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I have a 2008 Toyota Prius. I have the same problem that I read about on a lot of the other previous owner's comments. My headlights will go off for no reason. I have pulled over been pulled over several times and thankfully issued warnings however instead of going to the prettiest dealership to change my headlight my husband YouTube it and found that we could buy it at AutoZone and do it ourselves and it's really not that hard. Now I am having a new problem my maintenance light is on again and this time every time I step on the gas I hear a squeak. I still have not quite figured out what it is and I don't want to pay a lot of money to have it checked out!

I really love my car and I love the gas mileage that I get however there are several little things that make it kind of scary sometimes. Oh and one last thing Toyota sent me a letter that I had a recall. After consulting with the place that changes my oriole they told me that it actually takes less oil than what's listed on the oil container under the hood so I have to make sure whoever changes my oriole knows that it only takes for the set of six, or whatever it is. I have it wrote down in my glove box. I guess I just don't understand this whole headlight thing and why Toyota won't recognize It!! We pay a lot of money for these vehicles and we expect quality!

I have been having trouble starting my Prius 2012 for the past 6 months. With brake depressed and Start Button briefly pushed, all the check engine light came on but the ready light did not. When this first happened, I called Toyota Care but while waiting for them to arrive, I tried to start the car again after about 15 minutes and it started. After this incident, I continue to have trouble starting the car, usually having to wait several minutes or attempting to start the car several times. I have brought this into my dealership at Toyota North in Chicago 3 times now and each time they said they can't replicate the problem so can't fix it since there are no diagnostic codes. Has anyone has any success with getting this resolved from your Dealership? This is unacceptable as I bought the car new and it's barely 2 years old since I bought. At this point, my opinion of Toyota is that they do not make reliable car as advertised. I can't rely on my Prius to start when it should and Toyota guys can't get to the problem to fix it. Who do I have to talk to to get this rectified?

With the cost of gas, I had traded in my Infinity G37x for a Prius expecting to save money on my gas. Since then, I had to change the bulb 3X's within a span of 6 months. Now I had just had my oil changed and front tires changed and ready for the winter when Lo and Behold all my warning lights are on, you name it, it's either in red or in yellow and one green. This Prius is costing more money than my G37x would have and it doesn't even come close to compare inside and out. This car cheaply made inside. I WOULD NOT PURCHASE ANOTHER TOYOTA EVER and WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND ONE EITHER.

Went out to start car and it won't start and no ready light. Dash message is depress brake while pressing start button (paraphrased). No brake lights. Tried over the course of several hours with no luck. Troubleshooting over phone with service and they said it needed to be towed. Tow truck driver got it to start but it would not go into gear and I am not sure how he did it. Toyota service says there is no computer trouble code and it now starts. It does not seem to be a battery issue as all the lights are strong except non-existent brake lights. Has anyone ever seen this before? I am nervous about taking the car back and getting stuck possibly in bad weather.

I was sitting in the driver's seat when I realized there was item in the back seat that I needed. I opened door and had my feet on the ground when the powerful high speed lunge happened. There is a retaining block of concrete in front of my car to prevent the car from hitting the concrete blocked 6 ft. wall. My car lunged over the retaining concrete and into the wall at a high rate of speed. I was parked at a bit of an angle so the left front was damaged the most. I can send pics in mail as well as paperwork involved when they tested my car and said that there was no known cause for this to happen. In other words I wasn't telling the truth.

Purchased brand new. It's a rattletrap. All parts appear to be plastic. Leather seats have discolored. Was in an accident and took $6,000 to repair. A month later the compressor died and thank goodness I had extended warranty. Gas mileage is good but I will never purchase another Toyota product. Expensive car and very cheaply made. DO NOT recommend.

I have had issues since day 4. I did purchase used almost two years ago this Dec 2014. The first issue was when my battery kept dying out. And I love when you are on the phone with Toyota repair for thirty minutes and they haven't a clue, get told "well we can tow it, you will pay" and we will see... I was almost out of my warranty at that point... Then I find out through AAA it was a battery dead. I even asked, was told oh well, no clue. Then a week of fighting with them about that. It wouldn't hold a jump even after it was taken back to Toyota..

