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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I purchased the RF28HMEDBSR/AA 15 MONTHS AGO. Of course just after 12-month warranty I start to have problems with ice maker. The build up of ice on the outside of ice tray prevents the ice from dropping down. Chatted with Samsung rep and not helpful. I need to PAY for a service rep to come fix. I paid $2500 for this product from Sears and I would not recommend this product unless you want to spend more money and pay for extended warranty. When you purchase an appliance that is this expensive you should be able to assume it will not have issues so soon!

This is the second French Door Samsung fridge I have bought, and it will be the LAST Samsung product EVER to be in my house. The first french door one was perfect. I purchased model # RF263AEWP from Lowe's in Dec. 2011. Bought an extended warranty, that was a waste of $. Can't get anyone to come out. There is only one company in the East Bay of San Francisco that will come out my way for warranty work and they have lots of complaints on Yelp. They must all know the problems and don't want to bother?

The water pools at the bottom of the fridge, the icemaker works when it wants, frost buildup on the back wall of fridge, etc. Today the final straw was the horrific fan noise that stops when the doors open, and then resumes when the doors are closed. With open concept kitchens, the noise is extremely annoying. I am going to throw in the towel and get a new one, even though I can't afford it. Too bad there is not a designation for negative stars! I can't get to my receipts - the filing cabinet is stuck closed.

It is obvious that Samsung fridges have critical design problems. Those of us foolish enough to buy one know futile and frustrating it is to do with this company. The thing is now to spread the word to others so they don't make the same mistake. I posted an ad for the fridge in Craigslist under the title "Samsung Sucks". I know it won't sell, but it's a pretty effective way of spreading the word about this company and maybe, with any luck, it will cost them a few sales.

We have had issue with Freezer part of our Samsung french door fridge. It continues to freeze up, developing frost & ice to build up. Samsung has no customer service to speak of...

Thought I was buying stainless steel. Turns out it is a low grade stainless steel. All 3 doors rusted. Took almost a year to get solved. Ice maker unit has rusted again and there are rust spot on the doors again. Even though I purchased a extended warranty hhgregg and Samsung do not honor any more rust problems even though Samsung has told me the rusting around ice and water unit is a health hazard. The refrigerator is only about 3 years old and paid over $2000.00. Samsung does not stand behind their products unfortunately.

We purchased three Samsung appliances three years ago, and are extremely dissatisfied with these products (microwave, free standing electric stove, and a French door refrigerator). The refrigerator had to be replaced within a month, broke again, and that had to be replaced. The microwave logo fell off, (just 'glued on') and needs to be replaced, but we have to purchase a new door. That is fine, since the door is difficult to clean and has multiple scratches!

We are adults, and do not abuse the appliances!!! The oven is terrible. It does not heat well, and food is either overdone or underdone. It is referred to as a 'double oven', but that is untrue. One cannot broil and bake at the same time, and the thermostats are never 'quite right' if both are used for baking together. In addition, the back of the oven is falling apart. We have had to replace the fuses for the indicator lights several times, and the plastic piece over the lights has fallen into the back of the stove several times. We will never purchase any other Samsung product, and regret not staying with American appliances such as GE.

I purchased this Samsung fridge at the Home Depot Woodbridge in Avenel. A week after, we experienced a leak until today. I called Home Depot and they are going around in circles. Samsung has canceled me twice the service. We have almost 3 weeks with this issue. None is getting responsible. I have lower back pain from picking up water. My arthritis is getting very bad for all the ice I removed from the middle draw.

I spent a fortune on this dud of a refrigerator. If Samsung would spend a little more attention on their refrigerators and not their TV's, this would not be happening. I have had to throw out food all the time. To make matters worse I am a Type 1 Diabetic and all my insulin went bad twice. It cost a fortune to replace. I can't afford to buy a refrigerator and I have to drive 20 min from my home where I have my insulin and food, thankfully to a good friend.

We purchased a Samsung refrigerator with freezer on bottom and double upper doors. It is 5 years old and every year we get water under the pull out tray. Yesterday I soaked up three large beach towels worth of water. Chilled out 1/2" ice that covered about 25% of space under drawer. The water gets so bad that it runs down on hard wood and warps it. Seems too happy when humidity is bad... Summer months. No repairman likes to work on Samsung. Great, but they should not be selling refrigerators. My friend has same frig and same thing happens to her.

I bought a fridge on 09/06/2013. This is a double door with ice maker and water on the door. So far I have had to call service for the ice maker 3x, it keeps freezing up. When I called on it, they suggested it needed a new filter - when the fridge needs a new filter it lights up on the panel, not lit. Also the water stream has lessened. Yesterday I noticed the rubber around one of the doors was ripped.

Refridge is 6 years old. Bottom of pull door on freezer, right hand handle disintegrated and dropped off... Small dents have appeared on the bottom of the freezer front bottom drawer. Very, very weird!!! Where and what material is this made of??? Is it dangerous to our health??? I am afraid to keep it for health reasons.

