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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I have an 08 PB with the c-15 ACERT that has all but taken me completely out of the business. After replacing the regen system for the second time ($4,000) and having injectors fail one after the other, the truck has always had a miss and low manifold pressure. According to CAT, it was running fine, they could not find anything. Their little computer said all is good and sent me on my way. 3 days later I'm back at CAT, the miss is worse. They said I have a "questionable injector" so they replaced #3 injector and said all was good. On the way to the yard, it was running the same. So I went back. They kept the truck 2 days and said # 6 injector was weak and replaced that. Now I they have got me for $3,600 and the truck is back the following day as that made no difference. So 4 trips in one week to CAT and still no result. "It is in great shape," they said. They could not or would not admit there was a miss.

I drove the truck and continued to work. The miss began to feel normal even the power was not noticeably different. Months later, the miss began to get worse and then it would go away for a day. This time I took it to Peterbilt. Now 2 more injectors are questionable #1, #3. They replaced them, a harness, fuel pressure regulator and again no change. 5 trips to Peterbilt and another $4,000 and no change! Week later I'm back at Rush Peterbilt with the same issue I paid $4,100 and change and I want my truck fixed. They put it on the dyno this time. Now they tell me it has blow over high crankcase pressure and needs an overhaul. It was completely rebuilt in July 2013 that cost $31,000 and has only 50,000 in state miles since. This motor is a real piece of work. And I to want to join the class action lawsuit.

2006- 2007 c15 accert - I had two motors blowup due to faulty scraper rings. One engine had 330,000 miles, another engine had 380,000 miles and another one has 400,000. All Caterpillar wants to do is give excuses. Mark ** from Caterpillar EXCUSES! LIAR THAT'S HIM!!!!

I have owned 2 units which were purchased new. Nothing but problem with sensors (which are overloaded with) amu valves and no start when cold. I'm on my 3rd engine in one of the units - average lifespan is 135k miles.

Mechanic said that there was an oil leak that plugged the radiator. Motor begin to heat when engine light came on, we took to mechanic. He say this motor has several problems such as the pistons, head gasket. The mechanic is unhappy because we cannot get the extended warranty to cover the repairs. He cannot continue until they give him authorization.

CAT c7 engine - I need help! I just replaced 3 injectors that were bad, replaced fuel pump and bought new computer from Caterpillar. Truck runs good with the exception of idle is a little rough and boils white smoke. I was thinking that there could possibly be another injector bad, but I have great power and no missing out when running at full speed. Very weird! Has anyone had this experience?

2009 Ford with cat engine - This truck has been in the shop probably 20 times for the engine screw-ups, getting tired of paying for cats screw ups.

I am extremely disgusted with the constant repairs that I have to pay for out of my own pocket due to others ignorance! Turbos, Re-gen, sensors, etc. When does this insanity stop? How do I got included in the class act lawsuit against CAT? I am currently praying and nursing my truck home from CA to WA with the problem occurring again!!! Can someone please help me get in touch with the class action group ASAP? Thank you.

I spec'ed an 08 F-750 dump truck for my landscaping business and decided to upgrade to the C7s engine. I had been in the trucking business enough years to know how good Cat engines used to be. I started having ARD head problems at 31,000 miles and then again about a year later. Still under warranty. Then I had another ARD issue just after the warranty ran out. Now, I'm having fuel injector issues (1 bad but they replaced all 6) and transfer pump issues so they replaced that because I have complained about it being hard cranking. I've been told there is metal in the engine. This engine is using a 10 micron fuel filter so it seems to starve for fuel but anything more wrecks the ARD head. Like most others on here, I spent a lot of extra money on the Cat engine and now I'm spending myself into the poor house keeping it running. The bad thing is that I probably can't trade for another truck because of the bad history this engine has and I'm scared to run it for fear of it shutting down.

