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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I bought the Samsung 32 Cubic French Door 2 years ago and I have to tell you it is without a doubt the worst decision I have ever made in my life! Less than 1 year, all the plastic pieces starts falling off. Samsung said it's cosmetic and warranty does not cover. The electric panel broke apart. They replace 1 time. 2 days later the same happen. They said that is also cosmetic! Now 2 years later the fan is making a noise like a boat engine and they said it is not covered - I have to pay for it. I have everthing in the house Samsung, even the names are falling apart! NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG PRODUCT EVER. THEY ARE WORTHLESS!!! DO NOT EVEN TAKE FOR FREE!!! Go Kenmore, or any other brand!! Did I tell you their customer service is in the Dominican Republic and is also worthless!!!

Purchased a fridge in August and the door has a chime that goes off all day long. Called Samsung and they have sent a tech to my house 8 TIMES. And the fridge is still defective. Every time I call they want to send a tech to my house again instead of replacing the unit. Customer service with SAMSUNG is TERRIBLE. HORRIBLE.

I bought a Samsung refrigerator RS263TDR from my local Lowe's store. About 18 moths later ice would collect on the back wall & water at the bottom of the fridge department. I called Samsung customer service and they advised me to go to a local certified Samsung repair shop. After the first year, Samsung customer service told me that these parts are not under warranty, repair cost $275.00. Just a few months later the ice maker was defective and water level was out of adjustment and too much water would overflow over the existing ice cubes. The ice cubes would become just one big block of ice and a sensor was dangling in the ice maker area. So we shut the ice maker off.

A few months later the entire refrigerator shut down and we could not restart it again. Samsung technician told us that the main electronic motherboard is burnt and this is a major part and shall be covered for at least 5 years. In my disbelieve Samsung does not cover it after just one year. It is not worth it to repair this unit again! Parts and labor over $850. I had to replace my Samsung side by side refrigerator RS263TDR just after 3 1/2 years!!!

We purchased a Samsung refrigerator two years ago. French doors with a lower freezer drawer and a refrigerator drawer. A week ago, the refrigerator door handle became dislodged with no way to reattach it. We had to call a service rep to fix. Only he cannot. The screws that bolt unto the draw and handle are unique to the Samsung product. Using a standard bolt that is longer won't work. Somehow the threads within the draw have dropped back into the draw itself and there is no way to attach the handles. So, we now have to purchase a whole new draw for nearly $500 including servicing. We will never purchase a Samsung again.

Samsung RS261 - We are on our 5th repair for the Samsung side-by-side with water and ice cube dispenser. The machine has flooded our house 2 times and has had water problems since 4 months into owning it. We have an extended warranty and this is getting old. The fan makes an awful noise, food goes bad. The fans in the back freeze, the water system breaks. We call service, they come order parts, and 3 or 4 days later come back and repair it. Rinse and repeat. There is a class action lawsuit against Samsung for these POS refrigerators. By the way, how do you rate 0 stars? I'm sick and tired of this refrigerator breaking.

If I had a choice, I wouldn't even give ONE star!!! Our very loud, brand new Samsung fridge broke down about 3 months into our ownership. We contacted Samsung and were informed that it would be about 8-10 weeks before we would get a technician. I told them that was unacceptable. They "farmed out" the repair, and a "technician" showed up a few days later. He identified the damaged component and was going to order that and come back to install it. I asked him "shouldn't you check into WHY the component failed?" He did, and the root cause was also identified.

About 6 weeks later, the technician showed up with the parts and the fridge has been "roaring away, causing us to crank up the TV when it kicks in" ever since. NO acknowledgement, apology or concern from Samsung over fact that we went about 7 weeks without a fridge, and the fact that we had to help the technician with the diagnosis of the root cause. The convection stove we bought has turned out to be equally challenging, only working with SOME high end cookware, and not others. OUR ADVICE: IF YOU SEE A SWEET DEAL ON A SAMSUNG APPLIANCE... RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!

