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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

The design of crisper drawer doesn't allow for cleaning front bottom of drawer if something spills. A double layer of plastic prevents one from getting in between to remove spill. I have tried everything to get to this area without success. Very poor design - and of course, the drawer was not built to disassemble. It would crack plastic. Who thought this up? I'm sure replacement is not inexpensive.

RF263BEAESR/AA - One month and three days after date of purchase from Best Buy, the handle on the freezer drawer fell off. The threads on the plastic handle latch had been stripped by the stainless steel bolt inserted into it. The bolt was used to attach the right side of the handle. The Samsung repair rep. told me that since the handle worked when I purchased the refrigerator and no longer did, I had damaged the handle and thus the damage was not covered by the warranty.

Model RF31FMESBSR/AA Horrible unit. Icemaker will not work. Replaced it and the 2 main circuit boards and no one can figure out what's wrong. VERY, VERY POOR PERFORMANCE and VERY, VERY POOR SUPPORT. Bad choice. Will get a Whirlpool next time. Samsung should stick to phones and TVs and stay away from appliances altogether. My appliance repairman says SAMSUNG SUCKS!

I am writing this just so other consumers can make an informed decision. I bought this french door refrigerator at a cost of over 1500 dollars Cdn (28.5 inch) expecting a fridge for at least five to ten years... Within a year the bottom shelf cracked and crispers couldn't be used. Within the next year two of the shelves in door cracked and are useless. Replacement costs are prohibitive. The plastic fittings are literally falling apart and not warrantied. I have an expensive fridge that requires duct tape to keep shelving together. Did I get a lemon? Don't know but at two years old, the fridge looks like a write-off.

On August 16th, 2015 our new Samsung refrigerator model number RF28HMEDBSR/AA leaked water all over the kitchen floor. We contacted the Samsung customer service number listed on the refrigerator door. 1800-726-7864. After being prompted through a maze of extensions and holding for 20 minutes we were told our refrigerator was no longer under warranty even though it was less than one year. They said they would send out a one time courtesy service call. A week and a half later a third party service company arrived and diagnosed the refrigerator as having 3 defective parts that needed to be replaced. He ordered the parts which took another two weeks. During this time we submitted our purchase receipt to correct the date of purchase and show the refrigerator was still under warranty. The new parts were installed and we thought all was well.

Two days later, the refrigerator leaked again. It has been 3 full months now and the refrigerator has leaked water all over the floor 27 times. The Tech Pro Plus company (972-241-6413) Samsung hired to repair their product won't answer their phone and don't have a message leaving option. Samsung won't reissue another work order number to a new service provider because they have already paid Tech Pro Plus even though Samsung cannot get though to Tech Pro Plus either. Samsung says if they issue a new work order with a new repair company, it would be out of warranty and we would have to pay for the repair. Please help?

This is the worst refrigerator I have ever used. Well the refrigerator and freezer are fine. It's the stupid ice maker. It doesn't give cubed ice, it gives pieces of an ice cube. My floor stays wet because of this. I have had 2 Samsung people check it out and they said that's how it works. If you like having little pieces of ice fly out at you then this fridge is perfect for you! Ours is about a year old so I'm stuck with it.

We bought our refrigerator (Samsung RS261M/XAA) from Pacific Sales In Ontario CA. Like many others here, we decided to pay a higher price in hopes of getting a better product. This product lasted about 13 months. The warranty is 12 months. The refrigerator starting making this loud horrible racket which turned out to be the infamous ice dam hitting the fan. We removed all the food and defrosted it. This quieted it down again. Three months later the noise is back and we're spending another weekend fixing it. We cannot afford another fridge so we're stuck with this cycle for now. Do not buy Samsung Products. They are defective and they do not stand by them when they break.

Buyer beware!!! After owning this French door refrigerator for a little over a year, there started to be water buildup under pantry drawer. The water would then freeze and would prevent the drawer from opening. I began the weekly game of trying to thaw the ice in order to use the pantry drawer. The ice would come out in big sheets. Big enough that while pulling a chunk out of the fridge, a piece broke off and dented my appliance. And because there was nowhere for the water to go, it started seeping out onto my hardwood floors which caused them to hoover up.

