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RS2530BSH/XAA - So far the control board has been replaced and no cooling still, parts take time to arrive so had to buy a new refrigerator to keep baby milk, my medicines and food in general. Since purchased 5 years ago had twice wasted the food stored and three repairs.

Purchased the Samsung Showcase fridge October 11, 2014. It stopped working Saturday November 15, 2014. Paid $3323.11 for it. CONN'S WILL NOT REPLACE OR REFUND. What they can do is add me to a list, that I will receive a call to schedule an appointment to have a repairman inspect and fix fridge. I should receive a call Thursday November 20....My fridge is about 35 days old, not 1 or 2 years...

My refrigerator side starts to leak water all over the floor. So we took a look and see it's frozen ice in there. We clean it out then it works for a few days then the fan starts to spin very fast then faster till it gives up due to the ice buildup in the back. After that we have to do it all over again. We paid 1200 for it and can't afford to buy another one. Food goes to the trash when the fan gives out, I want to see if there's a recall or what can I do, or if they can give a different one.

I bought a Samsung RF217ACRS refrigerator in Sept of 2010. In short it was a lemon from the day we bought it. The ice maker immediately had to be repaired, then shortly after that replaced. We were also experiencing water leaking into our crisping drawers spoiling our vegetables as it pooled up to 1/2". The repair person that came to replace the ice maker made a guess as to what was happening and did a nonstandard repair in the back panel where the water runs down to fill the ice trays. He fixed it temporarily. The last time our ice maker was replaced was February of 2012 and here we are once again with a broken ice maker and water pooling in our crisping drawers 1.5 years later and Samsung will do nothing for us. I am an interior designer and have been specifying appliances for homes for over 20 years, and will never recommend nor purchase from Samsung again.

Purchased the Samsung French door refrigerator in mid-July 2014 (model #RF217ACRS/XAA) from HOME DEPOT and in mid-November 2014, while still under warranty, it stopped working completely and is currently sitting in my kitchen. I called the Samsung 800-726-7864 number on 11/6 to report the failure and ask for service. The woman I spoke to asked me to describe the problem which was that even though the digital readings at the top said the frig was 38F and the freezer was -2F, the food in the freezer had thawed and all items in the frig were warm. I asked for service and she gave me a "transaction" number (which I recorded) and said a technician would call within 24 hours. On 11/7 no call came in, so I called the service Center at 800-905-9505.

They had no repair order for me and told me to call 800-726-7864, which I did and spoke to Frank, who said he would schedule the service and gave me a confirmation number. On 11/8, no technician called so I called the service number again. Again, I was told by Angel, no service order had been created. I went to the website and began an online chat with Vance ** who gave me more numbers (which I recorded) and referred me back to the 800-726-7864. After the "chat" they asked me to fill out a survey, which I was so happy to do and related the above travails. I then called the 800-726-7864 number again and got a recording that the line was closed for the weekend. On Sunday, 11/9, Samsung employee called and reviewed the previous transactions.

She didn't know why the service had not been scheduled and scheduled it for me for Monday, 11/11 between 1-5 p.m. (ticket # **). To double check, I called the 800-905-9505 number to see if they had the order and they did. Monday morning at 8:33 a.m., I received a message from Jason at the service center canceling the appointment as his technicians were ill and was told to call the 800-905-9505 number and reschedule. The repair is currently schedule for Thursday, 11/12 between 8 a.m.-12 p.m. We'll see if they show up and if so, what the repair is likely to be. Based on the reviews of these Samsung products I have read here, I am not optimistic that this product will every operate correctly. I would be very interested in joining with others about actions that can be taken to remedy this complete failure to back their products or provide customer service.

The frost on my freezer items tells me that there must be an air leak, somewhere. I've had this refrigerator for 5 months and it has stopped cooling twice. The first time was within a week of delivery. I contacted Samsung for repair, but before the repair tech could come, my refrigerator started cooling again. I was advised that if I could not recreate the problem, there would be a charge to send the tech. Now, 5 months later, my refrigerator is not cooling again and has not "repaired itself", either. I contacted Samsung and was told that it will be 10 days before a technician will be able to come out. 10 days with no refrigerator is an unacceptable amount of time.