Bought in April of 2010. The display broke and had to be replaced. Two of the adjustable milk holders had to be replaced. They cracked and filled with moisture. Then this year, it started making loud humming and grinding noises. The Samsung repairman was here twice and said he couldn't open the drain. So water keeps accumulating under the drawer and leaks down on the fans and they hum and grind. It is so loud it wakes us up at night. I can't even have company without having to go outside. OK, when the ice maker drops ice, that may be a little louder. My last refrigerator was a Westinghouse and it was over 13 years old and still worked. Boy did I make a mistake with this one.

Bought in February 2015, ice maker has quit working every thirty days. Soda stream is a joke, absolutely the most noisy refrigerator I've ever owned. I will never own a Samsung anything again. Tried to contact customer service. I bet you already guessed. What a JOKE.

2014 I purchased model RF217ACRS refrigerator from Sears. Went well until I had problem when the freezer defrosted and lost all my food. Called Samsung and they gave me a company to come out. They came out and recharged the unit. Okay for a couple weeks and put dye to see if there was anymore leaks and to seal any leaks. About three weeks later freezer went to 57 degrees. I called and rep came out. He pulled lower freezer panel and he asked me when I replaced the coils. I told him it was a new fridge and only purchased in February of 2014. So as I see it I purchased a reconditioned fridge from Sears at full price. Still waiting to see what they are doing to do. I also made purchases of a stove and dishwasher at the same time. Took picture of the reconditioned coil also.

We bought a Samsung side-by-side refrigerator three years ago. Last year, the vegetable drawers started getting water in them. We called a SEARS repairman who fixed the problem temporarily ($200), but told us the problem would return, as these refrigerators are low quality. He was right. We now have to buy a new refrigerator. Last week the handle broke off the Samsung microwave which is not quite two years old.

We purchased our refrigerator in August 2014 and then it started rusting on the outside. I called and of course still under warranty but I was told the warranty didn't cover cosmetic problems. Then the refrigerator started making a lot of loud noises. I called and they sent out a service person who clearly stated this was due to poor manufacturing. He packed an oversized opening in the rear of the inside. Less than 30 days the same thing except the warranty was expired. Piece of junk.

Samsung refrigerator RFG297AABP - I purchased my refrigerator from Lowe's in late 2008... Since new the ice maker has been more trouble. Nine, yes NINE new ice maker units since new. And now the ninth one is dead... I have spend over $1000.00 on a $3000.00 refrigerator, just have ice. To make matters worse, the front door under the ice maker has more rust, from the leaking ice maker, than a 30 year old ship rusting at sea. As a single father of four girls, money is tight and we can no longer budget a thousand plus dollars for ice! I can not recommend to anyone a Samsung product ... that continues to cost this much after purchase... and at seven years, is rusted so bad. Whatever happened to pride in the products that are produced?

We bought a refrigerator from Samsung and within 6 months the freezer fan unit became noisy. Since it was under warranty they came out and fixed it and told us that there was an engineering defect with the fan unit. It was repaired very quickly but now the same issue has come up six months later and refrigerators is not under warranty. We have come to a point we cannot even sit in our kitchen because of the noise it's producing. We've also been told that this model as well as many other models of theirs have the same issue. Please avoid Samsung when looking for a refrigerator.

I bought what I was told to be a top of the line Samsung Refrigerator in December 2013. This stainless steel appliance cost upwards of $2000 dollars. It broke down October 7, 2015 it was rendered useless because the control panel went out. At this point we have been waiting three weeks for a part. It is BACK ORDERED AND SAMSUNG IS UNWILLING TO RECTIFY.

Also own this lemon (model rf217acpn) and contacted Samsung. Looks like they want to help which is a joke as they're paying a tech to come out & diagnose the problem. They know the problem, everyone who bought this dog has complained. Samsung has been sued in 2010 over this via a class action suit! I think it's been settled but they have still not learned their lesson in that they continue to screw the public with this product. I'm looking into starting another class action against them seeking not only damages for this but also for punitive damages for not correcting there knowing & egregious conduct.

