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I spent nearly $6,000 on new refrigerator, range, dishwasher and microwave less than one year ago and also bought the extended warranty. The first dishwasher they delivered did not work at all and they had to bring a new one. The stainless steel refrigerator was replaced twice after several service attempts to fix ice maker that makes only crushed ice. The unit still only makes crushed ice because it is a design flaw and with every glass of "cubed" ice you get about 30% of crushed ice. I bought the biggest and best unit on the market.. and we are very disappointed.. The wording "ice and water" rubbed off within the first couple months and was unreadable. Today, I had problems with the microwave. The numbers are beginning to wear off the front panel. When I called Samsung service they indicate that is a cosmetic issue and not covered by the warranty. I would never ever consider buying Samsung appliances for my kitchen.

I have owned one Samsung refrigerator and will never buy another one, except for a boat anchor. I have had trouble with the ice maker ever since we had the refrigerator, it is so terrible. It freezes constantly and the ice will pour out all over the floor. We have hard wood flooring in our home and this refrigerator has made a mess of it. I just want to let Samsung know that their product is a piece of crap and is more expensive than other brands which our friends have. They never have problems like we do. We have had it worked on so many times. We could and should have ditched this thing and bought a new one of some other brand name, but we kept hoping that it could be repaired to work as advertised. There should be some type of liability placed on a manufacture for making such a terrible product. Thanks for nothing.

3 yr old Samsung French fridge started frosting over inside walls, melting then flooding floor, spoiling milk, veggies and frozen items, molding foods. Ice maker doesn't work, loud motor and barking sound (both intermittent). Called Samsung, gave me name and phone for certified technician - 7/1/14. First appt for a tech - 7/14. Tech needed to order part. Two-3 wks later tech returned...wrong part. Had to order different part. Tomorrow is 9/1/14. All summer with broken, erratic fridge, multiple calls to Master Tech and Samsung customer service, lots of "I understand how you feel" and "I'm sorry for your problem" and no call backs...but lots of frustration and rotten foods. All summer and no fridge.

RF 268 Series Model RF268ABBP - We bought this refrigerator three years ago and now it is going to cost me a minimum of $400 to get repaired. I came home to a flood in the kitchen because the cheap plastic piece going into the water filter cracked. Next the temperature and water control panel goes out and the freezer is freezing up. It sounds like there should be a Class Action Lawsuit against Samsung regarding these refrigerators. Also, I called Samsung and they were going to have a local repair company call but they never did. I finally went to Lowes and got someone to come out. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG!!

Bought a new samsung side by side new at Lowe's. It is 11 months old and still under warranty and extended warranty. Started making ticking noise like the fan is hitting against something 3 months ago. Samsung's response is that it is overloaded/over packed and I should unload and defrost. This works for a couple of weeks, then it is the same. I do not load this any more full than my previous Whirlpool side by side or GE before that. Neither previous unit quit working, just moved to larger unit and this time to a stainless.

Went with Samsung because it was on sale for same price as Whirlpool but I got a Energy star rebate because of its energy efficiency. If I had read reviews first I would not have bought it. Now I read that Samsung is exiting the American market because we expect them to last too long. A counterpart at work had same issue with identical unit he bought 3 months earlier at Best Buy. He had to threaten Best Buy with legal action before they finally replaced it with more expensive unit (he paid difference). I will never again buy a Samsung product. I will call Lowe's tonight and they have always backed their products well for me.

This was out of warranty 23 days and the lower hinge on freezer started popping. Sears came to fix and it cost me $257.00 to fix and got nothing from Samsung when I called to complain.

We purchase a Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator RS265TD less than two years ago. The whole unit shut down today and we lost most of our food. A technician came out, said the control board was gone and would have to be replaced for $411! Tried to get through to Samsung with no luck. The technician said Samsung was the worst units that he works on. When we first got the refrigerator almost 2 years ago it took them almost 3 weeks to get the ice maker tubes attached. This is unacceptable. These appliances should last at least 10 years with no problems. We will never purchase a Samsung again.

We purchased a Samsung RF263 in 2011 side by side doors with bottom freezer. Within a few months various parts of the interior began to crack, annoying for such an expensive refrigerator but not fatal. The real problems began when the ice maker began to malfunction. It got so bad that we had it repaired outside of the main warranty this past May and it worked fine for about 8 or 9 weeks and started to malfunction again. After speaking with Samsung today the contracted repair company said that I would have to pay for a new repair to the unit because it was 93 days since the original (outside the 90 day window).

