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I am driving a HONDA MOBILIO Car in INDIA which was bought by me on 2015. On 16/11/2015 in Chennai we had heavy rain and we drove this car to court as an emergency case. But all of a sudden the car engine has stopped by itself without any reasons. Then we towed our car to the dealer in Chennai for an inspection. The service engineer told us that the rain water has entered in Engine. We all surprised to hear that. Is it possible? And we had a doubt that these HONDA cars are not suitable for rainy seasons. IF the water gets into an engine it is purely manufacturing defect. But the dealers is looking for an insurance person to change some spares. No one has intended to file a complaint in HONDA. We are not ready to accept this car by changing some spares. It will affect the home setting of the car.

My question is this. Will HONDA replace our entire car if it a manufacturing defect? We have noticed that about ten cars are in dealer's garage. We have discussed with HONDA dealer for the replacement. But no response from them. We wish HONDA manufacturer should intervene with dealer to replace the entire car. In other words HONDA should declare our cars are not suitable for rainy conditions. Such a surprise from the dealers. They are not ready to escalate this issue to manufacturer. They are looking for an insurance people to cover the cost. We need response from HONDA manufacturer to solve this issue.

I am the original owner of a 2001 Honda Accord with 75000 miles. Yes, it is out of warranty, but the transmission is slipping, it should not go at this point. Also, I brought in my car for a recall on the airbags now (never a problem), now the airbag light is on was told nothing comes up on the computer and don't put my purse on the front seat. Really? Is that the best they have? I'm disgusted, never another Honda.

I went into Honda on Rt. 22 in Hillside, NJ for a diagnosis test & oil change. The service advisor tells me it's just my battery. Ok so I wait for them to change the battery. Then he comes out 20 min later and says "Can you come with me? I have to show you something." The mechanic shows my cables are ate up from the battery. He cannot change battery without changing cables which was approximately 600 and some change which I didn't have. My mechanic states my barrings are also leaking which was approximately 700 and some change.

Now I had my car serviced back in April, they didn't see all the acid and corrosion on my battery. YES THEY DID, it was too much not to and to eat my cables from April to Oct the way it did, it was a lot of acid. Ok so I tell them "look, fix it where I can drive it and I'll pay for the oil change and diagnosis test which was $85." While I'm waiting they come tell me they don't have the parts. "Ok give me a loaner." They don't have loaners, they have a shuttle - but fine, I'm going to East Orange, OH. "We don't go to East Orange, we go to Newark, Irvington, Union, Hillside and Elizabeth." Ok East Orange is a hop, skip, and jump away from all of them - WTF.

Now I'm mad, frustrated, hungry. I get a call with bad news of a relative passing - the day is just going downhill. Then a man approaches me about a car. I go in his office, we talk. He tells me I can take a new car & bring it back Saturday. Well that sounded great at the time so I sign temporary insurance papers to cover the new car, a privacy paper in which they said it was mandatory, and left with the car. I leave out the state on an emergency, my brother brings the car back to Rt. 22 Honda in Hillside and guess what? They SOLD MY CAR, told me I would have to give the $150 to get it back. Sorry Rt. 22 Honda - you better be very very careful of them.

0-10 miles = key fob not working. 10-70,000 = one key fob fell apart the other one put together by tape. 15,000 miles = console and arm rest replaced. 35000 miles = console and arm rest tearing. Not covered. 25,000 miles = loud clicking noise turning left. Honda did not cover this. Still an issue. 100,000 miles = recall on rubber bushings, confirmed damaged but they will not replace due to the fact that there is no leakage yet. Asked me to bring it in when leaking. 100,000 miles = paint chipping on roof. $30,000 = lemon.

I owned a 2005 Honda Pilot. It was way too nice in appearance and just annoying. For one it overheated for no reason. It had coolant, a working pump and a working electric fan and it would just get so hot that the needle went past red. The dealer said there was no problems so I thought nothing of it and drove it til I could return it and just get another cheap working older car. (I regretted getting a car from Payless.) Come a few days later the alarm would go off every time I unlocked and opened the door and would take 10 minutes to get it off. I honestly wanted to just rip out the wires. It was so worthless.

Starting after that the car started pulling one side and the steering shook when I would go on a street with barely even any holes. The windows on one side stopped working and one button basically shot out when all I did was try to put the window up. I had to cover it to avoid water getting in and the dealer didn’t provide any "auto coverage" when they originally claimed to. The heat did not work. For a "luxury" car it was terrible. The leather seats were freezing and the car just shut off and made a grinding sound every time I tried starting it back up and took about 30 minutes to get it to stay on and made me late for work every day. But I mean it’s what ever.