We are retired and on a budget save for 15 years to buy new appliances. The Samsung refrigerator has never worked properly, warranty serviceman was out three times to repair ice maker. They replaced board and ran a tube of caulking around unit. He said it was bad design and was sucking air from fridge section. It worked two weeks. Our warranty was up Sept 24. We tried to renew warranty before and they said it had to be added 90 days before it was up. My husband has brain and lung cancer and I have multiple myeloma. We have a year old fridge and no ice living in Phoenix Az. Believe me we use ice, although it's just the two of us. Thank god, I'm 67 my husband is 72. This seems like a very unfair practice by Samsung. We have had many other appliances over the years and they have worked well. The old fridge is 15 years old and still working in the garage. Thank you.

I bought a Samsung refrigerator a year ago. I started to notice the temperature will rise in the freezer then drop causing food to sweat and frost over causing ice to stick together and not go through the icemaker. Called Samsung multiple times and got the runaround from one department to another department never heard back. The ice cubes are so big they get stock in the opening and fails to fall into the cup. Because the temperature fluctuates ice cubes sweat stick together when the temperature drops again now they're too big to fall through the opening so you're constantly taking the icemaker tray out breaking up the ice. This refrigerator has made me so sick that I'm buying a new one and I'm going to donate this one to the goodwill. It's better than nothing for someone who needs a refrigerator.

I've owned the Samsung Fridge for 28 months and noticed that items in the freezer were thawing out. Called Samsung was given their authorized repair shop. 3 business day wait (Do they have a lot of work?). The coolant chemical Freon was leaking. I tell Samsung "this is not normal" and they say "Well it's past warranty so you are on your own". Over $1,000 to repair to the fridge is basically worthless. No sense repairing the existing piece of garbage so I will buy a new one. NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a Samsung. Quality is poor and they will NOT back you up when this problem occurs.

The worst thing I have purchased. Call Samsung two weeks ago and still no help. Now my freezer stop working. Never will I purchase anything that have Samsung on it. Model number rf197cpn French door 4yrs old. Please do not buy this refrigerator!!

We bought the 345 Ltr RT 35 refrigerator in May 2010 in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. It was working well till May 2015. After which the lower door was not getting closed properly and defrost was not functional. After noting the problem, it was reported to the concerned authority and customer care number provided by Samsung in month of June. We were told to change the position, restart the refrigerator, which did not help. After persistent problem, it was again reported to customer care on 19th Sept. Again the executive told us to lift the lower door, but nobody visited our place. After repeated complaints, one of the technical person came to our place, changed the IC and told us that "Your defrosting problem is solved, but door problem cannot be solved as the refrigerator purchase date is more than 5 years old."

After pursuing the problem with customer care, we were told that the parts are not available and nothing can be done as company has stopped the production of said model. We have made several calls to customer care but the only answer we could get was, "Sorry, we don't have the parts." Had it been before 5 years of date of purchase, we would have got the parts and not now after 5 years and 1 month; and now another version has come up from local dealer saying, "It was the last piece of the lot." It was not told to us during purchase and now we are facing problems with the refrigerator, which are still unsolved and may not get solved considering the answers we are getting from customer care. Pathetic way of solving problems for a common man, who may have to put large part of his fortune into buying another refrigerator, which won't be Samsung anymore.

Samsung RSG257AARS side by side refrigerator - July 2014 we noticed that our freezer was not working. No ice and the food was thawing out. I called Samsung because we had purchase the unit in 2009 but I have always at least gotten 10 years out of a refrigerator. The customer service representative agreed with me but said the only thing she could do for me was to sell me a 1-year extended warranty. That was her solution so that I could get someone out to check it and repair it. So I bought the warranty. In the meantime I lost a whole freezer full of food. I called the service company and they said the soonest I could get someone to come look at it would be September. So I said I have to go without a freezer for 2 months? Well we had no choice and keep a cooler full of ice out on our patio so we could get through the rest of the summer without ice and a freezer.