Samsung Refrigerator Model RF261BEAESR - Purchased from Bangor, Maine Best Buy through my contractor, delivery on 12/15/2012. Fridge was not leveled at delivery. There was an immediate problem with one of the french doors. This was replaced. Ice making machine places too much ice. When you pull the drawer open, it knocks ice down under the freezer drawers. Within 1 year 10 months of purchase, refrigerator stopped cooling as it should. Loud clicking sound starting happening behind the Twin Cooling Plus logo at the back wall of the refrigerator that is at eye level. It would stop when the door is opened, and resume when the door closed. It did this for about a day and a half. Inside temperature now only gets down to 45 - 50 degrees. I called Samsung Service. They said it required service and they would have someone call back to set appointment. Waited a few days. Someone called and said there is no Service Center that can provide service! I am on my own. What a piece of crap. You pay this much for what is supposed to be a quality refrigerator and it does not even last 2 years? This was purchased for a newly purchased home. I am furious at Samsung's indifference and shoddy workmanship.

I have a RB195BSSB. It keeps heating up inside after running ok for a while. Pulling the plug and letting it set fixes it for a while again. I had a repair man out three times already. They have cleaned it, torn it apart, replace various parts including the computer, but the problem keeps coming back. I'm really tired of spending repair money on this without it getting fixed. We have at least $500 in repairs at this point...

Purchased a Samsung French Door Refrigerator in May of 2009. I did not purchase the extended warranty. In 2010 the motor and the entire back of the frig froze up causing the frig to stop working. The repairmen replaced the motor and charged $500. Then in 2012 it did the same thing. They came out, repaired it and said it was because the door was not closed properly. Repaired it again for $289. Last week it happened again. The repairman came out and said there were 3 errors. Replaced the board and overnight the board fried and the frig stopped working again. Another $300. We paid $1756.26 when we purchased it and have spent over $1000 for repairs putting a non working frig in the almost $3000 range.

I will Never purchase another Samsung refrigerator again as it appears there are thousands of people who have the same problem and never gets rectified. I will be reporting this to Consumer reports. Letting them know that Samsung does not hold up to keeping their customers happy. I will be receiving a copy of my receipt from Lowe's in approximately 1 Month to add to the verified buyer format. Also, the placement of the ice maker is a poor choice.

Less than 2 years after purchasing our Samsung RF266AEPN refrigerator, the fridge started making VERY loud sounds. Turns out the evaporation coil in the back wall of the fridge had a huge build up of ice due to a poor design. This ice made it impossible for the cooling mechanism to function properly. We spent hours carefully melting the ice away and clearing the coil of ice, and putting everything back together. This has become a twice annual ritual. Now new "symptoms" have developed that will necessitate spending money to repair this piece of junk.

Purchased a Samsung French door refrigerator in Dec of 2011 from Best Buy for our winter home in Florida for $1670 plus tax. I did not purchase the extended warranty. Big mistake. The refrigerator worked great for 35 months. Loved the external water and ice maker and the wide refrigerator access. Upon our return to Florida for the 2014 winter season the refrigerator freezer was fine (We keep it running year round). The next day the ice maker stopped working and we realized neither the refrigerator nor the freezer were cooling. Called Samsung immediately. The phone contact gave me the name of their authorized service company in my area but told me that they had no service call appointments available for 7 days. She suggested I call the service company directly when I shared that I couldn't wait 7 days as I had just purchased a freezer full of food.

I called the service company directly and was told I could not get an earlier appointment. Called Samsung again and asked for another authorized repair service in my area (Boca Raton, FL). She informed me they had no one else in my area. I told her I would have to call another repair service to get quicker service. (This was Friday morning). She said she understood and wished me luck. Another appliance serviceman in my area finally came Friday afternoon. He diagnosed the problem as a bad "main board" which he related was common for Samsung refrigerators.

He said that we should have purchased an extended warranty from Best Buy because it was going to cost $650 for the replacement part and $150 for labor. He also suggested that it would probably break again in 2 years. He shared that he sees this problem in many Samsung refrigerators. We declined service and he graciously did not charge us for the service call. I called Samsung again. She informed me that they now could do nothing for me as I had an unauthorized (by Samsung) appliance repairman open the back of the refrigerator. When questioned, she explained that an authorized Samsung repair service (who wouldn't even come until the following Friday) could have SOLD me a new warranty which might have discounted the labor charges on the $850 repair. Now Samsung could not help me at all.