I should’ve stuck to my 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor (best car ever). Sadly I traded it in and it makes me sad knowing they junked my baby for this trash. By the time the car was returned they claimed I "destroyed the car" when I didn’t even dare to even get a scratch on it. I never want another Honda. I was lucky they at least took it back.

Honda customer service and Jazz/Fit the worst. Parts fall apart like no other car I have ever owned, and dealers acknowledge the faults but Honda turns a blind eye. ("Wear and tear" - a year after the purchase in the first case of the same issue!) Being reviewed by Consumer Affairs, would've hoped for better. Toyota or Subaru for me.

True to Honda name, this vehicle is unbelievable in performance. Have 170K miles and it runs great. Hardly have to maintain other then oil changes, trans oil change. Takes some beating and still keeps on performing great. It is so good I do not feel like parting with it. It runs better than more expensive cars like BMW and Mercedes which are our other cars. Everyone at home likes to drive this!!! My next buy will be a new model Pilot. Hopefully it works as good as this one did.

I purchased a 2012 certified Honda Pilot from a Honda dealership in Novi Michigan and come to find out just with 60,000 miles the rear shocks are leaking and the dealer wants $500.00 to replace the rear shocks. I'm so upset that buying a certified vehicle don't mean you're covered. I'm so disappointed in the dealer and Honda quality. I could only imagine if the shocks don't hold up for 3 years, how is their cars going to last. The dealer should have covered the replacement under warranty, but I was told I was out of luck. This will be my last Honda that I will ever buy. What a mistake I have done and feel very disappointed that I have wasted my money.

Couple years after purchase, paint peeling and discoloring. Dealer swore up and down no damage he was aware of. Turned out... damaged at manufacturer and covered up. Honda wouldn't repair due to high cost of pearl paint ruined. We ended up losing 12,000 on the deal! The other car went in for trans service, came out with Honda adding something, due to recall that affects the drivability of the car. I owned the car, my girlfriend took it in and never notified me. I hate the car now. I will never buy another one, due to poor customer service and support. I just purchased a FORD F-150 and plan on selling every Honda in our family (asians). LMAO. So far treated excellent!

I phoned Honda America at 800/999-1009 to complain about poor treatment at a Honda dealership. A representative returned my call on 9/1/15, and basically said that I was not a Honda customer, that I was a customer of the dealership and not Honda. I guess that's true! Honda sells vehicles to its CUSTOMER, the dealerships, and thus cares only about its relationship with those entities, not the dealership's customers. Specifically, the sales manager played a shell game and jacked up the sales price to the same amount of the trade in value, which brought the sale price to the MSRP. This higher price vehicle was sold to an elderly disabled person. Shame on Honda!

I compared Honda America to a national fast food chain, that if tainted food is purchased at an independently owned franchise then the national company has no liability with the poisoned food that left a bad taste in the customer's mouth, so to speak. The Honda America said that was not a good comparison. I disagree. A national company makes money from the end user but accepts no liability? I made the recommendation that Honda America offer me a model year end sales incentive, since the 2016 CRV models have been delayed until the spring of 2016, presumably because of a well-documented issues with excessive engine vibration when the CRV models are idling at traffic lights. (Said one person, "I didn't buy a CRV, I purchased a massage chair.")

The Honda America rep repeated that I was not a Honda customer but one of the dealership. I strongly recommend that those seeking to purchase a vehicle not consider any Honda model, since Honda does not care about Hondas sold by dealerships. Thing is, Honda makes a profit whether individuals buy Hondas or not. Honda's customers (and thus its loyalty) are the dealerships. So why buy a Honda if no one cares about you?

The car suddenly started using 1 quart of oil every 750 miles. Then it just died in the middle of nowhere. After an expensive towing bill, the dealer replaced the spark plugs. But the car still consumes too much oil and will die out in the middle of nowhere again, so I don't drive the lemon.

Honda Amaze - The fault is in design of car. Air filter is located very close to bottom due to which water can easily enter in engine. HONDA HAS DESIGN FLAW. Honda blocks people who post on their Facebook with complaint. Honda has design flaw.

