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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

A door to door salesman (College Student) set me up with a Pinnacle Security System even though I was still under contract with another Security Company. I was within 2-3 months from the end of the contract so I told him I'd switch at that time. He said that Pinnacle would reimburse me for the charges from the other company until the contract could be cancelled. This sounded good to me, as the new system had Fire Detection as well and the existing system did not. I was never reimbursed for the fees paid to the former company as promised.

Do not settle with any collection agency if you don't owe the money to this company. I signed a contract with them May 30th. I got sucked in. I already had a system and contract with ADT. Whatever, two hours after installation, the alarms started making noise and I got calls from company about a "low battery." The next day, I called to have the installers come back and fix it (after all they were at my house until midnight). The lady in "customer service" said they couldn't get someone out for a week. I told her that if they couldn't get someone within three days, I would have to rescind the contract. I rescinded per contract instructions as it was a Saturday and I had to fax it. I kept all documentation.

I got numerous calls from alarm company about low battery and each time I would call and remind them that I am no longer under contract and that I rescinded on May 31. In July someone told me they have no record of that. So I faxed over rescission as well fax transmittal and waited on the phone to make sure the person I was talking to received it. Then they started saying that they were actually calling about the equipment. I pointed out that they needed to do that within 20 days of cancellation (as per their contract), but that they were more than welcome to the equipment as soon as they credited my account for the two months they charged me for. They never credited my account.

I finally had to dispute it with the credit card company. I kept that letter as well. The company continued to call, so I had my attorney, sister, write a letter telling them not to contact me and to get in touch with her to arrange to get equipment. They continued calling me despite me repeatedly giving them her number. They finally stopped sometime in 2011. I haven't heard anything for 3 years, and now a collection agency is suing me. Crazy but I still have all the documentation!!! IF you are getting sued and would like someone to attest to the criminal practices of this company, I am happy to provided any information I have. The guy who started Pinnacle, Jared Chappell, is now with Monitronics who accounts were sold to. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!!

I had Pinnacle install an alarm system 3/29/2011. We had not gotten a bill from Pinnacle Security in quite a while. My wife is very good at collecting our bills as they come in, if we do not get a bill it isn't paid. This is not because we don't owe it but it is missed. We were on vacation and my wife said, to me, she doesn't remember getting a bill from Pinnacle in a while. When we got home, I called Pinnacle to find out why we didn't get the bill. I was informed that our account had been given to another company and gave me the phone number. I called that company, Martronics, I think this is the spelling, who informed me that our account had been sent to collection.

I believe I have never had this happen to me, we always pay our bills. We could not send payment if we didn't know what had happened. Our credit numbers on / / Was 814. On 12/10/13 the rating was 785, TransUnion, 745 Experian, 750. When I talked to Martronics, they told me I must send a letter to the credit company and they would contact Matronics, Martronics said no I must write a letter to Martronics and they would contact the credit company (big circle game).

I received a knock at my door tonight. It was a man serving me papers. I took the papers and after reading them, a lawsuit from Pinnacle Security stating that I was being sued for a security system installed in my home on January 31, 2009. I had a 24-month agreement which I fulfilled, reviewed the papers again tonight, I cannot determine where the salesman listed the length of contract service on it. I terminated the system 2 months ahead of schedule and paid for the early termination fee at the time of the call. 3 years later now, I am getting a court order to pay ~$1300.00 for service on an open account and court fees and have 30 days to respond. The order stated they contacted me with a written letter stating I needed to pay 20 days earlier. I have not received this letter nor have received one bill or voicemail from them. I tried to contact the lawyer tonight immediately upon the summons, unfortunately they were closed but redirected all calls until tomorrow that deal with those served with papers. I looked up the website for the lawyer group I tried to contact that is representing Pinnacle Security. Their website looks very amateur not one review posted. It looks similar to a Facebook profile with no pictures. Can you provide any advice on this situation. Thank you!

I have a contract for 2 years with Pinnacle. I just find out they no longer in business. I had a sign from Devon will I call them to get my contract to stop. Will the man tell me I have to call Safe Security. I was like what who is the security people now. I call to get them to close my account, the lady tells me I have contract from 58 months. I told her no mama I don't make contract was for 2 years. She told I'm going to email you. Well I just email there was nothing and I have my contract for 2 years not 58 months. This company is the worst I don't reason no mail no nothing from this company. Watch where you get your security alarms from. Don't use Safe/Pinnacle.

Worst company to have service from. I got alarm system from this company and they installed cameras too. The things which were promised to me were never done. This security company has no customer service. They will install the system and done. I don't know why ADT has any link with this company. I'm strongly frustrated with this company and will never ever ever suggest this company to anyone.

