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The Honda 2013 CRV Nav system is totally unsafe and dangerous. I have contacted Honda many times and always receive a "Who Cares" attitude. The system was sold by Honda but they could care less. Never buy a Honda and expect any quality or concerns for keeping a brand new system operable. Honda has absolutely no sense of responsibility for the product as soon as it is sold even during the first part of warranty. THINK BETTER AND NEVER BUY A HONDA!

I have been driving Accords since 1989, I learned a very valuable lesson. Once you have purchased your vehicle (this is my third Accord), per Honda of America any dealership has the option not to service your car. I was told to find a dealer that would work on my car. In my opinion this is not the way to treat a LOYAL customer. I have sent many individuals to purchase this brand---No more. Customer loyalty is not of high value to HONDA.

After around 10,000 miles I noticed the chrome peeling on my 2013 Accord EXL. These were special ordered at a cost of $1600! The dealer replaced them, and now at 26,000 they are peeling again! Very cheap chrome plating job. Now the only alternative without any out of pocket expense is to downgrade to a standard stock wheel, if I want to steer away from the the obviously defective chrome like wheels I paid an exuberant price for. What a rip off!

When I bought my '05 Honda Accord Hybrid, I was told the hybrid battery would last to 150,000 to 200,000 miles. At 81,000, just after the warranty expired, the check engine & IMA (hybrid battery) light came on. I paid $300 for a 'software upgrade' at the time & was assured by Honda Customer Service that they would stand by their product. Over the next couple of years, the lights came on periodically and I've had to pay for additional 'software upgrades.' The last time it happened, the lights came on again less than 30 days later.

Now Honda is saying the battery is bad and needs to be replaced, at my expense. I have called several dealers and gotten estimates ranging from $2,700 to $5,700 (for parts only). When I purchased this car, I was told the battery would cost $2,000 or less. Now I'm stuck with a car that will not pass a state safety inspection without paying several thousand dollars for a replacement battery. On top of it, the car has NEVER gotten the mileage Honda claimed it would get. In fact, it gets WORSE mileage than my last Honda Accord.

Purchased new June 2013 in Canada, the Dealer did not disclose there was a Class Action Lawsuit over Oil burning with VCM technology on V-6's in the US. They knowingly sold me a defective vehicle. Brought in 4 Deceleration issues the Service Manager blamed us for Misapplication of the Brake Pedal when TSB #13-031 in the US was to correct the problem. Another Automaker used this story line to deflect the blame. In August 013 the NAV Unit was affected by water leaking by the out of place washer hose grommet on the hatch flooding a module in the trunk. A under dash HVAC unit was also replaced. The odor was similar to perfumes used in Portable Outhouses. This took 1 month to fix. It was in the shop an average of 5.71 days per month the first 7 months.

Customer Relations stated Honda does not rent vehicles and wanted to know who told me they do. Policy is after 5 hours in the Shop they're to provide a loaner or rental. I also purchased 8 year Extended Warranty for 200,000 Kl. July 2/14 the NAV Unit was melting down again with the same horrible perfume odor. I spent the night in ER. Fed up with the car, I left it at the Dealer for 2 months. I tried in good faith to have Honda remedy the issue. In 17 months I never heard the cooling fans until November 13/2014 Technicians said there's no PCM Codes. I think Honda better audit the capability of their computers to detect issues like Coolant fans not running. They denied any oil leak on July 2nd; but when I learned of the Class Action 1 month ago opening the hood oil is leaking on the exhaust manifold. 2 weeks later in a rainstorm the NAV unit Od'd again.

The Service Department was not printing Work Orders that I would sign off on until I demanded they do after the 3rd visit. No Paper Trail makes for good PR & auto ratings. The Crosstour handles solidly, but their cursed with the VCM. I had the Accura Dealer verify the Head Gasket leaking oil yesterday. The Honda Dealer owner & Service Manager must hire smell & sight impaired mechanics. He has abused our trust. The California Class Action settlement is an Environmental Disgrace allowing new Honda V-6's burning 1 quart of oil every 750 miles to operate in a State where even lawnmowers had to meet Emissions Standards. This Settlement should be appealed. In Ontario Canada 10 year old vehicles have to meet the Province's Drive Clean Emissions testing to remain in use. These Honda's would not even pass after 10,000 Kl. never mind 10 years. So basically the investment is lost, and the owner is only covered by the Extended Warranty for 8 years. Honda gladly sold me a 8 year warranty. Who compensates us for inhaling burning motor oil affecting our health and the Environment, our poor gas mileage, oil usage and lost time taking these engineering fiascoes to the Shop.