I ran over to Lowe's and purchased a brand new Whirlpool French refrigerator for $1499 plus a 5 year warranty for $150 that covers everything (including parts and spoiled food) from Lowe's. They delivered it the next day. I have learned that you have to purchase an extended warranty from the store for all major appliances now.

Refrigerator design noisy and poor ice maker. Customer service said not Samsung problem because it works as designed.

Samsung Refrigerator doors are scratching even after following manufacturer directions for cleaning. I called Samsung and they blamed me when I explained I followed all directions to clean properly. I believe it is their fault due to bad finish on doors.

I bought my RSG257AARS side by side refrigerator 4 years ago. Everything was great with it until the compressor stopped working properly and all the coolant leaked. When I called an appliance repair shop they told me that Samsung only lets people who are trained by Samsung repair their fridges. She was very nice and told me where to go to find someone in our service area. Here in the DC/VA/MD area I could initially only find 3 people who would work on my fridge and it took me a week and a half to get an appointment.

I lost EVERYTHING in my fridge and freezer. Then, they charged by $300.00 for a visit! Now, less than 90 days later (and the part was only good for 60-day warranty) I am having the SAME problem and now have to call a separate appliance repair place to come fix it, AGAIN! I will NEVER EVER buy another Samsung appliance in my life. The Samsung Customer Service department gives me the runaround. DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG Appliance. Even if it's the cheapest price and you THINK you are getting a good deal. Go with any other brand and save yourself the headaches.

HA! This site confirms we see over and over and over again ad infinitum. It is frustrating and unfair to consumers to not have these problems dealt with properly, ethically and responsibly by SAMSUNG. They have had plenty of reports of FAILURES in their design. It is time to YELL LOUD AND CLEAR. Consumers affected need to stand together and bring ATTENTION to the company's FAILURES in design and customer service. One design flaw I had and others too, is in the plastic pieces found in the ice we ingest, which is a HUGE HEALTH issue. This is especially a concern for babies, toddlers and just ALL CHILDREN. Ingesting plastics into our bodies causes BRAIN problems and MEMORY problems. Why do you think plastics have now been changed to BPA free?! We must unite and launch a campaign to bring attention to this issue! SHAME ON SAMSUNG! I'll start with a new Facebook page and let's see where we can get from there. --> ** also email --> **. Just created today so please be patient! Please contact and let me know of your support and ideas.

We purchased our Samsung Fridge 5 years ago. Not even a year later ice formed on the inside back of the fridge. They replaced the thermostat and not long after that it happened again! Of course now that it's not on warranty, we must have to take the water and ice constantly out from underneath of the deli drawer. I will NEVER purchase any appliance from Samsung again! I HATE My 26 cu ft Samsung french Door Fridge!!!!!!

I also have a dishwasher by Samsung and within a couple of months the writing wore off the front! I had to put a dot on it to know where the power is to turn it on and off! Between the two appliances I paid over $3000.00 for Junk! Look up the Samsung class action suit, they knew about this problem and didn't do a thing to fix it!

Did not make ice as it should. Then the ice sticks together. Went on vacation. Came back 5 days later and ice maker basket will not release. Is stuck in freezer. Cannot unload stuck ice.

What causes water to form under veggie bins and how is it resolved? Never had this happen with any other brand.

I bought the RF217AWCP French Door in Nov. 2011. I had problems with crisper drawers filling with water. This week the motor started running loud and quit cooling altogether. I spent over $400 to have back panel, evaporator and fan piece replaced. The tech advised that he does the repair often and it is a known quality issue. When I called Samsung service, I was told 1) they have no complaints filed in their database on this model and 2) I probably was keeping too much food in it. Unbelievable!

Refrigerator #RF217ACBP - Purchased unit May 29, 2013. About 6 months into use, noticed water build up in drawers. OK, I can handle that by placing a small towel in drawer and cleaning out weekly. But now the water and ice is building up on the bottom of the refrigerator compartment. Not acceptable any more. I did purchase a 5-year warranty and am going back to the dealer I purchased unit from to see what can be done to correct the problem. Based on other reports I have read, not much is going to happen. I will update my report after dealer contact.

Purchased the $3000 unit 2/28/2014, double door, bottom freezer. October 25, 2014 - it is making a loud constant noise coming from the top mid back. Also whole front is rusty. It has not been cleaned improperly, no small children to blame. Repair showed up and couldn't figure out what parts were needed. But he did turn up the temperature saying it needs to defrost. DO NOT buy a Samsung, less than 6 months old and it is already broken.