I purchased 2 security contracts with Devcon/Pinnacle. The systems don't work for **. After paying for 2 service for what was supposed to be 2-yr. contracts, is now 4 yrs. and with 2 different companies, Safe on one and Monitronics on the other. I now have 2 companies I did not authorize to deduct monies out of my account. NOT COOL.

Where do I begin? I had a contract with Guardian. The rep with them signed me up. Then just this year, after 3 years with Guardian, the rep came by saying he wasn't with Guardian and our contract is with him and his company, to just send Guardian a letter stating that I no longer want their service, so I did. He said it wasn't going to matter. I then signed up with Pinnacle Devcon with him as my rep. His name was Spencer. Guardian notified me that we had a contract and they won't let me out. Wow... I called Spencer after 2 months trying to find him. Pinnacle said that this was a conflict of interest, that they can't be billing me because I had a contract with Guardian first. Well, the short of it is now, Pinnacle wants $1600.00 for me to leave. Took me to collections. They won't listen, take it out on the rep that lied to me. When you call Pinnacle, they say watch for scammers that try to change you by lying... wow, calling the kettle black. They made me use my charge card and tap it out, for part of the bill.

Everyone, please don't believe this company. It is a big ripoff and scamming. PLEASE WATCH OUT. I am so unhappy now because of this. I had to go to Guardian because of the contract. They charged me almost three hundred dollars to pull the Pinnacle down and put up old equipment and they charged me for new equipment but it was the old ones... I have not quite 2 years left. Then I will leave Guardian too... Their behavior and attitude stinks. They aren't for you. Surprise, they are for their pockets. Now I don't trust anyone. It took me a long time to trust, now I refuse to trust now. I will never ever trust.

On July 16th of 2011, I signed a contract with Pinnacle Security. I was told it was a 24 month contract, so I signed up. The reps were very good at their job, getting people to sign up, fast talking, informative. Now two years later, I called Monitronics (the company that took over for Pinnacle) to cancel my service. They informed me the contract was for 42 months, not 24 like I was told by Pinnacle's reps. I found my contract and sure enough, it said 42 months. It was my fault for taking their word on it. They scammed me. I should have read the contract more carefully! DON'T TRUST THEIR REPS, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. READ THE CONTRACT. BETTER YET, DON'T DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!

I leased this alarm company and its systems for my own personal business and for the American Legion Post that I am commander of. The system at my shop worked for about 6 months before I had to have some components replaced. After the incompetent employee came out and made an attempt at replacing the components, the system never worked again. I called again many times over to get a service tech out to repair the system and not one time did they keep to the scheduled appointment or ever show up. I inquired about being let out of my contract only to receive the response of that would be impossible.

When I mentioned the word "court", the response was "we have lawyers on retainer". So after paying for 2 years of non-service at my shop, I finally got rid of them. Now out at the Legion hall, the door sensors went bad from an attempted burglary. They came out and replaced them with more of the same incompetent technicians, and all we got was an improperly operating system. After many phone calls to the service center, we finally just gave up and rode it out to the end.

If there ever was an alarm company that everyone should be warned about, this would be the one.

I contacted Pinnacle in November 2012. I advised the "customer service rep" that I wished to cancel my contract as I have not been using my system since I purchased a new main entry door in June of 2012. So basically, I was paying for a security system that was sitting on my dining room table (through no fault of Pinnacle). That being said, he then asked several questions: was I unhappy with the service, could they give me some extra incentives so that I would not cancel, etc, etc...

I proceeded to explain that financially it was not a good time for me. Then he said that because I'm such a loyal-longstanding customer and they don't want to lose my business, would I like 3 months free to "think about my decision". I AGAIN explained that would be nice but I DON'T use the alarm; it's on my kitchen table; to which he advised me to go to Home Depot and purchase some Gorilla glue and put it back up. UM, I DON'T want it...3 years, thanks but NO THANKS! My finances are stretched and an alarm system is NOT on my priority list. So of course I checked my account in November- NO transactions, great. It was the same for December, January and February. THEN I got a letter from Safe Security who advised me THEY purchased my "contract" from Pinnacle.

Well, color me confused as I KNOW I CANCELLED said contract 3 or 4 months prior. Oh well, I was then advised that they purchased it and if I no longer wished to have the "service" I would have to PAY my contract out. HAVE THESE "PEOPLE" LOST THEIR EVER LOVING MINDS?! This is the biggest "legal" racket! I told them that THEY purchased the contract; THEY can get the money from Pinnacle because I AM NOT PAYING IT. It is now May and I am still getting calls. Well, it's Friday evening and I will be at my attorney's office on Monday morning because they are NOT getting a DIME out of me!

