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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I have a Honda CRV 2012, since July 2012. Currently 66,000 miles. Since last summer I'm complaining about a vibration. After I pay the evaluation fee, the diagnostic was I have to replace brakes. I did, and the problem persisted even worst right now. I took the car to an independent mechanic and the diagnostic was the transmission is broken. To add insult to injury I had Honda put a remote start on my car and I can't even use it because it kills my battery.

In December 2014 I purchased a new 2015 Honda Accord. On July 9, 2015 my AIR CONDITIONER stopped working. I live in Florida where the summer is extremely hot making even the shortest of trips very uncomfortable. I took my car to the dealership the next morning for service, knowing that I have a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty in addition to an extended warranty. I was sure that the repair would be covered under warranty. I was informed that a rock/pebble had pierced my condenser which put a pinhole in it, and it is NOT covered under warranty. Honda indicated that the cost to fix the condenser is $716.85. I went to the dealership twice to speak with the General Manager to see if this can be resolved given that my car is only 8 months old with only 9000 miles and I was told to go through my insurance company.

I also reached out to Honda of America and was told that the damage was caused by road debris and is not covered under warranty. This is an obvious design flaw. The Honda air-conditioning condenser is unduly prone to damage caused by "normal" road debris that does not affect other auto manufacturer's condenser design. As with other auto makers, the front bumper clip is wide open to any kind of road debris and the condenser sits right behind the front air intake with NO protection at all. However, this typical design poses a problem for the Honda condensers and will happen over & over again, and Honda refuses to do anything about it calling it normal and working as designed! This should be a recall.

I purchased two cars over the last 6 months, and 5 in the last few years. Not to mention all the people I have sent to Dublin Honda over the last 10 years. I have never been so resentful and betrayed after my last purchase at Dublin Honda, Dublin CA. I trusted them, which of course was my first mistake and my second was not taking care of this immediately. But over the last few months I've lost my dad. My dog who is only 2 was diagnosed with congenital kidney failure. She is an English Bulldog and the breeder is facing 10 yrs in prison. I've had to be out of town often lately and in fact the night I purchased this Acura I was leaving town for 3 wks so I purchased at night, then very early the next morning I simply parked it at the airport and didn't have a chance to really view all the things wrong until later.

I contacted Steve ** whom is the GM and in charge of the dealership. He gave me the impression that he was going to work with me, and help me to resolve the issues I have with the car I was sold. But upon meeting with him (He told his employees he had to leave for an ER) however when I saw him he indicated he was just about to leave. I told him everything I was concerned about and he said there was nothing he could do. He asked me why I traded in the brand new 2015 Honda Civic I purchased a month before!!! Why is this relevant??? I had the car inspected and it has been found to have so many issues. I couldn't get 14k for the car two months after I purchased it. I spent 20k in CASH. I was told the car had one owner, was in mint condition and so on.

The tires are the cheapest worst rated tires on the market, definitely not made for an Acura. The floor has large holes where something has rusted/eaten away at the carpet and left holes. The windshield has a crack. I was given only one broken key, no floor-mats. There are scratches all over that have been painted with a paint pen, dents on quarter panel, front under license plate, frayed leather seats, scratched rims. (ONLY A 4 CYLINDER) I was told it was a V6. I will forward pictures of all the damage and also know I contacted the salesperson a few days after I purchased and told him about the scratches and dents. I think the worst part of this entire situation is how badly Steve ** has treated me. This is after 10 yrs of loyal dedication to the dealership. He didn't even try to work on fixing any of these issues. In very good condition this car isn't worth 14k!!!

We bought a 2013 Honda Accord EX in Sept. 2013. We have been driving Honda vehicles since the early 1990s, and are fierce defenders of Honda quality. At least we had been. Our 4 cylinder Accord gets very good gas mileage: 39 mpg. average. It is extremely quiet, and the heavy doors remind me of the mercedes vehicles we used to own prior to the hondas. However, at 17,000 mi. we took the car to our local tire store to put on snow tires for the winter, and the guy noticed an oil leak. He didn't diagnose it correctly, but that didn't matter as it was under warranty, which led us to have it checked at the dealership in Albuquerque.

