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I know Samsung makes some good appliances but I got stuck with a lemon and no one wants to take care of the problem. My wife and I purchased 4 Samsung appliances from HHGregg late September of 2013 and spent over $3500.00. No problems with 3 of them but the fridge has been nothing but a pain. First ball bearing's fell out of the freezer drawer. Got it fixed. The ice cube maker has been giving us problems since we've had it. To make a long story short we found out it was not sealed properly. Had it fixed I thought, then 3 days later it started doing the same thing but worse. Was without our fridge for 5 days. Been in contact with Samsung for almost a week now and still don't have an answer. They wanted a copy of the invoice thinking they were going to give me a new one.

Rec'd another call last night from Samsung and the lady asked me if the problem with the fridge was fixed after being on the phone the same day with them explaining my problems for the 4th or 5th time. I said you got to be kidding. Don't you people communicate with one another. All I can say is don't have a problem with your Samsung appliances or anything you buy from HHGregg because they will put you through hell trying to get the problem taken care of. After you buy something from HHGregg you’re on your own. They pretty much blew me off. Terrible customer service.

Have 2-year-old Samsung side-by-side refrigerator. Ice maker doesn't make enough ice for 2 people. After a month or two, it dies all together. Have it repaired 4 times. Every repair lasts a month or two. I have 2 Samsungs at work - both of them have ice maker problems too. I had to buy an external ice maker and GIVE UP ON SAMSUNG making ice (the fridge is fine, no complaints with that). I would not buy a Samsung again.

I will never buy a Samsung refrigerator (RS25H5111). Bought new at Lowe's and it has been nothing but a problem from day 1 in the short 3 months I have had it. Fan in rear freezes up and is noisy, they replaced, lasted 2 weeks now same problem. Ice maker works randomly, will make ice for a week or 2 then just stop, water accumulates in the drawers. Don't waste your money. Don't buy Samsung!

Your new water filter model SAMSUNG REPLACEMENT AQUA-PURE DA29-00003G will NOT work in my refrigerator. The 3rd groove you have added will not screw in. No matter how hard I try to twist it in. No matter how hard a handy man I had to pay try to get it in there. No matter how hard your authorized Samsung repair service tried to twist in there. PLUS THEY WANTED TO CHARGE ME $65 to not do ANYTHING. Is this a marketing tactic for me to buy a new refrigerator? I had spent 2 days talking with your customer service, your parts department, your repair service. I have been told the 'G' series is compatible, just apply more pressure. Enough that I am about to break it is my response?

I have been told by your authorized serviceman that I have the wrong part. Then he turns around and says there is only filter that size that Samsung makes. Duh... I have gone to 3 different stores and bought the same filter, getting the same results. (As everyone has Samsung’s revised 'G' series water filter.) I have a working refrigerator with a working water filter housing that will not accept your “new” “G” series water replacement filters. I have to now find the older SAMSUNG REPLACEMENT AQUA-PURE DA29-00003F. Your company needs to address this situation as it is purely ridiculous to have your consumers be subjected to the degree of difficulty that I have had recently trying to pay the way overpriced amount (which I will pay because I love the quality of water it produces). YOU NEED TO REMEDY THIS SITUATION VERY SOON.

Less than 2 months after this was delivered rust has developed all around the water and ice dispenser. We called Samsung and they promised a replacement door. It never arrived. It is now 6 months later and they now claim they never replace products for "cosmetic damage". So, basically they are saying that it is perfectly normal for a $3000+ refrigerator to rot away in less than a year and that this is expected wear and tear. In addition the ice maker has quit functioning. If you call support and get Shatavia, an executive for escalation, assuming you had the patience to wait on hold for an hour - just hang up. She is useless for help. She will obsequiously apologize and then basically tell you that she isn't going to do anything to address the fact that you just flushed your money down the toilet.

In summary in the past year I have had the following products from Samsung fail: 1: refrigerator: rusted door and failed ice maker. 2: dish washer: Water level sensor warnings. Unable to complete a wash cycle. Works maybe one time in 8. 3: Galaxy Note 2 : exploded, bursting the screen while charging overnight. Not one of these products did Samsung stand behind. So, if you have several thousand dollars just lying around, and you simply feel your life simply won't be complete without products that rust, quit, or exploded at random, then by all means buy Samsung. For the rest of us not quite ready for the crazy bin, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Only 3 years old! Freezer is ok refrigerator side not cooling. I called Samsung and I got only nonsense! They were sorry and acted likes programmed Robotic humans! Can anyone answer my question! What part do I Replace? Or Parts! Please someone that has been thru the same experience should know by now! Share it please.