The first repair man arrived in September. He ordered some parts and we were told to call them as soon as the parts arrived and they would send out another repair person to install and repair the freezer. So the parts came in a few weeks, we called the repair service company and had a repair person arrive in another 2 weeks. So it is now October, no freezer and the regular refrigerator part of the unit is acting up. The second repair man shows up but the parts that arrived were not correct. He was able to bypass something so we could keep food cold. But he also ordered other parts and checked the other side of the unit. It also needs parts. So 2 more weeks wait for more parts.

It is now December 2014 and the parts arrive, we call in for the third repair person. He arrives, re-checked everything and said that none of the new parts ordered would fix the problem so he ordered more parts. Those parts arrive in January 2015. Still no freezer and our other refrigerator side of this unit is getting worse. We called again for another repair person. The fourth repair person came out and said they did not need the parts that they found a leak in the line. He repaired it. It worked for a few months and then started all over again. A fifth repair person came out but not until April. He checked everything and they had to recharge the unit again. So it worked until June - this is 2015. So we have gone 1 year with it working for a month or maybe two then we start all over again.

Anyway they said that in June they could not get back until the first of September. The sixth service person charged it again and it was good until yesterday. Now I have to call again and have them come out again. This has been a 2-year process of an on and off refrigeration unit. Samsung should have given me credit and I should have been able to buy another unit. Instead I am having to basically have someone come to my home every other month to work on this unit. We are totally frustrated and would love to ship this to Samsung so they they can use it as a paperweight because that is about all it can do consistently.

Bought a $3000. Samsung refrigerator from Lowe's, and turned out to be junk. My son had bad luck with their hd tv's, and I should have known better. They are cheaply made, and overpriced garbage. And their support is even worse. I hope anyone that reads this are smart enough to take heed.

On 21 January 2014 I purchased a Samsung 924L 4dr ref steel fridge for a lot of money. Approx some time in September 2015 had to ring Samsung to inform them that I had no ice. I was taken to the Philippines and spoke to a representative who explained to me that they would send someone out from Nerang to look at the fridge. (By the way I did purchase product care which meant that the fridge was under 6 years warranty.) A person after 3 days came out and was late for their appointment (didn't apologise) and said that the fridge had ice and that I should not touch the button on the rhs as this would cause problems and that ice would not produce if the temperatures were wrong. (I was dumbfounded that Samsung would put a button on their fridge and that the consumer should not touch it.)

I was also informed that if I had created the mistake I would have to pay for it (do you believe this). I agree that I touched the button after reading their manual for troubleshooting ideas but I don't believe that I had anything to do with breaking this fridge (disgusting customer service representation on their part). I then, after about a week and a half was stuck with the same problem and therefore contacted product care. I was quite taken aback when I was spoken to by a representative from Australia and not overseas. I then realised that I had contacted Samsung direct the first time. The lady I spoke to was very nice and informed me that even though I still had my original warranty with Samsung Product Care was the necessary component I should have spoken to at first.

Well, anyway they then informed me that they needed to send out a repairman to see the damage to the fridge. I was very happy about this but asked them if they would not use the company in Nerang and she then told me that this company was not on their records and I could choose a company from Tweed Heads or Southport. I chose the Company from Southport and a gentleman came out within a couple of days and informed me that my ice maker was broken. He suggested that since I had a replacement option it was probably better to do that. I was then informed by him to ring Product Care to let them know that he would be sending his report through asap. I did that the same afternoon and heard nothing for about a week. I was very frustrated and was told by Product Care that they never received the report from the repairman.

I then contacted the repair service and was told that I was not able to have the report sent to me direct as it was inconceivable that they could do this. I requested to speak to a supervisor or someone in charge to explain why. This person, Camillia responded by saying that the report stated that the icemaker was broken and also the motherboard and because it was a big problem they had been contacted by Samsung direct and had been informed to deal with them direct and not product care. I find this ridiculous. Firstly I am the client, customer service should dictate that I should be fully aware of what is going on. Of course not, we are dealing with Samsung. Product Care rang me to inform me that this was nonsense and that I had been issued a full refund less product care and that I would get a new fridge asap.