Samsung, when I called back were no help at all and of course hid behind their policies. I explained to them and to the repair company that I didn't feel it was fair to have to pay for a repair twice, when the original repair was obviously inadequate. I would recommend never buying a Samsung refrigerator as they are not well made for the price and their customer service is designed to give as little to the consumer as possible. Also, I would advise purchasing an extended warranty on a refrigerator that you pay over $1500 for as one repair costs more than the warranty itself.

It is less than 2 years that I purchased the double French door bottom freezer Samsung model # RF260BEAESP refrigerator. The water leakage into the below the crisper drawer area has started to occur. This problem has been mentioned by many other people. Samsung must acknowledge and repair this problem. No one should ever buy any appliances from Samsung. They really have disgraced themselves and their brand name.

Our 3 year old Samsung side-by-side with all the bells and whistles stopped cooling, both freezer and refrig side. After dealing with the noise created by freezing up inside freezing and fan hitting the ice, we learned to defrost it for a while then it worked. But now, after turning back on after defrosting a FROST FREE unit, the whole thing stopped working. Called Samsung and was told no warranty left on this appliance. Their repair company would take several days to come out, so I had my own repair person come look at it. They replaced several things, then came to the conclusion it was the compressor. This person even went online and discovered that there was supposed to be a 5 year warranty on the compressor that no one at Samsung told me about.

I called back to Samsung to complain that I was technically deceived by not being told about the warranty. They said "Too bad" my technician had voided that warranty by trying to fix the thing and they would not honor any part of warranty. I am furious! I spoke with the highest department I could get to in Samsung with no success. I even asked for a CEO or someone like that who would listen to my complaint: Nothing. Now In stuck with a 300 pound paperweight~ wonder if it worth putting a new compressor in it since nearly everything else has been replaced? Don't Buy Samsung Appliances!!

1 French door and freezer drawer developed rust bubbles under paint. Samsung said it was a cosmetic issue and not a warranty issue.

On day two after bringing the fridge home it has been making multiple loud noises. I've only had the fridge for 1 month. So I look up the fridge and found multiple complaints and lawsuits. Filing with the attorney's office.

I too am experiencing the same problems with my refrigerator as other consumers. I purchased this model in 2012 for $2000 and have had 3 problems so far. First, the water dispenser cracked when I tried getting a glass of water - took Sears 2 months to get the correct part from Samsung. Next, one of the shelves on the door cracked (I live alone so there are no reckless kids in the house). Now I am having my third issue with this 2-year-old refrigerator. Water leaks into the drawers and collects on the floor if I don't get to it right away. It starting making a noise like a train was coming through my kitchen - the dreaded fan problem others have complained about. Had to defrost mine twice already and was told by a representative that this is caused by a poor seal within the doors, and I should remove the seals and reinstall them. I was also told they would supply parts if a service call was made but I have to pay the labor! Isn't that the most expensive part of a repair? What a ripoff - these refrigerators should all be recalled. I think the next step calls for a class action suit against Samsung!

Two months after buying a brand new side by side Samsung refrigerator, a fan blade broke and the sound was very loud. It took Samsung 10 days to find a technician to come to the house. The gentlemen discovered the defected blade and was quite surprised being that it was only two months old. He suspected a manufacturer's defect and he ordered the part, but it would take several days. In the meantime, we had lost the food in the freezer and refrigerator. I then called Samsung's customer service and explained everything as it happened. She was not very sympathetic and said that the part was on it's way and that's the best that they could do. It was a major purchase for us and we felt cheated. Will think twice before buying another Samsung appliance!

Horrible. Bought Samsung fridge, dishwasher and microwave approximately 3 years ago. The freezer had to be repaired last year, out of warranty of course. Now the ice/water dispenser is showing rust on the outside of our pretty white fridge. The microwave and dishwasher are both dead. Error codes on the microwave and the dishwasher just cycles on and off without actually running the wash. Samsung customer service was ZERO help since the appliances are all off of warranty. Our own repairman says they will cost $150- $250 a piece to fix. Appliances should last longer than three years when we invested thousands of dollars in them!! No more Samsung EVER and we will make sure all our family and friends buy Otherwise as well!