Have been having problems with C-15 heads, some not making 12 hours of use and having cracks severe enough to hydro lock engine. Injector cups leaking 4 at a time after 7 months. No quality. Where are the days head replacement was not redone for 3 to 5 years. Now if you lucky it may last at year. What's going on because the pricing is at premium for low quality part.

Cat c-15 & regen system - I bought my W900L new in 2008. Since then and after warranty's ran out, I have replaced the turbos 3 times, oil cooler, water cooler, water pump, rebuilt regen system 3 times, replace injector #5 three times and injector #6 eight times. In the last two weeks I have dropped another 4,000 on the regen system and I am now at a kw show with still the same problem, dpf filter... Yes I want to be a part of a class action lawsuit also!!

In 2010, I purchased a 2009 new freightliner classic with a c-15 acert engine from First Truck in Edmonton ab. The truck ran ok for two years with the exception of both turbos blowing about once a year which I know now is an overpressuring issue these engines have, noticed as well in repeated air compressor failures. This truck was brought to the dealership, it was purchased at every third week for an expensive oil change and complete inspection, "all documented".

Beginning year three the unit gave a dirty oil sample, this was questioned but disregarded by mechanics as an oversensitive sample machine. Truck then blew both turbos, this was covered under warranty and diagnosed as the culprit for oil sample. Three days later truck began to smoke considerably, brought unit back in and told engine was dusted due to a faulty CGI pipe which was a freightliner part not covered by Cat engine or exhaust warranty. The pipe had a hole and had taken in dirt which first caused turbo failure and the engine failure.

$40000 on my dime and two months down time due to a strike at cat and I was running again, personal expense to me was $100000 with down time and repair. OK much smarter now, I put extended warranty on the engine, began replacing CGI pipe every 7 months and fabricated a shield for the CGI pipe as Freightliner advised if I attempted to relocate pipe to a better place warranty would be invalidated. The Unit went back to First truck every third week for the next year with specific instructions to oil sample every change and inspect all aspects of CGI pipe every service, again this is DOCUMENTED.

Almost a year to the day the truck gave a dirty oil sample, I followed this up with mechanics at Freightliner and advised I thought I was getting dirt in air system again, they advised this was not the case and all was fine. Two more turbos 8 days later and again I insisted there was something wrong, again advised all piping checked, air pressure tested and passed. Back to work. 4 days later truck began to smoke and knock.

Floated on my dime back to First truck Edmonton where it was diagnosed that I had "dusted" my engine again due to a faulty CGI pipe, cat was not covering the engine again and freightliner even though the pipe was under warranty, would not cover it because it had been rubbing against the fabricated shield they had been instructed to inspect, and on the customer report PASSED on a bi-weekly basis.

If anyone has taken the time to read this and wonder why no action had been taken legally on my part, it's because again I was on the hook for engine replacement and down time now totaling approx $240000 in two years. The only avenue I can take is to warn all possible about one or two truck operators in the province, Unless you have very significant buying power, your warranty is not worth the paper its printed on, if anyone feels this is slanderous in any way PLEASE take me to court, as legal aid will be the only way I am able to represent myself against two of the biggest players in the trucking game today.

I own a professional tree service co. Owned many trucks and equipment used in performing our services. Bought New GMC s 4 with Cat C-7 motors. All with less than 15000 mi on the trucks. The trucks were running with cylinders missing. Two cylinders were missing. It seemed to be in every motor it was the same repair. The pump was putting metal into the injectors. So we replace all 6 injectors each time at major money for parts and labor. 5000 mi later same problems appear to be starting again. At $6000.00 a shot we need help from Cat someday to keep my investments going.

My husband died on March 26, 2012. He was idling in a 2007 Peterbilt 379 equipped with a Caterpillar C13 Engine. There have been several class action lawsuits in regards to the C13 and C15 engines. It is my understanding that these engines can and do have emissions issues. Has anyone else died in these types of vehicles or become sick from carbon monoxide exposure? If so I would like to hear from you. If you have a loved one who died from cardiac arrest or heart attack these can be caused from carbon monoxide exposure.