Then 6 months later it did it again (even after a new battery). Then it happen a year ago October. And guess what, it's October and I just was checking things and it's low again and not holding the right charge.. So only a matter of days. But I now keep a jump box in my car (Not ideal for a 2009 car)... Now to a real serious issue, I've always had issues with one headlight going out since I purchased the car. Was told "oh well don't see any issues." Well it's because it would only happen at times. Then about a year ago it started to flicker really bad... Now I drove home yesterday and both damn lights are out... Issue is that 2001-2009 were involved in class action lawsuit. But I'm well past the miles and time frame for this and guess I am screwed...

The liftgate handle on our 2008 Toyota Prius began to melt this year. When taken to the dealer, I was told that the entire liftgate assembly would need to be replaced at my expense, even though I purchased the Platinum extended warranty from Toyota. I decided to put off spending the $422 to repair the assembly. Two months later the entire trim piece that is connected to the liftgate handle came loose and made it impossible to open or close my liftgate. I returned to the dealer and opted to spend the $422. After checking Prius forums online, I find that this is a common problem with the 2nd generation Prius.

This is obviously a design flaw that affects the safety of the driver. If you cannot open the rear hatch, how are you going to change a tire if it goes flat? Toyota should be made to recall the Prius for this defect. I purchased my first Toyota with this Prius because family members praised their Toyotas for having 200,000+ miles on them. My Prius has 82,000 miles and I see the writing on the wall. In the last 6 months, this vehicle has been in the shop for repairs no less than 3 times. Not to mention, the gas mileage that I use to get with this vehicle has decreased by at least 20% since the vehicle turned 70,000 miles. This will be my first and last Toyota.

I own a 2008 Prius and recently needed to have both headlights replaced. I thought it was some kind of joke when I was told it would cost $300 to buy the two new lamps and $180 to install them because the entire bumper had to be removed to do so -- but it was no joke. I also could not believe it when I was told the new $300 bulbs were under warranty for only ONE year. Buyers beware!!!!

I have a 2013 Prius C. My light is cracked and I was not in an accident, so I called Toyota Care and was told to go to a service center to have it inspected and have the issue put on file. The car was taken to the dealer the week before and they were told about the cracked tail light and the issue was ignored, they did not put the issue on file. I took the car again and was told to bring the car on a later day because the manager was not in. Toyota Care and the service center have not been helpful. I have a warranty and so far nothing. I have read on online forums about people who have had similar cracked light issues and their issues have been resolved.

I have a 2007 Prius with 116,000 K on the clock. I have had 7 years of trouble-free motoring. Until it developed a flushing noise after breaking. My garage tells me that it is the brake actuator which is ready to fail. The cost to repair this is a staggering 4,100! It appears that the cost of the part is 3,500. From reading other reports it would seem to me that Toyota Prius parts are overpriced. The only explanation is that this is a deliberate scam on the part of Toyota. I will never buy Toyota Prius again.

I bought this car used after it was totaled by the insurance company because the left side body panels had all been damaged from sliding into a guard rail after an ice storm. It had 18K on it when I bought it in the spring of 2011 and I have proceeded to drive it 182,000 miles so far with no issues. I don't know why everyone isn't driving a hybrid with the price of gas these days.

Our 2004 Prius suddenly, after sitting for some 3 months unused, ran rough and would not make it out of our driveway. Dash lights flickered and flashed all sorts of warning lights. Called tow truck and had towed to nearest dealer some 80 miles away. They contacted me several days later saying the computer next to main battery pack was bad and heavy corrosion was found around buss works terminating on batteries. They also found a rodent nest at site but also listed that corrosion was due to salt air and water infiltration? My insurance carrier refused to cover it under my comprehensive coverage since the damage was determined to be from salt water intrusion?? Some $1800 later I got the car back. Forget Comprehensive insurance, a joke. You pay dearly for the coverage yet between the adjuster and the dealer the rodent urine wasn't the cause??? Just how does the salt water cause this problem and the mice urine didn't have any effects??

Both front wheel bearings failed and both rear coil springs fractured over a period of about 40K miles.

4 recalls, not one official notification from Toyota. Took pressure for Toyota to handle. Now, the AC evaporator doesn't work--$3000 estimate to repair. I am hoping that Toyota will respond.