They diagnosed a bad seal btw, the engine and transmission. They had to pull the engine to get to it and repair it. It was fixed, under warranty and at no expense, but I worry now about other weaknesses that may show their ugly head as the car gets older and goes off warranty. This one seal would have cost a thousand dollars to replace had we had to pay for it since the engine had to be pulled to access it. I have an 04 Element that now has 97,000 mi., and have not had a single problem or complaint with it. Maybe the older ones were better made, as I hear Honda is having numerous quality issues with newer cars. I think we'll try a different manufacturer next time, as no new car should need engine / transmission seals replaced so soon.

2014 Honda CRV grinding noise - VTC Actuator issue - I bought my Honda CRV in mid-2013. By the time the car was 1 year old, with 10,000 miles, there was a grinding noise when I would start the car. The grinding noise lasts about 2 seconds. It has been into a Honda dealership several times. I was told Honda is working on a "fix" and that the problem would be addressed when the engineering department had the issue figured out. One year later (but still under warranty), the grinding noise is louder and longer than before, and happens almost every time I start the car. Upon doing some research, I learned that Honda has been installing the defective VTC actuator since 2008, in Accords. The defective actuator was also installed in 2012-2014 CRV's.

It appears that Honda continued to use the defective actuator since 2008, yet customers are being told that a "fix" is in the works, 7 years later. American Honda has advised Honda service departments to not replace the actuator as it is likely that the replacement actuator will present the same grinding noise. A regional case manager also assured me that a "fix" was in the works but did not comment when I pointed out that Honda continued to use a defective part from 2008-2014. Honda repeatedly emphasizes that this is not a safety or performance issue, to which I have replied that is likely the reason it has been 7 years with no fix -- it is a low priority and Honda chooses to direct its engineering resources elsewhere.

I am not sure why there has been no class action law suit to address this multi-year problem. Dealerships will not do anything as American Honda will not allow replacements to be made. This is my last Honda. Their way of doing business is horrendous. What I have now is a vehicle that definitely attracts attention (but not in a good way) when it is started as everyone in the vicinity gets to enjoy the grinding sound of metal-on-metal.

Went in just for a recall on airbag and when I went to pick it up, the car was on so not until I arrived at a store and stopped, then car would not turn on. I waited a bit, turned on. Went back to dealer and they said it was the battery which it wasn't. Now it's the starter. The dealer say they didn't do anything but what a coincidence. They asked if I wanted to have car diagnosed.

Been to work shop not less than 6 times! Explain noises and verified with Honda Tech team, recorded with Honda best technical teams! Slow speed evidently hearing noises under engine compartment! Surely not the honda cars that I know for more than 25 years! Getting louder and louder, mileage now only 9000KM! Honda Service department called and saying final conclusion: Noise is normal in all HRV. Promised to write but did not on what was the findings! Are they afraid that that will affect their impressive sales? Did they tell all potential customers that Honda no more producing the Honda cars That I used to drive without these annoying and characteristics noise or knocking sound when in slow speed that is very obvious in traffic jam?

Well maybe you make sure you drive faster to avoid that, but faster speed also has air rushing in. Well pump up the volume of your music then you can enjoy. (Overcoming the issues YOURSELF LAH!) But make sure the surrounding doesn't have foul smells otherwise you will only enjoy **! Not only the above issues not able to solve simple issues like doors become very hard to close or open also not capable to solve permanently and professionally! Feels like Honda today is no more Honda 20 years ago! What had happened?