After about 3 months of this NONSENSE I had it serviced. The repairman had fixed NUMEROUS Samsung French door refrigerators with this same issue. SHAME ON YOU Samsung for allowing a fridge to be engineered this way... Thought you were smarter than that. Since that service call I have had to get my ice maker serviced 2 times, dishwasher serviced 2 times and washing machine 2 times. All Samsung appliances. Buyer beware!

On the 28 of September I called Samsung call center to complain from my fridge that is not cooling at all and until now they didn't send anyone to fix it although I kept calling them everyday and the fridge is still under warranty. The call center employees are very incompetent and refuse to transfer me to the maintenance department and also refuse to give me their address.

We purchased the Samsung 24CF counter-depth side-by-side refrigerator in December of 2013 from Pacific Sales in Chatsworth, CA. The unit cost $3149 before tax and we paid an additional $350 for an extended 5 year warranty. Within 6 months, several of the side shelves, which they'd demonstrated as being intended to hold gallons of milk, had cracked or were broken to the point they hung of the door. This was true even of the shelves we used only to hold condiments and smaller, lighter items. Within 13 months, every single door shelf was cracked or broken and the plastic surrounds on the main shelves had cracked as well.

The warranty company said the shelves were not covered and Samsung's customer service department said they could not do anything as it was over 12 months since purchase. All they would do was provide me with a number to call so that I could pay for the new interior shelves myself. Given the price of this refrigerator, the quality is really inferior. We had our previous Kitchen Aid refrigerator for over 18 years and nothing inside was broken or cracked when we replaced it. DON'T BUY A SAMSUNG.

Fridge - we've had problems from the start. Samsung has sent local technicians to fix it 5-6 times now, including the main computer board and the compressor (twice). The last time the tech came, he said he doesn't know what else to do, and recommends it be replaced. Samsung has denied this and says it is repairable. So we are stuck between Samsung saying it's fixable and the tech saying he doesn't know what to do. THIS IS HOW WARRANTIES WORK???

I have been patient for six months trying to deal with this, but I'm done. I am telling everyone I know to never buy a Samsung appliance ever again. Oh, and last week our dishwasher broke. We bought it just under a year ago, but they don't even read emails. I clearly explained that 06-10-2014 meant OCTOBER 6th, and NOT June 10. But they didn't even read the email I sent with the receipt and simply denied the claim, so now I'm having to deal with that. Every single miscommunication costs a week in terms of getting repairs done in a timely fashion. Oh, and if Samsung EVER tells you they will call you back in 24 hours, DO NOT believe it. They have told us that 5-7 times during these processes and never once did they do so.

Bought this RF261 French door/bottom drawer fridge and dishwasher in same style in Sept 2012. Within a month or so we found accumulated water in the drip pan under at the bottom of the fridge. Now the ice maker has failed and consumer service fix (reset button) did not work. Dishwasher does not clean well even with pre-rinse and accumulates sludge under door. No more Samsung products for me!

RS267TDWP - I bought the Samsung double french door refrigerator about 3 years ago and 6 months into owning it had my first "ice" problem in the Fridge part. Every 2-3 months we have to open the panel in the back and unfreeze with hair dryer!! This is ridiculous. Even worse to hear Samsung isn't doing anything about it! I want help. Let's make Samsung accountable.

We purchased a Samsung French Door Refrigerator August 2014 and have had six going on seven service calls since July 2015 all for the same reason. Samsung will not allow us to see the Technician reports. The Technician is frustrated when he leaves because it's not fixed but Samsung Support states that the reports says our refrigerator is "operating normally". Samsung stated they will continue to repair but will not replace. We found out that policy is across the board. We did not check Reviews prior to purchasing the refrigerator and apparently they don't have the good reputation we thought. I have comments between Samsung and myself, but as I stated they won't allow us to view the reports. We do not have pictures because our main complaint now is the noise which we can hear over the TV.