If Honda is still producing engines with VCM the Environmental Protection Agency should sue them for Billions, plus the DOJ for willful blindness and criminal negligence, especially over the Deceleration issue where Rear End Collision's can occur endangering human life. How would the vehicle rear ending a Decelerated Honda know what happened when the brake lights did not come on. Even though TSB # 13-031 is published they only fix the failing Oil switches Reactively after there are problems, which could mean after loss of human life.

I purchased a Honda because of the excellent ratings had about interior panels in Honda's having the lowest rating of all Automakers for Chemical Off-gassing which can impair the occupants health in vehicles. Honda has a little homework to do about engines spewing burning motor oil into the AC system and atmosphere & Electronic components melting down inside the cabin.

I purchased a brand new 2014 Honda Civic Ex this year. It now has 20,000 km on it and let's just say don't believe what you read when Honda tells you you'll get exceptional fuel mileage. I don't even get good mileage. On average my fuel light comes on before it even hits 350 km. Right now my tank is sitting at 1/8 and there's 286 km on it. I'll be lucky if I hit 350 km. I've contacted honda multiple times and no help whatsoever. I purchased this vehicle for fuel mileage as I had a Chevy Tahoe prior to. I got better mileage on my truck than I do this car. I will never purchase another honda ever again. I am trying to get rid of this one now and very displeased with how Honda has treated the whole situation.

Brand new Honda Pilot 2014 EX-L 4WD. Bought it from Union Honda located in Wilmington DE. After driving for few months gas cap door fell off because the round gas cap door is cheap piece of plastic clip on cover. Car dealer won't fix it unless I pay few hundred dollar. They told me it don't cover under warranty because there is no default, I broke it. Paid thousands of dollar for new car to put epoxy glue to hold the gas cap door. Feels great.

I own a 2010 Honda Accord coupe EX. This is now the second time the rear driver side quarter panel has cracked. My assumption is because of the quality of the rear quarter panel, material of it, and the cold weather. Both times the quarter panel has cracked, it has started out about an inch and then grew to four or five inches. Same spot both times. The first instance the entire quarter panel was replaced by a Honda dealer. I'm now waiting on my insurance company to determine if this was a defect in the repair. I think Honda needs to take ownership as this has to be a common problem with these model Accords. I find it hard to believe that this is now the second quarter panel and has cracked in the same spot again. Seems like a defect and a recall needed from Honda.

I was in an accident on Nov 4, 2014. While I was pulling into a parking space with my foot on the brake, my 2009 Honda Fit Sport suddenly accelerated with the RPM gauge pegged to the top. I hit the handicap pole after the car jumped the parking space curb and the engine was still revving high after impact. I had to turn off the car to stop the engine. Damage to car: bumper, edge of hood, airbags and seatbelt pulled completely away from side of car paneling. I was injured as well and had to seek medical attention. I contacted West Hills Honda in Bremerton, WA and Mike the Service Manager refused to accept any responsibility and advised me to contact Honda America in Torrance, CA. I spoke with Honda's claim rep Jennifer ** and she arranged for a field rep Robert from Honda to meet us at West Hills Honda.

Of course, they could find nothing wrong except for some engine codes P01701 and P0400, which Honda says was due to the accident (engine did not appear to be damaged after accident). As I was leaving the dealership an Employee had heard the conversation I was having w/ the service manager and said, "Just so you're aware I have driven a few Honda Fits on the lot and have had the same acceleration issue and almost hit a wall." Also, was told by West Hills Honda that the tire pressure code/light was on although all four tires had the right amount of air. He stated it could be an electrical issue. Hmmm maybe the ELECTRONIC THROTTLE CABLE was affected by this "electrical issue"? You think??????

Within the first month of having my black 2014 Pilot, there were white brush like scratches by my passenger front wheel panel. I thought someone with a white SUV must have hit my new car and was very upset. Then a few months later, I noticed more on the same side in front of the tire but higher up. Now a couple days ago as I am drying off my pilot, I see more above the light and on the side. I googled to see if others are having paint problems, and they are! I can't believe having a car for less than a year and am continually having issues with the paint. This is just the start.