New Samsung (RS25H5111) installed in 8/2014 and by 10/2014 the fridge has completely stopped cooling. It's under warranty but we are getting the run around Samsung. Asked for them to take the fridge back under Michigan's consumer (lemon) law.

We bought model #RF266AWP produced in Dec. 2011 in February of 2012. Within the first 3 months we had appliance repairmen out and FINALLY an "official" Samsung repairman about the DEAFENING RACKET the freezer makes when it seals. This happened EVERY TIME the freezer is opened. Sometimes louder than others... sometimes you have to stop a conversation and wait, or turn the TV up. Bottom line--Samsung says we have to live with it! It's the way it seals tightly and they are sure that's what we want, to protect our food. DON'T BUY A SAMSUNG FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATOR!

RF197ACWP - Water leaks into the crisper drawers and under the drawers. The refrigerator is 18 months old. I took out a warranty from PC Richards. I have had them out three times. And it has happened again. I have to take a day off from work, empty out the refrigerator and freezer the day before service call. From the reviews I see that it is a constant problem with Samsung. How is the Samsung company allowed to get away with this? Why have they not been ordered to take this off the market until they can right this wrong. When there is a problem with cars they have a recall. Why not appliances? Can anyone answer this.

I purchased your Samsung refrigerator model no: RSG257AARS/XAA, back in Dec. 2013 when I bought my first home. While I am not customarily someone who uses ice in my drinks, there are certain beverages wherein I do use ice, such as with a soda or a cocktail. But for water and or juices, I do not require ice and as I rarely drink a soda or have a cocktail, I can't say the ice maker on my unit has had much use considering I am a one person household.

This little to no use of the ice maker is potentially why this problem with the ice maker/dispenser did not appear until July 2014. I first noticed this problem when I discovered a large white shaving of plastic floating in a glass of Coca Cola. It was the size of a coconut shaving and so I removed this remnant and secured it into a plastic zip lock bag. Obviously, I disposed of the drink.

I then examined the ice maker machine and mechanism, removed the ice bucket etc. and discovered there were dozens upon dozens of plastic shavings sitting in the cavity of freezer below the ice bucket. Upon further examination I discovered areas on the left and right sides of the plastic housing wherein it was obvious the rotary blades (auger couplers) had literally shredded into the plastic housing and it was quite clear from the magnitude of the scratches, shavings and debris that this was a serious problem.

I first received service to repair this problem in July 2014. However, the repair took nearly 4 weeks to conclude, two home visits, shipment of parts, and I had no ice available to me in that time. Moreover, I greatly needed ice to medically treat an injury. Thus, the repair was more than an inconvenience. While the repair included some new parts and a new ice bucket, after the repair, I was hesitant and nervous to use the ice cubes for drinking and would look in each glass of ice.

Then just a few days ago (20 Oct 2014), I found a SHARP solid chunk of white plastic floating in my Coca Cola. Again, I removed it and secure it in a zip lock bag for evidence. Upon examination of the unit, I now find that the plastic housing under the ice bucket is again being impacted and hit, only this time the scratches and scrapings are now at the front of the housing rather than on the sides. To make matters worse, on the evening of Oct 21st, I observed small white tiny powder like particles, sitting on the outside stainless steel dispenser tray, which indicates I have been ingesting and drinking micro particles of plastic. I have obtained a small sample of this particle by pressing my finger down onto it and then scraping this fine particle off my finger into a zip lock bag, but it is so small and fine that one could literally not pick it up any other way. It would be like trying to collect a single grain or flake of salt.

As of late, I have been enjoying one soda a day, in place of eating a desert, and have been having more iced drinks than usual. Again, this draws me to the conclusion that if only this ice maker and dispenser had had normal American household use, this problem would have most likely occurred immediately. At this stage, my main concern is my HEALTH and how my body has been affected by ingesting micro fine particles of plastic used to make an appliance. To be honest, I am more than upset by the gravity of the situation and I find your customer service to be sub-par. In my opinion, this unit is DEFECTIVE IN DESIGN. Any refrigerator that starts dispensing plastic for a HUMAN TO EAT AND INGEST SHOULD BE DEALT WITH IN AN APPROPRIATE MANNER, and does not even fall within the scope of an ordinary repair.