RF217ACPN - Just shortly after the refrigerator went out of warranty a continuous water build up started in the crisper drawer. The repairman explained that there is a small part that is faulty in the drainage of many Samsung models - replacement cost me $150.

RF263BEAESR/AA - We bought this fridge less than two years ago. I agree with the other reviews that it is a bit noisy but that's not the worst problem we have. The ice maker is awful! The ice remains in the chute (in the door) and then melts and leaks out of the dispenser! We end up with water dripping down the front as well as inside the fridge, in the door shelves and under the produce drawer. We have to keep a folded paper towel under the dispenser constantly! We also have to open the door and reach inside the ice chute with a small spoon to scoop out whatever left over ice remains there or else it will melt and leak everywhere! HOW can we all start a class action suit?

We replaced our appliances with Samsung's less than 3 years ago. Soon after, the dishwasher died and it took weeks for the Samsung repairmen to get it fixed. Now the ice maker in our fridge died. Have had minor issues with the stove and microwave.

RSG257AARS/XAA - I purchased my Samsung side by side refrigerator in 2012 and the ice maker has given me trouble numerous times over that period. This last time, it would only make a tray of ice if I hit the reset button. I was told I would need to call a repairman. The service call was $79 and the part will cost $207 and will not be available for a week. I will not buy another Samsung product.

This is accurate and fair. Here it goes. I purchased this refrigerator in 2014 from the Home Depot. I also purchased the 5 yr extended warranty (just in case). It all began with them delivering the wrong unit and it also had a hole in the back from a forklift. The delivery company left it in my driveway and drove off and in the process, ran into and wrecked my neighbor's picket fence and would not share insurance information for replacement. Yes. HD sent two young men to pick up the fridge without a lift on the back so all of us had to heft this into a high bed truck to remove it. Ended up renting a truck and picking up and installing the new one ourselves. So I have had this refrigerator for 10 months and it stopped cooling in the fridge and the freezer. I want to add that the vegetable storage units do not keep the vegetables for long at all. They go bad after a couple of days.

Back to the technicians, 3, yes 3 hours on the computer chat with a (3) tech(s) from Samsung to reset the OFF reading on the digital display. After 3 hours of attempting to reset and do all the bells and whistles to reset, the tech(s) then tell me that the panel is bad and needs a technician to go to the home location and repair it. They said to call Samsung to create a ticket. Ok, also called Asurion who has the warranty. They said they would create a ticket and send me a food loss form. Sent food loss form and then I'm told that a reimbursement will not be issued until after the repair? I then call Samsung who tells me that there should be a repair person by Wednesday or Thursday (it is Saturday) and they would create a ticket. Then I called the Home Depot who tells me that if the issue was not solved by Wednesday or Thursday they would send me a check for the fridge or a new one? WTH?

It's now Thursday (6 days after fridge quits) and no one knows about the problem or any ticket issued. I snapped. We then start all over. I am then told that it is a simple fix and I would have to pay for the repair? NO, NO, NO. I am then sent to the secondary customer person who then creates ANOTHER repair ticket and tell me that the repair person will call me in about 48 hours or so and cannot even conceivably come until next Tuesday or Wednesday. No we are into 11 days of this issue. So, this Samsung refrigerator has NO repair people in this area and yet they are continuously sold. Now what? I paid over $2,200 (on sale) for this absolute piece of mechanical scrap with the worst customer service ever. NEVER, and I mean NEVER purchase this refrigerator or any Samsung refrigerator, NEVER. Repeat that to yourself.

I purchased a fridge about 2 years ago and when the handle broke, the parts department advised me that the piece was discontinued and that nothing could be done to replace this. In sum, have a fridge for which I can't use the handle to open the freezer drawer. Lovely. The lifespan of their products is under 5 years. Amazing. Then 3 months ago, my husband purchases a dishwasher and guess what it works for a whole 2 days then breaks down. 3 months later, still washing dishes by hand and countless service visits with the incorrect parts ordered and still waiting. Called the executive department directly at Samsung just to learn that nothing can be done and basically I need to wait to hopefully receive the correct part and eventually be able to use my dishwasher. The worst service ever. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING SAMSUNG. It will eventual break down within 5 yrs or less of normal usage.