Honda refuses to admit the Civics are flawed. The 08 Civic I own has so many they had 2 recalls. The tire constantly wears out unevenly. The condenser is letting rocks hit it making holes so it needs to be replaced. The A/C only works when it wants to! But it only quits on the hottest days! When I take it to the mechanic it works fine! It needs to be not working when I take it in, but, who knows where I'll be when that happens. I'm usually in another city. Honda needs to do right and admit it made a bad car!

I have a Honda Accord that my husband bought for me. The car is 2 years old now and I just had taken it in for service on my brakes. I mentioned that I hate this car because of the road noise. They said "it's probably your tires" and $1200.00 later I have new tires and new brakes but my car is quiet now. They said I should have brought it back after I first got my car. Well, in my opinion it should have been right to begin with. I had NEVER owned a Honda before! I ran into 2 other people that had the same problem with their Honda's. I have no idea what type of tires the factory puts on their cars - but Honda should start with the best - if they want repeat customers.

Door locked jam on driver side of door (only lock channel) on car has been replaced by Union Park Honda service department in the years of 2013 and 2014. I called to have lock replaced and was not informed that there will be charges for replacement of lock and repairs. Service representative by the of ** said that the warranty only covers 12,000 miles. Unfortunately they will have to charge me. He then stated that he had done some research and found that he was told that the lock/locks are FAULTY in certain model Honda's!!! If so why wouldn't Honda replace the door channel/channels with a more sufficient part for their vehicles. I AM A VERY VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER.

2008 Honda Civic EX - Sept. 2013 with 105,000 miles, the AC intermittently would not work. Refrigerant was good. Eventually by early 2015 would hardly work at all. Taken to Honda dealer where I purchased the car new. There were metal shavings that looked like sand in the system. $3,800 to repair. Wife drove the car exclusively so here's what most likely happened. Compressor went bad in 2013 but still worked and probably made some noise at some point and should have been replaced then. Our fault to some degree, but the point is these compressors only have a shelf life. I've had numerous Honda's and never had compressor problems. Wish I had known, would have never bought the car. Also, I talked to the service rep and he advised me that HR-V have the same problem. Will do everything possible to have Honda reimburse all who had/will AC compressors going bad.

We have a 2010 Honda Odyssey with less than 60,000 miles on it. For the first few years, we had our servicing on the vehicle done at the local Honda dealer. After a few years spending several hours at each visit, we were told by multiple people in our small town about a local mechanic in town who is honest and fair. We switched to this mechanic to support local businesses and it is much more convenient and way less expensive. At our last check up for the car, the mechanic found a leak in the steering rack. It is quite a pricey item to fix and the mechanic stated that a car with our age/mileage should not be experiencing this issue and suggested we call Honda to see if they would do right by us. We promptly called Honda and were instructed to contact our local Honda dealer, have the car inspected and call them back. Apparently, there is a warranty extension on the steering pump (not the steering rack).

When we called the dealer, we were informed that they would charge $134 to inspect the vehicle and if it was the steering pump, we would get our money back. Otherwise, it is $134 out of our pocket. As we attempted to make an appointment, the gentleman we spoke with took no information, didn't give us a time and actually laughed (this was from Joyce Honda in Denville, NJ). We called Honda customer service back and asked to have the $134 waived as we were certain that the problem was with the rack, not the pump, and since we are looking at a costly repair, we aren't willing to waste an additional $134. We were told that all dealers are independently owned and the fee can't be waived. We were also told that they can't help us without having one of their "independently owned" dealers see the car.

They also instructed us that after paying the $134, our case would go to a group who would look at our "loyalty" to Honda; how often we used their dealers to service our cars and how often we have bought a Honda. Our issue is this; clearly there is a faulty part here and yet Honda is not willing to fix the issue easily. We aren't willing to front any cost here especially since we aren't confident we are "loyal" customers since we have our servicing done elsewhere. This is our second and we have to say LAST Honda that we will ever own. Our local mechanic will get our business and we are confident he will fix the problem and all will be well, however, we should not have to cover the cost of a faulty part. Very wrong.