I am so frustrated about my truck engine. It is almost one week at least of every month in the shop for one or more problems due to DPF emissions systems or something since I bought this truck in 2008. If anyone knows about it or have a lawsuit against Caterpillar engines or truck dealers for selling trucks with this type of problems, please let me know so I can join. Thanks.

R/V has 50.000 miles in those miles; 3 injectors been replaced by freight liner. The whole exhaust system been replaced because it rotted away. Radiator has been replaced clogged with engine oil. Now I have oil in my fuel replaced. O-rings still have problems. Now I'M told I have to change all injector @ 450.00 each because there is no way to test for inside injector oil leak. This is the worst engine I have ever had. Cat and Ho Penn says there is nothing they can do but fix it for a price. This is not worth it. No help from Cat.

At 32000 miles, my motorhome with a Cat C7 engine supposedly had a Heui pump problems that caused a major malfunction. Cat directed me to Alburquerque Freightliner and they repaired the problem to the tune of $4100. I drove the coach to Las Vegas, experienced the same problems and took it to the Cat dealer there. They reported that 2 of the injectors replaced at Albuquerque were bad, it was less than 300 miles. I drove the coach to Utah, where the Peterbilt dealer again repaired the same problem along with several other issues that were unnecessary.

We drove the coach 132 miles to another Utah dealer where the engine completely locked up, would not start and run. By this time, I had put an additional $12,000 in this coach and would not run. At disassembly, Cat techs found a crack on the face of the block from one side to another. They replaced the engine with a long block and a rebuilt head. I am now in San Antonio sitting in a motel for days waiting for the Cat dealer to work me into his schedule, with the same problem. The diesel mechanic that we were towed to says that 3 cylinders are dead. Needless to say, I am an unhappy customer. This scenario has cost me over $20,000 to date and the coach is still not fixed. Not to mention the motel and other costs associated here. This is a 2005 Gulfstream 40 ft. with the Cat C7 diesel engine. I am seriously suing Cat and the dealers involved, anybody want to join class action?

Purchased in 2010 and has been in shop twelve times for regeneration. Have replaced ARD head and wiring harness shorted out under the valve cover numerous times. Dealer cannot fix it. They just patch all the time costing me money. Warranty had just gone out when it happened the first time so all repairs have been out of my pocket. Towed it in last week and this trip is going to cost me $18,000.00. I would appreciate any advice from others with this problem. I need an attorney to call me. With all the trouble everyone is having, it has got to be Caterpillar's mistake.

Had purchased Kenworth T660 C13 only 2 months ago and I have had turbo problems. The latest is oil pressure build up, taking it to the dealers 6 times already and they can't figure out the problem. They have solutions but the problem is exist. I have spent taking up another loan of $19k for repairs.

We own 3 2009 ProStar with CAT C13 with around 400K miles each. It's been problem after problem after acquired, mainly DPF system. They're a real nightmare. We have invested thousands and thousands of dollars to put the trucks OTR every time but seems to be like throwing money to the trash can. Could anyone advise us on a class action lawsuit we can join? We will make whatever it takes to make Caterpillar to pay all the damages and losses caused to all of us. Please!!

I have had my 6nz Cat engine rebuilt for the 3rd time in 4 years. My last in frame I did the full platinum kit which includes a 4 year unlimited mileage warranty and I had a failure in the head last week. They came back to me and said no warranty. Well I have gone to all the extents of getting all the required testing done. It came back with the head cracked in between intake valves from heat. Well they said one overheat code and no warranty.

Really the cause of the overheat was from their defective part!!!! I'm very mad. This is the 4th engine as it has warranty and sad to say if they don't cover it under warranty they can take this engine and shove it - I'm done with Caterpillar if they don't fix it!! I'm tired of getting bent over and taken advantage of over their crappy warranty and crappy. Second of all they gave me no reason why they won't fix it. They say overheat but they won't say it's from the head being cracked that caused the engine failure and the head being cracked causes an engine to overheat!!