Within 24 hours of purchasing my pilot, the tire sensor light came on. The dealership changed all 4 tires to make sure it wasn't a tire issue. Well, more than once a month, the tire sensor light comes on and I have to embarrassingly take my new SUV to put air in the tire. The other day it had 3 of the tire sensors on. When I started driving it then 2 of the 3 went off. In addition to this, my driver’s side window makes a loud noise when I roll it down. And just when you wouldn't think there was anything else that can happen to a new car, the rubber flap that is part of the cup holder is already cracked.

I took my Pilot into the dealership today. I was blamed for hitting other cars while driving or it was that my car could've been dusty and someone rubbed up against it 3 different times and scratched the paint. I make sure to park my car at the edge of parking lots near nobody! I can't believe I was being blamed for this problem. They brought the paint specialist over and he said it is not Honda's paint, even when he pointed out where it was never painted in 2 spots in the crease of the front panel and the one above it. There was still white wrapping stuff in there. Then he said that maybe it was a car wash I was taking it to. I am so angry!! This is just not right!

Oh and there are two or 3 chips in the front passenger side door center where the strip is. They said those are from door dings or shopping carts. I said there is no way as I never park next to any cars. Again they are saying that I crashed my vehicle 3 times in less than a year, and that 3 different people have hit my door in less than a year. Wow! I am so disappointed. So now I have to wait until Tuesday when their Honda Rep is at their dealership. And she supposedly doesn't have paint experience. But to give them credit, they put air in my tire that continuously leaks out, will replace the tearing cup holder, grease my window, and will set my tire sensor at a higher psi so it won't go off supposedly. My family has had Honda's and Acura's for years and never a problem like this. Then I was told by the paint specialist that if I didn't like my Pilot they buy them all the time. I just laughed at him.

My Honda Pilots pedal was stuck twice in two weeks. This occurred today 10/10/14. The key was removed from the ignition but the car was still on. When I removed the key from the ignition the car remained running. This happened today and yesterday. I reinserted the key to turn the car off and the car accelerated. Luckily, the car was in park. This happened again on 8/23/14. My son was driving and the pedal got stuck. My son quickly put the car in neutral and the car idled down. This was very scary. The car remained accelerated for about a half of block. This could have resulted in a fatal accident.

34,000 KM and I need new rear brakes and told by dealership and Honda Canada no warranty. Googled brake problems and I found that rear brakes is a common Honda problem. I have owned 5 Hondas. This is the last one.

My new 2014 Honda Pilot was in park. The key was turned off and it immediately started to roll backwards, threw me to the ground and continued to roll down my driveway, hit a tree -- $8,000.00 + repairs. I called Honda Corp and reported this because I know there was a failure of some sort with the car. They rejected my report and also quite nasty about my concerns. I am going to pursue this further but working on a plan. I feel they were irresponsible and dismissive of what could be a very significant issue. If anyone has had this same problem would like to know.

I have 2 cars - A 2014 Honda Pilot and a 2010 Subaru. The Subaru links up fine with my cell phone. I just leave it in there on the charger and it picks it up without any problem and work flawlessly. Honda Big Tough Nice car but damn, you would think they could get a better linkup system than they're using...

There is an ignition switch recall - Same make, Same model, Same year as my Honda Civic, but they will not repair my ignition switch because my VIN doesn't match the recalled VINs, even though they have the diagnostic from the Honda tech saying that it IS, in fact, faulty and needs to be changed to avoid further DYING in the middle of a busy intersection or interstate! When I contacted American Honda, they told me that it was just "Coincidental" and even DENIED that that was the case until I had PAPERS showing that it was from their very own technicians! Jerks.

I dissatisfied with my Honda Pilot Touring 2014 with the gas mileage and my Rear camera. Honda said this car do 18 up 24 miles per gls. My Honda Pilot I put 17gls of gas - it give 207.9 mileage. It's less than 12.5 miles per gls, coming from PA to NY 1 hour and 30 minutes it took more than a quarter tank. The rear camera is very blur. At night you cannot see anything - too blur.

I sold my 2008 Accord, brake and engine issues with no response from HONDA. Also the well known 2006 Civic with all of its problems. God this car was a disaster and I ended up on the losing of that deal... I'm so angry with Honda that I sold both cars, my VTX 1200 motorcycle and my 3500psi pressure washer. I'll never purchase another HONDA product... Terrible customer service and they no longer back their products... This is one time you don't get what you pay for!