3 month prior to the end of the warranty my Honda Pilot 2012 had so called "Cylinder #1 misfire" issue (Plug #1 was oil fouled). There is a TSB regarding this issue and it involves costly ($5,000) repair. Instead of fixing the issue they replaced the plug and told me that there was a bug in the on-board computer software. 9 month later it happens again. At this point my Honda is not covered by warranty so I bring it to independent mechanic. He replaces same plug again and tells me that I have to bring my car to the dealership ASAP because there is a TSB and they will fix it free of charge. Dealership refuses the fix based on the fact that car already fixed and they can't verify error codes.

Next day I call Honda America only to find out that I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL MY CAR BRAKES AGAIN AND THEN BRING IT TO THE DEALER FOR REPAIR! The problem is that when it happens you can drive no more than 10-20 miles until engine is toasted. So if it happens when I am far away from the nearest dealership I am stuck. On the top of that it would take 72 hrs to fix it. This is my first Honda. And it will be my last Honda!

I love my Honda Pilot (2011) but there is one problem. I had my three grandkids for six weeks last summer. In order to keep my car nice, I did not allow them to eat in the car and only gave them water to drink. (I gave them plenty of treats, just not in the car!) When they went home and the car seats were removed, my cloth seat covers were horribly stained, apparently by spilt water! We just accepted this until tonight when our son suggested I do some research. Is this a common problem with these cloth seat covers? Has Honda had to deal with complaints on this? Curious if others had this experience.

I am not very happy with Honda as of today. A part of the front suspension fell out onto the highway apparently today. This vehicle was Honda "certified" but now I am finding out vehicle was apparently wrecked with is big no no. Just buyers beware that "bullet proof" Honda is no better than our old suppliers at Chevy and Ford. P.S. I am also being hung with $800 repair bill for something that is no fault of my operation of vehicle.

Honda refuses to provide rental car while RECALL parts are back-ordered. Honda's Recall Letter to us states - if we drive our 06 Honda Pilot, "The defects in these vehicles could kill or injure you or other people in your vehicle." We received the recall letter on April 24, 2015. Same day I called Parker Honda, Morehead City, NC to schedule the work. I was told it would be several weeks before the parts could be ordered and installed. Parker Honda said to contact Honda Customer Service (HCS) about a rental car. I called HCS to get a rental vehicle that day and got a Case #. I was told we could not immediately have a rental car for the 'several weeks' until our vehicle can be repaired. WE ARE PAYING FOR A RENTAL CAR TO AVOID BEING KILLED BY THIS DEFECTIVE VEHICLE. HCS WILL NOT RETURN CALLS/MSGS TO PROVIDE TEMPORARY VEHICLE.

Accord EX V6 2006. Service Bulletin #08-045: Idler pulley mounting surface is tilted, causing timing belt to rub against pulser flange on drive pulley. Repair includes installation of taper shim kit and a water pump, and grinding a relief on engine mount bracket, if needed. Cost to Repair Defect: > $1,000 Stance of AHM: AHM acknowledges defect, but will not accept financial responsibility for repair of defect. AHM claims that vehicle is 14,500 miles and 4 years outside of normal warranty. Therefore, owner of vehicle is financially responsibility for repair of defect.

Complaint: AHM released a defective product into market. Consequently, AHM should be held financially responsible for repairing that defective product. A warranty written by AHM should not exempt AHM from rightful financial responsibility.

I purchased a 2011 Ridgeline and within the 5 years it has 30k miles and has been in the shop 20 times and still has to go in again. Problems from oil leaks to windows not working in the cold. Honda and the dealer won't step up and take responsibility for this lemon. The lemon law board in Vermont was the biggest waste of time ever. They won't let me show my evidence that this was a lemon. Makes me wonder who is paying them off. My first Ridgeline that was made in Canada was an unbelievable vehicle. This Ridgeline was made in Alabama. Typical USA quality. I'll never deal with Honda USA or auto master ever again.