I called them several times. The pressure on the wand built up and my husband could not get it to release. They told us to take it to a repair shop. I told them it is a safety issue, if someone was around when that pressure released, it would hurt anyone close by and I did not want to load it and haul it for that reason. It was a commercial heavy duty washer, which we thought would last longer, it is about 3 yrs. old. It is used maybe twice a month, and just for personal use at home.

Needless to say it is just sitting out our way so when it blows hopefully no one will get hurt. If they do, I told Dewalt they will be responsible as they have been told and chose to do nothing about it.

I bought a 2011 Ridgeline the first of May. I was having a sound from its front tires. Asked them to check it, they told me it was the brakes and caliper and that it wasn't covered under warranty. My complaint is shouldn't it have been all checked before they sold it.

I received Honda Vezel yesterday from Japan. Model is 2015 and June manufactured. Chassis number ** can identify manufacturing date online. Everything was intact and in working condition. But as soon I start driving the car, the hybrid car switches on the engine but the engine sound is too high. I thought Vezels normally have the same engine noise like an aeroplane jet but when I happened to compare with other Honda Vezels, I found there is some fault due to which the engine noise is so loud and clicks - heard "Trr Trr".

In no way, I could accept this problem in the brand new car I purchased from Japan - just 4 km driven. I want my car tested and rectified. In no way I had spent this much money to get frustration and so much tension, my head aches since last night. Please spread this complaint as much as possible. Hopefully, Honda will react to solve my problem locally through their local Honda company assembling vehicles in Pakistan.

I purchased my Care May 2015. June 2015 my left tail light was out, I replaced it. July 2015 my oil life was on 10%. I got my oil changed on July 31, 2015. Today August 12, 2015 my oil life is down already 10%. I had someone take a look at the car and it seems like I have water damage under the driver seat. When I was on the highway driving home I was doing about 45, the wheel was trembling. :(

I have complained for over a year to our local Honda Dealer concerning the dust that clings to the inside of the vehicle. The district manager was asked to look at it, and he could not see how the dust/dirt was entering the interior except around the door seals. The best they could do locally was to give me the customer service # for Honda Corporation. They gave me a case # and said they would call. 3 weeks later they called and said SORRY but there was nothing they would be willing to do. My husband and I have allergies that have escalated immensely. We have pictures and they also took pictures here in Helena at the dealership.

I bought a 2015 Honda Pilot on May 31st of this year. By the middle of June I got out of the Pilot and I heard a pop. I looked back and saw the driver's seat popped out. I brought it to the dealership and they replaced the (clips) which supposed to hold the seat in. 8 days later same problem so they put new clips in. Within a week the same thing happens so they replaced the whole seat, well here it is 8 days later and same problem.

June 2015 the paint on my 2007 Honda Civic started corroding. The extended warranty due to problems was 7 1/2 years. I missed it by 6 months. They would only split 50/50 for the sections showing corrosion. Their price for 4 sections was the same as Maaco for whole car, new bumper and dents fixed. Costing me $1575 to paint a car with 80,000 miles.

You say that... we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. Sometimes you are not, definitely not in this instance. Your goal, so you say is to provide joy through your Business: The Joy of Buying: For those who buy your Products. Sorry, you have provided only sadness, mental harassment, agony and created bad environment and, possibly, of serious accident.

You say that, to meet the particular needs of customers in different regions around the world, you base your sales networks, research and development centers and manufacturing facilities in each region. Furthermore, as a socially responsible corporate citizen, you strive to address important environmental and safety issues. This claim is highly doubtful as you have supplied a vehicle without bearing in mind the environmental conditions (at least in this instance) with improper finish and paint job, a manufacturing defect, leading to extreme corrosion which in turn endangers human safety.

Such behavior, lack of quality consciousness, disregard for environment and safety, is helping Honda India to destroy the unparalleled legacy of greatness created by your Respected Founder Mr Soichiro Honda. Remember he also said real happiness lies in completion of work using your own brains and skills. Does the shoddy job provided by you make you happy? We refer you to our previous correspondence and would notify you that if you do not arrange to carry out complete corrosion repairs to the a/m Honda motor car free of cost within 21 days hereof, we shall institute legal proceedings in appropriate form against all of you without any further reference to you.

The facts are as follows: Purchase of one Honda City was made on 13-14/02/2011 upon payment of full value to you. Owing to inherent manufacturing defects, leading to uncontrolled rusting, corrosion of body, even the front portion of the vehicle has caved in as shown in photos. This particular car, if not the batch, has rusted since last more than 2 to 3 years owing to a serious and severe deficiency somewhere along the factory line. The damage and responsibility thereof can be established by various tests available incl. salt spray tests. You may also wish to carry out tests at any world-renowned lab supervised by a leading expert of forensics in motor cars, specializing in rust/corrosion matters.