I had to write a check for them to put in a system for a friend of mine, and I was their rep for social security. The man said the check would not be cashed and they would give her forty dollars back to her for giving him ten other people to contact. They cashed the check and put the system in my name. Now, it’s on my credit report and a collection place is calling me.

I tried for over 6 months to cancel my account after my contract obligation was complete. Two faxes and several hours on the phone being passed around, what a joke! There is no customer service! Had to go to my bank to not allow anymore charges to go through.

I called to tell someone that my alarm system had fallen off the wall where they attached it less than a month ago, but the gentleman told me I needed the code to even talk about the system. I replied, “I don't have a code nor do I remember giving one when having it installed." So he told me to go online and put the code in and have the code changed. What a real dumb **. If I don't know it while on phone with him, what makes him think I would all of a sudden know it online? To get to the point, I have been debited for over a year and do not have a working system.

On August 15th, 2012, I sent Pinnacle Security a fax cancelling service on September 30, 2012 per company instructions. Also per instructions, I called back and confirmed with "Michelle" that the fax had been received. I was assured that at the end of my contract - September 30, 2012 - that billing would stop. It is October 1st and my bank account has been hit for another $49.99. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and my attorney in the morning.

I was renting a home to a family member when a Pinnacle Security sales rep visited the property. After much pressure, my family member agreed to meet with the rep. During the conversation, it was explained that they were only renting and not the owner. At that time, the rep asked did they have the owner's information, birth date, name and social security number. The information provided a partial spelling of my name, the incorrect birth date and a contact number. The rep never contacted regarding this transaction. After the family member moved from the location, I received a copy of the contract stating that I owed the the balance of a 42-month contract at $49.99 per month. I tried explaining that I was no way involved and had no idea what they were talking about.

I constantly receive threatening phone calls claiming to put this on my credit. I was asked to submit a copy of my driver's license so they could match signatures, but the calls continue. I have been called while at work, late in the evening, yelled and threatened, constant harassment. I have asked on many occasions that the calls stop, to no avail. My concern is that the sales rep had to know that the person signing the contract was not me, but still provided the service. I am wondering, is there anything I can do about the damages done to my home having this system installed without my permission? And how can I get the calls to stop?

Fraudulent System - filed on my credit report for ** Anvil Ln, Porter, TX 77365 (A/C **). Tenants had no right to forge my name on the agreement and I will be happy to file charges of forgery for use of my name and SS number on this A/C. This is not my account nor did it ever have my approval (or signature) on this property. Christine **, who signed up for the service is in Montgomery County Jail (Conroe, TX) for forgery. I would like to file the necessary paperwork to get this removed from my credit reports. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. I did talk to Hillcrest Davidson, and they did not have a telephone number for your company, or a contact.

For all those that read! Pinnacle Security has been an upstanding and great company since its establishment. Not only is the company "real" but it provides superior service and superior opportunity. I have friends and family that have worked for this company. You will find bad sales reps in every company, people who try to break rules and do not follow protocol. It is neither the companies fault nor their responsibility as their employees are independent contractors. So, if you had a bad experience, I am sorry, but there are thousands other great experiences with the company. My family has set up many customers and had always been as honest and trustworthy as they can be.

I don't feel that it is fair to treat the company as a whole as it is being treated because of a few bad eggs. Yes, maybe they could work on some customer service issues, but what company couldn't? If you would please go check out on this site, the complaints filed against ADT and against Pinnacle and other companies, the numbers do not compare. I have a system in my home and love it! No complaints! :)

In 2007, Pinnacle Security was soliciting in my neighborhood. I thought the promo service was legitimate. When I tried to have my alarm system connected, I was then told I had to get a permit from the Police Department. I was not able to obtain the permit and services were not provided. Now 3 years later, I have a collection on my credit report. Pinnacle is demanding I pay, even for a service that was never installed.

We lived in Nashville, TN and a young man came to our door with a story about how they were having a special on alarm systems in our neighborhood. We listened to his spiel and decided to have the system installed. He said it would be for two years and that we could cancel it at anytime after the two years period. After we had the alarm installed, we were handed the paperwork and they left. We then found out that the contract was for three years and that if you don't call and cancel it within a month of the end of your contract period, you will automatically have your contract renewed for a longer period. We now live in Georgia and haven't even got the system hooked up. We haven't heard a word from them, except to keep debiting our checking account. We want to get rid of them and are considering paying them to cancel our contract. They have never called us or contacted us, even though our system has been inoperable for over a year. Some monitoring.