We bought a Samsung refrigerator - French doors with freezer drawer on bottom model #RF217ACWP-XAA - in July 2012. What a MISTAKE! It was not even one year old, and the fridge wasn't cooling, the freezer was defrosting, over one inch of water was accumulating in both crisper drawers, and the ice maker stopped working. The fan built up with ice and would make a loud noise until it would freeze up solid. This is happening again for the FOURTH time since 2013! Three different repairmen have been here to fix the problems, and each one found low freon due to leakage.

The last repairman who was here said the leaks are due to manufacturer defects, as there were faulty welds in the solder joints in the back of the sealed systems unit. Samsung has not been willing to replace the fridge or refund our purchase price. They refuse to acknowledge that they are selling defective merchandise to consumers. I will NEVER buy another Samsung product, and I advise others to do the same. If there is not a class action suit pending against Samsung, then there should be. I'm fed up with their company's poor customer service and blatant disregard for consumers' complaints!

We have a Samsung refrigerator that the inside back of the refrigerator freezes and doesn't cool. I called Samsung and they couldn't even find the serial number even though the lady tried six different times. I researched online and there is other models doing the same thing. I was taught that you get what you pay for but not in this case. I am very dissatisfied with this product.

I bought a Samsung Refrigerator in June 2012. The ice maker never worked right and I just replaced it in June and this one doesn't work right either. It's always out of ice and I'm the only person using it. The Refrigerator got stuck in the cooling off setting last night and I lost everything in the freezer. The Refrigerator side freezes everything on the warmest setting. I'm replacing the Refrigerator in December and I will not be buying a Samsung.

I purchased a Samsung French Door refrigerator with deli tray and bottom freezer in June 2012. I have had small problems with water pooling in the chill cabinets which I've been able to deal with. However, it's since expanded to a heavy build-up of frost in the freezer. The soft-close feature stopped working weeks ago and the freezer drawer now won't close without putting a huge strain on my back due to the frost build-up.

I have been calling around for three days and checking review and appliance sites. I can find no local technician who will take on a Samsung refrigerator repair because they say these refrigerators are simply unreliable and difficult to fix so they stay fixed. (If a manufacturer is going to sell a product, they should ensure there are respected certified repair technicians within that sales area.) Compounding my problem, I have a spine disability that makes it impossible to pull put the refrigerator to try to defrost it. My spine problem requires daily ice packs. The twice-daily struggle to open the freezer door to get to the ice packs has further exacerbated my pain and ability to get around.

I have to say I purchased a total kitchen appliance line from Samsung and washer and dryer and have never been so disappointed in a product. Fridge is exactly as everyone has stated from the first year (now 3 yrs old) it leaked below the veggie bins. I bought this because my 15 year old Kenmore was outdated and I figure not as energy efficient as it should be. Mistake number one. At least it didn't leak. To be fair I haven't contacted Samsung as I have read many other comments and just feel it's a waste of time.

Motherboard keeps going out.

Wish I could go back in time and choose a fridge other than Samsung RS263TDRS. We've owned fridge 4 years and has been a disappointment from day one. Slow water dispenser. Ice dispenser shoots across room. Biggest issue is defroster on fridge side. Several times a year we go through the headache of fridge making loud grinding sound, popping and then inside heating up and spoiling food. Samsung support centre acts like my issue is an isolated problem.

First time I paid for a technician. He reported this to me as common issue, a manufacturing default and inserted a spacer between fan to add more air flow. He acknowledged this was only a bandaid solution and that I should be proactive and when I hear ice starting to build up on fan, to defrost fridge for two days. This has become a burdensome issue now and we defrost our fridge three to four times a year. After doing this our fridge resumes cooling efficiently but then a few months go by and ice and water build up below crisper. I will never buy another Samsung product and discourage other consumers from buying their product. Samsung is robbing consumers and their callous approach to Customer Service is unacceptable.

I purchased a French door refrigerator on August 2012 with model # RF217ACPN. Two months after I got the fridge, it started to make noise like popping and snapping, crackling and buzzing. I went to Best Buy and complained about it but they said that it was just normal. In 2014, my crisper started to collect water. I have to drain the water in the crisper every week. I Was wondering where that water came from. My fridge doesn't have any water hook up (for an ice maker or a water dispenser). Now, I got another problem. My freezer builds up ice!!! I am really disappointed that this expensive fridge doesn't work well. Not worth the money that I spent on this bad product!!!

Samsung Refrigerator side by side door - I just have circuit board replaced and has many service calls. It is only four year old. IT is RSTD265 model. Please would not recommend Samsung refrigerator.