Firstly I needed to contact Domayne where I originally bought the fridge from and purchase another fridge which I did. I had to purchase another fridge and pay a second time for product care. I find this unbelievable. I must mention that I got a call from Camillia in regards to the above on my answering service to inform me that the matter had been escalated to a review centre at Samsung and that I should contact them. I find this incredible. Why are companies like this allowed to get away with treating their consumers so shabbily.

We purchased a very expensive/nice Samsung refrigerator two years ago. Recently we smelled a burning smell and then woke up to find that the entire refrigerator had gone out. The handy dandy electronic panel on the front complete with wifi/music/weather was still working perfectly saying that the fridge was cooling. IT WAS NOT! After, transferring the entire fridge/freezer to multiple coolers on a Sunday we proceeded to call to get a repairman on Monday morning. Well, come to find out not many people can repair these fridges! So, we talked to Samsung customer service who promised to send someone out. A day later, we hear from someone who is coming the next day. Mind you it has now been three days without refrigeration.

They finally show up, after we were talked into purchasing a protection plan for another year since ours had expired. After looking at the refrigerator for ten minutes it is decided that the entire compressor is out. They put the fridge right back in place and said they would be in touch. They have to ORDER the compressor (which takes two weeks at least) after they call to get it covered by Samsung. Apparently the compressor is covered for 5 years which means we didn't need to buy the other coverage for $300. I will NEVER buy another Samsung anything and I just want to let everyone else know to steer clear!!!! I hope Samsung will read this and someone up the line at Corporate will take a look at their customer service department!

We purchased our Samsung refrigerator, model # RFG238AARS on May 28, 2012. Glad we did not purchase any other Samsung appliances since. This one has been a frequent headache. In the beginning we were able to get many things fixed under warranty. We did not purchase the extended warranty. If a product is good, one should not be necessary. We have frost all through the freezer. This problem occurred during the first year of owning it and was fixed. A refrigerator that costs over $3,000 should last longer than 3 years. We also have rust in the tray under the water and ice dispenser. I thought stainless did not rust.

I will never buy any appliance from Samsung again. I did call Lowe's to let them know how disappointed we are with a product they carry. I wish I had seen and read the reviews I have just read of other people's experiences with the Samsung refrigerator. We liked that it was cabinet depth and made ice in 2 places, in the door and in the freezer section. Samsung should stick with what they know and they do not know how to produce a quality refrigerator that is worth what we paid. Samsung should reimburse at least half of what we paid for this refrigerator.

Purchased from Lowes, my advice is to look for any other brand that has no affiliation to Samsung. Within the first 2 months, water would only occasionally work. Called 1-800-Samsung Junk, got the run around, they had me do all types of tests to make sure I was knowledgeable on how to push the lever to dispense. After an hour they said they would call a repair center in my area and someone would call me. Waited two weeks with numerous calls to repair center and Samsung.

2 months later someone showed up around 7pm for a 2pm appointment (where I had to get off work early), he had the wrong parts. 2 weeks later called and set up a new appointment, I came home a day early from vacation to meet appt. Morning of appointment they called and cancelled saying they had the wrong parts again. Finally month later it was fixed after numerous calls. Well six months later the piece of junk is no longer working, Oh yeah, its out of warranty. Time to buy another brand. Samsung should be ashamed of their products, but looks like a lot of people are buying them and getting burnt.

We purchased a new Samsung refrigerator in July, 2015 and immediately noticed loud popping and cracking noises. I contacted Samsung and was told this was normal due to our purchase of a model with automatic defrost. (Is there a manufacturer that still makes a manual defrost refrigerator?) No help here, so later I began a Live Chat on Samsung's website to again register my complaint. I was eventually given a link to request a service technician to come and examine the refrigerator. The link failed and I lost all contact with the rep. I then called the service request department and had a long conversation with a nice lady that again confirmed that the noise was normal. I donated a 20 year old Whirlpool that I wish I could get back and dump this Samsung. Never will I ever consider buying any other Samsung product.