I bought my 2012 Toyota Prius C2 brand new. I have been very happy - has 35k miles on it. Only problem I have had was just this week - all my brake lights came on, my doors would not lock (with the lock on the door or with the key fob), and the display system would show the doors were open when they were not. The dealership I purchased the car from has been wonderful - took it in the next morning, they figured out the computer system went back, and a new computer system was replaced the next day (all under warranty...thankfully I purchased the extended warranty). I do not believe that a 2 y.o. car should of had a computer system gone bad so quickly, but overall I am very happy with my car. I do not get the 53MPG that was on the sticker in the winter, but I am told that it's because of the winter blend gas that is given to us on the east coast.

Apparently all cars have lower MPG with the winter blend gas. Driving 50+ miles round trip for work this car does everything I need it to do and saves me the money I need it to on gas. Spending $21k on the car I was not expecting BMW quality interior cloth/leather. I just needed a vehicle to get me from point A to point B. This car does it and I have been given several compliments on how nice my car looks (an added and unnecessary bonus in my book). I am very happy with it and have not experienced any issues except for the computer system. When my children are older I will need to buy a bigger car, but for now this is exactly what I need and saving my family of 5 the money I knew it would. Very pleased customer.

Nail magnets! My tires at 34 thousand ran out, had to have two replaced prior. I can't understand Toyota require "W" tires on a Prius V wagon? They are high performance and cost more with less mileage and you generally will not get the full mileage.

Something similar happened to me. I was exiting off hwy and went over the line on left side (yes, this was bad driving I am fully aware) and went over the "slow down" bumps/grooves. I braked and nothing happened. Bumped all the way off road (honestly, I am not sure when the brakes did not respond but, at some point they did not) and then had to make a sharp right swerve to miss cars stopping in front of me. Crossed all lines on right side and ran almost head on into the barrier. Had my 2 kids in car. Car was totaled. Air bags deployed. We were stranded facing wrong way at night around a blind curve on the ramp.

I really did not understand what happened after I went over the slow bumps/grooves and why the car (or me) did not response well since everything happened too fast but, after reading more about the brake issue, it explains why the car did not slow down when I braked. I loved that Prius but, not sure I want to take that risk again. I thank the person that stopped and risked his life to direct cars away from me at top of ramp until Police arrived and the couple that stayed with me and my family to help with our nerves.

Navigation system directs me home on a road which was closed in 1947. Entune requires my phone to be tethered because it is an iphone. Nobody but nobody seems to know or care why I get directions home on a closed road. I have owned this Prius for one week. Wrote Toyota re same, no response.

5 different times, I have returned to my Prius and the car was running and doors were locked. 4 of them times the 5th unlocked and running for around 4 hours cause I was at work. Took it to dealership and got what I expected. There is nothing wrong... The list goes on and on. I drive at my new job and told dealership 2 times I can walk over highway 17 faster. I have other Priuses flying by like I guess I should get out and walk - it will be faster. Had to replace all head lights. When stepping on brake, it makes an awful clanking sound Toyota say is normal. I've had the car 6 months and in the shop 4 times, 3 within 1 and a half months of buying it.

After I made the deal on the 2011 Prius l! I was told there was only one key. I subsequently learned a key (electronic) would cost me $431. I was also provided an owner’s manual for a 2010 model. The car did not contain the Tow hooks for the front required to be installed in the event of towing. I can buy a new laptop computer with 4meg of ram, a 500gig hard drive and a DVD player for $338. The key price is my biggest miff because the dealer did not provide it or disclose it before I made the deal (I checked the key price with another Toyota dealer). I'm sorry I bought a Toyota and picked this dealer. I have owned a new Camry and a used Highlander in the past.

At less than 25,000 miles we had to replace all four tires on our new Prius, it is not yet even a year old. I have owned a few new vehicles and have never had this happen before. Toyota will not recognize the problem. I will most likely not buy again.

I brought my 2010 Prius into the Toyota Marin (California) dealer in January 2014 in response to the recall related to problems with stepping on the brake and having the Prius accelerate rather than stop. The corrective software was presumably installed. Fast forward to Father's Day, 2014. I am parking my Prius for a Father's Day brunch. I'm going about two miles per hour into a parking space. I put my foot on the brake. The car accelerates. I mentally double check that I have my foot on the brake. I do. Out of control, the car jumps the curb and smashes right into a tree. I feel traumatized and then I feel even more traumatized at the possibility of having tried to stop at a cross walk and killing a family on the way to their Father's day brunch.