I have a 2004 Sterling with a C7 and it has just over 17,000 miles. I also have a 2004 Peterbilt that also has a C7 and has just over 25,000 miles. Incredibly, the Sterling would hardly run, limped it to the Cat Dealer about 1/2 mile away. The sterling only had 15k on it at the time. Cat dealer called and said it had 2 bad injectors. I told them to fix it. They later called back and told me the injectors are no longer available and I had to buy 6 of the updated injectors. I needed the truck so I had no choice but fix it. $4,600 later, it runs but not well and I was told, “Well, that's the updated injectors...” Now, I just had to have the Peterbilt towed because it has lost fuel pressure and would not run.

This time, I did not take it to Cat but I still will bleed for the parts. My diesel guy put it on scanner that lead to injector pump and injectors. After further inspection, the pump has metal shavings in it as well as the injectors. Somehow, Cat must have seen this in the crystal ball and they offered a kit with a pump, 6 new injectors, filters EC. So, I have two 2004 trucks with 40,000 miles between them out of Cat C7's and I have replaced 12 injectors between the two and a new pump and the Sterling still runs like crap. Poorly designed products should be fixed free of charge and manufacturer held accountable.

We have Kenworth 09 T800 with CAT engine with 290,000 miles on it. It broke down and was towed to a dealer for the second time for the past 5 months. We have a problem with regeneration system and replaced the ARD head which cost $2,500 in January 2013, plus towing and other expenses. Now we are in again for a major repair - 2 turbo, DPF filter, sensors, cooling system, etc.- $15,000. I would love to join a class-action lawsuit against CAT. Help, please!

I purchased a 2008 Kenworth T660, and it has a C15 ACERT CAT engine. I’ve had nothing but problems with this re-gen system. I only take the truck to Kenworth dealer to be serviced. Well, I used the Kenworth dealer in Wisconsin all the time, but it just happened that I broke down in Greensboro, NC in March because the check engine light was on and DPF light. I found out that my ECM hasn’t been updated since 2009. It’s 2013 and in all the shops I’ve been to, nobody seems to catch these issues. I’ve had to pay for all the troubleshooting and costly repairs do to this. This is really sad.

You purchase a $127,000 truck, and you have this issue that’s recurring. What can be done about this issue with re-gen? I broke down now in Carneys Point, NJ and waiting to go to the dealer on Monday. It has been broken down since Saturday, 5/11/2013. I’m losing money. I just had a re-gen problem a month ago and replaced all the sensors. Right now, it’s right back in the shop.

I have a 2006 Freightliner M2 with Caterpillar C7 Engine. I brought the truck to Horwith Freightliner Dealer in Northampton, PA for repair. The truck won't start in the cold weather. They told me that the Injector #6 was bad and they replaced it. The truck had the same problem. Then they told me they needed to replace all of the injectors which they did. The truck still had the same problem. Now they said the fuel pump was bad. They put a new one in and guess what? "The truck still won't start". Oh man, now, they said they needed to replace the fuel check valve and there was no progress either. Now they called me to say they needed to replace the oil fuel pump because they think that is the problem. They replaced it and guess what? Again, "Truck has the same problem, even worse now."

I keep calling them to get an update on this truck and there is always something wrong and they can't figure out what is exactly the problem. In the meantime, time is running and they have this truck for more than two months now and I don't know what to do. I don't know what my rights are to fight this dealer that obviously, they, over and over keep guessing and replacing expensive parts that are in good working condition. I need somebody to help me with this matter. I definitely need a lawyer that knows how to fight this kind of problems. Please respond or call me.

Caterpillar C7 engine - Caterpillar has cost me thousands of dollars because of a faulty product. All - injectors and a fuel. The pump sheds off metal and ruins the injectors. They know about the faulty pump and will not help. This is not right. I want to do a class action lawsuit against them. I've found a lot of people with the same problem. We cannot let them get away with this!