Your statement formation of rust in car happens due to external natural factors. If that were the case then all cars Honda or otherwise - on Kolkata, if not Indian roads, would start rusting within 1 or 2 years of purchase as it has happened in your case. We own more than 4 cars even more than 20 years old - none is affected by rust as the Honda is, although used equally and parked in the very same covered garage. No stringent quality tests esp. of the paint job at various corners and undulations were carried out by you.

The rusting started after 2, and further deteriorated within 3 years of purchase. Despite the vehicle visiting your workshop numerous times, you did not take any notice of the spreading and dangerous rust. Shockingly, only in 2015 after we sent our Honda to your workshop at your request (and after we were forced to complain to your Japan HO about the corrosion), you stated that some parts incl. underbody was rusted, totally ignoring the dangerous and unseemly rusting of the main body of the Honda! In the 4th year, the damage owing obviously to some sort of manufacturing defect by Honda India is even more dangerous than before. We have found innumerable complaints of rusting and corrosion against Honda City cars sold in India. You are surely aware of this fact.

Damage is not caused by external factors directly but by manufacturing defect or owing to Honda not taking sufficient care during manufacturing process. Similar damage is seen in other Honda cars probably of same batch. Your excuse of warranty period having expired does not hold any water. You do not desire an amicable resolution of our concern and wish us to proceed legally in the interest of justice and fair play. The vehicle is parked in a covered garage in Alipore where not only 4 more cars of mine but numerous other cars of other owners are parked all of whom would gladly confirm that their cars have not corroded coz their cars are not manufactured by Honda.

As a fond lover of my Honda, I ensure personally ensure every morning, that my car is dried thoroughly after being washed and, any extraneous matter, if any, is cleaned. We purchased your product in good faith. We may add that since our complaint, the corrosion has led to the front end of the vehicle under the bonnet to be severely damaged as well, leading to the frontal parts almost falling off the car as you would observe from the spilt slippery material in the photos.

You can easily verify all the similar complaints made against Honda about rust/corrosion and find a pattern of an inherent manufacturing defect and the minutest detail of the corrosion by having the vehicle undergo various investigative tests incl. salt test all of which would establish that Honda is guilty. Kindly note that upon expiry of the response period after August 29, 2015 - we would be free to take all possible action against Honda in India and Japan for being duped to buy a vehicle which has corroded owing to obvious manufacturing defect and we would assume that Honda is not interested to rectify the damage.

Honda Accord 2003 purchased brand new and serviced by Honda until approximately 2 1/2 years ago. Many years ago, while the car was being serviced by Honda, I noticed a "small spot" on the front of the roof, which then got progressively larger and larger; it was eventually extremely noticeable when even glancing at the car. As this was happening, I began noticing the same type of spots around the edge of the car's hood and door edges. I really don't know anything about cars so didn't know what to do. At the same time, I wondered why the Honda service techs/mgrs never said anything to me about it, especially, since it got so bad.

One day, I was searching online and found pictures of other people's Hondas that looked the same as mine - some with big spots on the cars where the paint had apparently peeled as well as others with peeling around the edges of hoods, roofs, doors, trunks... This is when I found out that Honda refuses to acknowledge and fix the fact that they manufactured cars with clear coat that was incompatible with the paint that was used on those same cars, which has resulted in the damage to these cars, which were sold to unsuspecting consumers. Until I found these pictures and articles, I had no idea what was and is still happening to my car, which I have taken very good care of.

Today, I have no mechanical problems but my car's exterior looks terrible due to Honda's manufacturing error. Just because this is not a "safety" issue does not mean that Honda should not be held accountable to fix - at no charge to the consumer - their error in using clear coat and paint that is incompatible. 2 1/2 years ago when I found out what this problem was, I asked the Honda service mgr why he never mentioned the peeling spots on my car. He got very angry and defensive; in fact, he yelled at me. I told him that I was not blaming him for the problem but considering the extent of the problem, he and all Honda service techs/mgrs must know about it, yet, he and the techs chose to remain silent.