This happened Sunday. Here are my two complaints:
--It took three days of constant calling and dysfunctional extensions to connect with a Prius case manager. Then she informed me it would take me more than a month to have my car inspected and get an assessment. If I rented a car there would be no assurance it would be covered.

--This problem happened after I responded to the recall. How can I trust a car that is automatically crashing after that precise problem has allegedly been addressed?

Anyone else having a similar problem email me at **. Please put Prius Brake Acceleration Failure in the subject line. If Prius' "corrective" software is not correcting the brake acceleration problem, our pressure on Prius could save a family's life.

I purchased my 2012 Toyota Prius on 8/25/2012, it had 30 miles on odometer when I took possession of car. 2012 Prius is a cheaply made car with extreme noise in cabin area like windows are open and no floor board on car, rattling/vibrating dash, glove box/center console rattling which required that I place home foam insulation around all door opens in cabin to diminish the rattling. I have to wear earplugs to ride in car, which is dangerous.

Toyota regional office refuses to do anything about the issues even though I have written documentation where I requested dealership where I purchased car to fix issues from the day I drove the car off the lot. Dealership insultingly told me to turn up radio, wear earphones/earplugs, that Toyota re-engineered the side mirrors and small windows near mirrors which causes the vortex wind sound around doors and that this is common of Prius and I need to get used to it. However, the noise only grows worse as each day passes. I owned a 2004 Prius and NEVER had these issues with that car. Engine sounds like a race car in full race mode, the rumbling/vibrating sound in car vibrates from feet to head. I have taken car to 4 dealerships in hopes of getting the problems fixed.

6/15/2014 Toyota Southeast Regional conveyed that they will not get involved, that I need to continue to have the issues addressed through dealership. I HAVE TAKEN CAR TO 4 DEALERSHIPS, they could not do anything about it. 6/15/2014 called last dealership and they indicated that they do not know what to do about this and will contact Toyota customer relations about this problem. I keep going in circles with this piece of junk car and Toyota.

I seeking help through my state's attorney general, arbitration, and lemon law. I paid, am paying too much for a car that is distressing/embarrassing when it should not be necessary. I believe this car is a lemon.

It is true about the headlight problem. I have seen this on multiple Priuses within my family and with friends. This is a systemic problem with Priuses and Toyota should be made to fix the problem. Otherwise it's a pretty good car. They also should improve the structural integrity of the driver's side armrest on the door, as it cracks pretty easily after you drive a while and you use it. After 130k I now have a warning light red car and "!". I am wondering if my car can be saved and if so, how much will it cost.

I have had this car into two different Toyota dealers not fixed yet. It is a safety issue plus it cost $3000 and doesn't work. Toyota knows there is a problem but has given a speech to its dealers to give to customers. DO NOT BUY THEIR NAVIGATION SYSTEM.

At 34K miles, the driver side headlight on my 2008 Prius failed. Research uncovered that this is a widespread defect with the 2006-2009 Prius. Being just a few months past Toyota's warranty on those parts, the same dealership where I bought my car just 10 months prior charged me $739.19 to replace a single bulb and its attendant modulator. This is a safety issue that should have been a RECALL. As a result, I have no intention of ever buying another Toyota.

Just bought Toyota hybrid when moving hazard light turns on automatically. If I go faster it blinks faster. When I stop the car it stops automatically. Anybody know how to fix it please email me on **. Much appreciated.

I've just learned that my two front marker lights are out on my 2011 Prius and it will cost well over $100 to replace the bulbs because the entire front bumper must be removed to get at them. Likewise, it will cost about $50 in labor simply to replace the license plate bulb. I consider this a ridiculous design element, the labor costs of which, frankly, should be covered by the dealership. (By the way, this is my only complaint with an otherwise superb vehicle after more than 80,000 miles!)

I have a 2004 Prius with 113000 miles. I have loved this car. It has been great. I have over the years had a recurring problem with the brakes. I was told it was the sensor for the brakes. They reset it. The first time this lasted a couple of years. The second time, they said the main computer was probably the culprit and it would be $1900 for the part, $2500 when all was done. I thought that was expensive but I love the car and it was still a good car otherwise. So I decided to do it until they told me, they wouldn't guarantee that this would fix the problem. I went to two different dealerships and they both said the same thing. I was shocked that they would expect me to pay that amount and not guarantee it to be fix. Now I don't know what to do.

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