My Samsung refrigerator is just 1 year old and the technicians have visited almost every month due to one or the other problem. It started just over a month when I realized that any fruit or vegetable I kept outside the vegetable compartment had ice in it. Even the cooked vegetables if kept in the back of the shelf had ice in it. I kept on complaining this issue to Samsung Customer Service. Every time they will send a technician who will change the part and go. It was more of a pain as I couldn't use the fridge to full capacity. As instructed by technicians there were so many things which I shouldn't put in certain shelves or the size of boxes. I kept away leftovers or anything cooked/half cooked. I don't remember till date if I ever had to be so careful in using the refrigerator. I couldn't use half of the space in refrigerator fearing it will get spoiled.

Not only that, my refrigerator stopped working completely 3 times in just a span of 1 year. Again they had to change the parts. I kept on calling them and asking them to change the refrigerator as it was giving me so many problems (not to forget just in 1 year- full warranty period) but they just turned deaf ear to my requests, even when I contacted their supervisor. I'll never ever recommend Samsung refrigerator to anyone after this experience. It looks like every time the warranty expires, I'll have to keep purchasing extended warranty and bear with the refrigerator. This Samsung product has been a big pain in the ass.

Last month, I noticed the drinks weren't cool, the vegetables started to wilt, and finally, the ice maker quit working on my less than 3-year-old Samsung French door refrigerator. I called Samsung and was switched from one person to another, telling my whole story over and over. Eventually, they gave me someone in Dallas who said they couldn't get anyone to come to my house for three days. I threw away all food, waited for the serviceman, and when he finally got here, was told the fan to the compressor was not working, but he did not have the part. I was charged $180 for his visit. He said he had to order the part and would try to be back Monday, another 3 days away. Monday he said the part wasn't in. Tuesday, the part wasn't in. Wednesday, the part FINALLY arrived and he came back and replaced the fan. Then, amazingly, that didn't work either. Now he said he had to replace the whole motherboard and I had to pay for both parts.

After spending almost $500, I now had a refrigerator and freezer again after over 10 days. I am so upset. I saved for years to buy a new frig, spent a ton of money to buy it, and loved the new one until this happened. I thought they would do the right thing by at least coming quickly and making the repairs in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost, but I was wrong. No more Samsung products for me no matter what.

I purchased a Samsung double door refrigerator about 2 yrs back. From day 1 of purchase it is not working well - does not cool, there is water puddle formation in front of the refrigerator (it is supposed to refrost type). Despite getting a Samsung technician and having it repaired twice still the problem is persisting. I even paid Rs 300-400 both times for the repair even though it is under warranty. I even offered to ship it at my own cost back to Samsung and forget about it and would like to buy another refrigerator from another company that is more reliable and responsive. I suggest to all Indians never to buy a Samsung product in their lifetime. Samsung is most cheating company I came across.

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Samsung is a Korean appliance company known for creating a wide range of electronics and home appliances. The company, based in Seoul, Korea, was founded in 1938.

  • Technology: Samsung offers wi-fi connected refrigerators, letting users keep track of fridge contents and settings remotely.
  • Color options: The company sells refrigerators in a selection of colors, including stainless steel, platinum, white, black and more. These options let customers choose a refrigerator color that matches their kitchen.
  • Additional features: Samsung's refrigerators come with many additional features, like water filters, a showcase door and more.
  • Warranties: Customers have the option of purchasing extended warranties to cover damage or necessary repairs over the life of the item.
  • Sleek design: Samsung has a reputation for sleek, contemporary refrigerators that offer a modern, clean aesthetic.
  • Best for Homeowners looking for high-quality, high-tech refrigeration devices, and college students in need of small, affordable mini-refrigerators.

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