The least they could have done was, if they could not admit to this being a Honda defect, they should have, at least, explained to me what was happening to the car and advised how to get it fixed. I've spent $1600 repainting the roof and hood; now I have to have the rest of the car repainted for $2000. Honda should be repainting my car at no charge to me and reimbursing me for the money that I spent fixing their known error/defect. Essentially, this should be a recall. Perhaps, it's not a safety recall but it is still significantly detrimental to Honda consumers. Unfortunately, we are only consumers and Honda, as a large multinational with high powered attorneys behind them, has the advantage. That said, I will never purchase another Honda again.

I have a Honda CRV 2012, since July 2012. Currently 66,000 miles. Since last summer I'm complaining about a vibration. After I pay the evaluation fee, the diagnostic was I have to replace brakes. I did, and the problem persisted even worst right now. I took the car to an independent mechanic and the diagnostic was the transmission is broken. To add insult to injury I had Honda put a remote start on my car and I can't even use it because it kills my battery.

In December 2014 I purchased a new 2015 Honda Accord. On July 9, 2015 my AIR CONDITIONER stopped working. I live in Florida where the summer is extremely hot making even the shortest of trips very uncomfortable. I took my car to the dealership the next morning for service, knowing that I have a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty in addition to an extended warranty. I was sure that the repair would be covered under warranty. I was informed that a rock/pebble had pierced my condenser which put a pinhole in it, and it is NOT covered under warranty. Honda indicated that the cost to fix the condenser is $716.85. I went to the dealership twice to speak with the General Manager to see if this can be resolved given that my car is only 8 months old with only 9000 miles and I was told to go through my insurance company.

I also reached out to Honda of America and was told that the damage was caused by road debris and is not covered under warranty. This is an obvious design flaw. The Honda air-conditioning condenser is unduly prone to damage caused by "normal" road debris that does not affect other auto manufacturer's condenser design. As with other auto makers, the front bumper clip is wide open to any kind of road debris and the condenser sits right behind the front air intake with NO protection at all. However, this typical design poses a problem for the Honda condensers and will happen over & over again, and Honda refuses to do anything about it calling it normal and working as designed! This should be a recall.

I purchased two cars over the last 6 months, and 5 in the last few years. Not to mention all the people I have sent to Dublin Honda over the last 10 years. I have never been so resentful and betrayed after my last purchase at Dublin Honda, Dublin CA. I trusted them, which of course was my first mistake and my second was not taking care of this immediately. But over the last few months I've lost my dad. My dog who is only 2 was diagnosed with congenital kidney failure. She is an English Bulldog and the breeder is facing 10 yrs in prison. I've had to be out of town often lately and in fact the night I purchased this Acura I was leaving town for 3 wks so I purchased at night, then very early the next morning I simply parked it at the airport and didn't have a chance to really view all the things wrong until later.

I contacted Steve ** whom is the GM and in charge of the dealership. He gave me the impression that he was going to work with me, and help me to resolve the issues I have with the car I was sold. But upon meeting with him (He told his employees he had to leave for an ER) however when I saw him he indicated he was just about to leave. I told him everything I was concerned about and he said there was nothing he could do. He asked me why I traded in the brand new 2015 Honda Civic I purchased a month before!!! Why is this relevant??? I had the car inspected and it has been found to have so many issues. I couldn't get 14k for the car two months after I purchased it. I spent 20k in CASH. I was told the car had one owner, was in mint condition and so on.

The tires are the cheapest worst rated tires on the market, definitely not made for an Acura. The floor has large holes where something has rusted/eaten away at the carpet and left holes. The windshield has a crack. I was given only one broken key, no floor-mats. There are scratches all over that have been painted with a paint pen, dents on quarter panel, front under license plate, frayed leather seats, scratched rims. (ONLY A 4 CYLINDER) I was told it was a V6. I will forward pictures of all the damage and also know I contacted the salesperson a few days after I purchased and told him about the scratches and dents. I think the worst part of this entire situation is how badly Steve ** has treated me. This is after 10 yrs of loyal dedication to the dealership. He didn't even try to work on fixing any of these issues. In very good condition this car isn't worth 14k!!!

We bought a 2013 Honda Accord EX in Sept. 2013. We have been driving Honda vehicles since the early 1990s, and are fierce defenders of Honda quality. At least we had been. Our 4 cylinder Accord gets very good gas mileage: 39 mpg. average. It is extremely quiet, and the heavy doors remind me of the mercedes vehicles we used to own prior to the hondas. However, at 17,000 mi. we took the car to our local tire store to put on snow tires for the winter, and the guy noticed an oil leak. He didn't diagnose it correctly, but that didn't matter as it was under warranty, which led us to have it checked at the dealership in Albuquerque.

