put hot water and melted the ice. I have done this twice and thought I fixed it, but the water continues to return. I have never bought this kind of fridge before. It looks nice but not a good appliance. The water continues to collect in crisper drawer and underneath.

Our $2323.95 Samsung refrigerator (RFG297HD) was purchased less than 3 years ago. We were under the impression (albeit falsely so) that Samsung products were superior in quality, and that this company stood behind the integrity of its products. NOT!!! We have already had to replace the ice maker and the freezer fan assembly. After speaking to three different phone operators (all of which represented a series of 'going-through-the-proverbial-policy-motions'), I finally was put into the ECR department in hopes of speaking to someone, who had not already been thoroughly programmed into the mechanical answers representing Samsung androidism. Suffice it to say, I hit wall, after wall, after wall after Wall. The only so-to-speak "courtesy' I was offered was to spend some additional money to buy into another year of protection. Really? I am sorry, but when I spend this kind of money for a product, I expect quality performance for a little longer than two years before it start breaking down, leading me to dig into my pocketbook again. Moreover, to spend additional money for extended warranties on products (i.e. Samsung products) highly suggests that Samsung does not want to be held responsible for its own technical errors or designed failures.

I've read the reviews on the Samsung refrigerators and I'm a little shocked that they continue to sell a known defective appliance. I was brought to this site due to problems with freezing ice under the crisper and water in it. I can't believe that this company continued to sell faulty appliances with the full knowledge that they were no good.

I believe I will look further into these problems with consumer affairs. To me, this was fraud. To sell something you know full well does not work properly, is nothing more than scamming the public. I will never own another Samsung product.

I had similar problems to those reported - 1/2 inch of water then ice on bottom of fridge compartment, ice in freezer, difficulty resetting after power outage, multiple service calls; also, all plastic drawers and door shelves have major cracks. Problems started after only two years and I loved this thing, gave the utmost in care. I am so frustrated. Latest service call they said $600 to fix (after $70 for the visit). Was ready to buy another one because I liked the design, til I found this site. On Facebook, company says they are not aware of any such problems.

A sheet of ice forms and slowly leaks out to the floor. It is a french door model RFG298HDRS/XAA. It has done it before and after the water filter was replace. I did not purchase a service agreement for the store told that since it had been repaired for something else (motherboard) that it will have not problems. I called to complain but since I did not have a warranty, they were hesitant on help but would love to sell me a warranty at the time of the call. All my items have Samsung but the buck stops here. LG's will be my next purchases.

This refrigerator has a known design flaw that allow ice build up behind the back panel in the refrigerator compartment. Unfortunately I just learn that after my Samsung refrigerator stop cooling. I bought this refrigerator three years ago and it takes $400 to fix it. Shame on Samsung. NEVER buy a Samsung appliance. Their customer service is terrible and less than USELESS. I am in Central NJ and they found the closest customer center is in New York State and asked me to contact them.

ACBP stands for A crappy built Product. We have all these same problems you all have had - water in crisper, temp reads 34 but temp is 62 degrees, freezing up panel. Why are we being treated so poorly by customer service? Doesn't the company realize that it will affect all of their product line with so many complaints and no follow up. I want one representative to follow me through the process to get a refund on this lemon. 20 calls, 50 questions repeated to their representatives, it's ridiculous. HELP, I won't even give them 1 star!!!

We bought a Samsung RS275 side by side refrigerator in March 2010. From the start, the ice maker was completely inadequate and could not keep up with a family of four. In July 2011 water started accumulating in the bottom of the refrigerator and freezing the lower vegetable bin. We found that the defroster drain hole was freezing closed with ice, thereby not allowing the defroster to drain properly, hence it ended up on the floor of the refrigerator. I managed to extend a piece of copper wire into the hole (it was heated from the defroster heating coil) and that solved the problem for a couple of years. Keeping the hole open. The problem reappeared in the Spring of 2014 and we've been trying to fix it ever since. Also, the water dispenser line continues to freeze. I will never buy another Samsung refrigerator.

I have spoken to your representative on numerous occasions regarding the quoted fridge (Samsung Fridge RS2530BWP) purchased Dec. 2/07. Again this unit has stopped working. Now my food is all spoiled. I was told by the repair company that it is the motherboard once again. This fridge has been a problem since just after the first year of purchase and you may check the log of my calls.

My fridge was purchased in 2007. I purchased an extended warranty and this service co has now serviced my fridge 4 times. This warranty is now off also and now the fridge has quit completely leaving me to deal with an outside service company who say that it’s the motherboard again. The part has to be ordered and it takes 8-10 days or I can have it expressed at an extra $40 and it will be delivered 4-5 days.