I bought a new 2006 GMC C7500 with a Cat C7. I have a small business and have only put 13,000 miles on the truck in 6 years. I selected the Cat motor for reliability figuring that with as few miles as I use the truck, I would never have to repair it and only perform maintenance. My bill for a new HEUI pump and injectors is nearly $6,000.00. Cat said they would be nice (ha-ha) and pick up 30%. If there is a class action against Cat, I would love to know about it. Even the repair shop told me it was a typical problem. My question is why in the heck have they not been held responsible for faulty parts in a 500,000-mile motor?

Our 2010 Pete is being towed in for regen problems again! I think this makes five! It is getting to where it spends more time in the shop or on the back of a tow truck than on the road. I found this website and I guess we are not alone.

In June 2006, I purchased a new Caterpillar 312cl excavator from Caterpillar for 82000 plus VAT and interest on the finance. The computer went in the machine. The side door fell off it; the starter went in it; the batteries went in it; the track adjusters went in it; the ignition went in it; the alternator went in it; all within a year of purchasing it. Cat refused to fix the machine. It was minded like a baby, polished and waxed once a week, greased every day, oil changed and all filters every 200 hours. In May 2007, I purchased a Cat 320c used from Cat. They told me the machine was purchased new by a reputable company in County Meath, Ireland. I was told by Cat that the machine was a 2004 model with 6800 genuine certified hours and that it had never dug a hole in the ground. It was used with a grab on it lifting recycling materials.

The machine was delivered to me after Cat resprayed it and within an hour of delivery, it overheated the engine and hydraulics. I rang Cat and they didn't believe me. They refused to send out a fitter. I waited 2 days for a fitter. Eventually after a new thermostat, cleaning the whole cooling system coolers, radiators and replacing new pipes for the air-con under the cab, we eventually solved the problem on the overheating. Then the fuel filter failed and the air filter and all filters failed. This was within a week of purchase, after cat allegedly fully serviced the machine. I found out that cat did not service the machine, then it started to blow hydraulic pipes. One by one, it blew off all the hydraulic pipes and became unsafe to work so I had no other choice but to park it and hire a machine in to do the work my own machine was meant to do.

I then found out that my 2004 machine was actually a 2001 machine and that it had been clocked by 500 hours. I also found out that this machine never worked for any company in County Meath. It was actually purchased by the Cat dealer in an auction in Belguim, and I had been told a pack of lies by the salesman whom I trusted. The third machine was a Cat 312bl excavator which I had for 9 months and one day, I was operating it and it caught fire and burned itself out past fixing. It had overheating problems all along from the time of purchase and Cat refused to fix it, mainly because they didn't know how. Like all the other problems I had with Cat machines, they didn't know how to fix their own brand of machines. I have lost my business and I want to be compensated by Cat for it. Their lies and breach of my human and consumer rights will not be overlooked. If it means I have to travel to their headquarters and protest, I will be compensated for the damage they have put on me. My credit history is ruined. I can never buy land or get a mortgage because Cat sold me bad machinery that I couldn't pay for because it broke down.

I purchased a 2008 Peterbilt 386 truck with a Caterpillar ACERT engine in it on October 29, 2010. I’ve had nothing but problems with it. It’s been in the shop about 15 times for different reasons, but mainly for the emissions part of it. Last time it was in the shop, it was the ARD head, which cost me $3,000 (no warranty coverage). It is right now in the shop for repairs that will cost $3,177. There’s no warranty coverage. The truck only has 495 thousand miles on it. I’m very angry how Cat is treating this matter. I will never buy a Cat product again. I will fight to get my money back for all of the repairs.

The truck (2008 Peterbilt regen system) has been in the shop around 39 times since May 2008 when I bought it new. Peterbilt has offered $20,000 to settle a pending lawsuit but I still owe $50,000 and could not afford to pay for upcoming repairs and still make payments. Peterbilt should stand behind their product and pay all of the truck owners a reasonable amount for our headaches.

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