Purchased this RF267AERS fridge in 2012 and the nightmare began almost right away. The fridge was making a loud noise that would stop once the doors were opened. Called for support but since the fridge was out of warranty by 6 months, they would do nothing! This was an expensive model and is a piece of crap. Apparently plenty of people have the same problem with this model. The back wall freezes up and the fan blade hits the ice so if you do not unplug and melt the ice, you risk ruining the cooling fans. What a pain in the neck trying to store food and spending all that time to have the fridge freeze right back up every six months. This month, I have already defrosted it twice and it looks like I am going to have to do it again. All they say is there is no recall. THERE SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!! No other help or advice is given. I was a loyal Samsung consumer but will never purchase another Samsung product, EVER!

Samsung Refrigerator model #RF217ACPN/XAA - do not let the beauty or bells and whistles of ANY Samsung sway you into buying. We bought our Samsung 3 years ago and were thrilled when it was delivered and installed. Sadly those emotions didn't last long. The first sign of trouble was lettuce/salad fixings freezing. Made sure it was not human error (temperature), this problem continued. Next came the ice maker refusing to make ice. After multiple, long-lasting, irritating contacts to the Samsung support tech no fix to my problems occurred. Water, then ice began to accumulate in the crisper drawers. A little in the beginning, then half-full and freezing solid anything in drawer.

Repairman contacted for the ice maker. First one stated that there was no way he would attempt to work on a Samsung. Next one sighed and said he would try but that Samsung offers no tech support and parts stay on back order for a very long time. After checking out ice maker, said he could fix it with a $64.00 (wholesale) cost part IF he could locate it. Ice maker part located, repairman returned, so we inquired about water/ice in crisper. Blue light flashing on the top control as you open refrigerator-- uh oh. He took panels off, removed drain tab, unthawed ice, checked top control board, checked main panel, checked all of the fans. Main control panels were not turning the fan. Surmised that the control panel was not functioning.

Even though this is not a financially good time for us, we went shopping today to check on a new refrigerator. Three stores and all salesman acknowledged that they understood why we would NOT look at a Samsung. One store told us that the models on the floor were the end of what Samsungs they would be selling because of not being able service them because it is too difficult to get the parts as they are always on back order. Salesman stated that there were a lot of service calls made on this brand. Wish I had known then what I know now about this brand of refrigerator.

Model RF217ACBP/XAA - The refrigerator began leaking water into the vegetable bins when the refrigerator was less than 3 years old. Frost is melted and drips into a trough and then is supposed to run down a tube to be evaporated. Unfortunately, the water in the trough began to freeze and eventually began draining into the vegetable drawers. I spent four hours defrosting the refrigerator but after two weeks, water began to drain into the vegetable drawer again.

I called Samsung and was told that for nearly $400 I could buy coverage for repairs that would be good for one year. That would be on top of the $1421 I paid for the unit less than 3 years ago. I declined. Now we have to avoid using the vegetable bins or purchase racks so food will remain above the water until we can afford to purchase a new refrigerator. I am retired and my wife works less than 40 hours per week. In the past few weeks the paint began to come off of the two door handles. Now the refrigerator doesn't look very new or nice.

Our Samsung side-by-side with bottom freezer has stopped working for the second time in two years. The first failure was the freezer fan, repaired under warranty. After second year, same problem - noisy fan and temperature not holding. Same repairman said the motherboards go out, and he can't get a new OEM board from Samsung - they are back ordered until 2015! We bought one from Sears, refurbished, and it doesn't work. Repair company says nothing they can do. My 15-year-old "garage" fridge is now back in business. It is amazing to me that a world-wide branded company like Samsung would allow this to happen. Here is my response: I won't buy any other Samsung products. I need a new smartphone - Samsung? No way.

Bought at Lowe's 3 yrs ago to date. 1st it started to leak on frig side. 3 weeks later started to make noise like ice breaking. Another 3 weeks and frig no longer cools. It's like the parts have a timer chip to break when warranty is up.. on purpose mind you. Don't buy a Samsung frig plain and simple; out 1400 bucks vs 500 for others.

Samsung French Door with freezer on the bottom. Right away after purchase, the crisper drawers kept filling with 2 inches of water. I have adjusted the temp but that hasn't helped. It improved when we were in Florida for 2 months & the door was kept closed. The sound of the ice maker is very loud, but I will tolerate that if I can fix the crisper problem.