2014 Honda Crosstour - After 3 months the driver door trim started peeling. I took it to dealership, they replaced it. After 1 1/2 months it has started again. As a goodwill gesture they will replace it one more time. I talked to customer service at Honda and they say its not a defect even though they see it happening on other Hondas.

I took my 2007 Honda Pilot to the Phillipsburg, NJ authorized Honda service center and they recommended having the valves adjusted. When I took the Pilot to the dealership service center, it did not make any noise. After they adjusted the valves, it was making a clinking noise so I took it back to the service center. They then explained that the engine was bad and I needed to replace the engine for $10,000. Since there was no issue until they adjusted the valves and they did not say that the engine was bad when they had done the work, I can't believe that they didn't do something to cause the engine to go bad but they won't help with this issue. Any suggestions on how I can get Honda to step up to help with this issue?

I have to say that I was told that the Honda Accord was the car to get for reliability, value and performance. I bought the EX v-6 and soon found out that the front brakes are choppy every time you stop going over 30 miles per hour. Then the engine misfired at 43000 miles. That was the 2 cylinder that was later covered under the legal settlement with Honda, but my 5th cylinder misfired at 69000 miles and that was not covered. You are only covered for the first 4 cylinders and that really irked me because it cost 300 bucks for a new coil and spark plug. I am quite angry with Honda on this misfire issue and they seem to be ignoring what a real problem it is.

I am the original owner of a 2003 Honda Pilot. I purchased a 7-year extended warranty, and have had all my service done at my Honda dealership. The car has been garaged and well cared for. In brief, my Pilot has been meticulously maintained. The current issue is the SRS light has come on and Honda wants $430 to fix it. The problem is they put out Service Bulletin 06-009 on this issue in 2006 and extended the warranty on the OPDS unit/sensor for 10 years or 100K miles, whichever occurs first - but didn't send a letter notifying me of the issue. I am at 10 years 8 months, and 90K miles.

Using the extended warranty versus a recall is a "catch 22" for the consumer. If the issue doesn't show up within their timeline, you are sunk - but the customer is not notified of the issue, and the dealership is not required to inspect for it. So, it is still a defective OPDS and a safety issue, but now I have to spend $430 to fix Honda's defect. Since the car is 11 years old, this may seem fair to some, but I had the same experience with the Pilot's engine mounts in Jan 2012. Another non-publicized extended warranty vs a recall. Honda benefits if the issue doesn't show up soon enough. I've also replaced all four door actuators and all light bulbs in the control panels at my own expense. None of these issues happened with my 12-year-old Toyota Camry. I believe Honda should produce a reliable car and stand by it when defects turn up.

Recently someone I know went to a Honda Dealership in Texas for a Honda recall regarding an airbag. He dropped off the car. Later the service department stated it was completely repaired and safe to drive as usual. While driving that week, without warning the airbag exploded into his face causing him to lose control. As a result of the accident he was injured. Honda has been informed and apparently wants to pay him to fix his car some place else. Of course he no longer trusts Honda. Has anyone else had an experience of a grossly negligent repair?

In this sea of negativity, keep in mind that this site is going to be skewed towards those coming here to complain about problems. Venting is understandable. I've owned unreliable cars in the past. That being said, none of my problem cars have been Hondas. I've owned Acuras and Hondas, and others in my family have Hondas as well and none of us have experienced problems at all. And we're glad for that because that's the #1 reason we chose the manufacturer. Honda is KNOWN for reliability and low cost of ownership and their reputation is built on it.

I purchased a 2007 Civic EX w/ Nav back in 2010. Got it for a great price and it's been nothing but dead reliable. The only thing I've had to do is brakes and new tires, all around at 75k miles. Otherwise, it's been typical oil changes and fluid top offs. I've taken the car from Texas to California and back on a road trip. Again, no problems. I'm currently sitting at about 90k miles. The only real issue that I take is cosmetic. The front, passenger side fender/bumper, where the bumper meets the wheel well, always comes unhooked and pops out about a half an inch. I have to bump it back into place with the bottom of my fist from time to time. That's really it. All the electronics work perfectly and it always starts and runs fine.

Shortly After purchasing a new Honda accord sport model we noticed issues with the bluetooth so we had the dealer look at it and said there was nothing wrong with it and gave it back. The road noise makes talking via Bluetooth nearly impossible. So we brought it back again and after arguing with the manager they decided they would replace the microphone. After a week we picked up the car and microphone is still having the same issues, by now we had problems with the system disconnecting during a phone call. So after only owning this brand new car for just 3 months we bring it back for the 3rd time, and yet again the manager basically calls us a liar so we show him personally.