Telephone advertising harassment - This company and its marketing affiliates call me repeatedly despite multiple requests by myself and my husband to remove our numbers from their call list.

In 2008, a door-to-door salesman came selling the Pinnacle Security System, which they lied to me about the terms. I signed up for the New York class action lawsuit to be released from my contract. I believe it was in 2010, but Pinnacle Security System tells me they have nothing about a class action lawsuit in NY and they will not release me from my contract. I've been paying for a service that I don't need since I moved from the location that the service is in place.

I initially got Pinnacle Security alarm service back in 2006 when I was renting in a not-so-great neighborhood in the city. A white gentleman came to my door and sold me the services. I advised him that I was renting and he said "no problem" because they allow you to transfer your alarm services for only $35 to wherever you relocate to. I also failed the credit approval process. Again, no problem. He simply suggested I call someone else with better credit and used their social security number. It didn't matter if they lived at the residence or not. He was very persistent and since I wanted an alarm service anyway, I obliged. For two years, I paid my services on time and had no incidences. Smooth sailing! That is until I decided to move.

I moved into another rental home and was ready to transfer my services. I contacted Pinnacle. I was advised I had to sign an new three-year contract, pay $35 and get permission from the home's owner. No problem! Although somehow, they must've used the same person's social security number from the last contract, because mine wasn't required. That was the first sign of shadiness.

Over a year later, I moved again. Requested another transfer of services. This time, they told me that if I wanted to keep the same contract, I could pay $99 instead of the $35. Since I already invested a year, I agreed that would be great! The tech was scheduled to come out May, 9th, 2011. The tech, Clarence ***, came to my house, with no uniform or socks on. He looked like a bum off the street. The only reason I allowed him in was because he had all the paperwork and was scheduled. He was very unprofessional, didn't want to put the wires behind the wall, didn't have all the equipment, complained about his personal life and to top it off left without giving me any codes!

I called him immediately after he left. He said he wouldn't be able to come back until that weekend. Once I got off the phone with him, I called Pinnacle to complain of how terrible he was! Upon verifying my info, not only did they have the wrong address in the system but the account was in my brother's name! He was only listed as an emergency contact! At this point, I was getting extremely frustrated and angry. Finally, they contacted the tech and advised him to return at 8am the following day to complete the job properly! He was also supposed to bring me extra equipment for the inconvenience.

So, the next day, May 10th, 2011, Clarence showed up with very little to say, which was great, but bad because he just started randomly putting sensors in places without asking me! Once he finished, he put his screwdriver in his back pocket, sat in my dining room chair and ripped the seat! I thought, "What the f**k!" He apologized but I was so angry I told him to just leave. Once again, I had to call Pinnacle to complain! And again, it took them forever to find and verify my updated information in their system.

After speaking with the supervisor, they waived the $99 move fee and offered me four free months of monitoring! Oh, and the lady I spoke to prior to the supervisor, politely informed me, "When you move a lot, it's hard for us to keep track." I then suggested that they should not offer a service they can't handle! The service I received from Pinnacle Security continued going down hill from there!

May 12th, the sensor alarm installed in my office fell off the wall. I called to complain and they were going to send a tech out but to avoid more drama, I just put it back on the wall myself! Bad idea, although they did confirm it was ok. May 14, they charged my account $43.99 anyway, after they told me I wouldn't be billed for four months. I called and complained about that. They said they would reimburse me but never did. I was tired of calling them so I let that slide.

August 3rd, I had a break-in, guess where, the office. The alarm did not detect the intruder! I was at work after receiving a missed call from Pinnalce Security. I also received an email, which is what made me call Pinnacle. They advised me my living room alarm was tripped. I asked did they dispatch. They told me they tried to but the dispatch service said I needed a permit. I was not informed of this when I signed up! I called my landlord and asked him to go to my house and check it out. My landlord did advise me that my home was invaded and he called the police.

In a panic, I immediately left work to check on my home! My heart dropped. They stole over $3000 worth of items. I asked the police why did I need a permit for them to come and they said I didn't. Someone was lying! To make an already long story short, Pinnacle Security was calling the wrong dispatch for my neighborhood! I threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau and they immediately offered to cancel my services with no penalties, which actually served them better because I never signed the new contract and still had one more month free! Whatever you do, do not use Pinnacle Security! You will regret it later!

Clean cut Jonah came to our door and claimed that our home had been picked to be a "model" home for their signage and security system, all we had to do was pay a monthly fee of $51.00 for 42 months. I am in the legal profession and told him that this sounded too good to be true and that I had no interest. I also asked how of all the houses in this neighborhood, how was mine picked since I live on a cul-de-sac with little or no traffic? He said that my Halloween decorations grabbed his eye and if it did his, it would others and they would see the signs. I said "I don't buy it." He said that he had just come up from Texas today as a communications major and was doing this as part of his marketing intern.