RFG 238 Samsung Refrigerator AARS 3 years old - The back panel froze causing refrigerator to no longer keep food cold... Called Samsung, of course the warranty just expired and they wanted me to buy a new one... I refused... They gave me a service order number and the phone number for the repair company servicing our location... He could not come out for 3 weeks just to check it and see what the problem was... When I told him I would find someone else, he sounded relieved... I did find another company to come out which took 2 trips because the back is so fragile you have to get all the ice melted before they can work on it... They replaced the evaporation fan motor... Now 2 months later the control panel is going to have to be replaced along with another new fan motor...

Samsung RF217ACPN leaking issue - Purchased the French door refrigerator in August 2010. It started to leak water inside and bottom of the drawers after about 18 months. We just put a sponge down those areas, and clean the water when it very wet. Then we took all food out and leave all doors opened for a couple days in the summer. Less than 2 weeks, the water drop again and even worse. We then repeat the above procedure and left it dry for 3 days this time in the summer. Nothing was changed. We decided to open the cover locate above the drawers. Then we find out that it seems has been opened and repaired before we purchased it! There is big hole at side of bottom of the foam that have tape to cover it. The metal panel has separated with the foam that used duct tape to connect them. The soft stick tape was broken and covered only 3/4 of the bottom...

We just bought this refrigerator in December 2013 and in July (only 7 months later) the refrigerator side stopped cooling. I called customer service on July 26th. They gave suggestions over the phone and told me to wait 24 hrs to see if it worked. It didn't. I was then given a different number to schedule the repair. I waited a week for parts and a tech to come. We went on vacation and came back and found out that the problem was not resolved. I called customer service again on Aug 6th and a "resolution specialist" contacted the tech and they told me they will contact me the next day to schedule a repair. Aug 9th, no phone call from them. Once again, I called them and now they advise to start the whole process of ordering parts and scheduling the tech to come in who knows when. What a sour experience this has been.

I purchase a double door refrigerator model digital inverter with 10 years warranty on 16-09-2013 but before 3 months (after purchasing approx 6 month) I noticed the fruit tray was cracked. I complaint to customer care but customer care representative said "our company has not covered plastic part under warranty." He demanded rs. 2000/- to replace the tray. After some time I like a hairline crack in the plastic at the front of the tray above the vegetable and fruit drawers. Sir, I don't understand what is the problem in this fridge. I think this fault is from the company... Pls check your product. Before one year your plastic part was cracked automatically... but your staff said "this is not covered by us..." Pls tell me what I do... what is my fault? (purchasing your great company Refrigerator) Pls solve my matter.

We purchased a French door refrigerator with the top and bottom ice makers. After a year or so, we noticed a lot of frost build up in the freezer and the drawer was increasingly difficult to open. Shortly after that, large chunks of flat ice began falling on the floor. After a little investigation, it was discovered ice was building up on the bottom of the freezer door and continues to be a problem. We have to defrost every 2 months or so.

How hard could it be to get a repairman for a refrigerator bought less than two days earlier. Ice maker would leak even with water shut off and ice maker turned off. Pacific Sales had said they had not had a proper working refrigerator of Samsung in three months. Is there a recall for their refrigerators?

After 3 years, Samsung French Door Refrigerator freezing food on all shelves - started in the produce bins. There is ice forming under the produce bins. Few repair companies service Samsung. Buyer Beware.

Purchased fridge in 2011. Ice maker drops ice after button is no longer pushed, ice falls in floor. Ice maker freezes up and has to be cleared out weekly. Fridge side has stopped cooling. Terrible purchase, regretted since day one when the ice and water would not work and door was replaced. Would not let me leave 0 stars.

Purchased RS261MDWP fridge from Home Depot June 24th, 2013. I noticed rust forming at lower edge of ice/water dispenser. I did not call and make complaint before warranty expired (missed by two weeks). As it turns out, it makes no difference because the rust is considered cosmetic and is not covered under warranty. I had a Samsung certified serviceman come take a look at it for repair. New door and installation would total over $500. I declined and paid the serviceman the $80 for trip charge.

There is an inherent design flaw in the construction of the door. I own numerous rental homes, one of which is an ocean front weekly rental. My appliances of choice are Whirlpool. I have had no rust problems with that fridge and it is less than 200 feet from the ocean! The Samsung fridge is greatly compromised by the rust. It is very obvious and I will be replacing a 1-year-old fridge that will end up in a garage.

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