I can no longer trust this appliance to provide me ice! In addition, I will never again use it for drinking ice. NO WAY! NEVER! No matter how you repair it or pretend you did, it is obvious that the METAL BLADES are able to make contact with all edges of the plastic housing and therefore will ALWAYS HAVE THE POTENTIAL to feed me plastic.

Next time I see my doctor I will consult with him on this matter. In the meantime, feel free to send me the chemical composition with which this plastic material is made of and I will give that to my doctor. Alternatively, we can send samples to a lab and then I will bill and or sue Samsung. I am outraged at this situation! Period! The fact that you are again going to send me a service repairperson who has NO experience with this SPECIFIC problem is ridiculous. Moreover, two Samsung service repair technicians told me they had never heard of this problem. So all you are doing is putting a Band-Aid on this situation, waiting for the manufacturer warranty to run out so that you will not have to contend with it. So yes, I am outraged. I will never again buy Samsung.

In closing, I am attaching photos from last July showing evidence of the plastic shavings and impact to the housing. The current plastic particles are to small to photograph and while this is the same problem, the particles in fact are completely different now in shape and size. In fact the smaller particles and this current situation is way worse because I cannot VISIBLY see the micro-particles in a drink, making this a blatant health hazard. Please review the photos carefully! I would like this case to be escalated and dealt with by your upper management.

We purchased a Samsung refrigerator Model 3 RF217ACWP/XAA in November 2013 from Best Buy. 7 months after purchase the crisper drawers began filling up with several inches of water. We called for service and were told not to put food close to the back wall of the refrigerator. We complied (although that certainly reduced the interior space to less than what we thought we were purchasing). Within a few more months, the problem occurred again with water pooling underneath the crisper drawers and inside the left crisper. A second call went out. We expressed concern that this was a recurring problem and our one-year manufacturers warranty was up in November 2014. A Samsung representative suggested we purchase the extended warranty to cover future repairs on the defective refrigerator that Samsung sold us!

Today we emptied 10 cups of water from underneath the crisper drawers. I have had it. I will never, ever, ever purchase ANYTHING manufactured by Samsung. The only thing worse than the quality of this refrigerator is the lack of any effective service. My next stop is small claims court unless they take this piece of junk back and return my money!!!!

Bought Samsung french door fridge August 2014. Have had nothing but problems with the ice maker. Repairman has been out numerous times. The last time Sears sent one, he said my ice maker was working as it was suppose to! I am going to call them again and have them come out. It drops ice once every 4 or 5 hours, I don't think that is right. The ice container has never been full and I am the only one using ice and I am gone 9 hours a day! I still buy a bag of ice every 3 or 4 days to fill the ice maker. I am sorry I bought this appliance. Because they obviously are not going to do anything to fix it properly.

Whatever you DO NOT buy Samsuck appliances. I am on my 5th ice maker and second control board and no ice. Customer service makes Comcast look like the Catholic church, they are a joke. All they do is apologize and say they have the same refrigerator with no problems. Yeah right. If you are in the need for appliances run as far from Samsuck as you can.

We purchased our Samsung stainless steel french door fridge 1 yr 4 months ago. (FModel # RF261B EAESR). Yesterday I noticed the right door was slightly lower than left door by looking at the top. The same day I went to open the door and it came crashing down on the floor!! Thankfully my 3 year old son and my little dog were not around and no one was hurt. Upon inspection the upper right door hinge broke that anchors the door. I think it's a horrible design flaw in the part. Although the door hinge plate is metal the "male" end of the hinge is plastic! That part is what failed. The fall did cause one of the removable door shelves to crack. I'm writing this complaint because I'm big on safety and hope Samsung reads this so no one gets hurt in the future.

June of 2014 we purchased a Samsung refrigerator model# RS261MDRS/XAA. As soon as it was delivered and installed we left for vacation for 3 months. When we returned, a corrosive stain was on the water dispenser that cannot be removed. We did not even hook up water supply so it was not caused by water. Contacted Samsung, they sent out a service tech to look at the issue. Samsung concluded it was a COSMETIC ISSUE. As of now after many calls to Samsung they stick to their conclusion. So I have a brand new damaged refrigerator caused by a defect in manufacturing. This substance is like a acid that came from above and ate the plastic insert. There is no way in this world that this issue was caused by the consumer. Where I stand now is if I call service on this issue it would be at my expense. Hands are tied on a cosmetic issue. SAMSUNG, you need to listen to the consumer instead of text book notes.

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