We were denied warranty coverage by Honda America since they claim we did not follow the correct procedures for towing as outlined in the manual. I followed the procedures each day we traveled but they still denied coverage. Has anyone else suffered this injustice? Consequences - we are out of pocket $ 6,400. The dealer in New Orleans that did the work is Premier Honda.

I have been back and forth to the Honda dealership and have explained to the salesman, auto mechanic multiple times that since the purchase of my Honda which was new at the time the air meter icon kept appearing. The representative kept saying well bring it back we'll put air in it. Not until after a nail got in that same tire was it discovered the rim had a crack. People who'd been in the car kept asking why does this new car wheels make that sound. Well now I know and the Dealership does not stand by anything except selling a vehicle. Help!

On my 2012 Honda pilot there is a terrible shake and humming noise. This all started at 28,000 miles. When driving at any speed from 20 mph to 70 mpg. There is an awful shake that comes from the vehicle when it is in the eco mode. I have taken it to the dealership 4 times. Each time they claim that they have fixed. On a test ride with the manager the last time he told that the shake I am feeling is a normal characteristic of the Honda pilot. I kindly told him him that they didn't list that as one of the selling point. He responded by saying that it is normal and there is no fix for it. I strongly feel that no one should have paid 30k for a vehicle that has a shake in it. So once again I will be going back to Bianchi Honda in Erie, PA to see if they will fix my pilot or take it back.

At 500 miles the vehicle shook violently at a stop sign. Since there is a vibration of the entire vehicle when idling in Drive stop lights. Everything shakes. American Honda and the dealer said there is a fix in the works. Honda case managers are evasive and say it's not a defect. Many are online complaining. I've reported to the CA state attorney general, written a certified letter, opened 2 cases with Honda. No fix.

I own a 2009 Honda Civic. I have had multiple issues with the drivers side lock and the trunk lock. I have had it replaced once under warranty. But the drivers side lock broke again after the warranty was expired. I have had to replace my brake pads before even reaching 30,000 miles. And recently received a letter in the mail saying I can make a claim for a class action suit due faulty brake pads that were applied on the Honda Civics from 2006 to 2009. The local Honda dealership, Spreen Honda, was offering free oil changes to people for a good review on Yelp, desperate times for Honda. Such cheap accessories and parts applied by such a major corporation, thanks for exploiting the middle class.

My 2013 Honda CRV has only 19000 km on it. It rolls backwards a few feet whenever it is in park.

Engine dashlight on with subsequent slipping of the transmission when attempting to gain speed or accelerate. Had service on transmission done per recommendations from code repair mechanic obtained when taken in for service, and all recommended service per owner's manual current and has been done. I am original owner of vehicle purchased at Orr Honda in Texarkana. I have reviewed the thousands of complaints online of this same thing on NHTSA, highway safety commission, and the center for auto safety car complaints sites.

Many report an eventual deceleration from either the transmission dropping down suddenly to a lower gear, or total transmission failure, some nearly resulting in accidents on busy highways and I'm certain others that are still unreported as mine was until I began to research this engine light and codes that are being given with some suggested electrical 3rd & 4th gear switch replacement and close examination of the lines supplying the tranny fluid to different areas of tranny, as well as the drain and refill times two. Some even recommend three and then if issue reoccurs or simply doesn't improve at all, all have pretty much been advised by their Honda Dealership that they need either to replace the torque converter &/or the entire transmission and majority are left being told that it is their problem solely to pay for.

Now while I'm no attorney, nor am I an experienced mechanic, but I am a licensed practicing medical professional who witness firsthand what a serious vehicle accident can do to devastate a person's health and life as well as that of their family and friends. So I am questioning why the spokesperson for NHTSA, Karen Aldana, as she stated in her interview printed in the Jan. 8th, 2011 issue of the NY Times would state that they were considering another investigation into this matter if the court-mandated recall in 04 on specific 03 & 04 Pilots and other models as well with the VIN #'s they issued recall for continued to experience transmission issues that consequently could result in serious safety issues.