Awesome service for an essential appliance, wouldn't you agree? The fan has stopped working 2 times, a motherboard replaced one all just after the Samsung warranty was off, of course. Plus there are several large cracks in the plastic of the interior which I'm told are merely cosmetic and there is no coverage for that. It was a very noisy fridge, banging and waking me up at night. To say I'm not a satisfied Samsung customer is an understatement.

Plus I've again lost 3 fridges full of food which have to be replaced. I hope all of you will read these reviews and refuse to purchase a Samsung appliance ever. I'm now forced to look for a new fridge and believe me, I will not ever purchase Samsung again.

Samsung helpline said popping noises from my refrigerator (RF4267HARS) are normal. I'm sorry but the popping noises are SO loud they can't be normal. It's like a firecracker going off every hour. Had repairman in. He said my fridge works and I should just accept the noise. Spent a lot on my fridge and will never buy another.

My side-by-side Samsung refrigerator, model RS265TDRS, was purchased in December 2010, so it's about 3.5 years old. Very expensive unit. It started making noise sounding like a generator - so loud, I was afraid something was breaking in there. When I opened the refrigerator door it would stop, then start again when the door was closed. We moved the food into another refrigerator and freezer, unplugged this unit, and made arrangements with Samsung for a service call. (That itself was an adventure: Samsung rep never responded to email; the phone number in the refrigerator manual was for mobile phone service; the online form for a service request didn't work under several browsers. Finally used live chat and had the chat rep fill out the service request for me.)

Two weeks later, I plugged in the unit in preparation for the service tech's visit. No noise. The service tech called me to confirm the appointment, then suggested we cancel the service call, because (a) with no noise, he can't really diagnose a problem; (b) chances are it was just ice build-up and may never happen again; (c) removing the panel to get at the fan means removing all tech, because everything is attached to the panel, and that means replacing the panel because you can't just put it back on after it's been taken off; and (d) something like his labor and the panel wouldn't be covered by warranty anyway after 3.5 years.

These are expensive refrigerators. I like lots of things about it, but I think it's ridiculous that I should have to unplug my refrigerator every now and then to make sure ice doesn't build up, and it's ridiculous that this problem wouldn't be covered under a warranty. For anyone who has the same fan-sounds-like-a-generator problem, unplug it for a while and save yourself the hassle of getting in touch with Samsung. I'm really hoping this solves the problem.

Samsung Refrigerator problems model RF217ACPN. For the last several months my produce bins have been accumulating water and then water below the bins freezes into a sheet of ice. I tried to contact Samsung and they said perhaps I spilled something. I told them that the problem was repetitive and that I did not store water in the refrigerator. They wanted to send out a technician but I asked them to give me some troubleshooting ideas first. They said they didn't have any because they haven't had complaints about this. When I log into this site I see that I am not alone in this problem.

We have a Samsung 3 door fridge with a bottom freezer (Model RF217ACPN) which has been leaking water into the crisper ever since we bought it. The first year we had it, it started to leak water and Samsung sent a service man out to fix it. He "fixed" it but months later it started to leak again. After he fixed it, 3 weeks later it leaked again. Samsung has paid for all of these repairmen at a cost of $200.00 a visit. When we call Customer Service about a refund or replacement we get stonewalled. They will not even let us talk to anyone higher than a customer service rep. We are very frustrated as they say their tech dept. has to deem this unit as having a factory defect. I don't know, and they can't tell me, how this is determined. They have already spent almost the original price of the fridge in repair bills but refuse to make this whole thing right. We are done with Samsung and will not buy anything from them unless they resolve this matter to our satisfaction!

I call to Samsung for repair my refrigerator double door twice in the year of the warranty, and I sent my galaxy 2 smartphone three times for repair to Texas office during the year of warranty. After finished the year of warranty both products don't work well. One private technician told the smartphone galaxy 2 came from the factory with problems but Samsung doesn't want to change my phone with another brand new one. The same with the refrigerator.

We purchased the 2 door refrigerator with the freezer at the bottom. About a year and a half we noticed it started leaking big puddles on my wood floor. We went back where we bought it and they told us that we were out of warranty. I ask them what could be causing this problem and they said we probably did not have it level. We checked, it was. We kept going back and did not get any results so I would tell everyone don't buy the Samsung 3 door refrigerator with the freezer at the bottom. Ice keeps building up on the bottom drawer.

Had 2 repairs for the fan freezing up. 100$ a piece. Finally have that fixed. Noticed my lettuce was freezing, so looking to up the temp, notice the panel was all 4- 8's. Can't change it, called the Samsung co. Done their 2 troubleshooting ideas, neither worked so they said we will send a repairman out. I said not yet. Looking online to see if anyone has any ideas what it could be?