Do not buy Samsung appliances. Ours is 3 years old. The ice maker fell apart. Within the last month, we have started to experience water collecting in the veg drawers. It freezes anything in the drawers. We're constantly breaking out the ice. Not able to find the source of the water, but we suspect defrost runoff. $1800 fridge gone bad in 3 years. WASTE OF MONEY. DO NOT BUY.

RF217ACRS - Purchased this product 13 months ago. Bins filling with water and freezing. Warranty up so I had to pay for service call. Technician knew exactly what was wrong because his company was notified online, but Samsung will not admit to design flaw! The evaporator unit is faulty and needs replacement to a cost to me of over $400 plus time off from work and food loss! Samsung does not want to hear about this. WARNING to others - do not purchase this product!!!!!

I have a Samsung French door, bottom freezer and dual ice maker. It stopped making ice and stopped freezing my food in mid July. It's now September. 9 work orders later and many things fixed, I still don't have ice or frozen freezer. Thank God I had the brains to purchase a warranty when I bought the fridge. The price to fix the unfixed fridge now exceeds what I paid for it. Samsung needs to step up and take responsibility, take the fridge back to the drawing board and start all over, make it right or stop making fridges. STICK TO CELL PHONES. I still am without a freezer waiting for second MAIN CONTROL BOARD.

Samsung RS267TDRS Side by side refrigerator - I bought this refrigerator 3 years ago from Lowe's. During warranty, the refrigerator stopped cooling and the repair service installed a new Evap coil. 2 years later, the refrigerator started making noise and then the cooling broke again. The repair service came out 3 days later and replaced the same part at a cost to me of $260. I contacted Samsung by e-mail and received a BS response so I contacted Customer Service. After numerous calls and waiting, I got hold of Corporate Customer Relations who told me that an in-warranty and out of warranty repairs were 2 separate things and they would not help me. Also, if it happened in the future I was out of luck. She made no attempt to help me and did not dispute when I said that Samsung did not care about their customers. All I can do is never buy another Samsung product again. I have never had another Company as bad as this about Customer Service.

Purchased 05/06/11, model RF217ACPN. Water started pooling in the vegetable drawers and bottom of fridge. I called Samsung and Best Buy and they said sorry you should have purchased the extended warranty as it was over a year that I had the problem. I finally called a repairman on 9/3/13 and he said he knew exactly what was wrong as he worked on that problem with Samsung refrigerators all the time. He came out and readjusted the drip tab and said the lines freeze up all the time. Now the same thing is happening again. I feel there should be a recall on these. Tried to email Samsung and it just won't fill in the required blanks. Don't buy Samsung!!!

Bought RSG307AARS refrigerator in May 2012. Changed filter several times - no problems. Needed new filter - now water dribbles out. Called customer service and on Line Chat and had repair service out. Water also leaked on floor. Followed all instructions. Called service recommended by Samsung. After calling 3 times and being answered by computer and waiting over 7 minutes each time looked company up on Yelp - terrible reviews. Called Sears repair (where I bought refrigerator) and they said had to order filter housing? And total parts and labor would be $500. 25% of cost of what I paid to repair a refrigerator that is two years old. I will not ever buy Samsung refrigerator again.

Our Samsung fridge is two years old. The freezer recently stopped cooling. The repairman said it's the sensors... With the service call, the labor for installing the two sensors is nearly 500 dollars. It's a piece of junk. A huge disappointment.

Piece of junk. I have had coils freeze up in top compartment and the bottom freezer constantly freezes around the door subsequently causing the door to become ajar. I am reluctant to call repair person because it is ridiculously expensive. I hate this appliance. They were recommended by consumer reports. They need to look at it again. My mother had to finally get a completely different fridge after calling for at least six repairs. I will never purchase another Samsung anything.

We purchased a Samsung refrigerator on Nov. 10, 2010. We had to replace the ice bucket in May, 2014. Currently the refrigerator evaporator is inoperable and needs to be replaced. However, Samsung has discontinued this part and they do not offer information where we can purchase a generic part. Why would Samsung discontinue a part on a product that is less than four years old? Now we are going to have to buy a new refrigerator because of Samsung's ineptness. Believe me, it will NOT be a Samsung.

Called Samsung gave information needed. Directions were very unclear! Dialects are different due to accents but ENGLISH IS ENGLISH! Then I was asked to unplug my fridge for one minute. Never asked if this was capable by me. I'm disable and so is my Mother! Broken backs, traumatic brain injuries... don't pull fridges out to unplug! This unit is 1 year and 2 months old! I knew we should have bought an LG!