I would think that after this court-ordered class action settlement regarding the recall of Honda various makes and models on the airbags that have caused loss of life and tragic accidents as well as life-altering pain and undue suffering that NHTSA and Honda would err on the side of good faith and customer safety and have an obvious warranted and needed recall and replace or cover repair costs on their product that they continue to deny exists. And when I read as many consumer complaints as I have the past week it doesn't take a genius to realize their transmission in the said make and model vehicles suffers a serious obvious design flaw, doesn't have sufficient filtration internally to prevent foreign body flakes that can begin to occur if torque converter begins to fail, results in the serious costly and I'm sure thousands of reported issues as well as at least that many more that go unreported to this day.

I should hope it isn't going to also take tragic loss of life or injury to us the very customers that keep them in business and were sold a product we were lead to believe they would stand behind in the event of such an issue of this magnitude. I am going to do whatever I can to bring a new spotlight of attention on this travesty and seek out a law firm to once again hold Honda accountable for this ongoing problem that consumers are being forced to either cover the expense of repair or take their losses and simply buy a different vehicle which from all I have read will never purchase another Honda product due to their poorly handled resolution to this that they very well know they are responsible for and deny to address.

And if someone has or does suffer serious injury from this transmission flaw I should hope that they are held legally accountable for it and the justice system will punish the responsible party or parties accountable, not that that will be enough. What a shame to see a automobile Dealer that once had such high standards and a product to back it up who stood behind it fall to this level and sit by and be allowed to do little or nothing to help the very people that helped them achieve the status they have today.

But that status I predict is going to soon slip away and they may find themselves in the very situation others have such as the Chrysler corporation before they began to realize if they wanted to survive they must provided a superior product, put their customers first and stand behind the products they sell. This issue covers such a broad spectrum of their make and models and so many people have needlessly been put in a position to suffer due to it that left unaddressed and not rectified their demise will soon follow. A product design flaw is one thing but negligence and a corporate cover-up are an entire other story.

2nd time our 2012 Pilot rolled a few feet after being put in park. No one was hurt. Honda looked at this after the first incident and said the vehicle was fine.

Honda Civic 2007 LX - 7 years later, replacing corroded right front engine mount ($675 approx.) - forums say this is common. Previously, airbag system shuts down one month after paying off car (5 yrs.) due to failed passenger-side airbag sensor in seat ($1000+ to fix - didn't bother). Based on experience with Honda "quality", it's over for me and Honda. This will be the last ever Honda for us. Buying the second Honda was a mistake.

The Honda 2013 CRV Nav system is totally unsafe and dangerous. I have contacted Honda many times and always receive a "Who Cares" attitude. The system was sold by Honda but they could care less. Never buy a Honda and expect any quality or concerns for keeping a brand new system operable. Honda has absolutely no sense of responsibility for the product as soon as it is sold even during the first part of warranty. THINK BETTER AND NEVER BUY A HONDA!

I have been driving Accords since 1989, I learned a very valuable lesson. Once you have purchased your vehicle (this is my third Accord), per Honda of America any dealership has the option not to service your car. I was told to find a dealer that would work on my car. In my opinion this is not the way to treat a LOYAL customer. I have sent many individuals to purchase this brand---No more. Customer loyalty is not of high value to HONDA.

After around 10,000 miles I noticed the chrome peeling on my 2013 Accord EXL. These were special ordered at a cost of $1600! The dealer replaced them, and now at 26,000 they are peeling again! Very cheap chrome plating job. Now the only alternative without any out of pocket expense is to downgrade to a standard stock wheel, if I want to steer away from the the obviously defective chrome like wheels I paid an exuberant price for. What a rip off!

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