Bought a Samsung refrigerator in May from Home Depot. They were on sale and was what we needed to fit the area we had. Four months into it, my wife comes to me saying it's not cold, all of the frozen food was thawed and it's a mess. After throwing everything out, I called Samsung repair. Talked to someone in India who read from a script. She directed me to some tests I should do first. I did them, didn't work. Called again, more tests. All I want is my fridge fixed. It's under warranty. What's the problem? It's that they are told not to send anyone and that the consumer should be satisfied spending $1,796.43 for a fridge that worked 4 months. Tomorrow, I am prepared to start the fight. Class action please.

Fridge purchased less than 2 years ago is not cooling. We have the problem for two weeks already. The food gets bad. The upper part of the fridge does not cool. We call Samsung several times. First, a representative was trying to repair it while on the phone. One of those, Mr. **, with very bad attitude. So, we turn off the circuit breaker for 30 seconds, then again for a minute but nothing. After another call, Samsung gave me a repair case number and said someone will call me. Waiting a few days, no one called but Cristina ** sent an email 3 days later to tell me I have to call to schedule the repair. Her office was closed at the time I read it, so I called the next day and left 4 messages.

It seems she called in the afternoon and talked to my son who has a disability. My son didn't know much about what was going on, so Cristina decided to cancelled the ticket. I called her the next day to ask her why it was cancelled after I left so many messages but she didn't care, and told me to call Samsung to get another repair case number. This means to wait again a few more days. Now Cristina refuses to do the repair saying that I was rude, yes I was very upset, and Samsung does not have any other company to do the repair. So, Samsung won't do anything even though this fridge is still under warranty.

I bought RAF297AARS and now find drain hole was frozen and water spilt over and accumulated under drawer. I searched the web and found it is Samsung design issue. The worst thing is the drain hole part is rusted and bring the rust to the water and ice. I did not know how long I have drunk the rust water and ice. I called and they will charge $125 first and then to decide if it can be fixed. I will write letter General Attorney of IL to reflect Samsung neglects people's health. They put easy rusted material to let customers to drink rust water and ice.

I've had my refrigerator quite a few years and every time I clean it I get frustrated. I asked for help before and never got anywhere. My problem is when I pull out to wash either the vegetable or fruit drawer to wash them there is a space in the bottom front of the drawer where garbage accumulates like seeds from peppers or a piece of parsley, etc. and there is no way we can remove the front part of the drawer in order to clean that out. I chatted with Support and I was told there is no way to remove the front part of the drawers to wash. It's my only complaint about my refrigerator. All is well otherwise. I was told my feedback would be forwarded to the Company.

Model RF266AEPN, french door model. Purchased spring 2011. At four years old had to be serviced for the ice dam at the back of the refrigerator causing the fan attached to the evaporator to be compromised and sound as if the refrigerator was about to blow up. The repairman warned me that this was a common problem with Samsung and tried to sell me an extended warranty. I declined. Unfortunately I should have listened because six months later it's the same old problem.

Today after viewing loads of YouTube videos and reading the commentary I have no doubt this is a widespread problem with every type of Samsung refrigerator including side by side and bottom mount. The suspected causes for the malfunction range from the temperature sensor, to the heating tube around the evaporator coil, to clogged drain, to bad relay switches in the computer module, to poor software. Knowledgeable people seem to fix the problem only to have it occur again. Also made the mistake of buying a Samsung above the stove microwave that makes enough noise that I wonder if it too will blow up on me.

Wow, after reading all these reviews, I wish I would have done research before making such an important and costly purchase. We bought a Samsung Refrigerator on June 2011. Three years later it stopped cooling. Had a Sears repairman come in and replaced two panels ($250 and $175) plus $100 labor. Got it working again. Six months later, the exact thing happened. This time I'm not spending any money to repair it. So upset and disappointed. I expected their refrigerators be as good quality as their TVs. Samsung should take responsibility for their products! How is it that they get away with it?!?! No more Samsung for me, ever!