We strongly feel that Samsung should stick to making cell phones. We bought our refrigerator (as well as a Samsung d/w) from Sears about three years ago and we are already at the point of having to replace the fridge. We are not AT ALL happy about having to cough up the money again after spending $1600 the first time on what turns out to be a piece of junk that has given us nothing but problems. The last repair person who came out to fix it through our home warranty program (because Samsung's warranty expired the week before we had our first major issue with the appliance) said that he worked almost exclusively on Samsung's because they are what the vast majority of his service calls are about. That was eye opening!

Bought French Door refrigerator (RF263AEBP) in 2011 from Lowe's. Bought the 4 year extended warranty. In September 2013 the fridge coil froze. Tech came out and replaced fan and shroud. Now 2014 it is freezing again. Search reveals it is a common and known problem by Samsung and they have not fixed even after class action in 2010. They have not come out with a permanent fix. They should do a recall. My extended warranty runs out next year a month before this will probably happen again.

I bought the name of Samsung. Little did I know that they manufacture a faulty product and do not stand behind it. I fell in love with my black Samsung. Always wanted the bottom freezer option. The fridge is side by side doors. It worked well for almost 2 years but then condensation started to appear under my vegetable bins. I wiped it up and didn't worry. The problem steadily became worse. I saw more and more standing water in the bottom of my fridge. I don't see ice, I don't see condensation, but every day about 2-3 cups of water sits in the bottom of the fridge. I had to take bins out and permanently leave bath towels in the bottom of my fridge. Now comes the interesting part. NO ONE wants to works on this fridge. There's no one in Northern Indiana that will work on Samsung without begging. Well known among appliance repair that they are junk...huh! Really? So now, what do I do, where do I go for help?

I purchased my refrigerator on the 16-7-13 model SR690GDLS, 7 months later there was a bubble in the door underneath the water dispenser. The whole door was replaced on the 1-4-17 and the top drip tray part that was faulty in its design as it had holes in it so the water would drip into the bottom tray. This was replaced with one that did not have any holes in it so the water could not go in to the bottom tray. I was told that this would fix the problem. Then after 3 months the plastic around the glass started to crack. I had them replaced on the 4-8-14.

Samsung rang me a few days later and said they were extremely sorry for all the trouble and sent me two movie tickets. Two weeks later I notice another bubble on the new door. I rang Samsung again, they sent another door out and another top drip tray with no holes and replaced them on the 9-9-14 only 5 months since the last door was fitted. I suggested to the repairman that the underneath tray may be the faulty one as it was not replaced last time and that the same thing has happened again and that may be the problem and could he please replace that part also. He said that I would have to ring Samsung and order it so I rang Samsung while he was finishing off and they asked to speak to him. He told them that it wasn't faulty and that he replaced what was sent.

I then explained the situation again to Samsung and said that that was his opinion. But my opinion is that it must be faulty as it is the only part that has not been replaced and I have had the same problem and do not want it to happen again. She said she would order the part and call me back. 30mins later she called and said they did not think that the part is faulty and that if I ask them to send it out, I have to pay for it. As you can see I am not happy with this situation and the problem is not fixed as I do not have a guarantee that it will not happen again.

Need a tray replacement to my GOLDSTAR refrigerator bought about 18 years ago. There are some crack to the tray and a new piece needed.

Bought an expensive Samsung fridge! What a piece of crap! One year old - told the noises are normal! DON’T BUY SAMSUNG.

The unit was manufactured (read, assembled, as the compressor is made in Korea) in Mexico on Jan 2010. We purchased in March 2010 - over the course of these 4 years, we've had several times when the unit stopped cooling. This last time it has stopped all together. Repairman came to look and told me the compressor isn't working. I asked how much to fix and he said good luck finding someone to do the work as the copper has to be cut, the refrigerant has to be captured, new compressor installed, new solder onto the coils and recharge the coolant. At a minimum he said we'd be looking at $400 in labor alone and the new compressor costs $250. Oh and that's only a guess because the problem "could" be within the electrical system but he (the repairman) couldn't test the computers that control the unit.

The thing that totally gets me, as others here have posted, is that older units (which ours is out in the garage and still working like a champ even though for the past five years it's survived sub zero winters while still running) is that the new unit is already failing, the cost for repair we might as well buy a new unit and that the manufacturer only has a 12-month warranty - complete crap. I used the online tool to get a repair referral from off of Samsung's website - no call back, no email, nothing. I called and left voice mail to the same, referred to repair shop and still no call back.