They diagnosed a bad seal btw, the engine and transmission. They had to pull the engine to get to it and repair it. It was fixed, under warranty and at no expense, but I worry now about other weaknesses that may show their ugly head as the car gets older and goes off warranty. This one seal would have cost a thousand dollars to replace had we had to pay for it since the engine had to be pulled to access it. I have an 04 Element that now has 97,000 mi., and have not had a single problem or complaint with it. Maybe the older ones were better made, as I hear Honda is having numerous quality issues with newer cars. I think we'll try a different manufacturer next time, as no new car should need engine / transmission seals replaced so soon.

2014 Honda CRV grinding noise - VTC Actuator issue - I bought my Honda CRV in mid-2013. By the time the car was 1 year old, with 10,000 miles, there was a grinding noise when I would start the car. The grinding noise lasts about 2 seconds. It has been into a Honda dealership several times. I was told Honda is working on a "fix" and that the problem would be addressed when the engineering department had the issue figured out. One year later (but still under warranty), the grinding noise is louder and longer than before, and happens almost every time I start the car. Upon doing some research, I learned that Honda has been installing the defective VTC actuator since 2008, in Accords. The defective actuator was also installed in 2012-2014 CRV's.

It appears that Honda continued to use the defective actuator since 2008, yet customers are being told that a "fix" is in the works, 7 years later. American Honda has advised Honda service departments to not replace the actuator as it is likely that the replacement actuator will present the same grinding noise. A regional case manager also assured me that a "fix" was in the works but did not comment when I pointed out that Honda continued to use a defective part from 2008-2014. Honda repeatedly emphasizes that this is not a safety or performance issue, to which I have replied that is likely the reason it has been 7 years with no fix -- it is a low priority and Honda chooses to direct its engineering resources elsewhere.

I am not sure why there has been no class action law suit to address this multi-year problem. Dealerships will not do anything as American Honda will not allow replacements to be made. This is my last Honda. Their way of doing business is horrendous. What I have now is a vehicle that definitely attracts attention (but not in a good way) when it is started as everyone in the vicinity gets to enjoy the grinding sound of metal-on-metal.

Went in just for a recall on airbag and when I went to pick it up, the car was on so not until I arrived at a store and stopped, then car would not turn on. I waited a bit, turned on. Went back to dealer and they said it was the battery which it wasn't. Now it's the starter. The dealer say they didn't do anything but what a coincidence. They asked if I wanted to have car diagnosed.

Been to work shop not less than 6 times! Explain noises and verified with Honda Tech team, recorded with Honda best technical teams! Slow speed evidently hearing noises under engine compartment! Surely not the honda cars that I know for more than 25 years! Getting louder and louder, mileage now only 9000KM! Honda Service department called and saying final conclusion: Noise is normal in all HRV. Promised to write but did not on what was the findings! Are they afraid that that will affect their impressive sales? Did they tell all potential customers that Honda no more producing the Honda cars That I used to drive without these annoying and characteristics noise or knocking sound when in slow speed that is very obvious in traffic jam?

Well maybe you make sure you drive faster to avoid that, but faster speed also has air rushing in. Well pump up the volume of your music then you can enjoy. (Overcoming the issues YOURSELF LAH!) But make sure the surrounding doesn't have foul smells otherwise you will only enjoy **! Not only the above issues not able to solve simple issues like doors become very hard to close or open also not capable to solve permanently and professionally! Feels like Honda today is no more Honda 20 years ago! What had happened?

Honda refuses to admit the Civics are flawed. The 08 Civic I own has so many they had 2 recalls. The tire constantly wears out unevenly. The condenser is letting rocks hit it making holes so it needs to be replaced. The A/C only works when it wants to! But it only quits on the hottest days! When I take it to the mechanic it works fine! It needs to be not working when I take it in, but, who knows where I'll be when that happens. I'm usually in another city. Honda needs to do right and admit it made a bad car!

I have a Honda Accord that my husband bought for me. The car is 2 years old now and I just had taken it in for service on my brakes. I mentioned that I hate this car because of the road noise. They said "it's probably your tires" and $1200.00 later I have new tires and new brakes but my car is quiet now. They said I should have brought it back after I first got my car. Well, in my opinion it should have been right to begin with. I had NEVER owned a Honda before! I ran into 2 other people that had the same problem with their Honda's. I have no idea what type of tires the factory puts on their cars - but Honda should start with the best - if they want repeat customers.

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