We purchased our French door refrigerator in 2009. Since the warranty lapsed after the first year, we have had to have it repaired 2 times each time costing close to $300 and are now in need of repairs again! Same problem, the back freezes up and the evaporator fan breaks. It is almost impossible to find a repairman who wants to work on them for two reasons: you cannot get the parts (each time they have to be ordered from Korea) and they take days to thaw out before you can even open them to do the repair! I have been in contact with the company only to be told there wasn't anything they could do. Samsung has a no refund no return policy and after the year they will do nothing unless you purchase their extended warranty. Every repairman has told me they should not even be sold! And to never buy kitchen appliances from Samsung or LG! I called Samsung today, spent over an hour on hold and was told they will not back their product... I am so disappointed in this purchase!

RF266AEPN/XAA - Purchased 8-2012. Pbm began July 2014. The fan made a loud racket. Sears was great. Repairman said it was due to fan hitting against ice built up on drain tubes caused by putting hot food in refrig (steam turned to ice). Food safety requires hot foods must be refrigerated! I now have to defrost my refrig & freezer for 2 days to install a $200 kit to prevent this from happening again... It should have never happened in the first place. What an inconvenience.

While Samsung denies having a problem, they conveniently have a repair kit specifically designed for the "Non Problem." It is a beautiful and functional refrigerator but I am disgusted with Samsung. If make a mistake, admit it, fix it and people will respect you. Samsung responsibility is to reimburse everyone for the kit and the cost of installation.

Refrigerator purchased November 2011 (Model: RS263TDRS/XAA). Had 1 year warranty that ended Nov 2012. Noticed that refrigerator was not freezing. Had to discard all perishable items (eggs, milk, yogurt, etc). Thought that refrigerator was working, restocked items but found out it was not cooling when milk was sour in 24 hours. Called Samsung and spoke with customer service rep who told me that they could not do anything because warranty had expired. Called home warranty company who identified that block of ice forming within the wall of refrigerator. They attempted to remove the panel to get to back of the refrigerator but panel was frozen solid. I had the repairman to speak with Samsung rep, was told that based on what that actual found as the cause, Samsung would cover the cost. I am still awaiting parts since 6/25/14. Would never buy another Samsung appliance. I have 3 TVs and have had no problems. Refrigerators appears to be designed to fail after 2-3 years.

Since we purchased a Samsung refrigerator in 2002 we have had two different issues with the unit, the first related to a $450.00 electronics card that controlled the temperature. Lost everything in the refrigerator and was compensated by manufacturer for half the loss. The card was covered under warranty. Before the repairman left we were advised to purchase an extended warranty for $500.00 which covered parts and labor for the next 3 years. I declined. About a month ago the ice maker stopped working. After assessment by Samsung's repair service he said the only repair was replacement of the ice maker, of which they had many on the truck. Hmmm? Cost of parts and repair....$450.00. I said no and paid $50.00 for the house call and ordered the $120.00 ice maker from RepairClinic.com and replaced it myself in 10 minutes with the help of a Youtube video.

My point... $3,000.00 Samsung refrigerators are designed to fail in two to three years so they can charge you $400.00 for the replacement of a $50.00 part. This is part of their business plan. You will be surprised how much money you can save by purchasing the part from an online parts supplier and getting installation instructions off Youtube.

Our Samsung started making this popping sound three weeks ago. (2-3 pops per hour). I did a web search and found that many others are having the same problem. I called Samsung customer service, and was told the sound was Normal. I guess I am not quite understanding "normal" when it never made this sound before. I just wish Samsung would take our complaints and concerns more seriously. The sound can be heard throughout the house, it's as if someone was sitting behind the fridge popping balloons. We never hooked up our ice maker so it's not that. I will say that the fridge works fine in every other way. Thanks.

The ice dispenser has stopped working on my 2 and 1/2 year old refrigerator model # RF4287HA. The ice maker is making ice but the dispenser switch will ONLY dispense water. We contacted Samsung several times (both technical and customer support) by phone and in writing to no avail. Upon reading various reviews by other Samsung refrigerator owners, I have found that many of us are experiencing problems with these appliances. It appears that the product is defective but Samsung is not responding to our requests for assistance. I sincerely request that Consumer Affairs help us get some satisfaction from Samsung.

Have owned this refrigerator for just under three years and I can live with the leaking and having to constantly remove the inside panel to clean out defrost tube. I can live with having to wrestle with the two flimsy freezer drawers. And I can even live with the ice maker refusing to make ice. But when the shelf knobs, on the inside door panel, crack and break off and I lose the only method of storing a half gallon of milk, I am beginning to get a little testy. Perhaps Samsung should stick to TVs and leave the appliance market to the pros.

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