The ice machine motor that opens a small door to release the ice in the chute suddenly started and never stopped, making a constant clunk noise. The service technician said that a tiny wire broke at the hinge on top of the fridge due to the repeat opening and closing of the door. This a design problem and not really a wear and tear problem. He said when this happen again, the whole door will have to be replaced!! I called Samsung and the receptionist gave me a ticket number. I asked her Samsung email as I wanted to forward to them the technician report and invoice. I said Samsung should pay for this even if it is passed warranty. The receptionist disconnected.

I have a Samsung RF 217 French door bottom freezer model. It is only 5 years old. 3 months ago water accumulated in the vegetable bins. The repair guy came and hair-dried the frozen water pipe. Now, the freezer has frozen-up. I called the repair guy. He just came but said he could not find a parking space so would not be available!!!!! He said he would call and come back. Well... no way. Electricians, plumbers etc find parking. This is A&E Repair for Samsung. Really bad Samsung so I will not buy anything Samsung. I am trashing this piece of junk and ordering a new fridge.

Paid over $5K for the Samsung RF34H9960S4/AA refrigerator, which is supposed to have come with Samsung Elite Service where a technician comes to your house and explains all the features in person and make sure everything was installed and working correctly. After two months of trying to get in touch with someone at Samsung who could set this up for me, I was told that the service is not offered in my area, based on my zip code. I asked if it was available in the zip code where I purchased the product and was again told it is not. I asked if it was available anywhere in the U.S. and was told that the only technician they had listed was in California. I accused them of selling a product and advertising a service that customers like me have paid top dollar for, knowing that it is not offered in most areas of the U.S. They did not offer me any resolution.

I have had this Fridge for about 6 years and it a world class piece of junk. The Temp sensor for the fridge defrost went bad and I Successfully fixed that myself with a $5 part. Now the freezer compartment has been icing as well. The same temp sensor replacement did not however solve the icing problem there. I have taken apart the back panel of the freezer to defrost about three times now. A Sears repairman had a brief look and told me it was most likely a bad temp sensor OR a bad Thermal Fuse. I will try the thermal fuse next. Now, something else has developed. The freezer is not cooling properly even though it has been manually defrosted just two days ago. I do not recommend Samsung as a fridge. It looks nice but has given me lots of problems.

Rust spots have started to appear on the 'stainless' steel fridge doors and freezer doors. Contacted Samsung and they said that it was a cosmetic issue and therefore not covered under the warranty! What use is a warranty if a stainless steel door rusts after two months. Really terrible customer service. Always had great products in the past from them, so thought the fridge would be good, but turned out to be terrible, very expensive mistake. Also the ice production is poor, way less than the old fridge I used to have and the veg crispers are tiny, not large enough for a regular shop.

Was beginning to think this was a pretty good refrigerator, side by side model RS263TDWP. My previous refrigerator lasted at least 12 years, was also purchased at Sears, and was a Kenmore side-by-side. My husband is an A/C Tech...he was able to figure out almost immediately that behind the panel on the refrigeration side (freezer was working perfectly throughout all this) that the evaporative fan motor had gone out. After only two years!! These units should be working without problems for at least 8 to 10 years, even in the modern days of refrigerators being built with a computer "brain" to run them. We bought the part, he had it in within 5 minutes (which I know is lucky for me, but most people have to pay hundreds of dollars for parts and repair, not to mention the wait time for them to actually get there).

But I must mention, when he was looking on Youtube for videos to guide the repair, there were many complaints of this same thing (on the internet) happening to other Samsung refrigerators. This is a middle of the line refrigerator, not a cheap one, and I was under the impression if you pay $1,600 for a fridge that it might actually last longer than two years! Very disappointed...would NOT recommend any Samsung refrigerators, because though they are beautiful to look at, you will more than likely be sorry (if you must have one, I would recommend the extended warranty!).

I bought the Samsung French door refrigerator from SEARS in May 2014. Bought the extended warranty. The compressor went out Sept 1 2014, lost my food, had out of town visitors, and a technician wouldn't be there for four days. After 4 days, compressor won't be replaced for another week. Sears wouldn't let me return it (policy is 30 days). Said I had to first suffer more than once then they would think about it; however, 5 employees I spoke with earlier told me I had a $250 food replacement and I would be able to return it because it was the compressor. Sears did not replace my food but gave me a $50 allowance for future food for each of the 2 weeks I am without a refrigerator. I had my last refrigerator - NOT a Samsung through SEARS - for 24 years. Not only has the quality of the appliance gone down but the service is horrendous and the training of employees is dishonest.

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