His car with Texas plates has been in our neighborhood since Monday. He tried to pressure us into this deal, I said no and he left. My husband decided to go outside and call him back to see what they could work out, I said I wanted no part of it and do not give them my information. My husband gave his and they called for "authorization". He gave no SS number or DL, just name and address and came back and said we were not candidates and walked away. I was never so happy and told him his business was a scam. He told us that our "job" was to make sure that the sign in the yard was up and that we did not tell anyone it was free. Whatever! I deal with contract law everyday and knew that free meant we were getting screwed somewhere. My intuition led me right and then I found this site.

Same as the others, the equipment was junk and kept falling off or out of the doors. The installer left a mess in the kitchen and floors. When I tried to cancel at 2 years, I was advised that I would owe $600 and that my contract expired in October 2011 and I could call back then. What they didn't tell me was that it renewed 30 days prior to October 2011. They then tried to do the same scheme on me the previous year. After arguing, I was told they would take care of it if sent a note of cancellation and they still charged me for the next month. I was then advised that since there were no notes in the account regarding the waiver, I was still going to be charged the fee. When I argued again, they said they would refund the money. I will wait and see, but expect to have to call back again.

A Pinnacle sales rep came to my door about a year ago. I signed up for their alarm system at a cost of $47.00 per month. They had me sign a contract with automatic debit from my bank account. From day one, the alarm system would not arm because of a door fault code. I have paid them every month for about a year now and have never been able to arm the alarm system. The company that was looking after the service of this system is now out of business so there is no recourse for getting it fixed. Anyway, I stopped payments to these scam artists. Now, of course, they are threatening legal action. Do not buy or sign any kind of a contract with Pinnacle alarm services. They are not a reputable company and they do not stand behind what they sell. They will lie to you on the phone and give you a complete run-around for service.

They convinced us that we must have this installed. Within 3 days, my husband called to cancel the contract. They wouldn't hear of it and only offered him more things, so he would stay. I wasn't home so I had no say in the matter. I have called them and they want $1500 cancellation fee. This is ridiculous. We are stuck paying $50.00 every month and never use the Pinnacle Security System. I honestly don't know how long we need to continue this.

A supposed representative of Pinnacle Security came to my grandmother's home, talked his way inside, and proceeded to ask questions about how much family she had close by, how much traffic was there usually on her street, and so forth. He checked the locks on her doors and windows and looked at everything in her house. He told her he was giving her a "free" home security system but wouldn't tell her how much it costs but said it was all free.

Then he wanted her social and my grandmother, because he was so "nice" gave it to him! The "nice" guy wrote it down and disappeared with no mention of when he would return with her "free" security system. It took me all morning before I found a number for this company that would work. I was told that this "nice" guy is employed by Pinnacle and they encourage salespersons to use these tactics to close a sale! I'm not convinced this is a real company and with well over 1,200 complaints in the past three years with the bbb, real or not, they ***!!!!

They weren't happy when I told the company customer service representative that I had reported their salesperson to the local police department. I hope they run him out of town!!!

The representative came to door; said they were having a special in the neighborhood, and he came in. He said he would install the entire system for free, and that the monitoring would be $39.99 a month. The contract was to be for two years. We decided to go ahead, and install since it was only for two years. When we checked the fine print, the contract was for four years.

We have since moved to Dalton, GA; we brought the alarm with us and called them, but we couldn't cancel the contract without paying $1900. We don't have a landline in Dalton, so we aren't using the system. We really feel like we were taken advantage of. I am on disability, and my husband is retired. We are very dissatisfied with Pinnacle. They said the contract expires on November 21, 2013. If we do not call them prior to this date, they will automatically renew us for four more years.

A salesman came to my house on a Saturday afternoon to sell a home security system. He used high pressure sales tactics to pressure me into a 4-year contract. He had me sign a contract, which he pointed out that if I decided not to keep the system, I could cancel within 3 days for a refund. I was not given any time to review the contract, but he did point that part out. After I discussed with my husband, we decided a four year contract was too long and we cancelled within our time frame.

In the mean time, I was charged a $100 activation fee as well as the $50 monthly fee. Two weeks later, I received the $50 refund, but not the $100. I called to inquire about it and they explained to me that the activation fee was non-refundable and that there was nothing they could do for me because it was listed in the contract. I explained to them that was not how I was told and that I couldn't have had time to read the contract until it was already installed, but they still refused.

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