I will NEVER buy another Samsung product after the experiences I have had with this refrigerator model #RFG298HDBP. Water from the door dispenser would drip enough to fill up the reservoir and it had to be constantly maintained. While during the warranty period, the lower icemaker never worked properly or regularly. Samsung sent out a repairman who replaced the icemaker at no charge (under warranty). The replacement was of equal poor quality as it operated for a month or so before problems started. Water would overfill and spill into the ice bin... Finally, we decided to shut off the lower icemaker. The warranty had expired and I was not going to pay for a service call because I was beginning to see more problems on the horizon.

The upper icemaker would produce ice at a much slower pace, but we survived. Then the water leaking into the meat/cheese drawer began. Puddles of clean water that you could splash in the drawer... I started keeping a hand towel at the back to absorb the water and every few days I would replace the water soaked towel with a dry one. Sometimes the wet towel is frozen stiff. Then, a layer of ice was developing under the meat drawer! Water was dripping under it and freezing up. If the layer built up enough over a week's time, you would have difficulty sliding the drawer in and out and closing the drawer. As a new "maintenance routine" I take contents from the drawer, pull the drawer completely out of the refrigerator, scrape out the ice on the bottom of the refrigerator cabinet, then put the drawer back in. Can you believe this?

Many of my fresh vegetables are freezing (ruining) in the refrigerated section... not in the drawers but sitting on the shelf. At least once a week I have to go through the de-icing routine, maybe more often depending on the ice build up. As of yesterday, the door dispenser of ice and water has stopped operating. Nothing comes out of the dispenser. Zero.

Like everyone else on ConsumerAffairs, I called Samsung who referred me to their service center. I do not care to put anymore money into this lousy lemon. I would feel so guilty to sell this second hand to anyone else! But I don't want it anymore! I have never, never, never had such a terrible appliance. When we spent several thousand dollars to buy this Samsung refrigerator, I had waited a long time to buy something that would last a while and be maintenance free. This has been anything but what I had hoped for. Where's some help from our government to act upon the company that is stealing from consumers???

Model RF268ACPN. Freezer section of refrigerator was unable to maintain freezing temperature. Called authorized dealer and he stated that he was unable to get parts to repair the compressor fan. Refrigerator was only 4 years old and now parts are not available.

I bought a Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator 6 months ago and it wasn't right from the day I bought it. It didn't cool on the refrigerator side, and the freezer built up frost. Then the outside started getting condensation. I called Samsung and they sent someone out a week later. They said the fan wasn't working. So they had to come back a week later to install a new one. One month later now, my fridge is doing the same thing again. I called Samsung and they won't replace it until they try to fix it 3 times. What a joke! You pay over $2000 for a fridge, it should work! Customer service was polite but couldn't do a thing. I wouldn't recommend Samsung.

I bought the French door, bottom freezer drawer, water in the door Samsung Refrigerator at a local appliance dealer that I've done business with before. Bought it because it had the configuration and stainless steel look I wanted. All seems to work fine currently but it is very noisy, making loud humming and intermittent vibrating. This started after about 2 years of use. My mother's long time (30 years) refrigerator started making the same kind of noises about a year before it quit so I'm worried.

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Samsung is a Korean appliance company known for creating a wide range of electronics and home appliances. The company, based in Seoul, Korea, was founded in 1938.

  • Technology: Samsung offers wi-fi connected refrigerators, letting users keep track of fridge contents and settings remotely.
  • Color options: The company sells refrigerators in a selection of colors, including stainless steel, platinum, white, black and more. These options let customers choose a refrigerator color that matches their kitchen.
  • Additional features: Samsung's refrigerators come with many additional features, like water filters, a showcase door and more.
  • Warranties: Customers have the option of purchasing extended warranties to cover damage or necessary repairs over the life of the item.
  • Sleek design: Samsung has a reputation for sleek, contemporary refrigerators that offer a modern, clean aesthetic.
  • Best for Homeowners looking for high-quality, high-tech refrigeration devices, and college students in need of small, affordable mini-refrigerators.

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