They decide to replace the unit with a remanufactured unit after yet another week we get our brand new car back . Well now the new unit makes the whole system freeze up radio/bluetooth. So finally we call Honda's corporate offices and they basically tell us they never heard of this issue we are having. So they tell us to bring the car back to the dealer and get the issue fixed and not to take the car back until completely satisfied with it. So we get it back to the dealer for a 4th time. They now tell us that they can flash the system with a update to fix the problem of freezing up. But there is still no fix for the original problem we came in with which is not being able to talk over the road noise on hands-free mode.

So after all the headaches and arguing and wasting of our time off of work to bring the car to get it fixed we are back to square one. When we went to buy a new car we did so to avoid time consuming issues that are not normally common while buying a brand new car. So after all the headaches and anger trying to get this issue fixed nothing has been done. I swear I will never buy a new car from Honda again after the issues we had and they way we were treated.

I purchased a 2010 Honda Fit. I had to have the battery replaced after 2 years, after it wouldn't start. 2 years later, I had to get the battery replaced again. Honda tried to tell me it was the aftermarket starter I installed, and that I drive my car only for short trips, and refused to cover the cost, even though it was only 24 months old. I contacted Honda Canada, and after a 5 page letter and copies of my receipts they agreed to refund me the cost of the battery. They did however tell me that basically if a part has been replaced under warranty, that part does NOT carry a warranty, since you do not pay for it. Stupidest pile of BS I have ever heard of.

I purchased a portable battery pack from Canadian Tire so that I can start my car when this tiny, crappy battery gives out. Now I am having issues with the locking system. Twice my car, while parked, with no keys in it, has begun to continuously lock/unlock itself. After some reading online, it looks like Honda is aware of this defective door locking actuator issue, but they refuse to acknowledge it or fix it. There is a class action lawsuit in the states over it.

The dealer had no clue why the paint on a pearl white paint was discolored and peeling. After further investigation, the manufacturer came clean as to a problem at the factory. They refused to repaint the entire car. Well, anytime you damage pearl paint, the entire car must be shot. They caused $6000 dollars worth of damage just to the paint, in touching up the car over the clear coat. This car in the condition sold, should have been disclosed and discounted. And if accepted by consumer closes deal. Without disclosure is fraudulent.

My 2008 Honda Civic has an ongoing problem with peeling and flaking paint. The recall did cover the cost of repainting the trunk, roof and hood. However Honda will not cover the cost to repaint the passenger side of the car around the windows. This paint is the worst area on the car. My dealer said it is not covered by the recall and want me to pay part of the expense. I think Honda should be responsible for making the car whole without any cost to me.

My Honda Civic Car battery is getting drained out every month... Honda is not able to figure out the root cause behind it.

We are leasing a brand new Honda Accord - 5 months old. The paint bubbles up all over the hood and sides of car - after bubbling up, it will chip off - then it appears as "stone chips" as we were told by Honda managers. We waited for over 3 weeks for a response... Stone does not cause paint to bubble up and chip off. Pictures have been taken, but does not show the "real thing". A visual inspection was made by one Honda district manager and owner of dealership - it was wrote off as stone chips. It's horrible - all over the front. Our 2003 Honda Accord was in better condition than our new one.

The customer representative 3,000 miles away from Honda had her mind made up along with Honda reps before it was even investigated. Next step - go to a professional collision/paint representative for our own assessment - legal counseling? We don't know... but we will not give up. It's a lot of money to spend leasing a brand new car and have the paint chip off. Stones do NOT cause bubbling of paint!! We are totally done with Honda - we always swore by Honda... Now we can't wait till our lease is up!! We were told paint chips aren't covered by warranty... which we understand... but this is paint chipping off and bubbling up of paint... The paint actually lifts up and then chips off... Pictures do not show the significance of the problem.

Honda messed up my hood; so sad... After this extended paint job done by them, within one or 2 weeks, I notice paint chipping so easily and they say they can't do nothing. It's due to highway driving... Normal?? I had this car on road a long time before and not had chips like this before... I contact Honda and yep, pretty much screwed... Now I have to buy a whole new hood and side fenders or try to fix... This was last year now... It's even in worst shape ever....

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