Samsung refuses to acknowledge what every service technician has told us and that is that many models of their refrigerators have a serious design problem that results in constant buildup of ice under their crisper slide out drawers. Aside from the time and mess in chipping away the buildup and the numerous expensive service calls that do not seem to correct the problem... Samsung customer service agents hold fast to the 1 year warranty and refuses to admit that this is a serious problem and that as a worldwide company that they should admit their fault and keep customers happy. BUT THEY DON'T AND APPARENTLY COULD CARE LESS. So no more Samsung Refrigerators or Appliances for me. Let's all of us somehow get together as a group and petition Samsung or get an attorney to sue them.

1 bought the unit last mid-2011. But now, it's not cooling enough. I noticed ice is building up at the back of the panel (located inside the fridge). Rf4287hars/Xaa and Samsung does not want to help pay for anything. I will never again buy from Samsung. A lot of people have told me Samsung sucks and they do. I've learn the hard way...

Purchased a Samsung Refrigerator model #FR217ACRS. Started to have problems with it 13 mos after purchasing it. Leaking.

I watched the CBC's Marketplace television program which reviewed problems with Appliances. One of the speakers, Terry, from Vancouver had the exact model of Samsung Refrigerator that I did and had the same problems that I have experienced. Ice building up in the freezer and water building up in and around the crispers. Each week I have to siphon this water out. She had them fix her problem with a "COURTESY REPAIR", thanks to Marketplace.

I would like the same solution and have contacted Samsung's Repair Department and spoke to Vladimir in the Executive Customer Relations Department, reference number **. He told me there was nothing he could do and that there was no design flaw and no recall. I think all of the Samsung appliance owners who can't believe this rhetoric should band together and make sure that people DO NOT PURCHASE SAMSUNG products if they can't acknowledge when they have problems and then also do nothing to rectify those problems. If anyone knows of a permanent solution, please feel free to let me know! Samsung Refrigerator Model Number RF197ACRS.

RF263BEAESER - I have had this $2700.00 refrigerator for 8 months and had to call a repairman out for the 2nd time because the freezer quit working again! We have lost between $400.00 and $500.00 in frozen meats, dinners, etc. from spoiling and simply cannot afford to keep doing this. The French doors do not seal properly and food spoils easily in the refrigerator as well. I don't trust this appliance any further than I could throw it and Samsung refuses to take responsibility for the faulty design! Worst experience of my life - I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT AS LONG AS I LIVE. Hey Samsung... can you comprehend lawsuit?

Samsung RF26XAEBP is leaking all over my kitchen floor. This is a well known design defect in their product. Class action suits have been filed and if you contact them they want to charge for repair, so they must have battled it in court with their big bucks and refuse to stand behind their products. STAY AWAY FROM ALL SAMSUNG PRODUCTS.

Purchased a Samsung model #RF263TEAESR French door model with bottom freezer December 2014. After 3 months they replaced compressor. Took 7 days for them to get a replacement. Now ice maker quit working after 9 months in use and started freezing over and leaking water. Serviceman said to unplug the refrigerator. He would be back in the morning. Called Brandsmart where I purchased the Samsung Refrigerator. Said they have to order the part. Will take 1-2 weeks. I have read all the reviews with some of the same problems. I think a class action law suit is warranted especially since these are design defects from the start. I purchased Samsung TV in the past. Good quality. Running over 5 years with no problem. I don't believe they know how to built good quality appliance.

After 2 same refrigerator same problems, 3 repair man, none of them knew what to do - rumbling night and day waking us. Day and night I call numerous times, nothing solved. Today I send copies, so will see what happens. So can anybody do something?

In 1st year the refrigerator quit cooling. Took several phone calls to Samsung and about 3 weeks to get them to come and repair it. Lost all the food in the Freezer.

A month later have a puddle of water in front of it every morning. Made several calls each more than half hour and nothing is done. Asked them to let me speak to a supervisor but they won't. Totally dissatisfied. No more Samsung ever in my house. If you want to get a good product please DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG. You will be sorry.

We bought the unit last mid-2012. But now, it's not cooling enough. I noticed, ice is building up at the back of the panel (located inside the fridge). RS265TDRS.

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Samsung is a Korean appliance company known for creating a wide range of electronics and home appliances. The company, based in Seoul, Korea, was founded in 1938.

  • Technology: Samsung offers wi-fi connected refrigerators, letting users keep track of fridge contents and settings remotely.
  • Color options: The company sells refrigerators in a selection of colors, including stainless steel, platinum, white, black and more. These options let customers choose a refrigerator color that matches their kitchen.
  • Additional features: Samsung's refrigerators come with many additional features, like water filters, a showcase door and more.
  • Warranties: Customers have the option of purchasing extended warranties to cover damage or necessary repairs over the life of the item.
  • Sleek design: Samsung has a reputation for sleek, contemporary refrigerators that offer a modern, clean aesthetic.
  • Best for Homeowners looking for high-quality, high-tech refrigeration devices, and college students in need of small, affordable mini-refrigerators.

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